The actor says rape is bad but prostitution should be addressed as an issue as well.
Following his controversial video about an alleged rape of some women in Abuja by police officers, Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos has said that he did not regret saying prostitutes have no dignity.
In the video, Bishop argued that the allegation the women that were said to be prostitutes levied against the police officers shouldn’t be seen as rape but stealing.
His argument caused social media outrage as a lot of people accused him of justifying the alleged rape.
Okon Lagos said he was surprised people condemned rape and ignored the fact that prostitution is an immoral act. (Guardian)
However, in an interview with Punch, Bishop said he would never justify rape.
According to Punch, the actor said he decided to comment on the issue because people were condemning the act of rape and ignoring the fact that prostitution is an immoral act.
He said, “I wanted to be fair in my analysis; I was trying to point out the fact that prostitution is a wrong act, so we shouldn’t be malicious by talking about only rape. Why are we canonising one criminal act and demonising the other? Both acts are morally wrong. I believe in humanism; as humans, we should observe the golden rule. I am not trying to say that I am a saint; in fact, I don’t want to be one so that there would be a difference between Jesus and me. It is unfortunate that some women were raped by policemen.
“I am not saying it serves them right, but I am also concerned about the immoral act; prostitution. The level of moral decadence in the country is worrisome. I even saw some public figures with verified social media accounts supporting the idea that prostitution should be legalised; I don’t want to call names. I won’t make comments about something insensitive like that. Rape is bad, but prostitution should be addressed as an issue as well”.
The actor maintained that he didnt regret saying prostitutes have no dignity adding that nobody would be proud to introduce themselves as a commercial sex hawker.

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