Pacquiao to launch own cryptocurrency

Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said Wednesday he would launch a cryptocurrency to connect with fans, but also backed the regulation of virtual currencies.
Pacquiao, one of the world’s most successful boxers, is the latest athlete to launch a virtual currency, following Floyd Mayweather and former England striker Michael Owen.
The Singapore-based Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), in which Pacquiao has invested, said it would unveil the “PAC Token” later this year, which would allow fans to buy the Filipino star’s merchandise and interact with him via live-streaming.
“It can be a way to be in touch with the fan base and (there are) a lot of things we can do with this cryptocurrency,” Pacquiao told AFP.
Forbes magazine last year listed the boxer — once dirt-poor — as the world’s 20th highest-paid athlete of all time, with career earnings of $510 million.
His venture comes as governments across Asia take a more critical look at cryptocurrencies following wild fluctuations in recent months and the high-profile hacking of Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck.
Lawmakers in the Philippines have proposed legislation that would impose stiff penalties for crimes committed using cryptocurrencies.
Pacquiao, who is a member of the Philippine Senate, also backed the regulation of cryptocurrencies.
“It is already regulated in other countries,” he said.
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In Lagos: Court remands applicant over alleged defilement of 12-year-old girl

The Chief Magistrate, Mr P. E. Nwaka, ordered that Agbo be remanded in Kirikiri Prisons, and the case file sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. An Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court, on Wednesday remanded a 25-year-old applicant, Peter Agbo, for allegedly defiling his neigbhour’s 12-year-old daughter.The Chief Magistrate, Mr P. E. Nwaka, ordered that Agbo be remanded in Kirikiri Prisons, and the case file sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.Nwaka adjourned the case until May 9 for mention.The accused, who resides at Mende, Maryland, Lagos, is facing a charge of defilement.Earlier, the prosecutor, Insp. Christopher John, told the court that the accused committed the offence on March 26 at his residence.John said the accused lured the girl to his room, and had sexual intercourse with her and asked her not to tell anyone.“She, however, told her mother what had transpired between her and the accused.“The case was reported at the police station and the accused was arrested for questioning,’’ he said.The offence contravened Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

Tech: A major real-estate fund is making a $10 million bet that Amazon will...

Third Avenue Real Estate Fund is investing in a redevelopment in Northern Virginia outside Washington,DC, where Amazon could plant its second headquarters.
New York-based Third Avenue Real Estate Fund has purchased $10 million in shares in JBG Smith, a Maryland-based real-estate investment trust (REIT).
Third Ave reportedly told investors in a letter that the REIT’s shares will “likely be worth a lot more than our current estimates” if Amazon chooses the Washington, DC area for its second headquarters.
Evidence is piling up that the tech giant will pick Northern Virginia as the location of its new $5 billion campus.
Out of the 20 North American cities Amazon shortlisted for the site of its second headquarters, three finalists are near the US capital.
A major real-estate fund is betting that the tech giant will pick a site in Northern Virginia, specifically an Arlington neighborhood called Crystal City. According to Bloomberg, Third Avenue Real Estate Fund has bought $10 million in shares in JBG Smith, a real-estate investment trust (REIT) working on a massive redevelopment in Crystal City.
The New York-based fund reportedly touted in a letter to investors that if Amazon chooses the Washington, DC area, the REIT’s shares “will likely be worth a lot more than our current estimates.” Bloomberg reports that the fund has arranged to buy JBG shares at $30.50 and $31, and estimates that they could be worth more than $40 apiece if Amazon picks Crystal City.
JBG Smith owns two dozen Crystal City office buildings — many of which are vacant and older — totaling more than 7 million square feet, according to The Real Deal. The REIT’s revitalization plan includes 120,000 square feet of retail, including a 50,000-square-foot movie theater and a grocery store. The redevelopment could also add up to 3,300 residential units.
Built in the 1960s and 1970s, Crystal City is a semi-planned community near Reagan National Airport.
In January, Amazon announced that it would build a $5 billion headquarters, dubbed HQ2, in a mystery North American city. The project promises 50,000 jobs over the next two decades, and many of the finalist cities are offering large economic incentives to the company to land it.
There is now mounting evidence that Northern Virginia is a top contender. As BI’s Hayley Peterson previously reported, Amazon has quietly been expanding its presence in the area. The company recently put a new headquarters for its fast-growing cloud service, Amazon Web Services, close to a proposed HQ2 site — about 25 miles northwest of Crystal City.
The site is also within a 10-minute drive of where Amazon plans to build corporate offices as well as a 600,000-square-foot data-center campus.
Known as Data Center Alley, the area features a high concentration of data centers, including ones owned by Amazon Web Services. Approximately 70% of the world’s internet traffic flows through Data Center Alley, and a big share of that passes through Amazon’s centers.
By constructing HQ2 in Northern Virginia, Amazon could tap into its data-center network, bringing more efficiency to the internet connection at the headquarters. Plus, it would be a stone’s throw from CEO Jeff Bezos’ new $23 million mansion, also near DC.
Third Avenue certainly seems optimistic.
“Washington DC seems to rank near the top of the list,” the fund said in the letter to investors. “Should it ultimately be selected for its second headquarters, JBG Smith is likely to be a big winner as its Crystal City and Pentagon City locations are natural candidates for Amazon to utilize as it initially relocates employees to the region.

