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‘I am Fulani, I don’t forgive,’ says a man who killed his neighbor

He claims they had been having problems and he never forgave him. Yesterday, Garba Maru of Kokani Village, Fulani Camp, New Bussa in Borgu Local Government Area of Niger State has been arrested for alleged murder by the Niger State Police Command.He allegedly killed his neighbour, one Umar Mohammed with a cutlass over accumulated grievances that he couldn’t forgive him for. Mohammed movement had earlier been reported by his older brother, Hassan Mohammed.Northern City News reports Garba Maru as saying, “I’m a Fulani man; I hardly forgive somebody that offends me. I will always remember and I’m ready to kill the person at any given time. I am such a person, if you wronged me in January and I see you in December, I will retaliate.”ALSO READ: Lekki Sex Tape Pastor changes church locationsBefore they killed him, Garba and one Dan-Muazu had earlier told the deceased to come to their camp with them. They then engaged Mohammed in a fight before killing him by inflicting deep cuts on him with a machete. He bled to death. According to Command Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar, the murder weapon has been recovered and the matter will be charged to court.

10-yr-old girl admits to killing 6-month-old baby

She says that she dropped him by mistake and stamped his head. A 10-year old girl has been charged with first-degree in the death of a six-month-old baby at a daycare centre in Tilden, Wisconsin United States.The caretaker of that daycare centre had called 911 to report the baby unresponsive and bleeding from the head. The baby was rushed to the St. Paul hospital in Minnesota where he was pronounced dead.ALSO READ: Woman tragically kills husband, 3 children and stabs herself, her family detains 2 journalistsAccording to Metro UK, the four adults who were questioned all accused the 10-year-old girl who later confessed to dropping the baby by mistake, it hit his head on a footstool and started bleeding.Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk of Chipewa County said that she panicked after the baby fell and started stamping his head.

Gay man bound by ‘slave’ contract to another man dies after injecting genitals with...

He was in a homoerotic relationship with a gay blogger, to whom he signed over his salary, agreed to cut contact with everyone else and wear a chain around his neck in a contract. A 28-year old gay man named Jack Chapman from Australia has died in Seattle, Washington, US after injecting his balls with a large amount of silicone to please his ‘master’, popular gay community blogger named Dylan Hafertepen in a dangerous ‘sex cult’ game.Jack’s was in a slave-master homoerotic (BDSM-esque) relationship with Dylan as a submissive slave ‘pup’ while Dylan was ‘master. Dylan reportedly introduced Jack to a bunch of extremities and made Jack sign over his salary, sign to cut off contact with everyone else, using deodorant, masturbating, watching TV and mandated him to wear a chain around his neck. Reports from The Sun UK say Jack’s Mum, Linda Chapman was always weary of the relationship between the two. It had her son become the exclusive property of Dylan’s in a dangerous role play. He also didn’t have identity, barring the one given to him by his master. She also holds Dylan responsible for her son’s death.She says, “I know my son had free will, but he was not in his right frame of mind.”It was devotion, it was like some sort of clan, family, like a cult. And to prove their devotion to him they had to change their bodies.”He was not the Jack that I sent over there. He had no self-esteem, he’d lost himself in this cult. This was a disturbed boy.”ALSO READ: South African Author and Father says masturbation is the solution to rape Queerty reports that on Tumblr, Jack Chapman once called himself a, “piece of s**t” for hanging out with friends without Dylan’s permission. He also kissed Dylan’s feet. Meanwhile, Dylan posted the following tribute on his website, “If [Tank] was my world, I was his sun; he made me feel like the centre of his universe.”To say I “miss him” is an understatement. Core to his identity was his service. He lived to help people, and was happiest helping those he loved.”I love you, Tank. My best friend, partner, my world… my pup.”The Sun also reports that Chapman’s death certificate lists “Silicone Injection Syndrome” as one of four causes of death, alongside three lung-related causes. Jack had earlier been diagnosed with a lung disease.

