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Star Lager: Brand kicks off biggest promo with over 400 million naira cash giveaway

It is because of this common desire for success and love for the country that we have launched the Star Lager Millionaires Promo across the entire country Nigerian Breweries Plc, makers of Star Lager Beer, has announced the launch of the Star Lager Millionaires Promo, a national consumer exercise designed to reward football fans and lovers of Nigeria’s premium beer brand. The mega promo, expected to be the company’s biggest ever, is billed to give out over N400 million naira in cash between June 15 and August 15, 2018.Speaking on the Millionaires Promo, which is part of Star Lager’s ‘Nigeria United We Shine’ campaign which commenced a few weeks ago, Mr. Olayinka Bakare, Portfolio Manager National Premium, Nigerian Breweries Plc, declared:“Since 1949 when the first Star bottle was produced, the brand has always been about celebrating the unity of Nigeria, rewarding and enabling the passion of Nigerians, and supporting the team we love no matter what. It is because of this common desire for success and love for the country that we have launched the Star Lager Millionaires Promo across the entire country.” Thousands of consumers from across the country are expected to win instant airtime, plus whooping cash prizes of N1 million, N2 million, N5 million and the mega dream cash of N10 million naira. These are in addition to millions of free drinks and other items up for grabs.The announcement of Star’s Millionaires Promo also comes on the heels of its launch of special edition bottles, which were released in honour of Nigeria’s national football team, the Super Eagles, who are currently in Russia for the World Cup. The promo winners are expected to look under the crown corks and see a winning code that is redeemed via a USSD code of *566*20# which can be dialed on any network from all mobile phones.Since its partnership with the Nigerian Football Federation was unveiled earlier in the year, Star Lager, the official beer of the Super Eagles, has been engaging fans in a number of activations and events, including the Star Fan Parks known for fusing music, party and live viewing experience that were held in multiple cities during the team’s preparations.Also, the recently opened Super Eagles Dome in Lagos has been hosting fans to memorable nights of football, music and fun with special appearances and analysis by Super Eagles legends, and performances from top entertainers such as Ice Prince, MI, Small Doctor, DJ Neptune, DJ Big N and many others.This is a featured post.

#LazyYoungNigerian: President Buhari needs to get his facts right about young Nigerians