APC Has Failed To Deliver ‘Good Governance’, Says Fabiyi

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Oladimeji Fabiyi, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government of failing Nigerians.
He made the claim on Wednesday while appraising the performance of the ruling party, about 300 days to the general elections.
Fabiyi noted that the APC has performed below expectation in the key areas of economy, security and the war against corruption, compared to what it told the people it would achieve in 2015.
“What Nigerians demanded of you is simply good governance,” he said during his appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.
“In the area of infrastructural development, the rail the APC is taking credit for was a baby of the PDP; you keep hinging on corruption and even the template for fighting corruption is faulty from day one,” he added.

The PDP member further accused the APC government of plunging the nation into recession, stressing that the party brought the country backward since they took over power.
He claimed the economic situation was so bad for the people that Nigerians have become beggars on the streets while businesses were reportedly packing up.
“What have they (APC) done differently? I know people that ordinarily will come around and assist others, but they can’t do it anymore; they’ve not done anything differently, they have taken us backwards,” Fabiyi insisted.
An APC Member, Jasper Azuatalam, swiftly dismissed the claims by the member of the opposition party, saying it was the PDP who achieved nothing in 16 years.
He stressed that government is a continuous process and the APC and Buhari led government have shown responsibility.
Azuatalam noted that it would be absurd for the present government to abandon the uncompleted projects of the previous government.
He, however, said, “When there is a project completed, PDP will say ‘we started it’, and what did you complete for 16 years and how suddenly has this government started completing everything within two years and 10 months?
On the issue of recession, the APC member stated that the efforts of the APC government were so obvious to the people that the inflation and interest rates have been dropping consistently since last year.
He also recalled that economists had predicted recession during the past administration, maintaining that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government deserved to the praised for bringing the nation out of recession.
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Buhari: Nigerians know President is not Nigeria’s problem – Keyamo

