Wednesday, March 20, 2019

In Zamfara: Police arrest 4 notorious kidnappers

The police commissioner said the committee was mandated to investigate, arrest and bring the perpetrators of the recent attack to the justice. The Police Command in Zamfara has arrested four notorious kidnappers in Dankadon-Daji Village in Talata-Mafara Local Government Area of the state.The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr Kenneth Embrimson, disclosed this at a news conference in Gusau on Monday.Embrinson said the suspects were arrested on Feb.18, 2018 after intelligence report disclosed that the kidnappers had sent letters to individuals threatening to kidnap the villagers if they failed to make money available for them.“The police arrested the suspects while trying to collect a sum of N39, 500 provided by the villagers.“The suspects are undergoing interrogation at the police command in the state after which they would be prosecuted, ” he said.According to the commissioner, the Inspector-General’s Joint Investigation Committee is in the state to investigate the recent killings in Birane Village in Zurmi Local Government Area of the state.He said the committee was mandated to investigate, arrest and bring the perpetrators of the recent attack in Birane village to the justice.The commissioner appealed to members of the public to utilise police information network kit and provide police with information on security to assist security agencies in tackling insecurity in the state.He said the command had arrested three principal suspects in connection with the last Thursday’s gunmen attack in Birane village which resulted in the death of 30 people, while many were injured.

David Becomes Goliath: Over 100 cultists in Delta raid police station to free members

A police spokesperson denied that a reported raid conducted by suspected cultists occurred at an outpost, not a station. Cultists, numbering over 100, have reportedly raided a police station in Delta State to free members who have been held in custody.This is according to Punch News which also confirmed that some residents in the Ethiope East Local Government Area where the event occurred were injured following the attack. It was gathered that the cultists approached the Eku Police Station in a three-hour raid on Sunday, April 15, 2018, but Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Andrew Aniamaka, insisted that the facility is only an outpost designated for the law enforcement personnel as opposed to a station.“The incident happened when some hoodlums literarily attacked the station. It is not a station per say; it’s an outpost. At the time of the incident, there was no suspect in our cell.“Some persons are being trailed as masterminds. We do not want to engage in mass arrest. But nothing was destroyed and no arm was carted away. There was nothing of value that you can say was destroyed.“It is when they (suspects) are arrested that we can know the reason for such an attack. We are not aware of any property being damaged.“I can only speak when investigation has been done and facts have revealed the reason for their action. No police officer was injured but some persons (police officers) are being questioned as to why they will allow hoodlums into a station.“The onus is on them to defend the station at all times, but if they do not, they will be called to account,” says Aniamaka.Punch also reported that the cultists prevented affected victims from visiting the Baptist Government Hospital, Eku, for treatment.ALSO READ: 6 suspected cultists arrested for gang raping studentsANSU cultist killed in battle to become next “Point One”A suspected cultist, Odera Chuks, who studied Political Science at the Anambra State University (ANSU), has been killed by members.The deceased was reportedly slaughtered during a house war intended to establish supremacy to become “Point One” according to many reports. Chuks, who was 20 years old at the time of passing, died on Monday, April 9, 2018, in a village close to ANSU.He was in his third year in the university before getting nicked by death.

