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Sex Robot: Meet Solana, a sex robot with removable face and changeable mood

The creator of the machine have offered users an improved control over the reaction of the newly designed sex robot. The creator of controversial sex robot popularly called Harmony, has introduced an improved version named Solana equipped with a removable face and changeable mood.Designer Matt McMullen made the announcement on the evening of Thursday, January 11, 2018, in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show.  According to the Mirror UK News, the new appeal “comes with a new face and personality.” A noticeable feature in the sex robot is perhaps a capability which allows users to change her mood and personality with a mobile app.“The face is actually modular, the same way that within the app you can change the personality settings and create a separate profile and separate avatar, you’re able to remove and attach a different face to the same robot very easily.“And anyone can do that,” says McMullen while describing some of the new features observable in the product.  Users are also able to determine the personality of Solana which allows them to explore the Artificially Intelligence (AI) machine, which was created in the year 2017, by Abyss Creations, LLC located in San Marcos, California, to its maximum potential.The latter is considering taking the creativity to improving on the tactile capabilities of Solana who will be able to respond to touches as part of an anticipated improvement. ALSO READ: You can lose your husband to a sex doll in this countryThis will be done through a development of new, heated bodies equipped with sensors the Mirror UK reported.“I’m pretty gung-ho now about getting movement, working on the neck down.“I’ve built a torso that moves and gyrates. I’m working on the arms as we speak,” Mullen spoke excitedly concerning plans to make this a reality. The appreciation for Solana by customers has encouraged it creator to reveal an intent to work on a male robot which is expected to provide satisfaction to its users just like female contemporaries. While dealing with skepticism concerning if the futuristic robot can possess a bionic penis, Mullen made clear that it will possess sexual organs.“But yes, obviously the male robot would have the capability of having sexual parts attached to him,””I’m thinking more something that would function the way the male anatomy functions would be really cool – actually able to be stimulated and become aroused,” he said.How Nigerians are reacting to the new innovationOn Twitter, opinionated Nigerians took to the micro-blogging site to express differing thoughts about Solana.Offering different shades to the subject, most of the comments shared touched on how the sex robot may find relevance among Nigerian men who might be opting for it in a bid to get away from issues they are likely to encounter when dealing with a real life partner.

Dr. Andreas Niederbichler: Star surgeon goes viral after lover dies sucking cocaine off his...

A charge of bodily harm leading to death has been slammed on German surgeon, Dr. Andreas Niederbichler. A German surgeon, Dr. Andreas Niederbichler, has become a viral sensation following reports that he killed a lover who was made to suck cocaine off his private part.This happened during an oral sex he reportedly had with the deceased and several women. According to the Daily Mail, the 42-year-old doctor applied the drug substance on his penis shortly before sexual intercourse.  The deceased who is 38 years old initially collapsed prompting an ambulance to rush her to a hospital from  Niederbichler’s Halberstadt apartment.Unfortunately, she died after getting admitted at the health center. This has resulted in a charge of bodily harm leading to death against the surgeon.”The victims who have been heard so far have all indicated that they have been ill at the meetings.”All of them showed reactions due to the use of narcotics,” says Chief prosecutor Hal Roggenbuck.Indian hemp addict murders grandmum who complains too muchAn Indian hemp addict, Musendiku Christian, has reportedly murdered his grandmother, Maria Ogabi, who made complaints about his smoking habit.The suspect who had just returned from prison lived with the deceased at her residence in Ishagira village, Ijanikin.A report published by Punch News on Monday, April 9, 2018, disclosed that the victim, 80-years-old, was murdered in her sleep. ALSO READ: Young man dies after drinking dangerous concoction called “Gutter Water”SP Chike Oti, the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), confirmed the incident in a statement.“The police received a report that the 80-year-old woman was hacked to death by the grandson, Musendiku Christian, at their residence.“A police team visited and photographed the scene of the incident.”The corpse was removed and taken to the general hospital mortuary, Badagry, for autopsy. The exhibit was recovered and the suspected arrested,” says Oti whose comments trailed one given by an anonymous source.According to Punch, late Maria Ogabi died from machete wounds believed to have been inflicted by her grandson who left her in a pool of blood.Her corpse has been transferred to a mortuary at the Badagry General Hospital mortuary.“He is on drugs and well known for taking hemp. He has been living with the grandmother for a long time. I don’t know where his parents live.”The grandma always warned him against smoking hemp, but he would not listen.“In the early hours of Saturday, April 2, there was a distress call from their apartment.”When people got to the place, the woman was found in a pool of blood with machete injuries on her body. She died on the spot.“The case was reported to the police at the Ijanikin division and he was arrested. He just came back from prison,” a witness mentioned in a Punch News report.