He said Buhari’s administration has shown its commitment towards protecting the masses of the country. Spokesperson of the President Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Organisation expressed his total confidence in the leadership values of the president, claiming that Nigerians know he’s not the source of the country’s problems.The human rights lawyer was appointed as the official spokesperson for the organisation to oversee the president’s re-election campaign in 2019. His new role was disclosed by the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who is also the Director-General of the campaign organisation, in a letter dated Monday, April 16, 2018. In Keyamo’s acceptance statement, released on Wednesday, April 18, he said he decided to accept the appointment because President Buhari represents the values he has fought for his whole life, revealing that his convictions about the job are deep and well thought-out.According to him, President Buhari’s administration has shown its commitment towards protecting the masses of the country especially through his anti-corruption war. He further noted that the opposition against the president’s re-election are largely instigated by the political class that caused Nigeria to fall into the “sorry state” from which Buhari is trying to elevate the country.He also dismissed major doubts over the president’s age and health, remarking that previous leaders had died in office while they were at their peak, and further arguing that Nigeria needs a more experienced hand to direct the course of its affairs in the way a young person might be unable to pull off.Keyamo also admitted that the president is not “a god or an angel” but that he’ll take his flaws alongside the great strides he has made since he was elected in 2015.With several veiled attacks at the People’s Democratic People (PDP) throughout the statement, he urged Nigerians to come together and re-elect President Buhari so he can completely rescue Nigeria.His full statement read, “Just yesterday, my appointment as the Director, Strategic Communications of President Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Organisation was made public. In that capacity, I would be the Official Spokesperson of the President’s campaigns for the 2019 Presidential Election.”Let me put it on record that I was indeed consulted before the announcement. Upon the offer, I wholeheartedly and proudly accepted the challenge to do this for the good of my country and for posterity. For in President Buhari I have found an approximation of the lofty values I cherish and have fought for all my life.”I know millions of Nigerians have never seen me in the mould of partisan politics. This is because for the past two and half decades, I have been under intense public scrutiny while engaging successive governments (military and civilian) in the most critical way possible. The public has also watched me grow steadily all the way from that young, restless lawyer to the exalted position of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). In the process of my restless and relentless engagements of the authorities, I have been hounded, arrested, detained, paraded like a criminal, charged and discharged from courts severally, but remain unbowed. Hence, some of us have been branded as “radicals” and seen as completely apolitical.”However, the ultimate aim of every struggle is not really to enthrone a perfect, flawless system. Only the starry-eyed, younger ones think such is possible. That is Utopia. Rather, the ultimate aim of the struggle is to enthrone a government (yes, even with the normal human flaws) that is focused, determined and fiercely opposed to the unscrupulous wheeler-dealers in the society, committed to protecting the interests of the down-trodden, the weak and vulnerable.”One of the obvious ways to do this is to ensure that what belongs to all is not cornered by a few; and if they do so, to ensure that they are made to account and brought to justice. I can boldly say that no Government in the history of Nigeria has recovered so much looted funds as that of President Muhammadu Buhari. The fact that this Government has clearly chosen this path in protecting the masses of our country (as unpleasant as it has been to some) is one of the many reasons why I am so proud and bold about my support for the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari.”In doing this, I take a cue from my revered late boss, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN who mentored me. Throughout his career, he also consistently and fiercely engaged every government in Nigeria and suffered as a result. Guess what? THE ONLY GOVERNMENT HE FULLY SUPPORTED THROUGHOUT HIS LIFETIME was that led by General Muhammdu Buhari in 1984-1985; and that was to the chagrin of some of his professional colleagues and fellow “radicals”. However, he saw what they did not see at that time, because when that government was overthrown by General Babangida, what followed was the worst era in our history in terms of institutionalizing corruption and political chicanery in Nigeria. “In the 2007 Presidential election, my late boss again endorsed General Buhari in the following words: “When we talk of anti-corruption war, there is no way you will exclude General Buhari. I don’t want to hear what a political party is going to do, whether ANPP or PDP or NDP or which other political organization. Tell me who is leading the party, tell me who is leading the government, that’s my concern. It’s a matter of leadership. This is a serious election, very serious one”.”Some of those same forces and interests that saw the back of General Buhari in 1985 are still very much around with us. You can hear their voices getting louder of late, preaching hate and toiling hard to incite the people against the President. “They want us to go back to our old ways, disguised as if they genuinely care for the masses of this country. When you look at the profile and ignoble antecedents of these characters – the emergency heroes, some of us have no option but to undertake this role we have been called upon to assume just to ensure that they do not succeed in their selfish enterprise.”For all I have said above, my convictions about this job are deep and well thought-out. Given my background, it is clear that I cannot be a sycophantic rabble-rouser, looking for some personal gains. Having reached the top echelon of my career, some of us can conveniently stay away from all these, and continue to earn a good living from our thriving law practice. “However, the call of duty beckons because we are at a critical crossroads in our history where one wrong turn may take us back to the sorry state from which we are emerging. We are here to convince and appeal to the masses not to allow us take that wrong turn.”Now, it is important I elaborate a bit on this “sorry state” from which we are coming. Some people always attempt to befuddle the issues by continually reminding us of certain statistics that existed before 2015 and after 2015. However, our situation before 2015 is comparable to that of a car on a high speed, seemingly doing well on the road, but with the temperature gauge already rising. That car is in trouble. But to the uninformed, the car would be seen as doing well.”However, the callous driver, fully aware of the rising temperature in the engine, continues to speed on. After some time, it is inevitable that the engine of the car would overheat and crash. In that state, the callous driver hands over the car to the new driver. The new driver, seeing the condition of the vehicle, decides to fix the radiator first which is responsible for the overheating in order to protect the engine, before setting out on the road again. Yet, the callous driver mischievously calls everyone to come and see how the new driver has parked the car to fix the engine before setting out once again. The callous driver tells everyone that the new driver is clueless; that that is why the car was parked briefly.”The above anecdote is a graphic reflection of the situation we find ourselves. With the crash in oil prices just before 2015, the previous government resorted to borrowing to pay salaries and recklessly drew down on our foreign reserves, just to give the impression that all was well. So much unearned money was also circulating in the country amongst a few, giving the false impression that we were in a buoyant economy. However, the economy was headed for a crash. All the indices show that the slip into recession started shortly before this government took over, like the car which engine was already over-heating.”The attempt by a few to deceive the people that all was well with us before this government took over, is one of the reasons some of us have decided to come out of our shells to put a hole in that false narrative. It is simply a big lie. I am persuaded that the Buhari Government took the right measures to halt a bigger disaster awaiting our economy had it been otherwise. Those who are persuaded otherwise are within their legitimate right to do so. We are all patriots, trying to find the right answers to our problems as a nation. “However, if you are persuaded otherwise, kindly state in details what exactly should have been done to run the economy better, given the crash in oil prices and production that dropped to around 700,000 barrels per day. Surely, discerning Nigerians would no longer buy the fable of “Buhari destroyed our economy”.”If I voted Buhari in 2015 and I am to vote for him again in 2019, then why can’t I campaign vigorously for him? I see no reason. It is a fallacy to say you are neutral in politics, yet you step forward to cast your vote at elections. If you are persuaded enough to vote for a candidate of your choice, then you must also be persuaded enough to campaign for that candidate, because your vote would be lost if you do not convince others to also adopt your position.”That is why I have made my choice for 2019 and I will publicly stand by it. That choice is President Muhammadu Buhari. For those who are persuaded otherwise, I challenge them to also name their choices because you cannot criticise my choice of a candidate without naming your own choice. After all, the President would not be running against ghosts or against a vacuum. Therefore, this is not a time to hide behind a blanket criticism of any candidate. Each candidate should be assessed in comparative terms with other candidates.”There has also been much attempt to de-market the President using his age and health as pummeling tools, and as such raising the decibel in the clarion call for a young or younger President. Firstly, on the issues of age and health, it would be ungodly and outrageous for a mere mortal to assume the status of God Almighty to speculate on the longevity or strength of any human being. Even doctors have been proven wrong on so many occasions. It is a matter entirely in the hands of God. Our past Presidents that died in office (Abacha and Yar’Adua) were in their prime. In fact, Abacha did not even show any sign of a failing health before he slumped and died. “In Zimbabwe, the main opposition candidate for years, Morgan Tsvangirai used the issue of age and health to campaign against President Mugabe, urging him to go and retire and rest. Yet, just a few weeks ago, Morgan Tsvangirai died at the age of 65 and Mugabe is still alive and kicking at the age of 94. Those are the mysterious ways of God Almighty. No human being should even use that as a campaign gimmick. That person would be courting the wrath of God Almighty.”In addition, no one can argue that age has anything to do with the required integrity to be the President of a country. I also firmly believe that our value systems in politics and the society have been so damaged pre-2015, that a firm and experienced hand is needed to reset our collective psyche before we can set sail again. The notion that public office is just available to share money which was the norm pre-2015 is gradually being changed.”Spending a few more years to sustain that kind of re-orientation will do us a world of good. President Buhari is one of the very last of the upright Mohicans in Nigeria available to help reclaim public integrity before he takes his bow in 2023, if the Nigerian people so wish. We must take advantage of his still being around to deepen the nation’s moral fabric.”The choices before us have never been so CLEAR in the history of our country. On the one hand are those who are already in the mud and seeking to drag others into the mud. These are the ones who keep saying “We are all corrupt together”, and who keep confessing and apologising like people coming out of a trance. They say they should be forgiven because they have been “honest” enough to confess and apologise. “Fellow Nigerians, there is nothing like an honest thief. It is a disgusting oxymoron. A thief is a thief. This is especially so if the thief did not willingly come out to admit he was a thief until his hands were caught right inside the cookie jar.”The other choice before us is a President who has been accused of everything that is false but even his most ardent critics, and detractors locally and internationally have not accused him of having a penchant for wealth accumulation. I am persuaded to campaign for him by his austere lifestyle, his Spartan taste and frugal nature. I am not looking for a god or an angel to vote for. They are not around here on earth. I am only looking for someone with these minimum personal qualities I have enumerated above. The President’s other human flaws may be there, but I am waiting for the candidates of our opponents to show me their credentials from heaven.”People can easily point to those with questionable past in the ruling party, the APC. With my antecedents and in my true conscience, I cannot defend them and cannot make excuses for them. However, in joining the President’s party, they are subjecting themselves to the disciplined leadership of the President. Like Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN said above, it is the leadership that matters. Like I always ask: should we all stop going to church because some known sinners also throng to churches every Sunday? The obvious answer is in the negative. “On the other hand, the other party whose key leaders were all part of those who pilfered our commonwealth are about to present us with one amongst themselves as a Presidential candidate in 2019. Of course, reasonable Nigerians are waiting to dismiss that before it happens.

