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Gang Hatred: Career of Nigerian semi-pro boxer may end after face was blown off in the UK

The boxer was shot in a blue Ford Focus vehicle alongside another victim. They were both airlifted to a London hospital. The career of Oluwafemi Omosuyi, a Nigerian semi-professional boxer, has been threatened after he was shot in the face in Peckam, London.A Daily Mail report confirmed that Omosuyi had his “face blown off” on Sunday, June 3, 2018. The victim who had just returned from a training trip to Dublin was attacked outside Oliver Goldsmith Primary. According to more reports, the athlete received bullets discharged from a shotgun to his upper body 8pm on Wodehouse Avenue prompting an armed police response.The Daily Mail also confirmed that a frightening footage which captured the event is available for online viewing. Oluwafemi Omosuyi who was attacked in a salon car occupied the vehicle alongside a company who sustained a lesser injury.Boxer Omowusi has been visited at a hospital by his sister, Ayomiposi Omosuyi, 24. This was confirmed by their mother, Stella Aladetam, 53, who hopes for the arrest of two gang members reportedly responsible for the attack on her son.”I was so shocked, he was in the operating theatre until about midnight yesterday, I was so panicked I couldn’t even eat, just panic and shock. He is sleeping now, his sister is with him in hospital. “We are trying to get their names so police can arrest them.”He had just come back from a month’s training in Dublin and his coach had told him to stay at home and get some rest.”He was in the car with friends and they just came up and shot him through the window in the face, he also was hit in the arm and the hand.”Femi was never involved in gangs and his friends were always nice, these two boys who shot him I just want them arrested. I hope he is okay, you never pray for your children to get shot.”He trains at least three times a week, twice in the week and once at weekends. He loved his boxing, he was so happy to be training in Dublin, very happy,” says a protective Stella Aladetam.Her son is celebrated for winning a boxing match in thirty minutes but a friend thinks he got in bed with the wrong people.Oluwafemi Omosuyi failed to “respect his elders”A childhood friend of Oluwafemi Omosuyi has explained to the Daily Mail that the shotgun attack victim may have offended those far superior to him.Speaking as a private source, the buddy hinted that the attack was inspired by wrong association.”I heard two gunshots and then heard it was Femi. I have known him since he was a kid, he got into the wrong crowd, these are the consequences when kids just don’t respect their elders anymore,” the Daily Mail gathered from the source.Omosuyi who has been confirmed to be in a stable condition was airlifted alongside company by the London Ambulance Service to a hospital located in the city. On Sunday, March 25, 2018, the son of a House of Representatives member, Dolapo Badru was shot dead in the United Kingdom.The deceased, 26-year-old Abraham Badru, was murdered close to his family home in Dalston, Hackney. The young Badru was reported to have died at his mother’s side who was in tears as she held on to him on the pavement according to The Daily Mail.His death makes him the 10th person to be killed in a list of murders that have occurred in London over a 12-day period.

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