Access Bank: WhatsApp banking now live; +234 9090 901 901 – Start now

The WhatsApp banking service allows users to automate most parts of the banking experience, providing customers with the efficiency of the best personnel and the intimacy of a customized experience. The days of brick and mortar banking are fast becoming a thing of the past as Nigeria’s leading financial institution, Access Bank keeps its tradition of breaking new boundaries of innovation with its latest offering, Access WhatsApp Banking.Designed to provide customers with easy and reliable banking transactions, the WhatsApp banking service allows users to automate most parts of the banking experience, providing customers the ease of remote banking with the efficiency of the best personnel and the intimacy of a customized experience.Leader in digital banking“Access Bank continues to keep the pace as a leader in the digital banking revolution in Nigeria, with the launch of banking services on WhatsApp – one of the largest social media platforms. This is yet another innovative way to connect customers to the plethora of services and banking options available to them from the comfort of their mobile phones,” said Ade Bajomo, Executive Director, IT & Retail Operations, Access Bank.“Now Access Bank is bringing banking closer to its growing customers by leveraging on the WhatsApp Application. We are excited to see the rate at which the service is being adopted and we can’t wait to see more of our customers enjoy the experience,” he added.Non-IntrusiveAccess WhatsApp banking is a non-intrusive service which does not require users to download a new application or use extra data to access the options available. It works with the existing WhatsApp application and can be used immediately.How to connectTo connect with Access Bank on Access WhatsApp, all customers need to do is, add the mobile number- +234 9090 901 901, as a contact in their phones – “Access WhatsApp Banking”-  the same way they would any other number. After saving the number on their phones all they need to do to activate the service is send a “Hi”. It is important to note that customers must use the number registered to their personal accounts with the Bank.Requests will be treated instantlyAll service requests on Access WhatsApp are treated instantly, and the speed of transaction is dependent only on the internet connection of the user. Services customers can access via the Access WhatsApp Banking platform include; BVN display, Balance Enquiry, Request Payday Loan and Account Opening.Life has gotten easier, now that Access Bank has brought banking closer to you, on WhatsApp.This is a featured post.

World Cup Trophy: 2 days to take a selfie with the authentic FIFA cup

Start drafting your World Cup Trophy to-do list because it’s going to be an exciting time hanging with the World Cup Trophy. One, two …its two days to the arrival of the most iconic trophy in the sport universe. The FIFA World Cup Trophy arrives Nigeria in two days’ time and the buzz is all over the place. Some individuals have even planned keeping vigil just to be the first to take a selfie with the Trophy when it arrives. Again, that will be another Guinness world record moment. Start drafting your World Cup Trophy to-do list because it’s going to be an exciting time hanging with the World Cup Trophy. I just hope you already have your World Cup Trophy tickets now. Don’t dull yourself! Make sure you are “ReadyFor” the most magical moment 2018 will have to offer you.

In Abuja: 11 burnt in restaurant gas explosion

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the victims who were immediately taken to Asokoro general hospital suffered some 40 to 50 degree of burns. Eleven people on Wednesday in Abuja suffered various degrees of burns from a gas explosion that occurred at Rosy Restaurant Area 11.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the victims who were immediately taken to Asokoro general hospital suffered some 40 to 50 degree of burns.A pregnant woman, who simply identified herself as Ajayi who works at the restaurant, said that they were all going about their normal businesses when the gas suddenly exploded.Ajayi, who is three month pregnant, said that she needed to go for scanning to ascertain the condition of her baby.NAN reports that the explosion affected her face, legs and hands.She was, however, attended to by the hospital management to know if she would be transferred to where she would be given a better treatment.Rachael Awu, another attendant at the restaurant and one of the victims of the explosion, said she was attending to her duty when the explosion rocked the restaurant“I was serving customers and I went to pack meal, as I looked back I just heard the explosion.“The fire started from the back of the restaurant where one of the cylinders was stationed. I was facing outside and when I tried to look back, I saw fire from the explosion.”One of the gas cylinder was stationed outside the restaurant in the open space, and there is another gas inside where we used to put meat.She said that the gas cylinder outside was the one that aided the fire which ignited the gas cylinder inside the restaurant.Another victim, who simply identified himself as Promise, said that the explosion was sudden, adding that he was attending to customers when he heard a loud noise.NAN reports that Promise suffered some degrees of injuries on his two hands and a partial burn on his face.“I went to carry sachet water when the gas exploded; as I turned back the fire was already burning my hands.”Rose Kenu, a worker at the restaurant whose face was affected by the explosion, said what happened was beyond explanation.“I was in the restaurant when the gas exploded, we were cooking inside the restaurant because that is where the kitchen is located.”Dr Aminu Mile, the Acting Managing Director, Health and Human Services Secretary (HHSS), Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) while on a visit to the victim, said the circumstances surrounding the explosion would be unravelled.He said that the HHSS was already doing his own part to help victims of the explosion, adding that everything would be done to help the victims.Dr Nnabuchi Chidi, Acting managing Director, Asokoro Hospital said that the hospital would refer some of the victims to the National Hospital.He said that 11 of them were brought to the hospital and the hospital would do everything to ensure they are stabilised.When NAN visit Rosy restaurant the place was under locks and key and no one was willing to speak.

