The GTB Food and Drink Fest will attract people who share a love of food and many other things. Attending the GTB Food and Drink Fair is an experience that combines food and drinks with people in almost equal varieties. Coming to eat together and learn about food in the same space means that as you enjoy your favourite meals and try out new experiences, odds are that you also will try out new people too; in observing them, in sharing a plate of food, in exchanging quick glances when a side dish is much spicier than your palate is prepared for, or just in random conversation.ALSO READ: Get ready for the biggest feast this year, the GTB Food and Drink Fair 2018Because everybody likes food and the festival has shown a high degree of consistency over different editions, it is sure to attract some people like you, and a lot who are not. Here are 5 types of people you will find at the GTB Food and Drink Festival1. The Foodie:While most of you were at home checking the website for the food festival’s dates, the foodie had it scribbled on their notepads, on their phones and in their memory. For the foodie, the GTB Food and Drink fair is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that just so happens every year.  The foodie’s knowledge of food is a gift from above so when a chef mentions a rare spice at a masterclass, the foodie will tell you the origin of the spice and why it is more suitable for meat than chicken out of sheer love. If you’re looking to leave the event with your belly filled and your knowledge expanded, find a foodie and NEVER LET THEM GO.2. The First Timer:You will probably notice them at the door or when they summon the courage to walk up to you and ask their way around. Over the years, GTB’s Food and Drink Festival has built a reputation that is bound to bring in new participants with each edition. First timers are as optimistic and cheerful as it gets which isn’t exactly strange because who manages to stay angry around good food. ALSO READ: The five most expensive food items in the worldThey may need some way around though because men can be confused when good things exist in abundance so stretch a helping hand, show them around and help them have a good time.3. The Casual Fan:Disinterested, slightly bored but also hopeful that something good is about to happen, the casual fan comes to the festival with no idea what he is in for. He is the one who walks around, hands in both pockets, scouring for the one thing that will interest him. He may seem lost at the seminars and masterclasses until he hears of the diverse angles of the food industry and the millions that exchange hands while dishes land on tables across the country.  While he’s still trying to understand how so much money can be made from food, he stumbles on food and wine tastings and the outdoor grills. It is at that moment that the casual guest becomes a convert. Thank God for food and salvation.4. The Career Chef:What is food without the people who put vegetables together to make a bomb salad? What are gourmet meals and buffets without chefs? You could say chefs are the real stars of the festival and you won’t be wrong. Because they won’t put on their superhero costumes, you may have a hard time finding them. Just look out for that one person who pays rapturous attention during the masterclasses, the one who takes notes after tasting the food at the pop-up restaurants and chats with other chefs like members of a church committee. You may feel slightly intimidated but if you’re nice enough, she might show you her learnings from the festival in the form of a three-course meal.5. The Businessman: Some of you are there for the food; but some are there because they can see the money in each serving, the bank alerts in each request for extra fries. You may have to ignore the fact that he is dressed in a three-piece suit because our friend has learned from experience that where food is involved, one must dress with respect. While you enjoy the festival in taste and smell, he sees everything in figures and bank statements. If you’re trying to consider your chances as a restaurant owner, he’s the one you need to talk to.

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