Yahoo Plus: Lady regrets dating Yahoo boy who eats bread and excreta for money...

A Facebook user caught her ex-boyfriend discussing how he ate bread and excreta as part of activities for money rituals. A Nigerian lady, Barbie Ulonna has opened up about regrets she had over dating a Yahoo boy who reportedly eats bread and excreta as part of an instruction outlined for money making rituals.She made known her experience during a visit to the former boyfriend who was overheard discussing the sore moment he consumed faeces in a conversation with his pal. Unknown to him, the narrator who made for his kitchen to refresh herself, was listening to the chat.This inspired Ulonna to make a quick exit from his apartment with the latter attributing a kiss she shared with the unknown boyfriend as a reason why she had a mouth infection. Her thoughts were shared via RantHQ, a Facebook discussion platform.”I posted a story sometime ago, about kissing someone I just started dating and when I got home, I had sores all over my gum, I didn’t think it was something serious since the first sore went away after 2days.”Well, reading comments here made me really scared, some people suggested I had herpes, so I had to rush to the hospital the next day…. Doctor ran a check on me, and thankfully, it wasn’t herpes but oral thrush..”Now, here’s the main gist…”I visited le boo (now ex), with the intention of discussing what I noticed with him, and to know what he actually eats that causes me to have those sores.”On my way to his house, I perceived a very awful smell at just outside the gate, I felt it’s normal refuge smell, so I didn’t take it to mean anything.”Few minutes after I visited, his friend also came visiting, and we were all just in the parlor gisting, before NEPA took the light…. Lee boo went to turn on the gen and his friend went with him, I also decided to go to the kitchen to find something to drink, that was when I heard their discussion.”My people, it turned out lee boo was telling his friend that the last excreta (shit) they brought was smelling very terribly, he said he just managed to use little amount to eat bread and then threw away the remaining in the neighbors trash, his friend was laughing and then told him to just tell the guys that bring it not to bring the one that smells too much.”I fainted and woke up, I couldn’t believe my ears, what????”He was into yahoo plus???? I don’t understand, I know where he works and besides, I wasn’t even dating him for money, I was devastated, it didn’t make sense, why would he involve in such??”Anyway, I quickly ran back to the parlor, sat down and pretended not to hear anything.”As soon as he came out, I just told him I needed to go, he was surprised because I only just got there, but I gave one excuse and he let me go, with promise I was to see him the next day, he saw me off to the car and I drove off, that’s the last time I’d ever see him again, thank God he doesn’t know my house. God forbid bad thing.”I’m still petrified, may God save us ladies from evil ooo, there’s a lot out there, one can’t be too sure again.”But u see ehh? Before I date anybody again; he has to do HIV test, mouth swab, mental check and spiritual check…… I’m done with relationships for now,” says a much wiser Barbie Ulonna.ALSO READ: ‘Yahoo boy’ nabbed in bank while trying to withdraw £30,000Her awareness about the hazard associated with having a relationship with a person who engages in ‘Yahoo Plus’, a fetish means to getting money popularly explored by individuals who patronize internet fraud, could have served a grandmother Grace Ovbiedo, prior to her death.Ovbiedo was reportedly murdered by her grandchildren who killed her for money rituals. Two out of a group of four Yahoo boys who perpetrated the act were apprehended by the police in Edo State while trying to dispose the body of the deceased.Their arrest was revealed by DSP Chidi Nwanbuzor, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), for Edo State, who mentioned that the force is in pursuit of two other accomplices. The quartet, Dickson Oluka, Austin Enayi, Salaya Oluka and his brother Martins, who went on the run following the murder that occurred on Friday, December 12, 2017, received the instruction to murder the deceased after consulting a native doctor on how to become rich.It was alleged that the group of wealth seekers tied a tortoise on their backs and smashed Ovbiedo’s head on the wall. This was based on a message they received from the priest who told them they can acquire their desire when a person close to them is killed.According to many reports, this was confirmed by a family member who stated that the suspects executed the order as soon as they got home.