President Buhari has accused Nigerian youth of being lazy. The real question though is whether his generation could make anything of the Nigeria they’ve left us with. President Buhari will be remembered for many things but eloquence and emotional intelligence will not be among them. Since becoming President in 2015, Buhari has churned out sexist comment after insensitive joke, but the latest which has spurned the hashtag, #LazyNigerianYouth is perhaps the one our memories will be most unkind to.Speaking at a gathering of world leaders at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the President who enjoyed foreign education on the government’s tab and spent his entire career, nay, his life on Nigeria’s payroll, said of young people in the country that elected him into office, “About the economy, we have a very young population, our population is estimated conservatively to be 180 million. This is a very conservative one”, Buhari said in a video transcript shared on social media on Wednesday.“More than 60% of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education free,” he added.As one would expect, the range of reactions has been wide. Most young Nigerians are displeased, nay, angry at the statement and it is easy to see why.The gap between Nigeria’s youth and the older generation, particularly those in the seat of federal power, is as wide as the country’s problems.  After witnessing monumental shifts in the nature and direction of Nigeria’s course over the years, they see today’s youth as a bunch obsessed with social media. Where the rest of the world sees a nation of youth pushing boundaries in less than ideal conditions, they see a batch which would rather speak or garner attention with their voices and mastery of today’s technology than actually work.Which is the only plausible explanation for the rules and levies that have made drones and solar panels less accessible than they should be.It is a bit of a farce, when you think about it because the reason why young Nigerians are perceived as troublesome and demanding is that even before most of us “youth” were born, President Buhari’s generation made it clear that we did not matter in their grand scheme of things.At the time of Nigeria’s independence, President Buhari was just on his way out of Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College Katsina).1960 was an optimistic year. Nigeria was quite literally a land flowing with milk and honey. It was the giant jewel and lion of Africa, a nation rich in resources that the rest of the world looked on to with optimism and envy.A story too familiarThere was arguably no better time to be a Nigerian. The country’s economy and institutions were at their strongest; students could get jobs straight out of secondary school or take advantage of strong infrastructure and start businesses of their own.ALSO READ: Atiku dismisses President’s claim about lazy Nigerian youthsBuhari was one of those who benefited from the good of these times; in the years after independence, he enrolled in what is now the Nigerian Defence Academy. In the space of three years, he enrolled in the Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot, England, and later, Army Mechanical Transport School in Borden, United Kingdom.Both study trips, as well as the future President’s upkeep, were covered by the Nigerian government, common at a time when it sent cadets who had completed their preliminary training at the Nigerian Military Training College, as the NDA was then called, to mostly Commonwealth military academies. There is no such practice now.In the decades that followed, Nigeria went from the continent’s crown jewel to a byword for mismanagement and sycophancy. The story is all too familiar. Over the course of successive military and civilian governments, a generation of Nigerians, particularly the political elite, raped Nigeria of its commonwealth. References abound. Generaal Ibrahim Babangida’s regime is seen as the cabal that legalised corruption. The Gulf War windfall, estimated at over 12 billion dollars, remains unaccounted for.IBB created a fiefdom, running an elaborate personal show with enough ruses and smokescreens to hold on to power.Then there’s Buhari himself. Nigeria is a free market economy and has been for a while. But somehow, Buhari’s socialist ideals have been like one of a leopard’s spot. His blatant disregard for law led to the Umar Dikko affair, an international shitshow that the country did not need. Just over a decade after Gowon’s nationalisation and the first installments of petro-dollars flooded the economy, Nigerians, having just blamed Ghanaians for basically everything, were being flogged to stay in line in a collapsing economy.For years, the country’s infrastructure has been left to decay. Universities became, and are still, hubs for campus cults and horny old men. Hospitals stopped getting funded, and doctors fled the country.Budget allocations were carted away in Bagco bags and Swiss accounts.When then-British Prime Minister David Cameron said Nigeria was a fantastically corrupt country, we found it hard to argue with a reputation that had been earned on our behalf.The culture of misappropriation has become so bad that Nigerians learned to expect their leaders to rob the treasury, a fair estimation considering how leaders like Babangida single-handedly eliminated the middle class and made the naira nearly worthless.Within that space of time, we became nearly impotent in every field of endeavour. The country was crippled to a point where the average Nigerian learned that getting by was all he could hope for.The oil wealth which we stumbled on in the 1970s was meant to be our salvation. But then, even as it is till now, that wealth was squeezed into the hands of a few who have used it to enrich families, lineages, cabals and collectives.What is oil money? Oil money is a story we read in books and watched in the news, and some were unlucky enough to see in the air and their water, but we have little beyond crime-ridden cities, soot and lawsuits to show for.Sitting here in 2018, what the generation before us has left is a barely functional country, one where rules and laws only work depending on how much power an individual commands.Nigeria in 2018 is a country with no middle class, no jobs, an infrastructure deficit, weak borders, an insurgency, weak educational systems, crippled infrastructure, a worthless naira and a bad reputation.It is a far cry from the country Buhari’s generation grew up in and took advantage of.Yet, despite the odds stacked against them, Nigeria’s youth are not lazy, far from it. Instead, young Nigerians, both home and abroad, are defying the odds and the handicaps they’re born with and into to do exploits, break boundaries and set new benchmarks.For every young boy on the streets of Agege, addicted to drugs for escapism because he can’t find work, there’s an Iyin Aboyeji in his 20s building networks, creating jobs and adding value.It is what we’re getting for a ‘Nigerian dream”. That those who make it here, do so in spite of the circumstances, not because of them.ALSO READ: Nigerian youths are not lazy, their leaders failed themIt is why, in reaction to President Buhari’s ill-advised statement, youth all over Nigeria are posting receipts to show why they are not lazy.These tweets refer to Nigeria’s burgeoning tech space which has attracted attention from the world’s biggest companies. They refer to the music scene, one which has flourished in international proportions without the government’s help. They refer to the stories of millions of young Nigerians making the best of the little they’ve been givenIt is proof that our President’s latest embarrassment is more an indictment of himself, his lack of context and emotional intelligence, a rare form of short-nearsightedness that predisposes him to blaming anyone except himself for the problems that should be too obvious to misinterpret.President Buhari needs to get his facts right, and I’m not referring to the allegation that 60% of the population is under 30. When people speak of Nigeria’s promise and potential nowadays, it is not about oil or cocoa, it is a reference to the booming human capital, the boundless talent, versatility and tenacity shown by young Nigerians in various fields of endeavour.Many have posited and with good reason that, if we are not careful, Nigeria’s biggest tragedy will be that it cannot make anything of its biggest resource: young people.It’s easy to see why. The stark reality that Buhari’s statement at Westminster makes clear is that the person most likely to run Nigeria for the next 5 years has no belief in the country’s greatest resource.If that’s not troubling enough, I have no idea what is.

Street Mama: Taxify driver accuses a lady of ordering boys to beat him up,...

Their issues allegedly originated from a N200 difference in the trip fare on Taxify. An unnamed Taxify driver, simply named on the original screenshots to the story as, ‘Cool Taxify Guy’ has claimed he was beaten at Chevy View estate, Lagos on orders of a lady over N200 difference in Taxify trip charge.He alleged that he was beaten at a bakery type business called, Crumbles Chef Academy at Chevron Drive after the lady had invited him to come in and get his money. Upon entering the building, he claims he was attacked with heavy objects by security guards who gave him scars.ALSO READ: 5 boys drug her, film and rape her, but she becomes a fashion designerApparently, he also has videos, but he claims they were deleted from his phone by the mobile policemen at the estate’s gate. He also claims that the owner of the bakery told him that, “any publicity is good publicity,” implying that he expects the driver to make the matter public.