Nigerian Architect confesses that he’s addicted to sleeping with married women

He says though he likes it, he wants to stop but doesn’t know the way out. Fresh off the paternity fraud madness that placed Nigeria at Number two on the men who unknowingly parent children that are not theirs, we have another drama.Recently, a UK-based Nigerian Solutions Architect named Kolade Babajide took to his Facebook page of the same name to state a problem that he enjoys — he confesses that he likes having sex with married women and derives a high from it.The University of Southampton graduate went further to say that he wants to stop, but he cannot stop and then asks his Facebook friends for help.ALSO READ: Why married men cheat in 2018In the since-deleted post, he says, “Am (I’m) addicted to sleeping with married women. They go for me and I also pursue them. I want to stop this habit. I can’t lie, I enjoy it but I want to stop. The thought of pursuing a married woman gives me this excitement and when we actually have sex, the pleasure and the adrenaline can’t be described. I want to stop, any way out.”In a country already brimming with reported unfaithfulness, this is a problem we do not need.

Big Brother Naija: 5 reasons why we all have a Teddy A inside of...

We are just skinnier versions of Teddy A without the dreadlocks when you think about it. This year’s edition of the reality show, Big Brother Naija has offered us a number of interesting personalities, and few stand out as much as the imposing Teddy A.Tattoos, a brooding demeanour and his tendency to be a loner have created a perception of Teddy A as the show’s resident bad boy. THAT incident with BamBam only served to reinforce the image of him as a dark, conniving character. It explains why most fans of the show believe he is only taking BamBam, one of the show’s favourites, for a ride.If you care to look beyond the surface though, every one of us has a bit of Teddy A somewhere within.Here are 5 reasons why we think so:(1) We all have the urge to express:The major difference is that most of us suppress it better than others but it’s hard to deny that we all have the urge to express ourselves. Humans are embodiments of a myriad of emotions and opinions. In the course of interacting with others and our immediate environment, the urge to make these emotions and opinions known is always present.  Expression can take various forms; in some cases, it is writing poems or vocally interrupting conversations; for others, like Teddy A, it is his music and the tattoos that spread across his torso. (2) Deep inside, everybody is a loner:A loner is someone who tends to enjoy isolation outside the bustle of social interaction. Going by that definition, Teddy A is a loner through and through. As much as we have a tendency to isolate loner and berate their antisocial behaviour, everybody is, to an extent, a loner. As yourself. ALSO READ: What’s the big deal if people have sex on a reality show?When the noise gets a little too loud and the bodies get a little too busy, we all have a need to take a step back and recline into our personal space. Ultimately, some, like Teddy A, are more comfortable in their space than others.(3) We all want to appear confident:You can call it hyper-masculinity or a dismissive demeanour, Teddy A appears to be one of, if not, the show’s most confident person. In the show’s dynamic, it has helped him stand out as decisive and clear-minded.  While it may come across as proud and aloof to others, we all crave that place where we are and appear fully confident and assured in our choices and personalities. It may seem abrasive to you but Teddy A is just the final form that many crave.(4) We all put up a front but we’re all softies inside:At first glance, Teddy A appears to be the definitive brute, a rock-like impregnable fortress without any form of emotion. That is until you see him in the vicinity of BamBam, his partner on the show or whispering lyrics to her while they’re huddled together. It reminds you of a bar of Bounty chocolate; dark brown and menacing on the outside, but mushy and white inside. Many of us make a concerted effort to appear strong on the outside while our emotions bubble with passion within us. (5) Like Teddy A, we all just want to blow:When the Big Brother Naija housemates were unveiled and Teddy A was asked why he joined the show, he had one simple answer: he wants to ‘blow’ and be popular. ALSO READ: Fans of BBNaija are so passionate they’re making death threatsYou’re not harsh if you took a step back; we would expect that anyone would go into the house to win the prize money.  We may have a hard time defining what it means to ‘blow’ but we do know that it is a defining Nigerian trait. Whether you’re a musician, a dancer, a pastor or a journalist, every Nigerian moves, like Teddy A, with the prayer, that one day, the sun will rise and blow-ing will follow. We are just skinnier versions of Teddy A without the dreadlocks when you think about it.