Alizee: Singer’s Danish husband arrested as police investigate murder

Before her passing, Alizee was scheduled for a Warri concert alongside D’banj, Simi, Reminisce, Duncan Mighty and others, in April 2018. Peter Nielsen, the Danish husband of Nigerian singer, Alizee, originally known as Ali Zainab Nielsen, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police in connection to her murder.Law enforcement officers are now looking to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of the musician who was murdered alongside 4-year-old daughter, Petra.Both were allegedly killed on Thursday, April 5, 2018, at their Banana Island residence. Police spokesperson, SP Chike Oti, confirmed that the force has reached out to the Danish embassy in Nigeria, informing it of an ongoing investigation involving her citizen.“The state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, has ordered the arrest of the suspect and he is in police custody.”It is pre-emptive now to ascertain the cause of the incident. The CP has dispatched crime scene investigators to the place to pick evidences for analysis which can be used for prosecution.“The command has also written the Embassy of the suspect that the police are investigating the case,” says Oti according to a Punch News report.ALSO READ: Nigerian singer allegedly shot dead by Italian husband in Lagos Before her murder, Alizee was scheduled for a list of imminent activities including Harrysong’s “Kingmaker Concert” expected to hold at the Warri Stadium on Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Scandal! Pastor’s wife reportedly shares naked video in church’s WhatsApp group

The pastor’s wife, Osofo Maame, accidentally sent a naked video of herself to church members. Osofo Maame, the wife of a Ghanaian pastor has allegedly shared a naked video of herself in a WhatsApp group filled with members of her church.Local media submitted that Maame might have intended to send the sensitive clip to her husband as opposed to church members. The footage, though a short one reportedly showed her washing her body while also playing with her genitals. ALSO READ: Twitter user shares half-naked picture of sugar mummy Many reports disclosed that she engaged in the activity while her baby cried in the background. This did not hinder the woman who appeared to be in her thirties from continuing in her pastime.The media file which showed the pastor’s wife in her scandalous display was considered too graphic to be shared in news reports.

