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Business Insider spoke to the creators of Netflix’s new 90s comedy ‘Everything Sucks!’, who said that it’s one of Netflix’s ‘lower budget’ shows.
Business Insider spoke to the creators of Netflix’s new 90s comedy, “Everything Sucks!”
They discussed how they managed being one of Netflix’s lower budget shows by casting locally in the Pacific Northwest.
They also talked about how they approached writing the show’s central character, Kate Messner, a sophomore in high school who is realizing that she’s a lesbian.
Netflix’s “Everything Sucks!,” a 90s-set coming-of-age comedy that made its debut Friday, has been called the service’s next “sleeper hit” by its very own programming boss.
The series follows A/V Club nerds and drama kids from Boring High School in Boring, Oregon (a real town) as they reluctantly make a movie together. It takes place in 1996, and has all the 90s references and 90s songs to constantly remind you of the decade.
Business Insider recently talked to the show’s creators, Michael Mohan and Ben York Jones (who appears in the show as the teacher running the A/V club), about writing a show with 2018 stories set in the 90s.
We also discussed writing for a lesbian character as two guys, casting the series beyond Los Angeles and New York for budget reasons, and the series’ inspiration: It’s a mix of “Freaks and Geeks,” “My So-Called Life,” and a Swedish film from 1998 about a love story between teenage girls.
Carrie Wittmer: “Everything Sucks! ” tells the story of a high-school sophomore coming to terms with being a lesbian, and a black freshman with a single mom. These are both obviously very different experiences than you two had in high school. What kind of research went into getting these stories right?
Ben York Jones: What was great was when we were collaborating with Jahi [Di-Allo Winston] and Claudine [Mboligikpelani Nako], the actors that play Luke and Sherry, is when we rehearsed their scenes, we’d actually rewrite their dialogue together so it felt even more authentic to their experience with little affectations. Like when Sherry refers to Luke as “little man.” That was not us. That was all them.
Michael Mohan: In 1996, even Ellen DeGeneres hadn’t come out yet. So to try and sensibly depict a 15-year-old girl living in Oregon, it just seemed like a very compelling coming of age story that we hadn’t quite seen.
Jones: We had a writers room that was as diverse as we could make it, and everybody contributed to the character of Kate and lent a voice to her arc. We had a representative from GLAAD come in and we got to pick his brain a little bit about what some of tropes were in this kind of depiction. You know, what we might want to steer toward, and what we might want to in turn avoid.
Wittmer: The show’s been getting compared a lot to “Stranger Things.” And it seems like that’s happening simply because this is a Netflix show that has teenagers kids in it, set in another decade. What show or movie do you want the show to be compared to?
Mohan: The obvious comparisons are “Freaks and Geeks” or “My So-Called Life.” “Freaks and Geeks” is like the best high school show ever made. And what’s so great about “My So-Called Life” is that it was one of the first times you saw characters in a very real and grounded way. But the biggest influence for our show is actually this Swedish movie from 1998 called ” target=”_blank”Show Me Love,” which is just a beautiful coming-of-age lesbian story about a girl living in a small town and just trying to deal with the purgatory of high school.
Jones: Thematically and aesthetically, it probably seems like an outlandish reference, but we both like that filmmaker quite a bit. And that movie in particular is incredibly funny but also very emotionally raw, and we certainly look up to his sensibilities.
Wittmer: You had to cast a lot of kids for this show. What was the casting process like?
Jones: It was indeed extensive. The whole process lasted maybe four months. Amey René, our casting director, she’s based in both Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest, and she really put out feelers in all four corners. I mean, Peyton Kennedy, who plays Kate, we found in Toronto. And Jahi, who plays Luke, is from Atlanta. The kids are from all over. We saw well over 1,000 kids. In the evenings, there were months and months where I didn’t watch any TV or movies, just two hours of watching audition tapes.
Mohan: We’re one of Netflix’s lower budget shows [Netflix did not confirm this], so we knew that we had to cast a number of roles from the Pacific Northwest. But what was incredible was some of the roles that we weren’t expecting to cast from there, we actually did. Like Claudine who plays Sherry, she’s a woman from the Seattle theater scene up there who came in to read. And originally we figured we’d be casting Sherry from Los Angeles or New York.
Jones: Yeah, we assumed, wrongly. And Claudine came in, who had a bit part on the show “Grimm” and was really known for her work in theater up there. She blew everybody away. Like, everybody. She was for sure the right person and Netflix supported our decision to cast this no-name actor in a lead role.
Mohan: Similarly, Quinn Liebling, who plays Tyler, is from the Pacific Northwest and that was another role we thought we were gonna have to probably cast from New York or LA and we were wrong: We found him right there. I think he’s from a place called like Bainbridge Island.
Wittmer: I think casting outside of New York and LA helped you bring this diverse little group together.
Jones: I’m glad to hear you say that. And to add to that, a lot of our “featured” extras casting, of course, is pulling people from the Pacific Northwest and they add such character and texture to the show.
Wittmer: Is that where you shot the show?
Mohan: Yeah, we shot it in and around the town of Boring, Oregon, which is a real place about 20 miles south of Portland.
Wittmer: There’s a song that dominates each episode and it typically serves as that episode’s theme. Did you think of a song when you were writing an episode? Like the use of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”
Jones: Speaking specifically to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” we kind of imagined that Ken Messner’s personal playlist would be the soundtrack at Applebee’s. So somehow, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which is a catchy and rocking song, became the flagship for Ken’s musical taste. But frequently, needle drops were written into the scripts and were conceived in the writers room.
Mohan: We didn’t know we’d be able to get this much music in the show. I was shocked. Every episode has four or five big songs. But the one that is my personal favorite that derived from our very, very initial inception of this show, is Ace of Base’s “It’s A Beautiful Life.”
Wittmer: That episode made me cry.
Mohan: Oh, that’s good to hear! I mean, sorry.
Wittmer: No! It was tears of joy. I’ve also been on a bus in the 90s singing an Ace of Base song with my classmates.
Mohan: Exactly! And it’s just the perfect song to be like, when the episode begins and everyone’s happy and it’s this bittersweet thing and then the end of the episode when everyone is just destroyed and how that plays in counterpart to that.
Jones: Something about that pop song under images of these depressed teenagers really stuck us as poignant somehow.

