Nintendo’s got something new!
Nintendo announced “Labo” on Wednesday evening with a video.
The product is an addition to the Nintendo Switch, the popular game console from Nintendo.
Using cardboard constructions, Switch owners will create new ways of controlling their console.
Nintendo unveiled a new product on Wednesday evening, named “Labo.”
The bizarre-looking new idea uses cardboard to craft new ways of controlling games on Nintendo’s popular Switch console.
The device starts at $69.99, and is scheduled to launch on April 20.
There are two different versions of Labo, as seen here:
The idea with Labo is you can buy one of several sets, which come with instructions for how to construct your controller.
Nintendo’s pitching the idea as a combination of “the magic of Nintendo Switch with the fun of DIY creations,” and is using “Make / Play / Discover” as the slogan for Labo.
Here’s how it works: After you get home with Labo, you’ll pull out instructions, and a bunch of cardboard, and construct whichever kit you’ve purchased.
Once constructed, you can insert your Nintendo Switch into the corresponding locations and play one of several games shown.
That’s right: More than just cardboard construction sets, Labo comes with software to play along with your new creation.
Some of the examples given are a fishing game (where you build your own fishing pole), a piano (where you build your own mini piano), and a racing game (where you build your own handlebars).
The games look simple and intuitive, like “Wii Sports.”
One game even uses an almost virtual reality-like setup to enact massive robot battles:
Nintendo’s new Labo will be available on April 20 starting at $69.99. You can read more about it from Nintendo on Labo’s official website.

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