TB Joshua: Prophet reportedly delivers lesbian partners

The lady who identified herself as Mary Okoye, testified the following Sunday, disclosing that after the deliverance service, she has felt no affection towards her partner. Just when we were beginning to wonder what to do about gay couples in Nigeria, TB Joshua offers a much-needed solution.The prophet and founder of the Synagogue church worldwide was filmed during a deliverance service where he reportedly delivered two lesbian partners.ALSO READ: Outrage as photos of Nigerian lesbians flood social mediaThe video clip shared by Instablog9ja, after being extracted from the original service clip aired by Emmanuel TV, shows the lady with the male alter ego, who was interviewed briefly before the deliverance began.She was asked about her relationship with her partner, to which she responded that the other lady was her wife.The lady who identified herself as Mary Okoye, later testified the following Sunday, disclosing that following the deliverance service, she has felt no affection towards the other lady she identified as her wife previously.Watch the video clip below:  ALSO READ: Two alleged lesbians burned to death [Graphic Photos]There has been a sudden boldness amongst gay couples, especially lesbians, in Nigeria, despite the 14 years jail term attached to a conviction.If you believe that lesbianism or homosexuality is a spiritual thing, then you might be in luck.Delta lesbians say they are happy with their livesDespite public outcry and condemnation of the display of their same-sex relationship, a lesbian couple in Delta State have insisted they are happy with who they are and will continue to let the world know they are very much in love. The ladies who have been identified as Chidi Sample, aka Prince Parpistud who is the alpha male in the relationship and Lawrencia Aligasi, have been flaunting their relationship and romantic photos all over the social media and they do not care what anyone says about them.The couple who are based in Warri, have, daily, been posting their loved-up photos on their social media accounts not minding the fact that same-sex relationship is frowned upon by many in the country and attracts a 14-year jail term.Accompanying the photos are words of endearments they put up to express their unalloyed love and commitment to one another. Under the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act signed into law by then President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014, it is a crime to have a meeting of gays, to operate or go to a gay club, society or organization, or make any public show of affection.ALSO READ: Top Nigerian gays, lesbians, transgendersThe law states inter-alia:”A person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies or organizations, or directly or indirectly makes a public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a term of 10 years.Anyone convicted of entering into a same-sex marriage contract or civil union faces up to 14 years imprisonment.”But it seems Sample and Aligasi are not bothered by the existence of the law and they have dared anyone to arrest and prosecute them.

Pay Me My Money! Warri sex worker rains nasty curses on man who won’t...

A sex worker did not appear pleased after a customer refused to pay an amount agreed for her services. A Warri prostitute expressed the deepest type of anger which saw her rain curses on a man who refused to pay for sex.The lady was heard in a video directing unfriendly remarks at her customer who had failed to uphold an earlier agreement to pay a sum of N2,000, for her services.  She was captured holding the man by his pants while neighbours tried to pacify her. What seemed of great importance to her was her money.Sex worker survives Nigeria’s hardship by sleeping with 5 men per dayA sex worker, Destiny Bassey, has admitted that she survives Nigeria’s hardship by sleeping with five men per day.The call-girl, aged 25 years old was apprehended alongside colleagues at the Collabor Hotel located in Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos.Her occupation fetches her a sum of N10,000 daily according to her comments expressed to Punch News. The amount is reportedly cash gathered after laying with each customer at a price of N2,000, for a round of sex. ALSO READ: Drunk couple caught having sex at a funeral serviceBassey, who noted that she entered the profession by her own volition uses part of the money she realises to groom a child living with village relatives.“Nobody forced me into prostitution. I have been hustling at the hotel for some years now.”I send part of the money I make to my relatives in the village for the upkeep of my child. I don’t have parents and my husband is dead.“I sleep with five men every day, so I make as much as N10,000. I pay the hotel N5,000 every week.”I wanted to save enough money for my education,” the sex worker revealed.A partner, Bright Effiong, who earns lesser than the 25-year-old, also shared a similar account. The pair were paraded at the headquarters of the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.This is following a raid by men of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS). State police commissioner,  Edgal Imohimi, confirmed this in a chat with newsmen.