Wizkid: With ‘Soco’, Starboy looks to the future and shares his blessings

If there’s more where this came from, Wizzy’s about to become every DJ and club’s best friend. Wizkid had a great 2017. The singer had two sides of his career experience wins, with his “Sounds From The Other Side,” campaign in the US and Europe, before coming home to find his one local hit record ‘Manya’.What ‘Manya’ did for Wizkid in December can’t be overstated. It served as just the jam to bring back the singer into a lot of local spaces and faces, with late-year parties spinning it on repeat across the country.‘Manya’ drew from a very tried-trusted-and- true formula of sampling and remaking old records. Wizzy took VVIPs classic hit record ‘Ahomka Womu’, and turned it into a Naija ‘beer-parlour’ record. What it showed was that Wizkid was open to trying out new methods and sound structures to make hit records.And that’s what he’s done for his next single.He is back this time, and he is doing it in style. His new record is titled ‘Soco’, and it features his new signee, Terri, alongside Ceeza Milli and Spotless. This marks the first time he is opening his platform and himself wide enough to upcoming artists.  Fun Fact: he signed Terri, after the singer tagged him in an Instagram video!On the record, Wizkid acts as the anchor of course.The spellbinding Afrobeat fusion production, meanwhile, comes courtesy of Northboi, a new secret-weapon hitmaker who nobody has heard of in mainstream music, before this record. Just google his name, and you would only find this song as his major credit. This is another first for Wizkid, who is expanding his circle and sharing his riches. Why is this beat so damn perfect for Wizkid?A heavyweight collaboration like this could easily overshadow all the lesser-known artists featured, rendering them irrelevant on the record. But this isn’t the case, as the verses allow them shine through, before the hypnotic-dance hook takes over. It’s all woman-worship, another formulaic theme. But they all come through, with the most melody-hugging flows. (“You make a man wanna smoke canabbis, now my head done reset, all I see na your waist, girl come manya make we dance oh..”)I don’t blame the numerous hypemen on Twitter screaming about how syrupy this record is. If I could write more on it, I will pen a lot more articles with each listen. It is that good!“Soco” is the first single from Wizkid’s upcoming EP, “Made In Lagos,” dropping soon via Starboy Music. If there’s more where this came from, Wizzy’s about to become every DJ and club’s best friend.

Serious Tidy! Port Harcourt burglar stripped naked after busted operation

The suspect was apprehended while making to exit a house a burgled. He was stripped naked with both hands and legs tied. In Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a mob has apprehended a male burglar who was stripped naked following a busted operation.The event which occurred in the Niger-Delta region of Rumukpokwu located in Ikwerre, saw the man lying bare with his hands tied with a rope. It was alleged that the suspect made away with items such as some jewelries and money. He was able to carry out the heist when the occupants of the house he visited went to work. An image showed the alleged burglar with twine-bound hands and legs both tied. He appeared as one who had been subjected to an intense beating in the hands of the mob.Losing phone to SIM card hackers can cost loss of savingsA six-man gang who specialize in the theft of mobile phones have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.The suspects reportedly deliver SIM cards obtained from their heist to hackers who have developed a technique for making away with the savings of their victims.While parading the men, state police commissioner, Mr. Imohimi Edgal stated that they are able to carry out the theft using an application which gives them access to their victim’s bank account. Their exploits came to a halt following an a recent operation in the suburban town of Egbeda, where a lady identified as Yinka was robbed of her mobile.According to reports, he found out that a sum of N1, 153,000, had been removed from her bank account after inserting her SIM in a new device.