Power Game: Banana Island high ballers overpower army chief Burutai

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai was met with a strong civil protest by Banana Island residents during a recent visit to the estate. Banana Island residents who were not happy about a recent intrusion by members of the Nigerian Army have staged a protest.Perhaps, this created an embarrassing moment for army chief, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai who was prevented from entering the Ikoyi estate during a visit on Saturday, June 2, 2018. Punch News gathered Burutai had just arrived to commission a new settlement, Apple Island located in the rural seat. This was in response to a request by the Nigerian Army Properties Limited who wanted him over for an inauguration which unfortunately failed to happen.“I was actually supposed to come here yesterday (Friday) and I put it off for certain reasons. I decided to come here to see what the position is. “I came here to see the general area first of all.“But now, nothing is going to happen without following the due process to consult you for your view. Rest assured, we are here for your interest and the interest of the country,” Burutai says calmly while addressing a crowd of Banana Island protesters.His gentle speech ended but also ensured an early departure of the army chief who was not able to formally commission the project due to a barricade created by a crowd.ALSO READ: Loved ones to hold Banana Island rally in memory of late singer AlizeePunch News confirmed from a resident Tokunbo Wahab the full detail of the protest.“On Monday, May 28, the eve of Democracy Day, some armed military men came to destroy our jetty and everything we had there. They came in through the estate gate and stationed themselves there till Friday. “They claimed to be acting on the orders of the Nigerian Army Property Limited. Despite our protest, they wanted to go ahead with the inauguration.“On Friday, some of us challenged the illegality of militarising the estate and we asked them to leave. Around 4pm, the soldiers were withdrawn.“However, on Saturday, we saw armed policemen and we decided to mobilise as residents when we got the information that the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, was on his way to inaugurate the said Apple Island.“We decided to form a human shield as he was coming down from his car. We expressed our anger at the militarisation of a civilian estate and the destruction of our property. “We told him that we had approval to have a jetty on the estate which they claimed was the take-off point of their Apple Island. We also said they could not use an existing estate as an access to another estate,” Tokunbo Wahab explains. Punch News added that it got hold of a video showing the army chief as he addressed Wahab and his neighbours.

Child marriage: Some Twitter users think it is okay to marry underage girls

It is worrying that some young men believe there’s nothing wrong with having sex with a 15-year-old girl As far as social media platforms go, Twitter has become the scene for some very revealing conversations. This time, some young men on the platform are making a case for why it is okay to have intercourse with and get married to underaged girls.In recent times, the subject of child marriage has come to the front burner quite frequently. After a certain governor from the North took a teenager for his wife, many sought to address the religious and cultural beliefs that have allowed this distateful trend to continue.However, as it turned out on this occasion, we are discovering that some of the younger generation are also of the opinion that taking a young, underaged girl for a wife is not wrong.ALSO READ: Indecent dressing is not an excuse for rapeFollowing the publishing of a series of news editorials on Twitter, a conversation arose about girl child marriage in Nigeria and how it is still a pervading reality, despite many efforts to sensitize the people to the contrary.  While the majority made strong cases for the perils of child marriage and the implications of having intercourse with underged girls, these were not sentiments that were shared across board.There’s no defence for child marriageIt could be said that the incidence of child marriage is most common in the North of the country and when the topic comes up, it is not unusual to see many opposing opinions that seek to justify the trend.Most times, what comes up are reference to the culture of the North and the Islamic religion which some claim permits and validates such union between an older man and an underaged child.Another common defence is that child marriage prevents fornication and this asinine explanation was raised.At the height of the discussion, Twitter User @damilohun_A searched through comments on the issue and her findings were a lit more than disturbing.  We may not agree with her generalisation that the pinions from her tweet are from “Hausa Twitter” as it paints an entire region as paedophiles, an assertion which is not true.Yet the opinions raised reflect a worrisome trend. One, a distateful culture has been passed on to the younger genertion. Secondly, armed with social media, these twitter users are peddling this as words of marble, dangerous assertions that threaten the safety and innocence of our young women. One user tweeted, “If she can comfortably take knacks as early as 15, I see nothing wrong in marrying her off at that age”Yikes.Another, who sought to rationalise this thinking responded to the prior tweet by saying one would be surprised at how mature the girls can be at the age of 12.We have a serious problem hereAs the fight for women’s rights and the rights of the girl child continue in earnest, it is important that we understand the role that cultural and religious instituations and personalities have played in upholding this dangerous narrative and encouraging child marriage.Nothing, not even an insane level of maturity or consent, will justify marrying off a girl until she comes of age and can legally make these decisions.That we have people who do not understand this is very troubling.

Tecno Camon CM: Two people emerge winners in guess game

Five (5) winners were picked every week for a period of three weeks and these winners were the first participants that got the correct answer across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TECNO Spot and Snapchat. Africa’s leading mobile phone manufacturers have once again proven that they are not only a business-oriented firm but are also very much concerned with consumer welfare & giving back to the society which they have done through yet another gaming initiative titled “TECNO CAMON CM Guess Game”.An activity that kicked off following the launch of TECNO’s first full display 18.9 phone – Camon CM was made up of three series game posted weekly on TECNO Mobile official pages and the audience were asked to read or watch the hint and guess what the next action would be, accompanying their answers with #ExpandYourHorizons. The Camon CM Guess Game started on the 15th of January 2018 and a total of 15 weekly winners won various gift items in the game that ended on the on the 2nd of February.  Five (5) winners were picked every week for a period of three weeks and these winners were the first participants that got the correct answer across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TECNO Spot and Snapchat. At the end of the Camon CM Guess Game, thousands of correct responses were received out of which 2 lucky winners of the new Camon CM were picked via a Facebook live draw that took place on the 9th February, 2018 at TECNO Mobile Nigeria Headquarters in Lagos. The TECNO CAMON CM phone with its amazing features such as the 18:9 full-view display which shapes the perfect experience for photography, videos & gamingThis is something the winners will definitely always remember. TECNO Mobile is a brand that has thrived in the act of giving and constantly looks for several ways to communicate that feat to the public and these acts are commendable.Valentine is around the corner who knows what TECNO is up to.