Leadway Pensure bags 2 awards for excellent service delivery, international standard compliance

Customer Service Awards Limited announced Leadway Pensure PFA as the winner of the keenly contested Excellent Service Delivery category beating other PFAs to it. Leadway Pensure, a pioneer Pension Funds Administrator in Nigeria, recently won two major awards for Excellent Service Delivery and the Most Outstanding PFA of the year at the 2018 editions of the Customer Service Awards and the International Standards Leadership Awards organized by the Customer Service Awards Limited and the World Quality Alliance respectively.Using criteria such as company’s operational processes, staff attitude, turnaround time, product knowledge and friendly ambience for business which was gathered through customer feedback, online poll and mystery shopping, the Customer Service Awards Limited announced Leadway Pensure PFA as the winner of the keenly contested Excellent Service Delivery category beating other PFAs to it. Similarly, the World Quality Alliance awarded the company the Most Outstanding Pension Funds Administrator of the year 2018 on the basis of reliability, use of technology, ethical standards and policies, communication with customers, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction, among others. The Managing Director of Leadway Pensure, Ronke Adedeji said “We are very happy to have received these local and international recognitions out of several PFAs operating in the country. The awards confirm our continued commitment to excellence as well as our passion to deliver unrivalled pension services and financial comfort to our clients.” She went further saying “from inception, we have demonstrated innovation and competence which have endeared us to forward-thinking individuals who are not looking for just another PFA, but are deliberate about their future and are determined to entrust that to a discerning PFA like ours,” Leadway Pensure has, over the years, shown itself as an industry champion through the introduction of technology-driven products and services aimed at improving customer experiences, as well as innovation. The new Leadway Pensure mobile app which allows users to initiate the process for withdrawal of 25% Temporary Access and AVC, among other key functions testifies of the company’s innovative drive.

Beautiful 31-yr-old woman becomes youngest mayor in history after being diagnosed with HIV at...

Her mother, siblings maligned her, gave her different spoons and bottle to use, planned her funeral while she was also pregnant. She was kicked out of school, and became a UNICEF spokesperson. When Jo-Ann Livey Van Wyk was diagnosed with HIV at 17, she was pregnant. Her family had organized an intervention to break the news to her. It was the worst fate possible, at a time when HIV/AIDS was believed to be an automatic death sentence.She had been a good girl and must have wondered what cruel fate must have been forced on her. Her life immediately changed. She was maligned by her family members, with a different bottle of water to drink water. They also felt the need to be extra-careful on anything Jo-Ann had used. It wasn’t their fault, but a limited information in a dark world without sufficient information on a disease they knew nothing of, but that it kills.In 2013, Jo-Ann told Namib Times that, “It all started out as being an innocent young child at school, and then I fell pregnant. I was 5 months pregnant at the time when I received a phone call from the doctor saying I needed to come in immediately. I got there and there was a crowd waiting to tell me I have AIDS and was going to die.”She later told UNICEF that, “The only thing I knew about HIV was that it was a death sentence. I didn’t want to die. I was only a kid and had a lot of dreams. Even my own mother changed when I told her about my status. And the same thing happened over and over again in the family, in the community, in the city. I just couldn’t be with others anymore. I was denied all rights.”ALSO READ: 9 symptoms of HIV every woman should knowThe then young girl reached her breaking point when her school’s principal told her to stop coming to school, “That was my breaking point, because I loved school, even if I were pregnant and HIV-positive. At that moment I was hopeless.”When her mother started planning her funeral, she left for her grandmother’s place in Witvlei, Namibia. She accepted her. From there, she started learning about HIV and enrolled in a UNICEF programme on antiretroviral drugs that separated her disease from her child. “Remi is 13 years old now. He is my strength and my courage. He made me wake up every morning and keep dreaming, keep believing and have hope.” She says of her son.After Remi’s birth, Jo-Ann returned to school and earned a qualification in project management, then became an advocate for HIV/AIDS and told her story in her book, A Diary from the Land of the Brave.From there, she rose to distinguished assemblies like the 2007 United Nations General Assembly, before becoming the toast of Witvlei to become their mayor at 26 and pioneered a huge housing project for the poor and desolate. She says, “In 2010, the same community that had thrown stones at me, that literally had wanted to kill me, asked me to stand before them and show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”ALSO READ: Is the backlash over this Maggi ad fake outrage?Then she became public relations office of a German initiative in 2016 after she got out of office. In 2016, there were 19.4 million people living with HIV (53%) in eastern and southern Africa and 6.1 million (17%) in western and central Africa, according to statistics by HIV.Wyk is definitely a modern hero, who refused to be defined by a disease.