Appreciating Nigeria’s contribution to UN peacekeeping

Nigeria has one of the largest female peacekeepers PHOTO:NAN
Nigerian female peacekeepers on duty in Monrovia PHOTO:NAN
Nigerian peacekeepers bid Liberia farewell after 5 years PHOTO:NAN
Nigerian peacekeepers PHOTO:NAN
Nigerian police are among the best peacekeepers in the world PHOTO:NAN
Since 1960s, Nigeria has been a major contributor of troops and police to United Nations peace operations, serving and making sacrifices in dozens of missions, the UN said.
According to a 2016 data published by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), Nigeria is the world’s 14th largest troops contributing nation to United Nations Peacekeeping operations.
According to the report, Nigeria ranks eighth in Africa, contributing a total of 2, 170 peacekeeping personnel in 2016.
It shows that in that year, Nigeria provided 403 policemen, 46 military experts and 1,721 troops, out of which 232 were females, as of Aug. 31, 2016.
It notes that even recently, the UN said Nigerian troops were the military backbone of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), from 2003 to 2018.
The report notes further that Nigerian peacekeepers, during the period, helped to restore security throughout a country that had undergone a brutal civil war.
“In January 2018, Liberians and the international community watched the first democratic transfer of power in the country in decades.
“This is thanks in no small part to Nigeria and other troop and police contributing countries,” the UN says in the report.
According to DPKO, Nigeria has also made commendable efforts to include female peacekeepers in their ranks.
The peacekeeping department said: “Out of the 20,000 Nigerians who have served in Liberia, more than 1,500 were women.
“The UN is taking steps and engaging with Members States to include more women in its peacekeeping operations around the world”.
Liberia’s new President George Weah recently commended UNMIL for its longstanding support to peace and stability.
Weah said: “The Liberian people will forever remain grateful to you for your bravery and service to our great nation.
“Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice you have made over the years to keep the peace and stability of our beloved mama Liberia. As you leave us now, we will forever remember you”.
According to UNMIL, Nigeria is one of the first countries to provide troops in Liberia in 2003, and among the last to leave, its final troops flying out just last week.
The mission said the last batch of 200 Nigerian peacekeepers deployed to Liberia recently withdrew after five years following the conclusion of their mission in the country.
“The last military protection force in UNMIL left Liberia on Feb. 10, 2018, as part of the termination of the mission’s mandate, scheduled on March 30,” the mission said.
UNMIL was established in September 2003 to monitor a ceasefire agreement in Liberia following the resignation of President Charles Taylor and the conclusion of the Second Liberian Civil War.
Nigeria has won several laurels and awards to show for its contribution to peace with more than 15,000 veteran peacekeepers awarded UN letters of commendation and medals for outstanding performances during their tour of duty.
In 2012, the Acting Head of UNMIL, Mr Louis Aucoin, honoured more than 1,500 Nigerian peacekeepers, including 92 women, with UN medals for their contributions to UNMIL and peace in Liberia.
An official farewell ceremony was held recently in honour of the departing police and military personnel who have served with the Mission.
This symbolised the end of UNMIL’s military and police operations in Liberia, more than 14 years after UNMIL was deployed in compliance with Security Council resolution 1509 (2003).
The Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Salihu Uba, was Head of UNMIL’s Military component of men and women from various countries particularly, Nigeria, Pakistan and Ukraine.
Uba was Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command of the Nigerian Army (TRADOC) before his appointment on Jan. 9, 2015, as the Force Commander for UNMIL by the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
The Formed Police Unit composed of Nigerian and Chinese personnel and since 2003, 61 contingents from various countries had served in Liberia, UNMIL said.
The Force Commander stated that it was not all roses particularly for the military, which had the highest fatalities of 138 personnel while the police lost 21 persons.
“As we are closing, the memory of those 159 persons and others in the Mission will continue to live in our minds.
“We will continue to pay special tribute to them and those who contributed to peace and security in Liberia,” he said.
The Force Commander, on behalf of the Police Commissioner Simon Blatchly, expressed their profound appreciation to the uniformed component of UNMIL.
“As individual units and contingents, you have done remarkably well to keep the flags high, we are proud of your endeavours as significant contribution to peace in Liberia.
“Today Liberia is a success story and classic example of a post conflict nation that has emerged stronger than ever before.
“The country is indeed a symbol of hope for other nations engulfed in conflicts and wars,” Uba said.
Nigeria served and sacrificed for a peaceful LiberiaThe Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Farid Zarif, in his speech, said the event signified an important benchmark in the history of the UN in West Africa.
“While my colleagues in uniform are writing the last pages of the peacekeeping operations here, Liberians and their Leaders have started writing the first pages of a brand new chapter in their history.
“The fact that the current circumstances allow the departure of our last contingent indicates that Liberia has reached the point where they feel absolutely confident of their future,” Zarif said.
As the UNMIL officially ends its mandate on March 30, 2018, UN says it is appreciative of Nigeria’s active participation in peacekeeping around the world over the years.
“These brave individuals had left their families behind to work in some of the most hostile environments on the planet to help others, save lives and promote peace and security.
“Being away from their families for months at a time can be one of the most difficult aspects of being a peacekeeper. We thank them for their service and sacrifice,” the UN said.

