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Lagbaja: Here are 5 songs by the masked one that will always be golden



Lagbaja resurfaced as the topic of discussion on social media during the week, but the truth is through his music, the masked one has always stayed relevant. Lagbaja’s headline performance at a recent event has got the music lovers on social media talking, but the masked one has always been here, the audience just was not paying attention.Saturday 28th July was a night to remember at the Central Park Arena, Abuja, as the legendary Lagbaja and the soulful Simi took center stage to deliver a unique blend of music and flavours.The veteran Afrobeat act was making his return to the top stage after a period of inactivity and this got everyone buzzing.Bisade Ologunde, popularly known as Lagbaja (which is a Yoruba word that symbolizes anonymity) is a 58-year-old songwriter, saxophonist and performer, who has been on the scene for over two decades, but has not released new music since 2012, when he put out the project, ‘200 Million Mumu’.  Music lovers in the early 2000’s will remember that era as the time the masked man reigned supreme, his Motherlan’ premises situated in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos was a religious home to lovers of good music.With a discography of over 10 studio albums, Lagbaja’s jazz-infused Afrobeat breathed new life to the genre and served as a viable progression to what the late Abami Eda offered during his time, which made it more appealing to the younger generation.Here are 5 songs by Lagbaja that forever seals his relevance in the history of Nigerian MusicOutside the unique sound that he offered which he terned Afri-calypso or Afrocentric music, the mask was also one win for his brand that will always stand him out from the others, but it is in his music that many found life and inspiration and here are five from the lot that are evergreen. Konko Below by Lagbaja (2000/Motherlan’)The masked contemporary Highlife singer was a mainstay in the Nigerian music scene from the mid 90s to the mid 00s. Konko Below was a groovy number that highlighted Lagbaja’s deft touch of mixing several genres.Far Away by Lagbaja (2005/Motherlan’)Lagbaja’s orchestra composition is a sweeping testament of his prowess as a master composer.This was Lagbaja making his back-up singer, Ego, the star of the show and the result was orgasmic and endearing to the ears.Gra GraA popular term on the streets of Lagos that translates to being stubborn was turned into a hit record by Lagbaja.Infusing comedy to pass home a message, Gra Gra became an anthem in no time for used by people to relate with one another. Suuru LereLagbaja was as socially conscious as he was comical and light-hearted.With Suuru Lere and backed by an animated video, Lagbaja called for patience in the polity, which is a trait we still need to imbibe among ourselves.Lagbaja – Loko Iya won (Owole) In 1996, following the success of the Nigerian under-23 team referred to as ‘the dream team’ at the football competition of the Atlanta Olympics.The masked man immediately released a song that grew into a monster hit nationwide and still evokes memories anytime it gets played. The song captures the team’s victory over their opponents at each stage of the competition all the way to the finals with well crafted ‘call and response’ lines and ad-libs. Nigeria may not be the powerhouse that it once was in football but like Lagbaja says ‘Ask Argentina, ask Brazilia, when it comes to soccer, Nigeria loko iya won’.

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