Tech: People are spending over $1 million each day on the iPhone version of...

“Fortnite” is everywhere right now, and it’s making more money than ever.
“Fortnite Battle Royale” has only been available on iOS devices for the last 30 days, but it’s already grossed more than $25 million in that time.
Data from analytics firm Sensor Tower also shows how average daily player spending in “Fortnite” has topped $1 million globally on the App Store, with the game coming only second to Netflix in terms of the amount of time Americans spend inside the app.
“Fortnite” is the most popular game in the world right now. And even though it’s only been available on iOS devices for a month now, it’s already made a huge impact, according to new data from analytics firm Sensor Tower.
“One month after debuting as an invite-only test event, the mobile version of Fortnite has become a bona fide smartphone gaming sensation, having grossed more than $25 million in its first 30 days — and it has only been available to all iOS gamers since April 1,” Sensor Tower wrote in a blog post.
The firm added that average daily player spending in “Fortnite” has topped $1 million globally on Apple’s App Store, grossing more than most of the other top-earning apps — mainstays like Tinder, Pandora, and YouTube.
And in another all-important category, “Fortnite” is second only to Netflix in terms of the amount of time Americans are actually spending inside the app. Clearly, people are playing this game a lot, and often.
“Fortnite” is still coming to Android phones, but for now, the game is available as a free download for iOS devices, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game makes its money through in-app purchases, where you can buy virtual currency to buy new outfits for your character.
Sensor Tower predicts “Fortnite” could gross as much as $500 million by the end of 2018 across iOS and Android devices alone.

