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Rush to leave Nigeria misplaced priority – Rights lawyer

A human rights lawyer, Collins Aigbogun, has described the rush by Nigerians to leave the country as a misplaced priority.

Aigbogun noted that God created Nigerians with “the adaptivity to survive any challenges or problems tossed at them.”

He said this, on Saturday, at the SMART conference organised by the Four Square Gospel church, Ikeja Zonal youth ministry.

The legal practitioner who spoke on reborn, emphasised that there is a need to reawaken the potentials in Nigerians so as to help in actualising the purpose of being created to the country.

He also stressed that government need to provide basic needs that would help in educating the young generation that can take the country out of its current state.

He said, “There is a need to reawaken the potentials in our young ones, making them understand that they were not created by mistake and the fact that they are residents in Nigeria is not an accident.

“There is a need for us to understand that everywhere we are found, there is purpose for same and we must as a matter of necessity begin to search for those reasons and put in the potentials God has impeded in us in order to actualize the purpose of why we were created.

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“To me people running out of the country is a misplaced priority. I usually tell people that it is insane for man who has millions of naira in his account would travel to a country where citizens of those country were with little as 10,000 pounds in their account.

“People are leaving this country because they did not want to be caged in a system that is backward as opposed to an advance society.

“Government need to understand that governance is continuous and there is need for them to put the basic needs like infrastructures that can help in educating our young ones.”

The Zonal youth president for the Ikeja Four Square zone, Timothy Taiwo, said the conference was to educate young members about the four basics of life that were not really discussed in church.

He added, “the reason this is coming up is because most of these things are not be said in the church many times. Faith, career, relationships and finance are the four key things we are looking and they are not really issues being discussed in the church.

“We are trying to educate the young ones about their future and also bringing people that have gone ahead of them so that they can help in telling them about their experiences and how they can also achieve their dreams.”

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