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Many educated Nigerian girls are not exposed – Singer, Harmonee

By Ayo Onikoyi
She has been described as wild and irrepressible, but Afro pop and dancehall singer, Harmonee, born Susan Ekwe Emike, is not your regular damsel in distress, the Chocolate crooner, is free spirited, highly liberated and wouldn’t allow anything or anyone to put her down. In a society defined by certain norms and gender inhibitions, the fair-skin beauty is on her own lane, loving and living it with flourish regardless of responses that come her way.
Back from the United States of America, where she has been cooling off for sometime, Harmonee is set to ruffle feathers in the entertainment space, in the most unusual ways. She speaks with Potpourri on what she has lined up.
“ I used to do a lot of dancehall and afro pop but I realized that trying to do music for the market is not being genuine with myself, I want to do something I really know how to do and I’m sure people will embrace it. My music now is called afro trap music, because I’m African. I’m going to be the first female Nigerian artiste to do that; I will feature Cardi B on one of my songs coming up soon. You know, she does trap music too but my first afro trap single will drop this month,” she says
“ I’m starting my talk show too very soon, to be known as ‘Girls Corner’. My aim is to enlighten Nigerian girls on issues of life and free them from the societal shackles that bind them to old ideas and norms. I have found out most Nigerian girls are educated but not exposed.
There is a difference between being educated and being exposed. For example, I’m a Nigerian and I have travelled to many countries in the world and I have seen people and tried to make friends and learn a lot about cultures and the ways of life of people. What I realize back home is that we learn certain things on the surface, there are a lot of things that will happen to a girl in Nigeria and she wouldn’t want to share it with her friends just because she is scared of being laughed at  or how the society is going to see it or whatever.
There are a lot of things someone could be going through in their lives but they won’t speak up just because they are scared of how they will be perceived. For instance, I have a lot of friends from America that are not that educated and what I mean by that is that most of them didn’t even go to college but then they are not shallow minded, they see life in a different way and that is what exposure means. Exposure means not being shallow; you can’t be exposed when you are shallow. A lot of Nigerians are very shallow minded” she explains.
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