The representatives at an Akwa-Ibom orphanage believed Edem Okon planned to kill his son who appeared to him in a dream. In Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria, Edem Okon, a 53-year-old man was hindered in an attempt to murder his son who reportedly tried to kill him in a dream.The father who has two children living at the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) in Eket visited the facility with an intention to slaughter one of the offspring. This was confirmed by CRARN’s head, Sam Itauma.“Okon came with the sole aim of killing one of his two sons under our care. “His reason, being a dream he had in which his 6-year-old son, Elijah, purportedly came to stab him to death while he was sleeping in the night,” says Itauma.According to reports, the youngsters had declined to go home with him after an invitation. They reportedly suspected Okon might be up to something devious. This provided good motivation to turn down a fresh attempt to get them some gifts at a grocery store.Feeling the sharpness from the moments of rejection, a frustrated Okon took to aggression to make his thoughts known. He warned his son not to appear in his dreams any longer or risk being killed.To aid a speedy death, the man allegedly visited his sons bearing a bread laced with poison. This was mixed with a local food substance called ‘Esere’ also known as ‘Calabar beans’.ALSO READ: Superstitious Nigerians need to get out of jail created by their minds Representatives from CRARN attributed the planned attack to an Akwa-Ibom society ruled by an appreciation for superstitions, which has seen deaths to a number of persons. They appealed to the government to look into ways of bringing down the patronage for myths which has inspired murders.

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