Communities Clash In Kwara Over Land Ownership

Photo of a building situated in the area where the clash took place
A clash broke out on Wednesday between the people of Offa community in Offa Local Government Area (LGA) and the Ijagbo people in Oyun LGA over land ownership.
The misunderstanding over the ownership of the portion of the land by both sides has been on for the past 10 years, during which a mutual understanding had been reached twice.
Channels Television gathered that some youths from Offa reportedly stormed the disputed area on Wednesday morning, destroying the residential building and community hall built on the land while the Ijagbo youths retaliated.
Efforts by police to calm the situation did not yield positive result as officers of the Nigerian Navy were drafted in to bring the situation under control.
Sources also said the roads leading to the two communities were littered with burnt tyres while there were sporadic gunshots which led to three persons being injured.
A motorcycle destroyed during the clash
They added that the injured victims have been taken to the hospital, but residents of the troubled area have remained indoors for fear of being attacked.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Ajayi Okasanmi, who confirmed the incident, said the situation is under control as the police are trying to ensure that it does not escalate.
In his reaction, the state governor, Mr Abdulfatah Ahmed, called on the people of the two communities to maintain peace and not take the laws into their hands.
In a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary Abdulwahab Oba, Governor Ahmed warned that “government will not allow any breach of peace, harmony and tranquility under any guise in the state”.
A car destroyed during the clash
He further directed the security agencies to arrest and bring the perpetrators to justice and restore law and order in the communities.
The governor assured the people of the state that his administration would continue to prioritise the protection of lives and property for economic growth and overall development.
He also informed residents in the area that the security agencies are fully in charge of the situation and urged them to go about their lawful businesses without fear.
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Passengers Accuse Dana Air Of Neglect After Port Harcourt Mishap

Photo: Sahara Reporters
The passengers of the near crash landing of Dana Plane at Port Harcourt International Airport are lamenting over what they describe as utter neglect being experienced since the incident occurred.
According to them, no one has come forward to explain what transpired yesterday evening or inform them about how to access their luggage.
One of the passengers also informed our correspondent that contrary to reports, the plane landed normally, but could not explain what happened thereafter.
But attempts to get a representative of the airline at the airport to respond to the allegation was not successful as some officials who refused to be put on record, mentioned that they are not allowed to speak to the press.
Meanwhile, it is business as usual as passengers were seen trying to purchase their tickets to their various destinations from the same airline
Unconfirmed reports have it that some officials of FAAN and Dana Airline are currently at the spot where the Plane ended up, which they say has been cordoned off.
READ ALSO: Dana Air Plane Overshoots Runway In Port Harcourt
On Tuesday, a plane belonging to Dana Air overshot the runway in Port Harcourt on Tuesday after landing at the Port Harcourt Airport.
The plane had flown to Port Harcourt from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in the nation’s capital Abuja.
The General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, Henrietta Yakubu, confirmed the incident.
She said, “A Dana aircraft numbered 9J0363, flying from Abuja to Port Harcourt airport has overshot the Port Harcourt runway.
“The incident was suspected to have been caused by a heavy rain, which was accompanied by strong wind and storm in Port Harcourt.
“No casualty was recorded, as all passengers on board were safely evacuated.”
The Communications Manager for the airline, Mr Kingsley Ezenwa, said in a statement the plane “skidded off the runway at the Port Harcourt International Airport, as a result of the bad weather situation and torrential rain at the time of landing”.
The airline commended the pilot for how he handled the issue, adding that all passengers and crew disembarked safely.
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Restless Bayern Wait On Rodriguez Fitness

