Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bride Price: Broke Igbo woman laments about her tribe’s expensive wedding demands

Nkiruka Akpovili revealed her husband entered a huge financial debt following their wedding. This has affected her ability to feed well. A Nigerian lady, Nkiruka Akpovili, who recently tied the knot has expressed dissatisfaction concerning the huge financial demands imposed on men looking to marry an Igbo woman.The newlywed in a note she shared on a Facebook group, Rant HQ lamented about her Isoko husband entering into a huge debt following their wedding ceremony.  This equally affected Akpovili who appealed to Igbo fathers to put an end to the excessive billing as their daughters often have to deal with the consequences.ALSO READ: Single Somalian men protest expensive bride pricesShe submitted that one of the reasons why women from her tribe are subjected to maltreatment and suffering in their marriage is partly due to the discomfort their husbands were made to go through before marrying them as wives.”I want to sincerely beg all Igbo fathers here to pls stop the act of billing their daughters husbands to be just because they’re non-Igbos. “It’s not fair at all because while they’re enjoying the money, their daughters are at the receiving end.”I’m of no doubt that some Igbo ladies make good wives and all. My traditional wedding was last month and in all honesty, I now understand why most men marry Igbo wives and subject them to suffering, I understand why most Igbo women are baby mamas instead of being the wives.”My husband is Isoko and all his friends (Igbos included )has vowed not get involved with any Igbo lady.”I know some of my brothers and sisters would want to insult me, I know some of my friends here would want to inbox me to interrogate me, I don’t care because we’re back in Lagos, broke and for the first time in a long while, I’m now a debtor and can’t sleep or eat well,” Akpovili wrote on Facebook.The pressure associated with marrying an Igbo woman can lead one to crimeThe enormous financial burden most Nigerian men are made to go through before marrying their Igbo love interest is no myth. Many have found themselves entering into difficult agreement in a bid to fulfill expectations, some even venture into criminal behaviour.A robbery suspect, Chukwuma Okoro, who was arrested in the year 2017, told the Ondo State Police that an interest to pay his wife’s bride price valued at a sum N300,000 led him to a life of crime. ALSO READ: ‘I needed to raise N300K to pay my wife’s bride price’ – Robbery suspectThe suspect who was paraded alongside other criminals at the state command in Akure, was apprehended while trying to rob a sales girl of N500,000.Pleading for mercy and another chance, Okoro said the pressure from his wife and her family to pay her bride price was too much for him and he had to take to crime to raise the funds.

Painful Death: Newlywed Nigerian lady dies while delivering twins lost during child birth

The deceased who was only a year into her marriage died while delivering a set of twins. A great loss for a sympathizer. In just a year after getting married, a Nigerian lady named Ifeoma, reportedly died while delivering a set of twins who were also confirmed dead during childbirth.A close friend of the deceased wrote on a Facebook platform named “Hapimom” where she expressed a sad feeling concerning the passing of the newly wedded woman who got hitched on Thursday, December 27, 2016. The sympathizer shared regrets about missing an opportunity to see the dearly departed before her passing.”Typing RIP is what I prayed against on 31st night over the new year, I never knew I’m going to do it so soon.”December 27 2016 was your wedding day, I saw how happy you are and how so excited your mom and only sister was.”I saw a happy family, not so long you get pregnant and things was moving fine… Last two weeks I dream where you were giving birth to twins, I wanted to call your sister to gist her about it but it later skip my mind..”On 25th morning I called your sister and I also talk with your Mom, I told them I will come over in evening but I didn’t make it. (Had it been I come that could be the last time I will see you)”Today by 11:12am I got a call from your sister that you are dead.. She said you die while giving birth to twins. You lost your life and non of the kids survive.”I was speechless, perplex and sad. I couldn’t imaging what I heard I was left with only one question”Why” “Why” “Why” why? Why you!!, why now after everything why!!!”If I could be so down this way I wonder how your mom is feeling.”I wonder how your only sister and brother is feeling now, do I have to talk of your husband who just wedded you 12 months ago I wonder what is going through his mind now. Father lord have mercy”Rest in peace Ifeoma. Why!!!!!! This is too hot for me,” the solacer narrated in a long note.Similarly, a woman named Chinyere Sylvia Akaleme, described as a victim of serial domestic violence was murdered by her husband, Obinna Akaleme, alongside their baby, on the very day she was supposed to put to bed. ALSO READ: Pregnant woman, baby, beaten to death by husband [Graphic Photos]Kurugh, a human rights activist based in Benue State, took to his Facebook page to give an account of the incident that led to the brutal murder of the lady, an engineer who until her death was a manager with an organization in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Badoo: Cult hypnotize victims before smashing their heads with grinding stone – Lagos Police...