South African Author and Father says masturbation is the solution to rape

He claims that he has masturbated whenever he was tempted to has been tempted to rape women, or his wife who is unfazed by his probably regular masturbation. Rape is one of the most sensitive topics in the modern world, simply because there is a difference between what the law sees as rape and consent, and what human beings perceive as consent or rape. These days, ‘No means no’ is a popular slogan amongst millennials to place consent at the root of sex.In this conversation, that ‘No’ can come at any time, including when a man is about to ejaculate and anything after that could very well be rape. The world has grown a needed short fuse toward rape issues, and even people who might have objection have learned to shut up, but the fight to reduce rape cases to a bare minimum is still very much alive. One of the mechanisms proposed to reduce rape is masturbation. Yesterday, November 5, 2018, 45-year-old South African Author and father of four Mashao Molepo intimated to Daily Sun that masturbation was the solution to the rape of children and women. He claims he also practices this mechanism whenever he has sexual urges he cannot control, so much that even his wife knows that he masturbates.He claims masturbation has prevented him from raping people through overwhelming sexual urges. He says that he hates the fact that women and children get raped and the topic fills him with rage, so thinks this might be a solution to help them channel their sexual energy into masturbation that harms nobody.ALSO READ: Why we might need a relocation program for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes in NigeriaSimilarly earlier in the year, Charlamagne Tha God, the popular host of the syndicated Hiphop radio show on Power 105.1 advised men who had the intention or urge to rape people to get into a room and, “jerk off,” -another word for masturbation – to douse any sexual urges or libido momentarily. He was rightly bashed because rapist tendencies go far beyond masturbation as solution. Molepo says, “It’s pure insanity to spend years behind bars only because of pleasure that lasts a few minutes.” He further claims that while he was tempted to force himself on women as a younger man, masturbation helped keep him in check, “One night I was drunk and heard a knock at my door. It was a girl from my neighbourhood who I had a crush on but she constantly rejected me.“She asked me to accompany her to her boyfriend’s house because she had a fight with her brother. I said I would on the condition that she slept with me. She agreed because she needed help.“On the way, I realised I was wrong and I decided to masturbate when I got home. I felt good knowing I didn’t force myself on her and I was also able to get the same satisfaction she would have given me.”While Mashoa has a point, rape shouldn’t be only be viewed from the angle of the suffering for the perpetrator. Resisting rape should mostly be about the entire wrongness of the act and the long-lasting or sometimes, everlasting darkness it occasions on its victims who sometimes never recover.ALSO READ: Housemaid confesses poisoning family meal; 1 dead, 4 hospitalized (Video)Molepo does have a point and he is trying to contribute his quota, but he also fails to realize that masturbation is perceived with shame by men and it is an ego thing. Men see sex as the real thing and masturbation as child’s play to outgrow.Asides that, masturbation is addictive when one excessively indulges in it. Thus, while masturbation might be healthy, it might be opening the world to a new problem entirely.Molepo continues that, “I want to reassure men that masturbation is the solution to end rape. Men need to stop raping our sisters and mothers because all we want as men is to ejaculate. We don’t need another person to help us. We don’t even have to pay for it.“My wife supports me because she is not bothered when I masturbate. Women are beautiful but men need to realise we can’t have them all. Even when my wife is not in the mood for sex, I don’t force her. I just masturbate.”He has good intentions, but if everybody could just get their sexual urges in check and understand the concept of consent OR seek therapeutic help, it will be better. Masturbation isn’t really the answer, it will not be completely useless, but it is not a real solution.