#JusticeForOchanya: How 52-year old Lecturer and his son raped Elizabeth Ochanya from age 8,...

After falling terribly ill earlier this year that she couldn’t walk, she eventually died of Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF). On October 18, 2018, 13-year old Ochanya Elizabeth Ogbanje succumbed to her gruesome five-year sexual abuse and died of Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) and other health complications at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi. She had been allegedly molested, defiled, drugged and abused for 5 years by her 52-year old uncle, Andrew Ogbuja, a Lecturer in the Department of Catering and Hotel Management of the Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, and his son, Victor Ogbuja.Ochanya who had fallen ill because she couldn’t walk earlier in 2018 was a JSS 1 student of the Federal Government Girls College, Gboko, Benue State. Her school’s alumni, like the rest of Nigeria, are rightly hungry for justice, leading to #JusticeForOchanya across social media pages. Why would an elderly man be so callous to indulge his son in raping a young 13-year old? Have you no human feeling? Her uncle was a Knight of the Catholic Church and his son is a final year student of Animal Production at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Her aunt, Andrew’s wife, Felicia Ogbuja claims she had no knowledge of her being raped.A tragic tale of abuse, sodomy, drugs, life threats and rape of Ochanya Elizabeth Ogbanje YNaija reports via an unnamed Twitter user that, Ochanya’s mother died in 2013.Felicia Ogbuja, Andrew’s wife and Victor’s mother is her cousin, but age means she calls Felicia her aunt. She was sent to live with the Ogbujas when her father couldn’t care for her. She was 8-years old.Father and Son took turns raping her, almost immediately. They would rape her vaginally and anally, sometimes drug her before molesting her and then, threaten her with death to prevent her from telling anybody. The son, however, started first.Vanguard reports Ochanya as saying, “It all started in 2013 when I came to live with my mother’s sister in Ugbokolo because there was no school in my village.“When I was eight years old, the son started sleeping with me and when his sister caught him, she reported him to their father and the father scolded him. From there, the father also started sleeping with me.”The constant rape, drugs and molestation destroyed her physical and mental health at 12In June 2018, Ochanya got very sick. Caregiver and Founder of Restorer of PathCare Foundation, Evangelist Enewa Soo, took over her health issues after the case was reported to her. She took Ochanya to the Benue State Teaching Hospital where it was discovered stated that her health had been damaged from the usual drug induced vaginal and anal rape, and molestation.Vanguard quotes Soo saying, “At the time they brought the girl, she was very sick and when we began to make our findings, we discovered that she was actually raped and the doctors confirmed that she was allegedly sexually abused through the virgina and the anus by one Victor Ogbuja, her guardian’s son.“Since then we have been trying to see how we can restore her health. We took her to a teaching hospital where series of tests were carried out and she has also been booked for Vesicovaginal Fistula, VVF, operation in Jos, Plateau State, from September 16 to 17.”Soo also bemoaned the 13-year old’s emotional and mental depression from the constant abuse.Soon after, on October 18, 2018, Ochanya passed away from VVF and other health complications — she succumbed to her suffering. Nobody deserves this betrayal from people they were supposed to trust.The ensuing court caseOne Rose Abah of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, Benue State chapter in Ogene Amadu Edumoga, Okpokwu Local Government Area of the state, reported the matter at the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (CIID), of the state police command.Andrew Ugboja has since been arrested on August 10, 2018, while Victor remains at large, running and on the lam since Enewa Soo knew of the matter. He was arraigned before Makurdi Upper Area Court on August 13, 2018, on charges of defilement of an underage girl and other charges.At Court, Police prosecutor, Inspector Patrick Sunday said, “From the First Information Report, FIR, before the court, Mrs. Abah claimed that sometime in February, when her 13-year-old daughter was sick and admitted at Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi, she told her that when she was staying with her cousin-sister, Felicia Ogbuja in Ugbokolo town between 2013 and 2015, her son, Victor Ogbuja, raped her.“She further said that her cousin’s husband, Andrew Ogbuja, also had carnal knowledge of her.” The offence is punishable under Sections 97 and 284 of the Penal Code of Benue State 2004. Through Ugboja’s counsel, David Ojile, he volunteered to take full responsibility for Ochanya’s treatment, saying it was a family matter, pleading the court to grant him bail and let the matter be settled privately. However, the court lacked jurisdiction, so no plea was taken. The judge, Mr. Kwen, adjourned the case to September 24.According to Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Ugboja was granted bail, but activist, Ukan Kurugh says he was rearrested on October 23, 2018 on charges of culpable homicide (manslaughter) on Tuesday, following Ochanya’s death.Pulse promises to keep you updated on further developments.