Colombia’s James Rodriguez (L) vies for the ball with South Korea’s Lee Jae-Sung (R) during their friendly football match in Suwon.JUNG Yeon-Je / AFP
Runaway Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich are waiting to discover the extent of James Rodriguez’s calf injury amid grumblings of unrest in their star-studded squad.
The Colombian international limped off after 44 minutes of Tuesday night’s 5-0 mauling of Besiktas in the Champions League last 16, first-leg tie.
Bayern hope for good news when the attacking midfielder is examined on Wednesday.
“I think the injury is not that bad, but I don’t know if it will take a few days or longer – we will have to see,” said head coach Jupp Heynckes.
Heynckes said Rodriguez did not feel a sharp “sting, like a muscle tear, but it came on gradually, so it was better to take him off.”
Bayern are waiting to see if the 26-year-old will miss Saturday’s Bundesliga game at home to Hertha Berlin.
The Bavarian giants are on a 14-match winning run, 19 points clear in the Bundesliga table and on course for a sixth straight league title.
When Rodriguez went off just before half-time, Arjen Robben replaced him and helped set up goals for Thomas Mueller and Robert Lewandowski, who both scored twice.
In post-match interviews, Robben was clearly annoyed at starting on the bench alongside fellow veteran winger Franck Ribery, who came on for the final 10 minutes.
“When you don’t play, it hurts, but I don’t want to say more or I’ll end up in trouble,” fumed Robben.
The German media were quick to pick up on his malaise amid concerns it could spark unrest within the team.
“Of course players like Arjen and Franck are disappointed when they are left out,” said defender Jerome Boateng reassuringly.
“There wasn’t any trouble and Arjen gave us new momentum when he came on.
“James has played well in the past few weeks, it was a difficult decision to make – it’s not easy for the coach.”
Heynckes had all of his outfield players fit to face Besiktas and admits it is a struggle deciding who to leave out.
“I have to manage that and I do what I think is right. Everyone has to accept that. Full stop,” said Heynckes.
“He (Robben) came in and invigorated us, I knew he would and I am glad to have options up front.”
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Senator Omo-Agege Apologises To Senate For Comments About Electoral Act Amendment

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege
Senator Ovie Omo- Agege has apologised to the Senate over his comments about electoral act Amendment.
Omo-Agege had earlier accused the upper legislative chamber of deliberately targeting President Muhammadu Buhari by changing the sequence of elections.
Alongside nine Senators, Omo-Agege last week Wednesday made the statement after the Senate adopted the conference report on the amendment. They alleged that the amendment had a pre-determined motive aimed at President Buhari.
The Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District, however, apologised on Wednesday, February 21, during the Senate plenary.
After the apology, Senator Ike Ekweremadu who presided at plenary advised Senator Omo-Agege to meet with Committee on Ethics which has been mandated to investigate the matter.
READ ALSO: Senate To Probe Senator Omo-Agege’s Comment On Electoral ActWe                        Can’t Allow APC Wither Away, Akande Rallies Support For Tinubu
The Senate on Tuesday, February 21 directed its committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions to investigate the statement credited to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. This was after Senator Dino Melaye raised a point of order saying his privilege as a Federal Lawmaker and that of the Senate was breached by the statement made by Senator Omo-Agege.
The adoption of the amendment to Section 25 of the Electoral Act 2010, provides that the presidential elections would be conducted last, instead of first, as is the current order.
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Tahir Yusuf: Court grants EFCC permission to freeze ex-naval officer’s accounts

The judge, Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu made the order following an ex parte order filed by Mrs Elizabeth Alabi on behalf of the EFCC chairman. The Federal High Court, Abuja, on Wednesday granted permission to the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to freeze the accounts of Admiral Tahir Yusuf, a retired naval officer.The judge, Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu made the order following an ex parte order filed by Mrs Elizabeth Alabi on behalf of the EFCC chairman.“An order is hereby made granting the chairman of the EFCC or any officer of the commission, powers to instruct the Managing Director of Zenith Bank Plc or the Chief Compliance officer of Zenith Bank to issue a freezing order.“The freezing order is in respect to the accounts shown in the application until investigation into the matter is concluded.”The judge made a similar order directing the managing director of Skye Bank to also issue a freezing order in respect to the same accounts in his bank.She further ordered that should investigations reveal a prima facie case against the respondent, the EFCC should take steps to prosecute appropriately as stipulated by law.Earlier, Alabi informed the court that the commission received intelligence report with regards to some unusual transactions between the account of the Nigerian Navy and those of Yusuf.She said that upon investigation, it was discovered that huge sums of money were transferred from the navy’s account to the account of Yusuf and Babajide Oguntade, both retired officers of the navy.“We discovered an inflow of about N2 billion into a joint account they had opened. On further investigation, we realized that the money had been spent.“We also uncovered about seven accounts belonging to Yusuf with the bank and these are the accounts we want the court to freeze so we can conclude our investigation, “she said.The counsel said that investigations were still on to unravel why monies were moved from the Nigerian Navy’s account into the individual accounts.Justice Ojukwu adjourned the matter until April 20, for counsel to report back.