Hospital performs wrong surgery on Soldier, leaves him in critical condition

The same soldier was involved in a bomb attack in Maiduguri in 2014. A few months ago, Captain Zakari Sani’s squadron was ambushed by terrorists in Benue State, he was the only surviving soldier in his squadron. He was terribly injured and required urgent surgery, but Doctors messed the entire treatment procedure and surgery — a wrong surgery was performed on him, leaving him worse than he was.If you are a Nigerian Twitter user, chances are you have seen his picture flying around the internet, seeking help from people or seeking permission from the Nigerian Military to fly him out of the country for desired help. Problem is, the Nigerian military does not allow soldiers to fly out of the country for treatment barring extraneous circumstance.Nigerian Twitter user and altruist for the underprivileged, Mustapha who tweets with via the account @angry_ustaaz told Zakari’s story in a four-tweet thread. Incidentally, the Zakari was also involved in a terrorist ambush in 2014, and it took the Nigerian Military over one year to allow him get required surgery in India.ALSO READ: Housemaid confesses poisoning family meal; 1 dead, 4 hospitalized (Video)Mustapha Tweeted that, “This is Capt. Zakari Sani. He got ambushed alongside his soldiers a few months back in Benue by terrorists, he is the only surviving soldier, the first hospital he was taken to carried out wrong surgeries on him, they couldn’t even identify the problem.“For months he was not responding to treatment, he was later referred back to Ceda Crest Hospital in Abuja by the Army, where he is currently bedridden, still not responding to treatment thou it’s a better hospital, his relatives were advised to take him out of the country.“All efforts to fly him out were in vain because Nigerian army refused. A family friend who is a Federal Member representing Sabon Gari Constituency, Zaria decided to speak to the Chairman, House Committee on Defense, (but) there is still no positive result. This guy is dying.“Please @HQNigerianArmy you might have protocols of treating your soldiers abroad, but Zakari is not responding to treatment here, don’t allow this innocent soul die. He got a bomb attack in Maiduguri 2014, it took you guys one year before taking him to India, Don’t repeat the same mistake.” Dear Nigerian Military, please grant this man permission to get required aid abroad.

Woman kills tragically husband, 3 children and stabs herself, her family detains 2 journalists

The family members portrayed their family in a negative light. A few days ago, a wife and mother of three, Rachel Adetsav killer her three children; Ngwuavese, Senater and Joshua before killing her husband, Nicholas Adetsav at Vandeikya Street, opposite NKST Church, both worked with the Makurdi Local Government Council, Benue State, Nigeria.Benue State Police command reports that after the incident which happened around 8:30 pm on Friday, they dispatched personnel to their couple’s house and found the husband foaming in the mouth, the children all dead and the wife stabbed. They concluded that the wife killed her family. Punch Metro reports that after she killed her family, the wife rushed outside to smash her husband car, then locked the door and stabbed herself in the chest. The husband, Nicholas has been described as someone who “cannot hurt a fly” by a family friend, Janet Iorpav who describes the wife, Rachel as a troublesome person who could anything to harm anyone who crossed her.Janet says, “I knew Nick before he got married. He was a gentleman and a lovely person, but his life changed the moment he got married. No one dared court her trouble because there and then, she would tell the person that she would kill him or her.”Residents and neighbours who liked around the couple also corroborated claims that Rachel was a troublesome woman who once stabbed a neighbor and the matter is still in court. Reports also say the couple had been fighting since Friday afternoon.This is evident in how Rachel killed her family. Sandra Kaso, the couple’s neighbor reports say that Rachel must have hit her husband with a pestle on the head before slitting her children’s throats.According to Kaso, “When we heard the sound, we came out and found the woman breaking the windscreen of their vehicle. She then went inside and locked the door. We tried to prevail on her to open the door but she refused.“At a point, when the fight was becoming prolonged, we had to alert the caretaker of the house so that he could call the police but he said if we couldn’t settle the matter, we would be held responsible.“By the time we called the police at about 9 pm, she had already killed every member of the family. The police had to break open the door to find all members of the family in a pool of blood.”ALSO READ: Housemaid confesses poisoning family meal; 1 dead, 4 hospitalized (Video)In an interview with the News Agency 0f Nigeria on Saturday, November 3, 2018, Spokesman for Benue State Police Command, Mr. Moses Yamu said, “The man, Mr. Nicholas Adetsav, an employee of Makurdi Local Government Council, and his children were killed on Friday night in Makurdi.“His wife, who we believe is responsible for the death of the four people, also killed herself. From the information available to us, the woman has been having issues with her husband, which might have culminated in this.”“They have been having issues; just yesterday (Friday), the woman was seen with a pestle trying to smash her husband’s car. No one knows the cause of their frequent fights,” the PPRO said.“The incident happened around 8.30pm on Friday. From what we have gathered, the couple fought on a daily basis.”Chairman, Makurdi Local Government Council, Mrs. Akange Audu, confirmed that the couple was employees of the local government council who “were always fighting.” She adds that Rachel had warned neighbours to stay out of their fights.Audu says, “The husband worked in the Department of Finance, while his wife worked with the Department of Agriculture.”One of their neighbours told Punch Metro that she tried intervening in the couple’s fight once and was threatened by Rachel with a knife by the wife.AftermathUpon the death of the couple, Wuzup Naija, reports that two unnamed reporters from The Sun and Punch Newspapers went to the husband’s family to gather reaction, only to be attacked by family members who blamed media for portraying their family in a bad light.The reports claim one woman particularly attacked the reporters which ended up with the Sun reporter escaping through a window to a vigilante group, while the Punch reporter was detained and only released after the National Union of Local Government Employees intervened.