Unfortunate: Little kid shot dead during NDLEA Lagos Island drug raid

The police has requested for the presence of NDLEA officers who took part in a drug raid which led to the death of a student. A secondary school student yet to be identified has been shot dead during a National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) raid on the Lagos Island.The deceased, who studied at the Dolphin High School, Lagos Island, was killed on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Godwin Nsidieti, a security guard who works at the learning center was reportedly shot in the left eye according to a Punch News report.”Two other victims, a civil servant and a man said to be a resident of Igunu Street, Nurudeen Animashaun, were also affected,” according to Punch. ALSO READ: NDLEA ruins supply for drug users addicted to codeineA group of NDLEA operatives had visited Tapa Street, Lagos Island, on the day of the tragedy in a bid to arrest drug peddlers but their plan went south following resistance from some youths who shot at them.The brutal exchange of bullets soon led to the killing of the school kid as well as other casualties. “Men of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad from Ikeja had earlier raided the community that day. No sooner had they left than the NDLEA men came in through Tapa Street in two Hilux vans.“They were in mufti and some boys tried to chase them away. As they started shooting, they hurriedly wore their jackets with NDLEA inscribed on them.“Before we knew what was happening, the school guard and a pupil had been felled by bullets. A civil servant and another man (Animashaun) also sustained injuries. The officials quickly entered their vans and ran away.“We learnt that the pupil later died. The principal of Dolphin High School said the pupil was not known in the school. We have been trying to locate his address. “The officials that perpetrated the act must be brought to book. They arrested two residents,” a resident, Raphael, told Punch.In response, the Lagos State Police has written to the NDLEA asking it to make available operatives who were involved in the raid that led to the killing of some Lagos Island residents.This was confirmed by its Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti.Drunk NDLEA officers stab man who tried to caution themA fight between officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and civil servants has led to the death of a man, Samuel Koro-toe.The deceased, an employee of the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, was stabbed to death while trying to caution drunk NDLEA reps who attended a party organised in celebration of the 40th-year anniversary of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE).The incident which occurred on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, was captured on camera according to Vanguard News. In its report, the NDLEA officers described as aggressors, reportedly fired bullets in the air in response to an attempt to  correct their uncontrolled behaviour.Koro-toe, who was caught up in the maze was stabbed with a machete leaving him dead at the Agege Local Government Area.

Jungle Justice: Suspected motorcycle thief burnt beyond recognition

A suspected motorcycle thief was burnt to death in the Yawuri area of Kebbi state. Just when we thought Nigerians had moved past jungle justice, another angry mob strikes in Kebbi State.A suspected motorcycle thief was burnt to death in the Yawuri area of the state.ALSO READ: Why strip people naked in public?Photos show the victim burnt beyond recognition for his crime. This seems to be the first of such case in 2018 although there was a massive surge in jungle justice from mid-2016 to mid-2017.Petty thefts and other crimes have been judged and sentences carried out on the streets, and it usually ends in a gory, brutal death.ALSO READ: Jungle Justice: Time to tame this menaceMembers of the public have been encouraged to report such cases and avoid taking justice into their own hands.

Nigerian Names: What if a person’s name could tell you something about who they...

From Heineken Lokpobiri to Lai Mohammed, we wonder if these people’s parents were trying to tell us something when they named them. Imagine a world where there were no names, and you had to no way of referring to a person or telling others who they are. It’s very easy to forget the primary reason why we have names. Especially in our society, names serve numerous purposes, like a universal remote. A name can be a way of honouring tradition. It can be a symbol of hope. In most Nigerian cultures, a name is also a prayer of sorts for the child’s future, which is why you hear names like Blessing or Grace.ALSO READ: Don’t die in Nigeria; nobody will remember your name(Forget the fact that sometimes the prayer does not come true and the name becomes a shameful appendage that makes the bearer feel the need to offer explanations that no-one asked for.It reminds me of a joke by the comedian, I GO DIE where he said about one of his hypothetical friends who was in the habit of insulting people for their names, “your name na success but look at your life, no success, na so so failure. You wear the same shoe for one week”.)But what if the name is a representation of something that they already know.Sometimes, you come across names that are so unique that you are tempted to think you have found a gateway into the person’s life. Names like these are all around us and they make you wonder if the person’s parents were trying to tell us something that we didn’t pay attention to. We’re considering three of the most popular of these names in Nigerian Politics; the purpose is simple, to see if a person’s name can tell you something about who they are:(1) Heineken Lokpobiri: I’m often tempted to ask if Heineken has another meaning in any Bayelsan dialect. Other times, I wonder if this is a show of brand loyalty, similar to when female fans get those ill-advised tattoos of Davido and Wizkid on their lady parts. Either way, Heineken only brings one thing to mind; beer. There’s only one thing you consider when you meet someone whose first name is a brand of premium lager. ALSO READ: We think Buhari should fire these 10 ministersRumour says Bayelsa men love their alcoholic beverages, but we can’t shake the feeling that Mister Lokpobiri’s first name offers some free insight into his drinking habits and what kind of bottle he likes to caress when Nigeria tries to kill him like the rest of us.(2) Goodluck Jonathan: From one son of Bayelsa to another, former President Jonathan is living evidence that going to school barefoot as a child can help you win elections and a person’s name could fortune.  If there’s anyone whose name can say something about who they are, it has to be Jonathan. Over less than a decade, the Otupko native rose from the position of deputy governor of Bayelsa State to become the country’s president. Even though he was clearly unqualified for the role, Jonathan’s run to the top was defined by sheer luck and good fortune. In many ways, the man’s first name was a prophecy.(3) Lai Mohammed: The minister of Information’s first name sounds somewhat similar to the reason why we have a hard time believing what he says anymore.  ALSO READ: Lai Mohammed is proof that the ruling class is behind the timesWhen he was appointed, young people on social media posted tweets and memes referring to him as “Lie Mohammed”. Now while there’s evidence that Lai manipulates facts when he wishes, it’s not fair to say his name is a representation of who he is. It appears that the man just has to make edits to the truth, every now and then in the interest of his President and national security.

