Khloe gets into a fight with Alex over K.Brule, Biggie nominates everyone: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 15. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 15.Check out a recap of day 15, including social media reactions.1. Khloe gets into a fight with K.Brule The existing tension between Khloe and K.Brule is no secret. On day 15, they got into a fight after K.Brule asked to take a sip from Khloe’s drink which she opposed to. Her excuse was that K.Brule doesn’t handle alcohol very well and Teddy A had made her drink much stronger than his. K.Brule got angry, saying that he didn’t like being babied. He told Alex how he felt about Khloe’s often demeaning attitude towards him. Alex, who seemed to have been waiting for the chance to give Khloe a piece of her mind, got into an argument with  Khloe, asking that she stops bullying her partner. Eventually, an emotional Khloe apologized and revealed that she was scared of being in love. Khloe reassured her, saying his love for her was brotherly.        2. Khloe emerges new Head of House Khloe emerged as the new Head of House on Big Brother Naija for the third week.She beat fellow contenders Bambam and Ifu Ennada to win the title. In addition to her win, she was asked to choose a Housemate to share the luxury bedroom with.Biggie reminded Khloe that she was free to choose any of the housemates to share the prize with. A conflicted Khloe starred at Leo and K. Brule before choosing her partner, K. Brule.    3. Biggie nominates everyone After the housemates nominated two pairs each for possible eviction, Biggie told the Housemates that none of their nominations mattered. Due to their disregard for  the house rules and for discussing the nominations amongst themselves, Biggie put them all up for nomination, except Queen Khloe and her partner K.Brule.As Head of House, Khloe was asked to save one pair. She saved Leo and Alex (LeoLex). 4. The shackling task The “Tied Together” theme of the week has the housemates bonding. After Biggie asked the housemates to freeze, the Ninjas cross paired the housemates, shackling them to their new pairs. So far, Miracle and Ahneeka have bonded over a conversation about his career as a pilot. Khloe and Teddy A spent time outside together puffing away while Khloe vented her frustrations with Alex.Leo and Princess seemed to get close over a conversation about Leo’s ex-girlfriend and Lolu bonded enough with Alex to save her during the Food Task. Khloe, Teddy A, Angel and Anto also bonded over their shared dislike for the way the other Housemates act about food.

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