Prophet remanded in prison for defrauding church member of N49.6m

The accused, who appeared in court wearing dreadlocks and a long red garment, is the Founder,  Power of the Holy Ghost Evangelical Ministry a.k.a “Tuesday Tuesday Church”. A Prophet, Cletus Ilongwo, who allegedly defrauded a member of his church of N49.6 million, was on Monday remanded in prison by an Ikeja Special Offences Court in Lagos.The accused, who appeared in court wearing dreadlocks and a long red garment, is the Founder,  Power of the Holy Ghost Evangelical Ministry a.k.a “Tuesday Tuesday Church”.Justice Sherifat Solebo remanded the accused after he had pleaded not guilty to an 11-count charge levelled against him.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ilongwo was arrested on Saturday by over 100 security officials of both the Nigeria Police and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).Earlier, Mr Ahmed Yerima, the EFCC Prosecutor, said that Ilongwo committed the offences between January and April 2016.“Ilongwo collected N13. 5 million from Obinna Ezenwaka on the pretext that he would help him purchase a property located 165c, Diamond Estate Amuwo Odofin.“During the period, he received various sums from Ezenwaka also under the pretext of purchasing the same property, but, however, failed to do so.“The funds were collected from Ezenwaka through Ilongwo’s Zenith Bank Account 1003455899,” Yerima said.Responding, the defence counsel, Mr P.N Orji, informed the court about a pending bail application he filed on behalf of his client.Yerima, however, did not oppose the bail application, but requested for more time to respond to the application.The trial judge adjourned the case until Nov. 14 for hearing of the bail application and Nov. 19 for commencement of trial.NAN reports that earlier in the year, another church member had accused the prophet of defrauding him of the sum of N85 million.The alleged N85 million scam had led to the loss of the member’s job in one of the first generation banks in the country.Ilongwo was invited for interrogation, but he later jumped bail and efforts made to re-arrest him failed until his surety was arrested.He reportedly abandoned his surety to languish in EFCC detention, prompting a joint operation by the EFCC and the Police to arrest him.During the operation, which lasted for hours, members of his church allegedly confronted security agents with dangerous weapons, leading to the use of force by the security operatives.He was, however, arrested in one of the rooms in the church.

Nigerian lady Hauwa Ojeifo wins first MTV Generation Change award

Ojeifo was given the was award at the 2018 MTV EMAs pre-show held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, on Sunday in Bilbao, Spain. Hauwa Ojeifo, 26, has won the first MTV Europe Music ‘Generation Change’ award.News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the mental health activist was awarded at the 2018 MTV EMAs pre-show held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, on Sunday in Bilbao, Spain.The newly introduced MTV EMA Generation Change Award was created to elevate and empower the fearless, original young people who are changing the world.Ojeifo was nominated alongside a 21-year old Afghanistan, Sonita Alizadeh; 17 year old Lebanese, Mohamad Aljounde; 20 year old Briton, Ellen Jones and 18 year old Xiuhtezcatl “X” Martinez.NAN reports that Ojeifo’s works’ border on mental health, especially for women and she has been identified as a vibrant voice in creating awareness for mental health in Nigeria.She is the founder of ‘She Writes Woman’ and ‘Safe Place’, the first 24/7 mental health crisis helpline and the first anonymous women-only mental health support group in Nigeria.ALSO READ: Independence Day means nothing to Nigerian millennialsOjeifo’s mission is to positively influence the misinformed narratives mental health and sexual violence conversations have in Nigeria.Given her noteworthy efforts, she was chosen among two other Nigerians, Isaac Ezirim and Kennedy Ekezie Joseph, to receive the first-ever Queen’s Young Leaders award in June.

