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Big Brother Naija: 5 interesting things you probably missed on day 5 of #BBNaija

Anto seems to be interested in Miracle, and four other things you probably missed on day 5 of #BBNaija. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 5.Check out a recap of day five, including social media reactions.1. Is there an upcoming relationship between  Anto and Miracle?  Miracle and Nina gave viewers the first kiss in the Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala House. However, their relationship has had more controversies than happy moments as it seems like Miracle is pulling away.Anto chose Lolu as her partner because they relate intellectually, but it seems as though she is interested in Miracle. She obviously couldn’t stop gazing dreamily at him after she heard him talk about airplanes as a pilot. According to Anto, she could kiss Miracle, marry Leo, and ignore Angel.    2. Biggie is a savage Since the season kicked off, viewers have had a problem with the new Biggie: “His voice isn’t as bold as it used to be,” they said. However, they have found a new reason to love him: His savagery. From screaming “Funke” to funny one-liners, Biggie has been eliciting laughs from viewers.    3. Biggie finally punishes the housemates After losing their Wager yesterday and behaving badly in the House, Biggie punished the Housemates with a tedious Task.Biggie imposed a real Naija style punishment in order to try to get the Housemates to realise who is in charge. The punishment? Housemates were told to work in pairs to separate a huge bowl of rice and beans.”It is time for the reward for your awful behaviour during the week.”, he said, taking a jab at their “love of food” as a ninja brought in a bowl filled to the brim with rice and beans all mixed together.      4. Relationships so far Miracle and Nina (Mina) are getting more explicit about their feelings, teasing, giggling and gazing into each other’s eyes.Who would have thought, but Khloe and Brule seem to be getting along well  irrespective of Khloe’s volatile nature. Nevertheless, her mood swings seem to flare up whenever Tobi and Cee-C (Cebi) are in sight. Cebi also seems to have doubled their public display of affection: Tobi’s soft strokes of Cee-C hair, to massaging her feet, their intimacy is quite obvious. As for Angel, he has been hovering over Ahneeka trying to get her attention. Let’s not also forget those hot looks Anto has been giving Miracle. It’s just day five and there’s still enough time for these ships to sail. 5. 1st Arena Game Day 5’s Arena Game set the bar for the rest of the season for the Housemate who makes it to the finale will win a 1 million Naira prize.For the Games, the housemates were instructed to complete an obstacle course, crawl through a tunnel, pile tires up into a tower and solve a jigsaw puzzle in the shape of the Big Brother eye for the chance to win a luxury treatment the next day. To everyone’s surprise, including Biggie, Bitto won the first time around.

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