Nigerian lawyer, Adeola Oyinlade, wins International Bar Association’s Human Rights Award 2018

The prestigious award was presented to him at this year’s IBA Conference in Rome, Italy. Mr. Oyinlade emerged winner ahead of other finalists from many countries across the world. A Nigerian human rights lawyer, Mr. Adeola Austin Oyinlade, has been declared winner of the International Bar Association’s Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Legal Practitioner to Human Rights for 2018. The prestigious award was presented to him at this year’s IBA Conference in Rome, Italy. Mr. Oyinlade emerged winner ahead of other finalists from many countries across the world. Each year, the International Bar Association (IBA) presents the award to an outstanding lawyer in the world of human rights law. The IBA has a membership of over more than 80,000 individual lawyers and 195 bar associations and law societies spanning all continents across the world. Mr. Oyinlade has distinguished himself through his courageous stand for human rights and his pro-bono legal services to the poor in Nigeria. As a lawyer advocating equitable, just and fair society over the years, he has taken his human rights empowerment further by simplifying human rights laws and safeguards to the understanding of ordinary people on the street in English and major local languages including Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba spoken by over 100 million people in Nigeria. The IBA award winner pioneered human rights empowerment via mobile technology when he created ‘Know Your Rights Nigeria’ app for millions of android, iPhone and web users in Nigeria.  The app and the web version of his work simplify all human rights laws in force with safeguards in English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba languages alongside platforms where users engage him and his team of over 50 lawyers daily for free legal support on human rights issues. The lawyer and UN Peace Ambassador also created platforms on the app where users report abuse anonymously, get safeguards on what steps to take in the face of assaults, and get connected to security forces for help, thereby pioneering the first ever human rights empowerment innovation with mere push of buttons in the palms in English and major local languages in the era of mobile technological advancement.  Since the human right lawyer unveiled the app and web version for human rights empowerment, it has proved very effective for its free access, speedy dissemination of human rights information and free legal advisory with over 200 thousand people as beneficiaries. The rights empowerment app in major local languages has made a real difference for the situation of the defenseless and ordinary people on the street in Nigeria.  Earlier this year at the U.S Consulate in Lagos, the U.S Consul General John Bray has commended and “acknowledge Mr. Adeola Oyinlade and the work he has done to strengthen respect and support for the protection of human rights in Nigeria’. While asserting that the US Government have turned to Mr. Oyinlade for his insights on the status of human rights in Nigeria, the Consul-General sees his work in Nigeria very key as according to him, Nigeria is ‘one of the most important countries on the continent, given its large population, thriving commercial enterprises, and strategic geopolitical location Nigeria is critical to Africa’s prosperity and stability”.At the continental level, through advocacy, the Nigerian human rights and international law expert has also proffered solutions to human rights issues in Africa including the South Sudan Political Crisis, the Central African Republic Crisis, the Congo Democratic Republic Armed conflict, and the Libyan peace talks among others with relative impact.  He worked as a resource person to the African Union Commission on the implementation of African Youth Charters and delivered papers on how AU member states can reform local laws for the implementation of the charter. At the presentation of the award at Roma Convention Center La Nuvola, the conference venue on Friday 12 October, 2018, the IBA stated the prestigious Award is for outstanding contribution by a Legal Practitioner to Human Rights in which Mr. Oyinlade came top among lawyers across the world.  The IBA Human Rights Award honoree, while giving his remark, thanked the Global lawyers’ body for the award and said such recognition is a charge to do more. “Recognition of this magnitude brings more responsibilities. Since the task that follows such responsibilities will give birth to deliverables and outcomes that will shape the world for better, I am happier and fully ready to carry on”, Oyinlade said.According to the IBA Human Rights honouree, “As it appears to me, we are not short of preachers against human rights abuse or short of preaching against serial violations of human rights. We are only short of compliance with the rule of law. As the world is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this year, we all have more work to do to make the world fair and just. “The world is looking up to us (lawyers) to consistently use our legal expertise as a tool of social engineering and problem-solving. I believe and hope that we shall continue to apply our knowledge of law as a glue that holds the society together”, he said, while calling on lawyers to take the leading role in expanding the frontiers of human rights.Mr. Oyinlade is the first Nigerian lawyer to have won the IBA award for outstanding contribution by a legal practitioner to human rights and the second from the continent of Africa after George Bizos from South Africa who was recommended by many personalities including Nelson Mandela.