Project Safe Access: Providing a platform for free access to healing for sexually...

Project Safe Access helps children regain their childhood by encouraging them to speak out, and by putting a stop to child sexual abuse. The Cece Yara Foundation has been selected as a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge! Their Free Child Helpline and Child Advocacy Centre provide children who have been sexually abused, or who are at risk, with a voice and direct access to healing and justice.  Please vote now to double their funding ➡  #GICAfrica #CeceYaraCaresProject Safe Access helps children regain their childhood by encouraging them to speak out, and by putting a stop to child sexual abuse. In Nigeria, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 10 boys will experience sexual violence before they turn 18. While intervention can have lasting positive outcomes for children’s well-being, access to intervention usually requires disclosure. The Cece Yara Foundation established the first toll-free Child Helpline and Child Advocacy Centre in Nigeria to encourage reporting and disclosures. They aim to connect victims to professional services by creating a robust interactive platform that provides access to support and information via the web, SMS and Mobile Applications. They also intend to establish more Child Advocacy Centres and Community Mini Child Centres to reach children in communities without access to phones and the web. Please vote now to double their funding ➡ https://bit.

Rio Ferdinand in Nigeria: A Guinness extraordinary football experience

In anticipation of Rio’s visit, Guinness Nigeria will be running a promo to select winners to join Rio at a live international match in Cameroon. The promotion will be launched on 9th November 2018. Guinness Nigeria recently unveiled an exciting new partnership with legendary premier league footballer, Rio Ferdinand. The Manchester United defender will be visiting Nigeria from 30th November to 1st December to join Guinness’ efforts to find and celebrate Nigerian football fans that are Made of More. In anticipation of Rio’s visit, Guinness Nigeria will be running a promo to select winners to join Rio at a live international match in Cameroon. The promotion will be launched on 9th November 2018. You are welcome to participate by sending an SMS of the code under the crown of your Guinness Promotional Bottle to 1759.Commenting on Rio Ferdinand’s visit to Nigeria, Managing Director Guinness Nigeria, Baker Magunda, remarked:“Guinness is a bold beer for extraordinary people. So, we are delighted to be working with Rio Ferdinand, a player who has constantly demonstrated bold creativity, imagination and confidence on the field”. To find out more about the promotion, like the Guinness Facebook page, www/facebook.

Man says he beheaded okada man for refusing to surrender his bike

He blames the devil for perpetrating such levels of wrongness. One Yakubu Dauda Yakubu of Girinya village in the Konton-Karfe Local Government Area of Kogi State has been arrested in Niger State, Nigeria by members of the Niger State Police command for allegedly beheading one Emmanuel Sunday and stole his motorcycle.Upon his arrest, Yakubu blames Sunday for being reluctant to give up his bike, which led to his beheading. The matter, though initially quiet escalated when Emmanuel’s older brother, Amos Sunday reported to the Police when the deceased didn’t return home at the close of business.According to Northern City News, he has since denied he wanted to use his kinsman, Emmanuel Sunday for rituals, but instead blamed the devil, “I couldn’t have used my kinsman’s head for rituals; our culture forbids it; it was the devil that pushed me into killing him.”ALSO READ: Nigerian female says she is a prostitute who wants customers on social mediaIt has also been reported that Yakubu was caught in possession of Emmanuel’s motorcycle when he was arrested at intercepted the suspect at Kagbodu village in Lapai Local Government Area. He claims he was in collaboration with one Mohammed Yunusa.Yakubu is reported as saying, “He refused to hand over his motorcycle to me; so, I got angry and we beheaded him and zoomed off with the motorcycle.“I don’t know what came over me; we are from the same state (Kogi) but we reside in Niger State. How do I explain myself to my kinsmen?”Muhammed Abubakar, Public Relations Officer for the Niger State Police Command has told newsmen that Sunday’s body had been recovered and that the police are hot on the heels of the fleeing Mohammed Yunusa.

