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BBNaija 2019: All you need to know about the remaining 12 housemates

The strength and weakness of the last 12 housemates after the eviction of 14 housemates in the BBNaija Pepper Dem is worth highlighting after 64 days in the house.
After eight evictions in the ongoing Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem, housemates still find it hard parting with their beloved housemates.
Every week comes with one housemate feeling down after the Sunday live eviction hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.
At the end of the ninth week, Sir Dee and Esther bowed out of the Pepper Dem House after a total of 63 days in the house.
The pair’s eviction left Diane, who is close to Sir Dee and Frodd, who nursed a relationship with Esther and some other Housemates shocked.
Here are all you need to know about the 12 remaining housemates.
Mercy and Ike have been in the house since the first day and waxing stronger in the 10th week. [Africa Magic/BBNaija]Mercy and Ike have been in the house since the first day and waxing stronger in the 10th week. [Africa Magic/BBNaija]
1. Mercy
Mercy keeps waxing strong in her desire to emerge the winner of season four of the BBNaija tagged Pepper Dem. Her relationship with Ike has been tested when Ella was in the house. She fought hard to win Ike’s heart and has since kept it intact in the last seven weeks since it became official. Mercy has seen a few of her close pals in the house being evicted. She lost another member of the Power Puff girls, Esther, to eviction. She’s left with Diane as Venita tries to form a bond with her. She has found her way out of four eviction nominations with high votes.
2. Mike
Mike remains focused on the prize with every of his move. Yet to win any major challenge in the last 10 weeks, Mike has shown that he’s strong enough after surviving four eviction nominations with a high number of votes. Mike’s chatting pal, Jackye was evicted in the eight weeks alongside Gedoni but he has remained strong and focused. He misses his wife and few evicted housemates but not deterred.
Mike is one of the strong contender standing tall after 64 days in the days. [Africa Magic/BBNaija]Mike is one of the strong contender standing tall after 64 days in the days. [Africa Magic/BBNaija]
3. Tacha
Call her the cat with six lives and you won’t be overstating the obvious after coming out tops in six different evictions nominations. After the first eviction, Tacha became a regular name on the weekly eviction nomination list, yet she comes out stronger every time. She has survived seven Heads of House and has bonded with Khafi, whom she set off with on the wrong foot. Her perceived arrogance keeps clearing with the week and she even felt remorse that she apologised to Biggie, viewers and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu during one of her Diary Sessions. Tacha is a strong contender and other housemates have since come to terms with her strength among the viewers and most voters.  
4. Seyi
Seyi has in the last 10 weeks emerged the Head of House twice in the BBNaija. [Africa Magic/BBNaija]Seyi has in the last 10 weeks emerged the Head of House twice in the BBNaija. [Africa Magic/BBNaija]
Seyi has remained steadfast in the house after a total of 64 days and 10 weeks in the house. From going to the Secret House, emerging the Head of House twice in eight weeks, and being crowned the Tor Tiv, the grandson of Awolowo has remained a strong contender in the house. Seyi currently enjoys the companionship of Tacha with viewers speculating a possible relationship between the two housemates. He’s become synonymous for producing and directing short dramas and will miss the absence of his partner and team member, Sir Dee. 
5. Cindy
Cindy is the housemate, whose appearance can be misleading. She looks unimportant but has shown in the past six weeks that she’s a contender to watch out for. She became popular after her issue with an evicted housemate, Enkay, over a game of Ludo. In her fifth week in the house – ninth week of the show – she had an altercation with Frodd over a bottle of cashew nuts, which saw Elozonam supporting her against Frodd. Few days after, Cindy was in the news again for having a heated argument with Tacha during the Darling challenge. Cindy surprised viewers when she polled second-highest behind Tacha at the ninth eviction. 
6. Ike
Ike became popular after he paired up with Mercy for a relationship that has since become the most talked about in BBNaija Pepper Dem house. They are so close that housemates don’t even bother to question the strength of their relationship. Ike has had to fight to be in Mercy’s corner and even after earning himself two strikes, he’s always ready to do anything for Mercy. Currently, in his 10th week, Ike keeps wriggling his way out of every eviction.
The story of Esther's strategy using Frodd [Africamagic/BBNaija]The story of Esther’s strategy using Frodd [Africamagic/BBNaija]
7. Venita
In her sixth week, Venita was saved from going up for eviction by Elozonam, who changed her for Frodd. The incident has pitched him against Frodd ever since. However, Venita seems to be enjoying every bit of the house. Venita has made it known that she’s not a fan of Khafi but both try to get along for the sake of peace. Venita has also tried getting in the head of lovers in the house with her intention unknown. She once told Gedoni that she could have him for herself if Khafi trespasses.
8. Frodd
Frodd, who is referred to as the slow tiger is now a lone tiger after the exit of the lady after his heart was evicted from the Pepper Dem House. Frodd told Cindy that “I am not worthy to be here but I am a child of grace.” For the better part of day 63, Frodd’s spirit wasn’t lifted till the next day. With Esther out of the way, Frodd will be focusing on winning. He once won the Head of House challenge.
9. Diane
Though Diane told Ebuka Obi-Uchendu during the second Sunday Live eviction show that Sir Dee is just like a brother to her, she couldn’t hide her emotions when he was evicted in the ninth week. It took the efforts of Khafi and Tacha, who whisked Diane into the HoH room to get her consoled. The two also talked about how they will miss Sir Dee. After the eviction, Diane is left to find herself in the hands of Elozonam as the three male housemates attached to her – Nelson, Tuoyo and Sir Dee – have been evicted.
Venita has been a force in the house after spending five weeks in the house. [Twitter/BBNaija]Venita has been a force in the house after spending five weeks in the house. [Twitter/BBNaija]
10. Omashola
Omashola remains a contender for the money with his constant reminder of being an indigene of Warri. He will be remembered for losing his precious Bet9ja coins in the first week after keeping them carelessly. He has since grown, maintained a not too trusting relationship with Frodd and remains Ike’s confidant and advisor.
11. Khafi
Khafi became the seventh Head of House – with Seyi and Esther emerging twice each – and has been adjudged the most democratic Head of House. She has remained strong with the exit of her love interest, Gedoni, in the eighth week. Since the exit of Gedoni, Khafi seems to have gone on a winning streak. She won an Innoson car valued at N3.45million, the Scanfrost challenge, Head of House and Dano challenge in the spate of nine days.  
12. Elozonam
Elozonam is still strong after spending five weeks in the house alongside Venita and Cindy. Winning the Veto Power once and coming tops in few challenges, which earned him some Bet9ja coins, Elozonam has been a prized asset to the groups and teams he has been with since he entered the BBNaija house. Like few other housemates, Elozonam seems to feel strong about Diane but is yet to solve the puzzle as Diane is far from him yet near to him in the same measure. Elozonam complained about how Diane has been giving him signs that he should keep to himself but the two always find a way to rest their emotions and move on.

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