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Flop of the Week: 81-year old Bill Cosby gets 3 to 10 years prison sentence



The disgraced veteran actor, who is known for ‘The Cosby Show’ has been called a ‘Predator’ by Amber Rose You might know Bill Cosby. He is the 50-year Hollywood veteran known for shows like The Bill Cosby Show, The Cosby Show and Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids. He is also a former stand-up comedian who was sentenced to three-ten years in prison on September 25, 2015 by Judge O’Neill who also refused him bail.  On his conviction, Judge O’Neill said, “This is a serious crime he was convicted for. This is a sexual assault crime,” the judge said.Continuing, he said, “No one is above the law, and no one should be treated differently or disproportionally.“Cosby would be sentenced regardless of “who he is or who he was.“I have given great weight to the victim impact testimony in this case, and it was powerful,” O’Neill noted. In April 2018, he was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Temple University Administrator, Andrea Constand in 2004.Cosby started unraveling around the mid-2000s when his rap sheet of sexual assault allegations made rounds — some dating back decades and decades.Over 60 women accused him of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child abuse, and sexual misconduct.ALSO READ: How to deal with creeps on social media and dating websitesWhat would make a man this infamously prolific?Although the Statute of Limitation had limited the actionability of a lot of these cases, it still created a narrative and established a pattern of Cosby’s history and habit of sexual impropriety.Granted, we live in a phoney world where some of those allegations might not be true and the sex might have been consensual, but even 10 accusations is a lot, because that establishes a predatory pattern.  It is not okay. Only a man who feels terribly indestructible will do this, and it just goes to show how women were thought of as so inconsequential that a man would serially abuse some of them with so much vigour.This modern world is no place for predators and whoever you are, you’re going to get this strap which you had coming. Bill Cosby is a man who abused his privilege and standing. He’s the atypical man in a high place, doing terrible things with his privilege because of his access and reach.It is not beyond thought that Cosby might have used his influence to kill some of these cases against him as rape and sexual assault have always been offences. Some of these women might have wanted to speak up earlier than they did. Even though he was known for jokes, he has now become the joke as he has been for a number of years, unknown to us.Bill Cosby is a sexual Predator and we don’t need any court conviction to know that. There is an established pattern. Even accusations from 5 women is a pattern, let alone 60.  NO, HE WAS CONVICTED BECAUSE HE’S A DISTURBED PREDATOR, NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK.The man is rightly a “Predator” as Amber Rose called him.Bill Cosby, take this L.

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