Here are the six things Mukaila, who is trekking from Lagos to Abuja to stop Buhari’s re-election, told Pulse. Isa Mohammed Mukaila has told Pulse six reasons for trekking to stop Buhari’s re-election.In a brief chat with Pulse minutes after he embarked in the journey from Lagos to Abuja, Mukaila, an indigene of Borno state said the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has brought untold suffering and hardship to the masses.Spotting a black T-shirt with a box inscribed with the words ‘RIP APC’ perched on his head, Mukaila told journalists in Lagos that his trek is against the re-election bid of President Buhari.ALSO READ: Man treks from Lagos to Abuja to stop Buhari’s re-electionHere are the six things Mukaila told PulseWhere are you going with this?Actually, I am trekking to show my disappointment at this present government led by APC, as you can see, I have a casket of APC. I am very angry along with other youths and we are very disappointed with this present government. This government is dead, they promised us heaven on earth, they promised us 3 million jobs in a year and couldn’t even deliver 500,000 jobs. They promised to return fuel price as well as the exchange rate, we, the youths of Nigeria are angry and disappointed at the Nigerian government. No more APC led government. I trekked after Buhari emerged President to celebrate his victory at the polls because we felt it was a changed government and I trekked to celebrate what we believe was the dawn of a new government. Why the decision to trek again when the election is fast approaching?I am trekking now to show our displeasure in the government and to tell Nigerians we no longer support this government.ALSO READ: Another man set to trek from Yola to Abuja for BuhariHow sure are we that this is not politically motivated?My trekking to show my disappointment and anger is not politically motivated, I have not for once been motivated by anyone in politics. I have my money to do all I do so I don’t need anyone to give me money to represent the youths of the country because we, the youths are angry and unhappy.How long will it take you?Probably 20 or 18 days but the fact is that I will trek to Abuja to air my displeasure with the government. What about your health, are you physically fit for this task?I am very okay, I am physically fit and mentally aware. I learned some reported that I am sick, I am not sick, I have been doing fine and now I am embarking on another trek to show my disappointment with this government as well as let the government know that Nigerian youths are angry.ALSO READ: Buhari trekker receives over 70 request letters for President-electWere you not remunerated well after your first trek?Well, when I trekked then, I didn’t ask for anything and I am not asking for anything as a person but I want the government to make true the promises they made, which made many youths and Nigerians support and vote Buhari in 2015. There are several youths, graduates who lack work. I trek because I felt love for Buhari and the ideas with promises of the party but the last three years have not been all I expected and I am disappointed. I am not under any party, I am for good governance and more for youths.Mukaila joins a long list of Nigerians who have taken to trekking for political reasons.

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