Ibrahim Idris: Police lose 9,028 to retirement, dismissal, death annually-IGP

He noted that the 308, 000 police workforce was grossly inadequate for the effective policing of the more than 180 million people in the country. The Inspector General of Police ( IGP), Mr Ibrahim Idris says the Nigeria Police Force loses 9,028 officers to death, dismissal and retirement annually.Idris made the disclosure at the monthly meeting with Commissioners of Police and above on Wednesday in Abuja.The IGP said that the development had seriously affected the manpower of the force.He noted that the 308, 000 police workforce was grossly inadequate for the effective policing of the more than 180 million people in the country.The police boss said that the country was far below the UN standard of one policeman to 400 persons adding that the Federal Government had approved the recruitment of 6,000 policemen into the rank and file.“The issue of manpower is one problem the Nigeria Police Force is facing,” he said.On the attachment of policemen to private persons, Idris said that the force would review it to ensure that they worked for the general public.“There is a need for us to have a police that will work for the generality of Nigerians,” he said.He said that he had directed police commissioners and zonal Assistant Inspectors-General of Police, to compile the number of policemen attached to individuals in the country.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 directed that police personnel attached to unauthorized and some prominent persons in the country be withdrawn and deployed to confront the security challenges in the nation.The Chairman, Police Service Commission (PSC), Mr Mike Okiro, said that more than 150,000 policemen were attached to unauthorized persons and Very Important Personalities (VIPs) in the country.He said that the meeting was aimed at having a comprehensive resolution on the issue of illegal firearms in the country.Idris noted that the alleged arming of militia groups by state governments and individuals was not in the interest of the country.He urged the commissioners of police to embark on campaign against illegal firearms in their various commands.Idris said that plans were underway to construct an armoury for the storage of illegal firearms seized from militias across the country.He said that the force had taken several measures to check security challenges across the country.

Husband Snatcher: Slay queen loses expensive Range Rover after lover comes back to senses

A Zambian school teacher, Patricia Mwelwa reportedly lost an expensive Range Rover following a bad divorce. Patricia Mwelwa, a teacher in Zambia has seen an end to her short-lived marriage to Davies Mukumbwa which saw her lose an expensive Range Rover vehicle following a divorce.The latter reportedly went back to his first wife after a year of marriage to Mwelwa whose wedding ceremony gathered attention as a societal event. Zambia Watchdog News reported that a divorce document dating February 12, 2018, has been issued to the school instructor.On the bright side, the Zambian teacher can look forward to a monthly remittance of K12,000, paid in compliance to a court order which gave room for the existence of an alimony. According to reports, Mukumbwa has ensured of the coveted Range Rover to his first wife describing the experience with Mwelwa who appeared to have a suffered the fate of a fling as an error.Death trails promiscuous loversIn Lagos, Nigeria, the dealings of a promiscuous housewife, Mrs. Promise Clement, has led to deaths involving two of her lovers. The passing was reportedly facilitated by her husband.The woman who is also deceased died on Sunday, October 29, 2017, in a car which belonged to one of her flirty company identified as Lukmon Olowo. They were found dead in his Toyota Corolla vehicle located around the Area G Police Command, Ogba. However, there have been reports that the second lover Femi, a 35-year-old Disc Jockey was expected to die in place of Olowo.According to the New Telegraph News, community members resided in the area where the deceased once lived confirmed that Clement’s husband had initially laid down a trap for the DJ who was reportedly warned against sleeping with his wife.ALSO READ: The Yoruba charm that prevents extra-marital affairsThough Femi successfully evaded death in an earlier attempt, he wasn’t so lucky in subsequent moves allegedly made by the husband of the late housewife. He suffered an attack during a church service that made it compulsory to have him admitted at a hospital. His father who believed that his condition was beyond a medical attention insisted on having him discharged. Death came for him shortly after this.

CIA Thief: Losing your mobile phone to these SIM card hackers can render your...

A group of SIM card hackers have been apprehended by the police for allegedly stealing money from bank accounts belonging to victims. A six-man gang who specialize in the theft of mobile phones have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command. The suspects reportedly deliver SIM cards obtained from their heist to hackers who have developed a technique for making away with the savings of their victims.While parading the men, state police commissioner, Mr. Imohimi Edgal stated that they are able to carry out the theft using an application which gives them access to their victim’s bank account. Their exploits came to a halt following an a recent operation in the suburban town of Egbeda, where a lady identified as Yinka was robbed of her mobile.According to reports, he found out that a sum of N1, 153,000, had been removed from her bank account after inserting her SIM in a new device.  This inspired an investigation that ensured the capture of the suspects.One of the suspects, Muritala Mohammed, aged 28 years old, was described as one who had engaged in the act of stealing since his time in secondary school.“My first hit was N20k. All the SIMs that I have worked on should be up to 47”, Muhammed who dropped out of the Ojo High Secondary School, Lagos, while still in class SS2 told reporters.The police are packing heat for Yahoo boysFifteen Yahoo Boys have been arrested by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). They were apprehended on Saturday, February 3, 2018 in Sagamu, Ogun State.The suspects aged between 18 to 24, were nabbed based on offences bordering on obtaining by false pretence, lottery scam and love scam.Among the group involves a list of youths who apply fetish procedure to hypnotize their victims. ALSO READ: Police round up Yahoo Boys engaged in spending blood moneyLocal media reported that some of the suspects were arrested at the residence of their leader, Adesanya R. Olaoluwa. The latter is reportedly under surveillance by the EFCC.Items recovered from the fraudsters include “coffins, calabashes, gourds, laptops, phones bearing scanned forged documents, six exotic cars, charms and SIM cards.”Their seizure is one in a list of recent events which have seen a number of young people who have explored the use of rituals having been inspired by a desperation for money.

