Donald Duke is a guest on Nigeria’s number one podcast. He speaks on various Nigerian issues and well as his presidential ambition.   For Apple users, you can listen to this episode of the Loose Talk podcast HEREThe latest guest of Loose Talk podcast is none other than former Cross Rivers state Governor Donald Duke. Donald Duke who has declared his intent to run for President in 2019, speaks on a range of issues from which party will he run on, his relationship with Olusegun Obasanjo, Boko Haram, power generation and state police.  Speaking of his intent to run, the former Governor doesn’t see his declaration as too late. “If you look at the field in Nigeria, I don’t think it is too late, a lot of people have not said anything. There’s a lot of body language, at least I was bold enough to say it” he says. In the two-hour long podcast, he also speaks on the origin of the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria. “The remote cause that created the environment (for Boko Haram) is poverty. Don’t forget that in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, that part of the country was the cotton belt. “Nigeria was on the cotton map of the world. We were one of the largest cotton producers in the world and we had textile mills everywhere.”When the textile mills collapsed and cotton growing died, then the people were poor. That was the remote cause. The immediate cause was a political issue that was not dealt with” explains Donald Duke. During his stint as Governor of Cross Rivers, tourism would be one of the major pillars of Donald Duke’s administration. He talks on why he focused on tourism and how it benefited Cross Rivers. With the 2019 general elections less than a year away, Donald Duke stresses on the importance of youth participation and the need for Nigerians to be actively involved in the political process. Impressed by the Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP) office in Oniru, Lagos, Donald Duke had this to say “I’m really proud of what I have seen. The working environment is not the norm.  “There is a lot of work and play and that obviously enhances your productivity. You are working in an environment that you enjoy.” Loose Talk is Nigeria’s number one podcast. Created in February 2016, the hosts Osagie Alonge, Ayomide Tayo and Steve Dede talk about the biggest pop culture moments in Nigeria on a weekly basis. This is one Loose Talk episode you don’t want to miss as Donald Duke also touches on late Head of State General Sani Abacha, his relationship with Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and Nigeria’s population crisis.

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