Dangerous Terrain: 2 Nigerians below 35 jailed for defrauding Vietnamese women of $130,000

Augustine and Peter have been found guilty of defrauding Vietnamese women through online relationships. For swindling various Vietnamese women to the tune of $130,000, two Nigerian men have been jailed by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court in Vietnam.The Nigerians – 32-year-old Ihugba Augustine Chinonso, and 33-year-old Onu Chinonso Peter – were sentenced to 16 and 12 years in prison on Monday, July 16, 2018. Augustine and Peter, who were found guilty of defrauding Vietnamese women through online relationships, bagged their jail terms for appropriating property through swindling.The two Nigerians were sentenced alongside six Vietnamese and accomplices by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court for “forging seals and documents of agencies or organizations.” In addition to the jail sentences, the two Nigerians and six Vietnamese men were required to return all the swindled money to their victims.How Vietnamese women were connedAccording to the indictment on Augustine and Peter, the Nigerians set up fake accounts on social networks to lure Vietnamese women, who they befriended.ALSO READ: Nigerian man in soup for defrauding Vietnamese woman of $356,000The Nigerians, who also claim to be living in London, will worm their ways into the hears of their unsuspecting victims and promise to send them cash and expensive gifts. The plot becomes thickened when Vietnamese accomplices then pretend to be employees from delivery companies, customs officers or police officers and demanded that the women transfer delivery fees, customs fees or fines to their bank accounts before they can redeem the gifts from their lovers.After each successful scam, the Vietnamese accomplices got to keep 15-25 percent of the money.How the fraud gang was bustedChau, a victim, alerted the police in February 2016 after the gang had successfully swindled her of over $5,000.Chau narrated to the police how she was in a relationship with a foreigner claiming to be British on Facebook in January 2016.  She told the police that the man promised to send her $100,000 in cash and other expensive gifts a month later but by February, a woman claiming to be from a delivery company called to ask her to pay a $1,200 delivery fee and a VND80 million ($3,500) customs fee for a gift from overseas, which she paid. Chau further said the woman then claimed she had not received the money and had Chau send her another VND112 million.She suspected a foul play when another man claiming to be an officer from Hanoi’s economic police told her to pay a VND200 million fine as her package contained a large amount of cash.The police’s intervention led to the arrest of the fake police officer and his wife.In January 2018, 43-year-old Nigeriam Remigius Duru Okonkwo, was been arrested and arraigned before a Phnom Penh court, in  Cambodia, for allegedly defrauding a Vietnamese businesswoman, Darg Mai Nga, of $356,000.

Demon Incarnate: Nigerian man jailed 40 yrs for stabbing ex-girlfriend over 30 times

The suspect was convicted by a Fort Bend County jury of fatally stabbing and killing Evelyne Epiepang in her Houston home in 2015. A 59-year-old Nigerian man identified as Osa Alohaneke, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend.The suspect was convicted by a Fort Bend County jury of fatally stabbing and killing Evelyne Epiepang in her Houston home in 2015.ALSO READ: Nigerian lady killed 2 weeks after wedding, husband on the run [Graphic Photos]”Fort Bend County’s Chief Family Violence Prosecutor, Amanda Bolin, said Epiepang called the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office around 5 pm on April 8, 2015, to report that her ex-boyfriend had been threatening to kill her and she wanted him out of her house. After Alohaneke left, sheriff’s deputies took a report from Evelyne before she left to stay with her friend, Veronica. At about 7 p.m., Evelyne learned that Osa has back at her home and was banging on the front door.Houston Chronicle reports that Evelyne called the sheriff’s office for their assistance once again but before deputies arrived, Evelyne and Veronica went back to Evelyne’s home thinking Osa was gone.According to the reports, Osa appeared behind Evelyne and Veronica as they entered the house and locked the door behind him. An argument reportedly ensues and the convict pulled a knife from under his shirt.Attacking Veronica first, Osa cut her face and stabbed her so hard in the arm that it fractured a bone. The convict later attacked Evelyne and stabbed her over 30 times.Evelyne managed to call 911 sometime during the attack, during which her screams and pleas as she died were recorded.ALSO READ: Man stabs wife to death 40 times on suspicion of cheatingAfter killing Evelyne, Osa asked Veronica to go ahead and call the sheriff because he had “completed his mission.”Deputies reportedly arrived at the scene and found the defendant in the front yard with his hands covered in blood while he spoke with his attorney.

