Here is how Twitter is wilding out over the news that Khafi might get axed from her police job in the United Kingdom.
A major tabloid in the United Kingdom, The Sun, on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, had on its front page the story of BBNaija’s Khafi allegedly having sex in the house.
It didn’t end there as there are speculations of her losing her job over the act. Several analysts have come up with different assumptions over the action in the house. There are even speculations that she might have gotten pregnant in the process. 
Even though these insinuations might be untrue, it has since sparked off a lot of conversations on social media.
In less than a few hours after the release of the tabloid, Khafi started trending on Twitter with a lot of people airing their diverse views on the alleged sex incident and the possibility of her losing her job.

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