Safaree: Here’s why people love posting thirst traps and leaking nudes

What better way to get attention than to post a photo of yourself leaving little to the imagination? There’s nothing really new about people painting themselves in a sexual light or creating a sexually charged image. But as Safaree Samuels showed yesterday, a simple thirst trap or a leaked nude can become the biggest news story on a Monday morning.Yesterday, photos and videos of the rapper, at various stages of being unclad, showed up on social media with his love stick taking center stage.Very quickly, many people settled on one thing. The general consensus was that Safaree was packing heat.For the rest of the day till the moment of writing this, social media users have made Safaree’s john into a trending topic, by asking questions about why Nicki Minaj would leave him or why he focused on rap instead of other apparently more obvious career options.ALSO READ: IJGB season has officially startedNow if this surprises you, you either have sworn to be away from social media or you don’t have a phone. Or maybe you’ve been living beneath a rock. Or in a bunker. In today’s social media-driven world, sexually suggestive photos have become a norm, a commonly served dessert, like the critically-acclaimed soap opera that comes at 6pm after the regular line-up of shows.But how did it all begin?People have always been thirsty.Urban dictionary defines a thirst trap as “ A sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction.”Judging from this definition, the self-portrait was probably the first type of thirst trap.Think about it. Centuries ago, painters and artists would make portraits of themselves in the best light possible. Then these paintings would be hung up in prominent places and sold to art collectors who would marvel at the beauty and skill of the artiste.Fast forward to the present age, where your 16 MP Camera can do things that would throw Leonardo Da Vinci into depression.Attaining the peak of celebrity status is usually impossible without being seen as a sex symbol in some capacity. With many mouths to feed and appetites to whet, they first began to introduce this thirst trap culture.ALSO READ: Five celebrities whose nudes have been leakedKim Kardashian, for instance, is a master of the thirst trap. Whether in a dimly lit bathroom or at the launch of a book, the beauty entrepreneur has mastered the art of posting alluring, suggestive photos.Nigeria also has its own evangelists of the thirst trap ministry. There may be varying accounts of how she got her body but Uche Mba’s photos typically cause a ruckus on Nigerian Twitter whenever she wishes.With time, some of us common folk have started posting thirst traps too. But with no audience waiting for our updates, it makes it clear what the whole idea of thirst traps is about.ATTENTION.The second half of that urban dictionary definition reads, “ This is done not to actually respond or satisfy any of this attraction, but to feed the poster’s ego or need for attention, at the expense of the time, reputation and sexual frustration of those who view the image or reply.”Whether or not craving for attention is healthy is a matter for another day, but think about it, what better way to make yourself the focus of attention than to post a photo of yourself that exudes sex?The thing with this is that thirst traps are pretty obvious. When you post a thirst trap, your objective is pretty clear.In other caes, the photos or videos are released by way of a leak.Now, a leak basically implies that something of value, a photo, message or intellectual property was released to the public without the knowledge and permission of the owner.One of the more infamous cases of any such leak in Nigerian history happened when photos of Wande Coal spread-eagled on his bed, made their way to social media.Primarily, a leak is usually done to discredit an individual or embarrass them.  Here’s where things get interesting.In some cases, regardless of their social status, individuals are often worried about how posting a suggestive or especially sensual photo or video would be interpreted.Except you have thick skin or you’re convinced that the reactions will end up playing in your favour, the risk of the backlash is often too high to take.Sometimes, a person wants attention but they don’t want to look desperate.So they ‘leak their nudes’.Nowadays, it is all too common to hear of someone’s nude photos being leaked, only to discover by some twist or the other, that the individual in question leaked it themselves.There are examples; a few years ago, topless of photos of Tonto Dikeh made their way to social media. After the photo drew equal parts admiration and criticism, the actress failed to deny having a role in letting the photos out.Our culture of thirst trapping and leaking nudes has become an industry on a global scale, as evidenced by Instagram models and accounts that amass millions of followers.All of this because, regardless of the time of day, sex sells.Depending on who’s posting, the outcome may be different; but for the most part, at that moment when you hit ‘SEND’, the motive is usually the same.