Midea electronics Nigeria at Lagos International Trade Fair 2018

Speaking about the event, the Brand and Marketing Manager at Somotex, Mr. Seyi Oduwaye explained the choice of Lagos International Trade Fair for the product unveiling. Somotex Nigeria Limited, the sole distributor of Midea home appliances in Nigeria has confirmed its active participation in the 2018 Lagos International Trade Fair slated for 2-11 Nov 2018 at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.They will be launching new models of Freezers, Water Heaters and Dryers  Speaking about the event, the Brand and Marketing Manager at Somotex, Mr. Seyi Oduwaye explained the choice of Lagos International Trade Fair for the product unveiling.“We are confident the Lagos International Trade Fair offers us a solid platform to unveil our latest products and reach Nigerians. It will be a time for the best brands in Nigeria to showcase their products and services to the world which is why we have chosen to identify with it”.  Mr. Seyi also commended the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry for creating such a viable platform for businesses in the country.He further revealed that Somotex is committed to its promise of delivering quality products and services to Nigerians. “At Somotex, our major focus is to continuously deliver products of value to our numerous customers, we partner with globally recognised brands for quality and cutting edge technology. We have Midea and Bruhm products in our home appliances and Electronics portfolio, we are also the sole distributor for Havells Electricals and Sukam Inverters and batteries.We believe quality is not just an act but it’s instilled over time” based on trust and credibility. “We offer diversified and affordable products borne out of innovative engineering based on the needs of the consumer”Mr Vinod Khatwani the General Manager highlighted the strides of Somotex Nigeria Limited in the consumer electronics industry. “Our goal is to become the biggest distributor of home appliances and consumer electronics in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. This is why we have spread our offices and authorized dealers nationwide and partnered with reputable brands”We promise our customers rest of mind with a full two-year warranty on selected products and excellent after sales service on all products. Customers can walk into any of our stores or shop online to buy our products “Trust me when I say our prices are pocket friendly without any compromise on quality.”The company will also showcase other products during the trade fair such as air-conditioners, chest freezers, 4 door Refrigerators and washing machines. Somotex Nigeria Limited is one of the largest distributors of household appliances in Nigeria with more than 1000+ trade partners. Kindly visit stall No – EE1/3082 and shop quality affordable home and kitchen appliances. Our head office is at No. 1 Olorunfunmi Street, off Kudirat Abiola way, behind Philips building, Ojota, and Lagos. Other office locations are: 123, Obafemi Awolowo way, opposite AP filling station, oke-ado, Ibadan.Plot 232, No. 2 Leventis building, off Muhammadu Buhari way, central area, FCT, Abuja.135, Trans Amadi, Industrial layout, PHC, Rivers State.59, Maganda road, Bompai industrial area, Kano.KM 13, Enugu expressway, near Ogbunike junctionWith distributors across other states. You can call – 08122892556 / 08023663628 or visit www.somotexnig.

SARS: Auto parts dealer dies in police custody, family vows to get justice

The family members of the deceased said they searched for their son at police stations across the state until he was traced to the Ikeja SARS office. Families of an auto parts dealer are seeking justice over the suspicious death of their son who died in the custody of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos State Police Command. The police were said to have, on many occasions, denied the whereabouts of the deceased, Lukman Ogundele, until his family members independently found out that he died in detention. Lukman, who sold auto parts and iron in the Owode Onirin area of Lagos, had been arrested by SARS men alongside his friend, Saheed Abayomi, for allegedly facilitating the sale of a stolen Toyota Camry.Lukman and Abayomi were reportedly arrested in the midnight of December 29, 2017 and they were detained at a police station in Ikeja, alongside two other suspects.The families of the two traders said they searched for them at police stations across the state, until on December 31 when Abayomi’s mother traced him to the Ikeja SARS office.ALSO READ: 10 things SARS doesn’t want you to knowAccording to Punch, Lukman’s wife, Wunmi Ogundele, and relatives consequently visited SARS office on several occasions, but were not allowed to see him.”Any time we went there, policemen would chase us away and they did not allow us to see his friend, Saheed (Abayomi), so we could ask after him (Lukman). I had travelled with the children for the Yuletide when he was arrested,” Wunmi added.His cousin, one Isaac, who went to the station on January 6, was  told that the Investigating Police Officer, Inspector Edwin Obam, had taken him out, the report said.Lukman’s mother, Yemisi Ogundele, who lives in Taraba State, was forced have travelled down to Lagos after unsuccessful attempts to see him.The mother said, “He sold auto parts and iron in Owode Onirin. A man wanted to sell a car. He and Saheed got a buyer for the vehicle and the person sold it to someone else. On December 29, in the night, some SARS men went to his house in Itowolo, Ikorodu, with Saheed, and arrested him.”Our family members went to the SARS office, but the policemen did not give them any attention. Last Wednesday, I came down to Lagos State and went there. The policemen I met said they did not know anybody by that name.”I saw Saheed while he was being taken to the Ikeja Magistrate’s Court that day with two others. I asked for my son, but they chased me away. They did not allow me to get close to Saheed.”She said she went with Lukman’s brother and official at the court, who showed them the charge preferred against him.The woman said that she and Lukman’s brother went to the court and met with an official, who showed them the charge preferred against him.She said she was shocked to discover that her son was charged with robbery along with one Kehinde Hassan.She added, “His name on the heading of the charge sheet had been cancelled, but in the content, it was written as late Lukman Ogundele. That was when I realised that my son died in the police custody, but they were trying to cover up.”When my daughter prodded the IPO further, he made a call. After a few minutes, about eight armed policemen came to scare us away.”An uncle to the deceased, Pastor Bolaji Michael, said a policeman confided in him that Lukman was dead.He said, “Lukman and Saheed were arrested for introducing a buyer to a stolen vehicle. But he was charged with a separate count bordering on robbery. We will be in court on Tuesday (today) to see what happens. We will also get a lawyer to petition the Inspector-General of Police.”Officially, SARS has not told the family that he is dead, which is wrong. It was a policeman that told us that the boy slumped in custody and died. He said he was not tortured and advised us to let go of the matter. He said he would help us to collect his corpse. He said if we let the case drag on, we might not get his corpse in one year.”I disagreed with him and said we would take it up. This was a man who had two kids of seven and nine years old and a wife. He must not die just like that.”Also speaking, Abayomi’s mother said a SARS officer had promised her that Lukman and her son would be released on bail as soon as the prime suspects in the case were arrested.She said, “The officer promised that Saheed and Lukman would be released once they got one Idowu and Kehinde, the prime suspects, arrested. But after the two were caught, they did not release them.”I was surprised when I got a call last Tuesday that they would be charged to court. Saheed, Idowu and Kehinde were brought to the Ikeja Magistrate’s Court last Wednesday, but Lukman was not there. The police have postponed their arraignment to Tuesday (today).”However, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, denied that the police covered up Lukman’s death.ALSO READ: Falana says it’s impossible to scrap SARS He said Lukman died naturally on January 2, 2018, adding that the victim’s relatives were informed about the death through a family member, who is a policeman.Oti said, “The boy was arrested for armed robbery with four others. Along the line, he was sick while in the cell and was taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. The doctor treated him and the police took him back.  He was returned to custody.”The next day, he collapsed and was rushed back to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, he was confirmed dead by a doctor. Other gang members have been arraigned and remanded in prison.”SARS, the police unit has been criticised by Nigerians over the unruly conduct of its operatives.A campaign tagged #EndSARS has been ongoing on social media platforms for months, with many accusing SARS officials of harassing and brutalising innocent citizens, thereby calling on the Federal Government to scrap the unit.

