Naira Marley’s management wants him freed and the reasons have been outlined in a recent statement.
In April 2018, Naira Marley kicked off a conversation when he posited that internet fraud would not be tagged a crime if only the people understand black slavery.
Naira Marley’s position on activities of internet fraudsters widely referred to as Yahoo Yahoo boys became a subject of discourse with Ruggedman taking him up. For a period of 10 days, Ruggedman and Naira Marley were engaged in a war of words. The ‘Issa Goal’ star decided to make a song by humouring the whole conversation. The song, ‘Am I a Yahoo boy’ featured Zlatan Ibile.
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On May 10, 2018, few days after the release of the visuals to the song – directed by TG Omori – Naira Marley, Zlatan Ibile and three others were arrested by the men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. Four days after, Zlatan Ibile and three others were released while Naira Marley was retained by the EFCC.
After 7 nights in EFCC custody, the management of the singer wants his freedom in no time.
Naira Marley features Zlatan Ibile in his new song, ‘Am I a Yahoo boy’ which is the currently trending on YouTube.[YouTube/Naira Marley]
Naira Marley’s opinion and support for fraud
Naira Marley’s management insists that the singer has the right to have an opinion on any discussion. In a recently released statement, the management claim “Naira did not publicly defend those who commit fraud, he expressed his views on the situation which was simply his opinion in which every human being is entitled to.”
#FreeNaira !!! @officialefcc 🙏🏾
‘Am I a Yahoo boy’ was to humour the conversation
The release of Naira Marley’s new song, ‘Am I a Yahoo boy’ further heightened the conversation on internet fraud. Again, the singer’s management said, “he innocently made a playful, reactive song ‘Am I a Yahoo boy’ in response to the varied feedback he received. As an artist, music is Naira’s avenue of expressing himself.” The management went further to say the song is a rhetorical question, assuming people would find it as humorous as well as being a light-hearted response to those tackling Naira Marley online because he’s not an internet fraudster.
Naira Marley’s management has said there are no concrete evidence against him. [Instagram/NairaMarley]
No ‘hard’ evidence has been made public
The EFCC spokesman, Tony Orilade on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, said Naira Marley is still being held for alleged involvement in internet fraud because of overwhelming evidence. In response, the singer’s management said, “Items found on Naira Marley does not belong to him. Items retrieved were borrowed so he can upload music, videos, and record while visiting Nigeria.” Naira Marley resides in the United Kingdom with his three kids and partner. The release further said, “the EFCC is yet to find ‘hard’ evidence against Naira Marley, his reputation is being tainted and he’s been used as a poster boy for fraud.”
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Naira Marley is currently in the eye of storm after he was arrested by EFCC for his alleged involvement in internet fraud. (YouTube/Naira Marley)
Naira Marley’s message is misconstrued
Naira Marley’s management reiterates that he does not practice fraud neither does it facilitate it. The statement went further to say Naira’s persecution is “based on a cheeky song and questionable items found on a borrowed item.” The management further said Naira Marley is being used as a scapegoat to show the authority’s strict stance on cybercrime. The statement also said the singer should not be penalised for airing his view and opinion on a controversial topic.
Though there are calls for Naira Marley’s freedom from several quarters, the EFCC is still holding the singer in custody. The EFCC remains committed to fighting against internet fraud and cybercrime with convictions being paraded on the anti-graft’s social media pages.

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