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Professionals seek role for private sector to curb unemployment

Government’s inability to provide enough jobs for the unemployed has often times triggered so much concern for Nigerians.
However, it has become clear that the government can only employ a small number of the people; hence the need to groom a generation of private sector participants.
This was the consensus of views at the just concluded conference of The Ubong Foundation with the theme: “Thinkation 2018: Thinking and Education,” held at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos at the weekend.
The event featured different classes of people ranging from students, entrepreneurs and youths.
Among the speakers at the event were a former President of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings; wife of Kwara State Governor, Dcns Omolewa Ahmed; Lead Consultant, Thistle Praxis Consulting, Ini Abimbola; Comedian, Atunyota Akpobome (Alibaba) and the convener and chairman, The Ubong King Foundation.
Rawlings who was absent at the event due to health challenges sent a 1:58secs video clip where he stated that it is time for the Africa continent to appreciate the power of her human resources.
He said: “I was scheduled to join you here today but due to health challenges I had to cancel my visit. My absent not withstanding I expect that all gathered here today for the conference will deliberate seriously on the role the youths can play in supporting the development of our continent.
“Africa’s worth cannot be found only in her natural resources but also in her human resource. The time has come for us to appreciate the power of our human resource and apply it towards the continent’s development. The time has come for you to rise up and rebuild Africa; build you villages, cities, and ideas; work on your minds, imagine a better tomorrow and create it.
“The general requirements is more actions and less talk and after you have heard from the experiences of resource persons here convert your prayer of thoughts into the prayer of words and from the prayer of words definitely into the prayer of caption
Africa’s determination to assume her rightful place in the world has come and some of the men and women to lead that change are no doubt without fear today.”
In her presentation titled: “Success from the other side of the hour glass-My trials and Triumph,” Dcns Ahmed who noted that the theme for the event came at the right time stated that the realities of the present time has indicated that education is not sufficient on its own to bring about successes.
She opined that education must of necessity align with creativity, a byproduct of thinking.
“Living the life in the public view’ is descriptive of a state of appreciable success of an individual. Living the life in its real sense is beyond merely existing or struggling without any appreciable headway in life.
“Life cannot be said to be lived if there is no impact. To live a life of significance in the public view, certain private battles must have been won specifically in personal, family and spiritual aspects of our lives.”
Abimbola lamented the inability of the youths to think stressing that it is time for them to prove they have what it takes to take over the leadership of the country.
“It is time for the youths to change their thought pattern, they need to think beyond the government providing jobs for them, and begin to see themselves as the author of their own successes.

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