In Benin: Shock as money mysteriously drops from young man’s body

What is said to be money can be seen dropping mysteriously off the young man who is also seen picking it up in the video clip. A video clip has been making the rounds on social media, showing a young man allegedly vomiting money in University of Benin (Uniben).According to the reports, the young man was reportedly arrested after it was discovered that he was vomiting money, after a visit to Fist Bank in the school’s premises.ALSO READ: ‘We make girls run mad, useless after using them for rituals’ – SuspectsWhat is said to be money can be seen dropping mysteriously off the young man who is also seen picking it up in the video clip.Watch the clip below:  Going by the voice heard in the background, belonging to the person making the video, ritual activities are suspected to be behind the strange occurrence.The Edo State Police Command, however, is yet to confirm the occurence.Stranger things have been seen as a result of suspected ritual in a bid to make money.New money ritual in Ogun has a wealth seeker barking like a dogA video shared on Instagram has brought attention to a new money ritual system which requires wealth seekers to bark like a dog once a month in order to be rich.In a clip posted by Instablog9ja on Friday, April 13, 2018, a young man was captured in this act while his buddies made fun of him. Texts which accompanied the file revealed the ritual as a new trend common in Ijebu-Ode located in Ogun State, Nigeria.  ALSO READ: Lady regrets dating Yahoo boy who eats bread and excreta for money ritualsThe person in the footage, name unknown, seemed vast in the procedure he once exhibited during a visit to the Club Royale located in Oba-Akran, Ikeja, Lagos.It appeared a distasteful exhibition by a following of Nigerian youths who have developed a liking for easy money.

In Lagos: 6 suspected cultists for gang raping students

The suspects allegedly forced the 3 girls to follow them to their hideout, to be initiated into the Eiye Confraternity. Six suspected cultists have been arrested for gang raping three female students in Agarawu, around Lagos Island in Lagos state.According to Punch, the arrest was made by men of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps.The suspects allegedly forced the 3 girls to follow them to their hideout, to be initiated into the Eiye Confraternity.One of the victims, Maryam, said “Dare came to meet me in school with a gun that I should follow him to Agarawu. He said his members were going to initiate me or else he would kill me.“When we got there, they formed a circle and asked me to kneel down in their midst. They tied my face and sprinkled some things on my body. They asked me to undress and raped me countless times for four days.”Suspects confessPunch identified the 6 suspects as: Laguda Kamal, Muyideen Aigoro, Kayode Damilare, Quadri Ajayi, Idoogun Yinusa and Yinka Adewuyi.Kamal and Quadri reportedly confessed to having fun with the girls, but denied raping them.Meanwhile, their friend, Damilare denied raping the girls, but said that he witnessed when Wakilu and Yinka gang-raped Maryam.Cultists graduate to kidnappersSpeaking on the arrest, the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Corps, Israel Ajao said “One of the victims was held for four days. The cat was let out of the bag by a neighbour who reported the matter to the operatives after an alarm by the victim’s mother.“The corps has been working tirelessly in conjunction with the police, adopting both overt and covert strategies, to ensure that criminals do not have a place in Lagos State.”ALSO READ: Students react to Fayose’s death penalty law for cultists“From cultism they graduate to kidnapping, rape and other heinous crimes, and that is why we have changed our strategy to focus on cultism.“We will begin to visit schools to sensitise principals to the need to be conscious of the activities of their pupils,” he added.Recently, a student of the College of Health Technology, Ijero-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Busayo Kayode, was arrested by the police for allegedly setting up her close friend to be raped by 10 cultists in the school.

Video: Pastor fondles his manhood as congregants wave their panties

Pastor Mboro is seen in a video that is making the rounds online apparently fondling his manhood, while his congregants enthusiastically waved their panties they had apparently removed in advance. It appears Ghana is not alone when it comes to pastors doing unthinkable things with their congregants all in the name of casting out spirits and performing miracles.One Ghanaian pastor who has gained a lot of fame from doing such bizarre things as asking his female congregants to bring their used panties to church for what he referred to as special prayers, and many other mind blowing stories is Angel Obinim.The controversial man of God was recently seen in a viral video in which he claimed he was rebuking angel Gabriel and others.While Pastor Obinim and others have been condemned by a section of the public for their weird so called miracles, a Zimbabwean pastor has joined the fray. READ MORE: Father brutally murders 6-month-old baby with pickaxeIn what looked like a fetish ritual, Pastor Mboro is seen in a video that is making the rounds online apparently fondling his manhood, while his congregants enthusiastically waved their panties they had apparently removed in advance.
 In the video, the man of God is also heard asking his members, “do you like what I am doing?” and they replied “yes”.He then proceeded by further asking: “Must we stop because somebody doesn’t like it?” and the congregants replied again “no”.As usual, the video is attracting condemnation from the public, but as it stands now no one can judge. It is only God himself that can determine whether such practices please him or not.

