Tade Ogidan’s 28-year-old story, ‘Gold Statue’ recently gave the opportunity for Nollywood greats to gather again.
After a long break, Tade Ogidan has returned with a new film, ‘Gold Statue,’ and a stellar cast led by two of Nollywood greats, Richard Mofe Damijo and Sola Sobowale.
The man responsible for two of Nollywood’s classics, ‘Hostage’ and ‘Diamond Ring,’ reunited Richard Mofe Damijo with Sola Sobowale as an onscreen couple for the second time after 21 years.
Tade Ogidan drew some of Nollywood greats out for his new film, ‘Gold Statue’. [Zebra Stripes Networks]
Just as Ogidan drew some of Nollywood greats that include Tunji Bamishigbin, Femi Durojaiye, Nobert Young and Agatha Amata for the film, the media screening of the film witnessed a gathering of Nollywood greats and some of the pioneers of the millennial movie industry.  
‘Gold Statue’ media screening had the presence of Kingsley Ogoro, Tade Ogidan, Mahmood Alli-Balogun, Nobert Young, Tunji Bamishigbin, Femi Durojaiye, Uzodinma Okpechi, Francis Owochei, Agatha Amata, Sola Sobowale and Rogers Ofime. 
Mahmood Alli-Balogun shares a joke with Sola Sobowale at the ‘Gold Statue’ media screening. [Zebra Stripes Networks]
Speaking on his new effort, Ogidan, in a theatrical approach, narrated how the 28-year-old story he wrote in 1991 was shot on the insistence of Prince Adeyanju Lipede, a respected businessman behind Solutions Studio and infotech.
“The story was written in 1991 and we just felt the time was not right to shoot it. We kept pushing it aside and all of a sudden, it seemed the time had come. My egbon (big brother) behind Solutions Studio, called me and wondered why I have not made any film all these while. He said he believes my worst film would do very well in cinema and I teased him about a story I had for long and he decided to back it all. He became the sponsor and brought the cash and all that is needed from start to finish,” Ogidan enthused. 
Femi Durojaiye and Tunji Bamishigbin at the ‘Gold Statue’ media screening. [Zebra Stripes Networks]
The screening also had the presence of shining Nollywood stars like Gabriel Afolayan, who is the lead character of the film, Kelvin Ikeduba, Gregory Ojefua, Abounce, Adeniyi Johnson, Rycardo Agbor and Judith Audu.
Further giving credits to the cast and crew, Ogidan said almost all the members of the cast and crew played their part in making the film a reality out of love and not for the money being paid.
Francis Owochei and Mahmood Alli-Balogun at the Gold Statue media screening. [Zebra Stripes Networks]
He said, “I do not take credit for this film because the cast, crew and investor and everyone that was part of the project deserve the credit and accolades.” Continuing, Ogidan said, “Many of those who participated did it out of love, not for the money involved and they all brought their A-game.” 
A story of two university graduates, who learned about a gold statue in one of their classes in school, ‘Gold Statue’ narrates how the two men went through a series of an unimaginable ordeal and ridiculous painful situations that leave their parents shocked. The movie is an adventure that is relatable though a bit fictitious.

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