Chelsea’s Conte says Man City could dominate for years

Antonio Conte says Manchester City could dominate English football for years after Pep Guardiola’s side dethroned Chelsea as Premier League champions.
City were crowned champions last weekend with five games of the season still to go and boast a 16-point lead over second-placed Manchester United.
“Manchester City is one club that can continue to dominate, to win, not only in England, but also to fight for the Champions League,” said Conte, who won the Premier League in his first season at Stamford Bridge.
“They have the possibility to do this. It is a very strong club, they have an important squad with great players and are a club that want to invest and improve. There are a lot of things that are right.”
Chelsea go into Thursday’s clash with Burnley with their top-four hopes hanging by a thread.
The Blues trail fourth-placed Tottenham by eight points, even if Spurs have played a game more.
Conte said Chelsea would strive to reach the Champions League qualification spots even though the odds are stacked against them.
“If we want to be realistic with five games to go, it’s not simple to reduce the gap, but we must have the will to fight, the desire to take this target,” he said.
“Why not? We have an important game against Burnley, a really strong team having a fantastic season, and it won’t be easy to get three points.”
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Big Brother Naija: Biggie removes Cee-C as Head of House after fight with Tobi

Cee-C has been replaced by Alex as the new Head of House. This comes 2 days after Nina lost the HOH title to Cee-C. Biggie removes Cee-C as the Head of House two days after Nina lost the title to her.On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Biggie gave the housemates one minute to select a new Head of House.The instruction came after Cee-C, who was the HOH for the week, got into a fight with her former love interest, Tobi. After Biggie gave the instruction, the housemates chose Nina, who declined because of her health. Miracle suggested Alex, who agreed to take up the role.Cee-C’s dethronement came two days after she was made the HOH, even though she wasn’t the initial choice.How Nina became the Head of HouseUnlike the previous weeks, there was no challenge involved. The housemates were asked to choose a housemate of their choice for the position.Biggie returned hours later to ask that the Housemate with the least or most Head of House record should be the new leader.Miracle and Nina chose Cee-C, who agreed. However, Tobi and Alex refused. According to them, Cee-C is too troublesome, and would “para.”Alex, who was the Head of House before the meeting, offered to continue her tenure. But the housemates eventually agreed on Nina.How Cee-C became the Head of HouseHours later, Biggie called out the housemates for not following his instruction.  According to him, he had asked them to choose the housemate with the least or most HOH record, which according to him, made it a run between Tobi and Cee-C.The housemates eventually chose Cee-C. The fight that cost Cee-C the HOH titleIt was a dramatic morning in the Big Brother Naija house when an angry Cee-C stomped around the House, hurling insults at Tobi.Cee-C called him names like: useless, miserable fool, a man who can’t stand on his own, gossip, mumu, ode, oloshi and more.Celebrities such as Toolz, Kemi Adetiba, Linda Ikeji and DJ Exclusive have reacted to the incident.

In Cameroon: 3 Taraba varsity students killed by falling trees

The Deputy Registrar, Information and Publication of the university, Malam Sanusi Sa’ad, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jalingo on Wednesday. Three students of the Taraba State University lost their lives when they were  hit by falling trees during a rainstorm at the Bouba Njidda National Wild Life Park in Cameroon.The Deputy Registrar, Information and Publication of the university, Malam Sanusi Sa’ad, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jalingo on Wednesday.Sa’ad said that the incident occurred on April 16 during a devastating rainstorm at about 3:15 p.m.He said that the students were 400 level students of the Biological Science Department of the university on a research trip to the neighboring Cameroon.The spokesman named the dead students as Nancy Sam-Achak, Grace Thomas and Yusuf Mohammed, the president of the department’s students’ association.He said that the Head of the Biological Science Department, Dr Robert Houmso, who was also in the trip and 16 other students were injured during the incident.Sa’ad said that all the injured people were currently receiving treatment at the Garoua Hospital in Cameroun.