Saudi Slavery: Suffering Nigerian lady fakes madness to escape her wicked Saudi Arabian boss...

Extreme conditions require extreme measures. In August 2018, Pulse reported the exploitation of Nigerian girls in Saudi Arabia; girls were subjected to inhumane working conditions and even assault. During that period, two Nigerian girls named Omotayo and Shola were killed by their bosses in Saudi Arabia.According to Satellite Times, Omotayo had sent a picture of her battered self to her loved ones before she sadly passed away from the excessive battery. Shola was beaten and was not fed, she also passed away in sad circumstances. This time, it seems one of those girls, suffering similarly terrible working conditions needed to escape.They say extreme conditions trigger extreme measures. You remember those wicked seniors in Secondary Boarding Schools you had to fake-faint for so they would stop beating you? This is a modern representation of one of those situations.According to Satellite Times, the unnamed lady’s family thought she was in Europe, working. Instead, she was stuck in Saudi Arabia, slaving away at the hands of a terrible boss. She wanted to run away but was prevented by the contract she had signed with the recruitment agencies in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.These agencies are also privy to the terrible treatment these girls are subjected to. This unnamed girl also says that she was kept indoors all day, so she would not run away.ALSO READ: Read about the exploitation of young Nigerian women in Saudi ArabiaWhat changed?She learned that the previous maid to her boss before her was killed by her boss from excessive beating, maltreatment and improper feeding. That maid was Omotayo, the girl who sent a picture of her battered self to her family members.It was then that something snapped in her, she knew only desperate measures would suffice. What ensued was a display of fake madness to make her boss was disinterested in her as possible.She put on tattered clothes, plastered her face with powder and started yelling gibberish, including Yoruba incantations, which both shocked and amazed her boss. She continued this for three days, through which she wasnt fed, nor did she drink water.On the second day, her boss placed a call to the recruitment agency to query why she got an insane maid. After no reasonable explanation was forthcoming, the boss had her put on a plane, possibly deported — She survived.Extreme situations trigger desperate solutions.

You could win $2.2 billion USD in lottery prizes this week, without leaving Nigeria

Together, the prizes up for grabs is an incredible $2.2 billion USD (793 billion NGN). What would do you with all that cash? History will be made this week. The American Mega Millions lottery is offering a jackpot prize set at $1.6 billion USD (581.6 billion NGN), the largest lottery jackpot ever. Not only that, the American Powerball lottery is currently offering a jackpot prize of $620 million USD (223.5 billion NGN).Together, the prizes up for grabs is an incredible $2.2 billion USD (793 billion NGN). What would do you with all that cash? If you thought that you could only win such huge lottery prizes if you were living in America, we’ve got news for you! As the official Powerball website clearly states: “You do not have to be a [US] citizen or a resident to play the game.” Anyone, the website confirms, can “purchase a Powerball ticket…play the game and…collect prizes.” Nigerians are included, even you!So how can you play Powerball and Mega Millions from Nigeria?All you need to do is register at, the world’s leading online lottery ticket purchasing service. On the website you can purchase official Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets, or entries to any of the other 50+ lotteries from around the world that are offered.Here’s how it works: theLotter’s local agents in the US will buy tickets on your behalf. In return, the website charges a transaction fee and you will get a scan of your tickets before the draw. When you win a prize, it’s entirely yours as commissions aren’t taken from winning tickets. Over the years, has paid out more than $90 million USD in prizes to over 4 million winners from across the globe. Some of the biggest winners at have been a woman from Panama who won a $30 million USD Florida Lotto jackpot prize and a man from Iraq who won $6.4 million USD in the Oregon Megabucks lottery. As the international media reported, it is perfectly legal for foreigners to win American lottery prizes by purchasing official tickets online at theLotter.Mega Millions and Powerball offer record-breaking jackpots and you can play from NigeriaYou can play to win the huge guaranteed jackpots in the upcoming Mega Millions and Powerball draws. Purchasing official lottery tickets at theLotter using your VISA or Mastercard is simple, safe, and secure. You will quickly see that playing the world’s biggest lotteries from the comfort of your home in Nigeria could make your dreams of lottery riches come true.For more information how to play Mega Millions and Powerball online from Nigeria, please visit