Suicide: Man duped of N30m jumps from 5th floor of Ibadan’s UCH

A man who reportedly lost a large amount of money has made a move to end his life. A suicide note left behind by a man who killed himself by jumping off the 5th floor of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State, explains why he ended his own life.The letter is however in the custody of the police according to The Sun News, which reported that he was duped of a sum of N30 million. It was gathered that the deceased took a plunge from the building, landing his head on the ground. A graphic photo showed him on a bare ground while another man inspected his corpse.Teen swallows mosquito killer after parents reject her pregnancyHer parent’s disapproval of her pregnancy has encouraged a teenage girl, Abibatu, to swallow an insecticide which killed her.The deceased, a 17-year-old teen, reportedly studied at a secondary school located in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State.Prior to her death, she purchased a mosquito killer at a neighbouring store in a bid to kill herself. Abibatu was found dead on Saturday, April 28, 2018, according to a source who spoke to Punch News.“On Saturday morning, we heared that the girl was dead. We later learnt that she took mosquito killer.”We also heard that her parents were angry with her because she got pregnant. She might have committed suicide because of the shame.“We know her as a very calm person and we never knew she was capable of such act; we never knew she could take her own life in such a manner,” says the anonymous source.Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, the Rivers State Police Command’s Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed that the parents of the deceased are yet to file a report concerning her death.Omoni believes that the parents are afraid to visit the police after sending her packing of their residence following the news of her pregnancy.

Cultism: Nigerian restaurant owner attacked in Malaysia

Cultism leaves an ugly mark in Malaysia as reported confraternity violence almost leads to a death. Malaysia has witnessed another ugly Nigerian spectacle; a reported cult rivalry and brutal killing. This is the result of a reported clash between two Nigerian rival confraternities.According to Tori NG man named Ratty, a restaurant owner in Malaysia and and an unconfirmed member of the Black Axe fraternity was attacked in his restaurant where he was cut in the stomach, leaving a huge tear with his intestines popping out.Reports say he was immediately rushed to a hospital where his life hang by a thread.  Cultism is also menace in Nigeria. In July 2018, the Lagos State Police Command arrested 137 persons suspected to be cult members during initiation and marking of their annual ritual day.The Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Mr Imohimi Edgal, said the suspects were arrested while celebrating 7/7 under the guise that they were having a birthday party, at different locations in Ikorodu and Ogombo areas, suburbs of Lagos.He paraded t he suspects at the Command Headquarters in Ikeja.Edgal said t the suspects were undergoing initiation rites preparatory to unleashing mayhem on the larger society.According to him, 17 suspected cult members were also arrested at Ogombo, Aja area of the state during initiation rites and celebration of the 7/7 date.

FRSC confirms 6 dead in Friday’s accident in Ebonyi

Mrs Stella Uchegbu, FRSC Sector Commander in Ebonyi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that two buses were involved in the accident. The Ebonyi Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has confirmed six persons dead in a road mishap that occurred on Friday at Ezzamgbo end of the Enugu–Abakaliki highway.Mrs Stella Uchegbu, FRSC Sector Commander in Ebonyi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that two buses were involved in the accident.Uchegbu said that the command’s rescue team moved to the scene of the accident immediately they received a distress call on the incident.She said: “28 persons, comprising 21 male and seven female passengers, were in the two buses but four male and two female occupants died on the spot.”The FRSC boss said that nine passengers who sustained injuries were taken to the Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHA), Abakaliki for medical treatment.She said that the remains of the dead passengers had been deposited at the hospital’s morgue.She attributed the accident to “speed violation,” adding that the two vehicles had a head-on collision.Uchegbu said that one of the buses, marked ‘Peoples Choice’, was from Taraba, while the second was a Mitsubishi L300 bus.She admonished motorists to obey traffic regulations at all times in order to curb road mishaps, especially during the ’ember months.’An eyewitness said that residents of the area rushed to the scene and immediately commenced rescue operation before the arrival of the FRSC team.“Accidents occur regularly at this end of the expressway. It took the timely intervention of FRSC team and a handful of sympathisers to rescue the victims.“We learnt that most of the passengers were students of a private university in one of the South-south states, said to be returning from a trip.