The Badoo gang reportedly spray powder into the residents of their victims to facilitate a deep sleep. Edgal Imohimi, the Lagos State Police Commissioner, narrated how suspected members of the Badoo cult hypnotize their victims before smashing their heads with a grinding stone.Speaking to newsmen while parading the terrorists at the Ikeja headquarter of the Lagos State Police Command on Thursday, January 4, 2018, the police chief mentioned that their leader identified as Omotayo Abamoyegun sprays a powder in the house of the victims which ensures that they fall into a deep sleep before breaking their heads. Their most recent outing which offered the police an opportunity to apprehend them however proved to be their last.“Abamoyegun usually sprays powder into the abode of their victims which makes them fall into deep sleep after which other members of the gang smash their head with grinding stone.“Having certified that they are dead, the suspects use white handkerchiefs to scrub their victims’ blood for ritual purposes.“Luck, however, ran out of them when one of the victims raised alarm and the vigilante men on duty alerted policemen who quickly cordoned off the area.“Chibuzor Igwe was arrested at the scene and he made startling revelation which led to the arrest of Abamoyegun and Akaeze.“Please note that a grinding stone used to smash the victims’ head, smeared with blood was recovered at the murder scene and taken to the lab for forensic analysis to back up our evidence in court.“One Gift Akaeze, wife to one of the suspects, Samuel, was arrested for allegedly supplying information to the suspects on where to strike.“Abamoyegun also usually takes the suspects to one Fatai Adebayo, a herbalist, who specialises in fortifying the suspects and blessing their stone before operation.“The herbalist has been arrested and his shrine in Ijebu Imosan had been destroyed in an operation which I led,” Imohimi mentioned according to Vanguard News. The involvement of an 18-year-old teenager, Chibuzor Igwe, who claimed to have been lured into joining the Badoo gang by Abamoyegun appears to be most saddening. ALOS READ: 18-yr-old teenager narrates how he was lured into joining cultHe was paraded alongside Igbo contemporaries, Uche Igwe; a welder, believed to be the youth’s elder brother,  Samuel Akaeze, a.k.a Samito; his wife, Gift Akaeze.Their arrest came following a breakthrough made by the Lagos State Police which ensured that a herbalist, Fatai Adebayo, who prepares charms for the Badoo members got arrested. The latter who reportedly prepares ‘juju’ for members of the notorious cult group was captured earlier in the week. He was apprehended at his shrine in Imosan village, located around Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.Is this the end of Badoo?The year 2017, saw the police under the command of former commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, deal unsuccessfully with the Badoo menace which caused a lot of Ikorodu residents to abandon their homes for fear of being killed.This raised doubts in the minds of the people who were beginning to question the competence of the security agents assigned to the duty of protecting lives. ALSO READ: Herbalist who prepares ‘juju’ for killer cult group captured by police [Photos]Under Imohimi who led an assault team that captured the herbalist Fatai Adebayo, there seems to be a new air of confidence being experienced by the police.But can they sustain the renewed peace that have so far been hindered due to the activities of the terror group Badoo? That is probably the question on the minds of skeptical Nigerians who now seem to have only little regard for the police.