Tech: Why San Francisco is a nightmare, according to science

The San Francisco Bay Area may be one of the most disaster-prone parts of the country.
San Francisco can be a tough place live for a lot of reasons. Sky-high housing prices can make it nearly impossible to find a place. In February, a 1,000-square-foot home with no working plumbing and a pile of rotting mattresses stacked in the kitchen sold for more than $520,000.
Even tech moguls and startup founders are having trouble finding homes in an area where nearly every spare piece of real estate is gobbled up by the highest bidder. One firm estimated that a home buyer needs to make about $300,000 a year just to afford a median-priced abode.
But San Francisco isn’t just perilously overpriced: It’s also perpetually teetering on the edge of disaster. On April 18, 1906, a violent ~7.7-7.9 magnitude earthquake leveled the city into ruins. The minute-long quake ruptured 296 miles of California coastline, sparked three days of fires, and killed 3,000 people, leaving the bulk of the city homeless.
That was just 112 years ago — the geologic equivalent of the blink of an eye.
If earthquakes don’t shake you, consider that the city is literally sinking into mud — and into trash in certain places.
Real-estate woes aside, here are the ways that scientists know living in the Bay Area is not for the faint of heart:
The Bay Area is a veritable smorgasbord of complex fault lines. No less than seven different faults converge here.
The well-known San Andreas Fault is just one of the seven “significant fault zones” the US Geological Survey (USGS) cites in the Bay Area. The others are the Calaveras, Concord-Green Valley, Greenville, Hayward, Rodgers Creek, and San Gregorio Faults. People who live in the area experience small earthquakes and shakes all the time. But those aren’t the rumbles that scare seismologists.
It’s the bigger, disastrous quakes scientists are really worried about. And they say San Francisco is due for another soon.
In 2007, the USGS determined that there was about a “63% probability of a magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake in the Bay Area” by 2037. Estimates have only gotten worse since then. One recent report suggests that there was a 76% chance the Bay Area would experience a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in the next 30 years.
Seismologists are most concerned about two fault lines in particular: the San Andreas and the Hayward.
Anything higher than a 7.9 on the San Andreas Fault line, which runs from Mendocino to Mexico, would put “approximately 100%” of the population of San Francisco at risk, while a 6.9 quake from the Hayward Fault could spell trouble for nearly everyone who lives and works there, according to the city.
Fresh data from the USGS predicts that at least 800 people would be killed and 18,000 more injured if a magnitude 7 quake struck along the Hayward fault line in nearby Oakland, California.
The scientists warn the threat of a future earthquake like that “is real and could happen at any time.”
Some geologists are already predicting that 2018 is going to be a banner year for quakes around the world.
The Earth is turning a little slower than usual right now, which puts extra squeeze on tectonic plates and may mean more high-magnitude shakes are on the way.
Some neighborhoods in the city are built on less-than-rock-solid heaps of trash.
Old 19th-century trash that was dumped out to widen the city could quickly level the bottoms of many homes during a big quake. It already did once in 1989. Experts estimate that places like the Marina neighborhood, pictured above, would today be 50% destroyed by anything higher than a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.
And many of the cities tallest downtown buildings are sitting on ground that could easily liquify during a big earthquake.
The New York Times recently estimated that more than 100 of the city’s tallest buildings (higher than 22 stories) have been built in areas with a “very high” chance of liquefaction in an earthquake.
But San Francisco’s quake threat doesn’t stop at the shore. Tremors could hit the city from the sea, if powerful tsunamis rush in from places across the water like Russia, Alaska, or Japan.
That’s less likely than a Californian earthquake, because typically, tsunami waves aren’t super serious once they reach San Francisco’s shores. According to the city, most of the tsunamis that hit the Bay Area from Alaskan earthquakes are less than 1 foot high by the time they make landfall. But there’s still a chance that a tsunami moving in from the Cascadia subduction zone (which stretches from Canada’s Vancouver Island into Northern California) could come into the Bay Area at more than 16 feet high, UC Santa Cruz earth sciences professor Steven Ward told KQED.
Earthquakes can also unleash tough-to-control fires, as they did here in 1906, covering much of the city in flames and smoke.
Thankfully, the city itself isn’t perpetually threatened by wildfires, like much of the rest of the state. But the nearby vineyards of Napa Valley did not escape the 2017 wildfire season unscathed.
In October, more than 3,500 homes, buildings, and other structures were reduced to ash. At least 31 people were killed.
Many people in San Francisco took to wearing masks so they wouldn’t have to breathe the smoky fumes wafting in.
In the nearby East Bay, a 1991 “firestorm” triggered by a grass fire killed 25 people.
East Bay resident Will Wright, who had a near-death experience when his home burned to the ground, was inspired by the tragedy to create the wildly popular game “The Sims,” according to local news site Berkeleyside.
Shaking aside, the region is bracing to see more water coming in over the next several decades.
Researchers estimate that by the year 2100,the sea will rise an average of between 4 and 5 feet in the the Bay Area, putting the headquarters of Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Yahoo underwater, if nothing more is done to mitigate the effects of climate change. In the city, sea levels are expected to rise 66 inches by 2100. That’s 5 1/2 feet.
But the flooding problems don’t end with seawater. San Francisco is also sinking into the ground at a rate of about 10 millimeters a year.
The natural caving-in process at work is called “subsidence,” and it’s happening because the city is built on heaps of trash and Holocene-era mud that’s slipping away.
And more more frequent storms could make landslides and flooding more common.
“Severe storms can cause landslides, coastal flooding, and stormwater ponding,” the city warns. Scientists predict we’ll see many more of those kinds of events in the coming years, as more “surprise” and potentially irreversible climate events crop up around the globe.
California’s seemingly never-ending series of droughts is also a concern for San Francisco Bay Area residents.
The Bay Area, like much of California, is “abnormally dry” this spring, SF Gate reports, though the maps are getting better with each passing week. Still, supplying Californians with enough water to live is increasingly becoming an expensive problem. The Pacific Institute estimates that municipal water costs in California metro areas rose at two to three times the rate of inflation between 2000 and 2010.
With more extreme climate shifts and heat waves on the way, San Francisco will have an unusual problem on its hands: a lack of air-conditioners.
With extreme weather events and heat waves on the rise around the world, people in San Francisco may have a tougher time than other Americans finding relief from scorching temperatures at home, at least in the near future. According to the 2011 housing survey of the US Census, “the Bay Area had the lowest percentage of housing units with central air-conditioning (10%) of any region in the country,” the San Francisco Business Times reports. That compares with 66% of people nationwide who said they have central air at home.
If you decide to stick around the Bay Area, it’s probably time to make sure you’re prepared for all these various disasters with a well-stocked emergency kit.
The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management suggests having enough water, nonperishable food, and flashlight batteries on hand to last about three days. Because in San Francisco, you just never know.