Troops seizes pump action rifle displayed for sale in Taraba

Troops of 93 Battalion, 13 Brigade, Nigerian Army, on exercise Ayem Akpatuma (Cat Race) on Tuesday seized a pump action rifle displayed for sale in Taraba.
According to a statement by Brig.-Gen Sani Usman, the Director of Army Public Relations, said the rifle was seized by the troops while on patrol at Bantaje ward in Wukari Local Government Area of the state.
The Army spokesman said that preliminary investigation revealed that the rifle was displayed for sale and that the suspected gun runners abandoned the rifle and ran away on sighting the troops.
“The public especially the residents of the areas where Exercise AYEM AKPATUMA is taking place are advised to continue to cooperate with the troops by providing useful information and to report any suspected movement by individual or group to the military or law enforcement agencies in their area.

Sony Music: Major labels aren’t Africa’s music saviours, they are here to make money...

Why Sony Music is in Nigeria’s market and how they intend to make money. When Sony Music announced in 2016 that they had secured Davido to a recording deal, and rumours began to swell of a deal with Wizkid, the entire country was in overdrive. They represented something between the shattering of a glass ceiling for the country’s young creatives, and a messianic coming.Sony Music and every other major label who have come to do business in the Nigerian music industry, or with Nigerian talents are regarded as messiahs. They are entering an industry where piracy has crippled record sales, the laws to guide the industry are archaic and almost unenforced, and the potential to do great and improved business with the millions of creatives.Why They Came Sony Music is a business. They didn’t come to Nigeria to ‘save’ the music industry. They are a record label, in the business of releasing music and selling records. That means they have targets that need to be met and surpassed, a bottom-line which they need to improve, and generally achieve financial success in whatever market they come into.Armed with their three major deals including Recording Deals, Distribution Deals, and Licensing deals, they showed up at our doorstep with the aim of doing business, tapping into the market, and playing both locally and internationally.Nigeria was an attractive business because of the traction the country’s music was getting. Wizkid and Davido had dominated the continent, with the former getting to record with Drake. In the UK and US, they were the toast of the African community, who were filling out top venues to experience them play live.That traction, the buzz, the numbers, and the potential to break a new sound were attractive to them, hence their entrance into the market. They didn’t come in to save, they came toDeals: Davido and “Son Of Mercy” For Sony Music Entertainment Africa, Wizkid and Davido represented the fore of the Nigerian and African movement. These stars sit at the apex of the structure, with followership running into millions both on the continent and beyond.If the company were ever to start big with a clear shot at the goal of domination, Wizkid and Davido were going to be the perfect fit. For them it was simple; Starboy and OBO had done their work in Africa. They had reached the zenith of their careers in Africa and didn’t need work to grow.Sony did not have the time to work on smaller artists. For talents to play on the big stage, they had to have done all the work on the small stages.Davido was announced in 2016, in a deal that was executed by Nigerian-born American music executive, Efe Ogbeni, who has had extensive experience and success with numerous foreign artists.This news was made on social media by Efe Ogbeni, Ogbeni was also expected to executively produce Davido’s album for Sony, as announced by Adam Granite, President of a division of Sony Music:“We are thrilled to welcome Davido into the Sony Music family,” a statement read. “We are very much looking forward to bringing one of Africa biggest stars to the world. We are also excited to partner with Kamal Ajiboye, Davido’s manager as well as Efe Ogbeni, who will be executive producing the album on our behalf.”After the announcement, there was a huge delay in the release of material by Davido. The singer was spotted in studios, recording and collaborating with US stars for his next project.The delay made him unhappy, which he expressed over time, and led to the release of “Son Of Mercy” EP, which was targeted to Africa, and the UK. Tinashe was the only foreign inclusion on the project, and the single failed to impact the US or UK market.Why the delay was necessary according to sources, was the production process. When two parties go into a recording deal, there’s a certain level of creative control that follows the contractual agreement. Efe Ogbeni represents Sony’s interests with Davido. That means he has to make records that have a fair chance of competing in the USA and cracking the Billboard charts.After releasing music for many years as an independent artist with more control, Sony music extended the process of recording and releasing. A&Rs have to listen, things have to be changed, samples cleared, papers and split-sheets signed, registration done, and more. These different processes come with a lot more work and layers of approval. Then there’s media strategy and planning for execution. Everything comes with a lot more work, which ultimately delays the process, as compared to operating independently.Wizkid: Sounds From The Other Side For Wizkid, his deal was masterminded in the USA via RCA Records. It was made with the market in mind, to introduce him to the US, and hopefully get a Billboard number 1. “Sounds From The Other Side” carried with it, the hopes and experimentation of a guy who scored ‘One Dance’ with Drake.The album didn’t make the Billboard Hot 100, but what it did was push the sound