A piece of drawing provided by Child X the victim, revealed her experience in the hands of the school supervisor. A clinical psychologist, Miss. Olive Ogedengbe, has provided more evidence concerning the case of a 2-yr-old pupil of Chrisland School, Lekki, Lagos, alleged to have been sexually molested by the institution’s supervisor, Adegboyega Adenekan.New information was received via a recording played during Ogedengbe’s testimony. She offered one at the  Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court, where she expressed observations made after a detailed investigation.The psychologist who is described as an expert in sexual and reproductive health behaviour in children and adolescents, noted that the victim referred to as “Child X”, was given a piece of paper where she made drawings of the private part of the accused.“Where is Mr Adenekan’s wee wee? Child X in response, pointed to her private area. Ogedengbe: ‘Does he put his wee wee in your wee wee?’”Child X: ‘Yes.’ Child X in the recording, using a teddy bear as a puppet, also showed how the supervisor allegedly sexually abused her friend.”Kissing the private region of the teddy bear, the child can be heard saying in the video recording ‘Your bum bum is delicious, your bum bum is sweet, I will eat your bum bum,’” The Nation News revealed in a report.“We used projective techniques in which a client projects their subconscious minds on paper,” says Ogedengbe while discussing the thorough procedure explored in a bid to get the details of Child X encounter with the school supervisor.  ALSO READ: Mentally challenged couple unhappy sex was interruptedThe diligence of a social worker, Miss. Gloria Chinoyera, had earlier helped in the uncovering process of a possible case of sexual assault involving the Chrisland School Supervisor.Chinoyera in her testimony alleged that the accused, aged 47, committed the offence in November 2016.

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