Crook! Woman who faked blindness begs for life when a mob caught her

A mob in Ikorodu left a woman at its mercy after she was discovered to have faked her blindness. A woman who pretended to be blind had no choice other than beg for her life when a mob caught her in Ikorodu, Lagos.The fraudster was captured with her son who seemed aggressive towards a crowd ready to attack his mum.  In a clip shared via IG today, the woman who had earlier wore a dark shade was without one.All she had was her voice of plea which hoped may appease the group.Fake beggar in suit manhandled by Ondo policemenIn Akure, Ondo State, two policemen have been captured in a video which showed them in an attempt to arrest a blind man described as fake.The panhandler who was dressed in suit seemed to be helpless as one of the cops dragged him aggressively by his suit. ALSO READ: Little Kano beggar smokes like Fela [Video]An intervention by some observers who were filmed in the act of mediation had failed to save the man whose black shades stayed glued to his face while the chaotic scene went on.A clip shared via Instablogja’s IG on Monday, May 28, 2018, contained scenes of drama which offered a side attraction to a market audience.Begging is a rampant activity noticeable in various location across Nigeria’s vast land.  It ensured an embarrassing moment for a man who made up a body injury in order to get attention.

In Lagos: Over 10 cars in flame as petrol tanker explodes at Berger

A video tweeted by the RSS shows officials trying hard to put out the fire burning a Toyota Highlander SUV A Petrol tanker is currently on fire on Otedola Bridge at Berger area of Lagos, the state Rapid Response Squad (RSS) tweeted around 5 pm on Thursday, June 28.The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and the Lagos Fire Service were said to have mobilised men at the scene to put out the fire which had spread to others car in the area. A video tweeted by the RSS shows officials trying hard to put out the fire burning a Toyota Highlander SUV. The vehicle was reportedly salvaged.Pulse gathered that the tanker hit the median and spilled its contents – all the cars on the lane began catching fire after a bang.According to New Telegraph which cited an eyewitness, people trapped in traffic were caught in flames. The report also said about 10 other cars were razed.ALSO READ: Car burnt, resident injured in fuel tanker fire in Victoria IslandThe number of casualties was not ascertained as at the time of filing this report.Reactions to the fire incident has started gaining traction on social media, especially Twitter, with many warning people to avoid the area.

How Togolese cook allegedly killed boss in Lagos — Police

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the cook, who was only identified by his first name, Sunday, had been declared wanted by the police. The police in Lagos on Thursday gave an insight into how Credit Switch Chairman, Chief Ope Bademosi, was allegedly stabbed to death by his Togolese cook at his Park View residence in Ikoyi, Lagos on Thursday.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the cook, who was only identified by his first name, Sunday, had been declared wanted by the police.He allegedly murdered his boss on Oct. 31, three days after he was brought from Ondo.NAN gathered that the deceased’s wife had gone to the bank when the cook carried out the act and only came back to find her husband in a pool of his blood.According to a police source, the suspect had turned up the sound system to the loudest volume while he stabbed his victim on his chest multiple times.“After committing the act, the suspect went to the toilet and pulled off his white cook uniform as it had been stained with blood.“He also left the knife he used inside the toilet,” the police source said.The source noted that the knife used in perpetrating the act signified that the suspect could be an ex-military man.“Again, we went through his things and found some old pictures of him putting on a camouflage belonging to Republic of Benin military,” he added.The suspect, after committing the act then ransacked the apartment and stole huge amount of money, valuables such as jewelry and a mobile phone.The police, in a notice issued to declare the cook wanted, said actions have been taken to apprehend him.The notice read: “At exactly 8:45am this morning, information got to the police via a phone call that a murder had occurred in an estate.“Immediately, actions were taken to apprehend the suspected killer of Chief Ope Bademosi who was stabbed straight on the heart by the Togolese cook he brought in from Ondo State three days ago.“The culprit is currently at large, anybody with any useful information should contact the nearest police station,” the police said.