underground and in niche communities. But it failed to crack the Billboard even with Drake on ‘Come Closer’. But there are little wins for it. The song went Gold in Canada and pushed some streaming numbers.It didn’t crack the numbers or become a Billboard hit, but according to sources, it provided a lot of lessons.Wizkid and Davido were not commercial signings. They were cultural signings, with the plan to introduce a new sound into the market. Commercial signings are already established acts, or artists with a base, which can be scaled to become pop. Cultural signings are experiments, with the aim of breaking, testing and pushing a movement. That means the company would have to spend more, test more, and tweak more until they find a working formula. These are the first projects for both Wizkid and Davido, and they have to go back to their boards to draw up a new strategy.The aim here is to get a Billboard hit, and sources at the company say there are plans to keep chasing that.Ycee: Distribution Deal In Africa With the advent of Sony and what they represented, of course, people would gravitate towards them for more than record deals. That’s why the Ycee deal took place. Sony signed a deal with Ycee in October 2016, for the distribution of ‘The First Wave EP.’The singer would later complain publicly and accuse the Sony Music Entertainment General Manager of West Africa, Michael Ugwu, of fraud. In January 2017, Ycee’s record label, Tinny Entertainment announced a termination of the deal.Sources say the deal is still on but strained. Instead, both parties are working out constructive ways to move it forward. Tinny Entertainment still has a contract with Sony, and efforts are on to move forward with the deal, in a constructive way, bound by the stipulations in the contract.“One of Sony’s major strengths is distribution, and we are looking to do more of this,” said Michael Ugwu, when Pulse reached him for comments.Distribution is one of the key parts of Sony’s business, with amplification in the key areas of Africa, which include East, South and West Africa. Ycee’s ‘The First Wave’ EP distribution is not the end of it.Some sources also stress that contrary to popular opinion that Ycee signed a deal that would enable his project to receive European and US amplification, his deal was strictly for Africa, with a detailed plan to amplify on the continent. There were never conversations about taking the music outside the continent.The only possibility of that happening is; if a record achieves massive penetration and dominance, and there’s potential for amplification and growth in other markets, Sony Music would push for that to happen. But a deal for Africa starts and stops in Africa.The Case For Signing With A Major Label These are still early days for major labels in Africa, and a growing school of thought among musicians and music practitioners is that Sony cannot offer more than independent artists can do for themselves independently.Artists stress that they potentially lose all of their freedom and flexibility when they sign to an organized label structure. They are now bound by numerous rules, contracts and deals from the parent body. This gives them zero control over their music. From the recording process, down to the way the music is distributed and listened.But according to Michael Ugwu, major labels are important to the future of music, if not for anything but amplification. He cites the case of Davido whose refined deal with the company has also ushered in a new era of prosperity and wins is a great example of how a major label deal can work for local artists.“Amplification is extremely vital for musicians, especially in this day and age. There’s a reason why the biggest artists in the world all sign with major labels, it’s because they provide them with value and more amplification than being independent,” Michael Ugwu says.Next Steps Davido and Wizkid are still very much in Sony’s plans according to sources. After their first projects, the teams have gone back to the drawing board, to re-strategize and return with new campaigns for both artists.The aim for Sony is both to achieve dominance on the content by tapping into relevant existing structures, and building new ones to ensure smooth operations.For record deals, the aim is to make money from streaming,There are still plans to sign new artists, and launch new careers. Africa appears to be an exciting market due to the potential for streaming and more. Sony intends to build a strong business on the continent, and make money for themselves and all of their talents and partners.

FIBA World Cup Qualifiers: Uganda Star Eyes Upset Against D’Tigers

Ugandan point guard Joshua Johnson insists the East Africans have what it takes to qualify for the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
The Scoprions of Uganda are drawn in Group D alongside hosts, Mail, Rwanda and Nigeria for the qualifying tournament which takes place from February 23 to February 25.
They will begin their campaign against 2015 African champions Nigeria on February 23 before taking on hosts Mali and finally arch-rivals Rwanda.
“We (Uganda) have a chance to sneak in a couple of wins against Nigeria, Mali and Rwanda,” the 25-year-old Johnson told
“These are world class teams (Nigeria, Mali and Rwanda) that have been doing this for a long time but one thing I can say is that, we have to respect our opponents but we should not fear them.
“As a team I think that we have to go to Mali knowing that we deserve to be here and that we did not come here by wild card or as a replacement but we got here because we deserve to.
Joshua has been included in the final 12-man Ugandan roster that will make their debut at the World Cup Qualifiers stage this weekend in the Malian capital of Bamako.
Meanwhile, the D’Tigers are yet to name their squad for the 2019 FIBA AfroBasket World Cup qualifiers despite arriving in Bamako, Mali in batches.