Housemaid confesses poisoning family meal; 1 dead, 4 hospitalized (Video)

She also claims she was happy when the victims started purging and vomiting because she knew what the poison was going to do if it mixes with the human body. On November 4, 2018, video of a defiant young girl, holding a bottle of popular herbicide, NO PEST while a presumed adult female questioned her in Yoruba Language and threatened her with intense beating if she doesn’t answer surfaced on the internet. As the news built up, sources confirmed that the young girl being interrogated in the video was named Taibat and she had poisoned a family of five; a since-deceased grandmother and her hospitalized grandchildren in critical condition with NO PEST she can be seen carrying in the video. Only God knows what got into her.In the video since published on Instablog9ja, where Taibat showed no remorse, despite the atrocity she had committed, she claims she committed the crime because the unnamed grandmother had not given her out of the vegetable soup she ate with her grandchildren.ALSO READ: Mentally-challenged family back to life after 6 yrs roaming the streetTaibat also confessed the reason the grandmother refused to give her out of the vegetable soup she poisoned as punishment for stealing crayfish. She also reports that the victims started purging and vomiting, shortly after consuming the poison.She further claims she was happy and fulfilled when she saw her targets vomiting and purging, but claims she never wanted to kill anyone, but only make the food bitter.

Sweet student newlyweds die in helicopter crash 90 minutes after ‘fairytale wedding”

The groom’s grandfather has confirmed the sad news to journalists. Over the weekend, newlyweds; William Byler III, of Bellville, and Bailee Ackerman, of Orangefield, died as they flew off in a family helicopter just 90 minutes after solidifying their union on the Byler family ranch, Texas, United States.The wedding, described by FOX News as “fairytale” was held on a family ranch. There were no survivors in the crash that occurred about one mile from the take-off site — the pilot also died.A Facebook post by one family friend named Eric Smith, confirmed the news, “I’m absolutely devastated! Horrible news!“We feel like it’s OK to post now. So sorry we did not post earlier we just did not feel it was appropriate. Bailee Ackerman Byler of Orangefield and William Troy Byler III of Bellville passed away last night. We celebrated their fairy tale wedding and they were surrounded by their family and friends as they flew off in the family helicopter.“Sadly they crashed into the side of a hill about a mile from the family ranch. The pilot, Jerry, was also on board. There were no survivors! Please keep everyone associated with this tragic event in your prayers.”   In a Facebook post by student’s newspaper, The Houstonian, the late couple, were both students; the groom, Will Byler, an Agriculture Engineering senior and the bride, Bailee Ackerman Byler, an Agricultural Communication senior.The Houstonian wrote that, “It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the tragic passing of two Bearkats Will Byler (Agriculture Engineering senior) and Bailee Ackerman Byler (Agricultural Communication senior) in a helicopter accident departing their wedding.”   The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had also tweeted on Sunday morning that investigators were looking into a Bell 206B helicopter in Uvalde, Texas, a city roughly 80 miles west of San Antonio.  According to ABC News, the groom’s grandfather has also confirmed the unfortunate news. According to The San Antonio Express-News Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office reports the helicopter was found near Chalk Bluff Park off Texas 55 Sunday morning.ALSO READ: Mentally-challenged family back to life after 6 yrs roaming the streetThe Maid-of-honour at the wedding, Jessica Stilley has written on social media that, “My sweet Bailee Raye, my heart is broken in a million little pieces as I sit here and think of the rest of my life without my best friend. I’m so sad to even be captioning these pictures with this, but you know I just have to share with everyone how beautiful you looked on your wedding day like I normally would have.”  Madi Wagner, a friend of the couple also wrote that, “I’m having a hard time comprehending this whole situation, but I have not once asked why,” wrote Madi Wagner, a friend of the couple. “These two spent their last day on this earth celebrating with their most cherished loved ones- I believe it truly was the best day of their lives.”Several attempted a rescue, but were unfortunately too late. The NTSB said it would only release details of the crash on Monday.