Conte Won’t Give Up On EPL Top 4 Finish, Hails Champions Man City

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has tasked his side to avoid losing concentration when they face a ‘confident’ Burnley at Turf Moor on Thursday.
Conte whose side are eight points adrift of fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur in the race for a top four finish, admits it will not be easy for his side to beat Spurs to the last Champions League spot place with five games left to play.
Chelsea will face Burnley, Swansea, Liverpool, Hudderfield Town and Newcastle United in their remaining league fixtures.
“I think we have to try until the end to reach this target. If you want to be realistic, with five games to go it is not simple to reduce the gap,” Conte said during his pre-match conference on Wednesday ahead of the clash with Burnley.
“We must have the will to fight, we must have the desire to try to take this target. Why not? Tomorrow we have an important against a strong team. They are having a fantastic season and it will be tough to get three points. We have to try our best and avoid what happened against Southampton in the first 60 minutes. We have to avoid this if we want to keep the hope of finishing in the top four.
“It ( Europa League qualification) can be a great achievement for Burnley.
“To finish in the right position to play in the Europa League next season could be a great achievement for him [Dyche]. They have a lot of confidence and are in a great moment of form. We have to pay great attention tomorrow and avoid like the Southampton game.”
Conte also refused to comment on Marcos Alonso’s charge by the English FA for violent conduct. The Chelsea wing-back stamped on Shane Long’s calf in the Blues’ 3-2 comeback win over Southampton last Saturday at the Saint Mary’s stadium.
Alonso faces a two-match ban as retrospective punishment for his action.
“The situation is very clear, the FA charged him. Until tonight (Wednesday) we have the possibility to respond. I don’t want to comment now on this topic. I want to wait and see what happens,” Conte said.
“We have to wait, I repeat that tonight we have the possibility to respond.”
Conte is pleased the Spaniard was named in the Professional Footballers’ Association Premier League Team of the Year.
“I am very happy for him. For sure in the last game he played badly, but for this consideration it was the whole team.”
Emerson Palmeri is expected to feature in Alonso’s absence.
Conte also praised new EPL champions Manchester City for their remarkable feat in winning the title.
Manchester City emerged champions on Sunday with five games remaining after Manchester United lost 1-0 to West Bromwich Albion.
“For sure they have dominated this season,” the former Juventus manager admitted. “It is right to give them compliments to win the league. This league is not simple, it is very tough to win but the way they did this was incredible. For this reason it is right to give the best compliment. They did a good job on and off the pitch, they improved the team and the squad and continue to improve the idea of football of this squad.
“I think Manchester City is the one club that continue to dominate, to win, not only in England but to fight for the Champions League. I think Manchester City have the possibility to do this. They are a squad very strong with great quality and great players and they have a club that want to invest and improve the situation. There is a lot of things right in the right place.”
City will be presented the trophy on Sunday, May 6 against Huddersfield.
He also dispelled talks that Antonio Rudiger was left out of his squad for his comments after the 1-1 draw with West Ham.
Rudiger was quoted in the British media saying he was shocked Chelsea were struggling to see off games after going ahead.
“I don’t think he said anything wrong. It was a tactical decision. Maybe tomorrow another player starts on the bench and I have the opportunity to makes changes. If I see a change I will.”
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By Fire, By Force: Man killed for rejecting sexual advances from homosexual friend

