Jhene Aiko in a series of tweets has cleared the air over allegations of cheating on ex-boyfriend with singer, Big Sean. Jhene Aiko has cleared the air over allegations of her cheating on her ex-boyfriend with the singer, Big Sean.In a series of tweets, the American music star gave a detailed account of what led to the break up between her and her former boyfriend. In one of the tweets, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend was still secretly married to his baby mama all through the duration of her relationship.”in 2012 i was in a relationship w/someone who was secretley still married to his baby’s mother the while hear and a half we were together… this person was not Dot,” she tweeted. According to her, she later found out and her friendship with Big Sean which her ex-was aware of at that time grew into a relationship.ALSO READ: Jhene Aiko’s estranged husband finally speaks”i found out and we began to seperate… he moved out of my apt, we stopped speaking… and then i went to basketball game w/ a  friend. even tho we werent speaking, i called my then boyfriend and let him know i was going because im considerate     ‍♀️ lol,” she added.  At the end of the series of tweets, Jhene Aiko told fans and people around to gossip less in 2018 and listen to people more. “it’s been my pleasure sharing with u guys!! but let’s try in 2018 to gossip less and talk and listen to each other more!! it would do a world of wonders for the entire human race,” she concluded.

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