A fight broke out between two parties following sexual advances from a homosexual man. Samuel Owawu, a man reportedly stabbed in a fight with Adebayo Ahmed, a cult member loyal to a homosexual neighbour, Francis, has died from his injuries.He was reportedly killed during a confrontation with the latter who made sexual advances towards him during a parlour hangout in Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos. The tragic event occurred on Saturday, January 16, 2016, according to a report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). “The deceased and his friend, Emeka Uche, had invited a mutual friend named Francis to their house.“Francis, who is homosexual, immediately started making sexual advances at Owawu when he arrived and Owawu tried to resist him.“Owawu raised an alarm and a crowd gathered at the residence and started beating Francis the alleged homosexual.“At this point, Ahmed and some of his friends who belong to the same cult group started demanding for the release of a phone belonging to Francis.“Owawu had objected, insisting that the phone which had some videos of Francis engaging in homosexual activity would be tendered as evidence to the police.“Ahmed engaged Owawu in a fight, and in the process he picked up a broken bottle and stabbed him in the chest,” a police prosecutor, Mrs. Monisola Oshibogun, told the Ikeja High Court on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.A court hearing has been adjourned to Wednesday, May 30, 2018, by Justice Bisi Akinlade, who also ordered that the suspect Adebayo Ahmed, to stay at the Ikoyi Prisons until the next arraignment.ALSO READ: Outrage as photos of Nigerian lesbians flood social mediaTB Joshua reportedly delivers lesbian partnersJust when we were beginning to wonder what to do about gay couples in Nigeria, TB Joshua offers a much-needed solution.The prophet and founder of the Synagogue church worldwide was filmed during a deliverance service where he reportedly delivered two lesbian partners.  The video clip shared by Instablog9ja, after being extracted from the original service clip aired by Emmanuel TV, shows the lady with the male alter ego, who was interviewed briefly before the deliverance began.She was asked about her relationship with her partner, to which she responded that the other lady was her wife.The lady who identified herself as Mary Okoye, later testified the following Sunday, disclosing that following the deliverance service, she has felt no affection towards the other lady she identified as her wife previously.

Guinness Nigeria Plc and Wecyclers enter agreement on waste management

After getting the support of Lagos State Government, Wecyclers have gone a step further to enter an agreement with Guinness Nigeria Plc on waste management.
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In Lagos: Artist, 37, docked for allegedly defrauding woman of N90, 000 shop rent

Musbau, who resides at Iju-Ishaga, Agege, Lagos, is facing a two-count charge of stealing and obtaining under false pretences. A 37-year-old artist, Rasheed Musbau, who allegedly defrauded a woman of N90, 000 on the pretext of securing a shop for her, on Wednesday appeared before an Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court.Musbau, who resides at Iju-Ishaga, Agege, Lagos, is facing a two-count charge of stealing and obtaining under false pretences.The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.The Police Prosecutor, Insp. Victor Eruada, said the accused committed the offences on March 20 at Arekemash Close, Iju-Ishaga, Agege,Lagos.Eruada alleged that the accused collected N90, 000 from the complainant, Mrs Ronke Tinubu, and failed to get the shop for her.“The accused converted the money to personal use. All efforts made by the complainant to get her money or the shop failed.”The offences contravened Sections 28 and 314 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Section 287 stipulates three-year imprisonment for stealing, while Section 314 stipulatesa 15-year jail term for obtaining by false pretences.In her ruling, Chief Magistrate Dan Oni, granted the accused bail in the sum of N50, 000 with one surety in like sum.She said the surety should show evidence of tax payment to the Lagos State Government as part of the bail condition.Oni adjourned the case until April 30 for mention.

Buhari: President says Nigerian youths want everything for free

He said the country’s youthful population is reliant on the notion that Nigeria is an oil-rich nation. President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his dissatisfaction with the country’s young population who want the government to hand them everything on a platter.According to a report by TheCable, the president said this while speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.The president said the country’s youthful population is reliant on the notion that Nigeria is an oil-rich nation, which leads to the demand for free things.He said, “About the economy, we have a very young population, our population is estimated conservatively to be 180 million. This is a very conservative one. “More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education for free.”Details later.