Man brags about eating snake meat able to cure HIV, improve sex power

Delta state-based Urevbu Collins Aghogho posted pictures of a snake whose meat reportedly cures HIV. A man living in Delta state, Urevbu Collins Aghogho, who recently killed a big snake has bragged about the potency of its meat believed to be able to cure HIV while also improving the sex power of a man.Aghogho who is based in Warri, showed off the kill on Monday, February 19, 2018. In addition to the sexual benefits obtainable from the meat, the Delta State University graduate also mentioned that consuming parts of the reptile can solve problems relating to back pain.”What a beautiful snake meat filled Sunday. .I got this reptile for lunch…we don’t joke with ‘orodeko’ if u can relate.”Them say this meat (snake meat) dey cure back pain n Hiv Aids n he dey make man banana dey strong,” he wrote.A picture provided by Urevbu Collins Aghogho showed his prize in a ready-to-eat state.Scary looking bird killed in Nigerian town of OgbomoshoSome youths in the town of Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria have gathered attention after killing a scary looking bird with features like a vulture.According to reports, the incident has caused confusion among community members but that didn’t prevent them from trooping out in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the weird creature which was shot dead on Friday, January 26, 2018.ALSO READ: Jesus saves little boy swallowed by Keke Napep passenger turned python An image showed a bunch of youngsters march down a street while holding their strange prize.

Breakdancing: Did this element of hip-hop originate in Southern Kaduna?

A video posted on Twitter appears to show residents break-dancing in Southern Kaduna in 1959. A video posted on social networking site, Twitter, suggests that break-dancing, one of the main elements of hip-hop, may have started in Kaduna in 1959.In the video, posted by Twitter user @tyrone345345, a group of dancers are seen performing basic versions of some of the most common break-dance moves.Most of the moves that are first seen, like somersaults, appear perfunctory. However, in the second half of the video, dancers pull off moves eerily similar to the cartwheel and other complicated break-dance steps.ALSO READ: Is it possible to trace the origin of tattoos to Africa?The dancers, drummers and spectators are gathered in a circle on sandy ground. The tweet suggests that the footage, unearthed from the Huntley Film archives, was shot in southern Kaduna in 1959.  The story is that that hip-hop originated in the inner city communities in American cities like New York and Los Angeles in the 1970s. From these early days of the culture, four elements stood distinct.They were MCing (or rapping), Graffiti, DJing and break-dance.The video which has been retweeted over 2000 times at the time of writing this challenges this.It implies that men in Kaduna had been pulling off moves two decades before Grandmaster Flash appeared in the 1983 hip hop movie, “Wild Style”.The origins of Hip-HopIt re-opens a conversation about the influence of African culture on the evolution of hip-hop and exactly how much made of Africa made it across the Pacific.According to the culture’s historians, hip-hop emerged from the dire straits of the abandoned black and Latino communities in the Bronx, a suburb of New York City.Apart from the obvious influence of the neo-liberal and black power movements on the lyrical aspects of the genre and the people who made up the culture, the style was a throwback to West African griot culture.A griot is more familiar to us as a storyteller, singer, musician and oral historian. Early rappers bore a connection to this tradition as a sort of American griot, for their knowledge of the local situation, storytelling ability and the use of a distinct flow and different forms of delivery.Depending on how you interpret it, rapping basically means to converse. Rapping as an art form may well have been influenced by the practice of chanting in a rhythmic fashion found among many African tribes.The influence of the motherland could be found in the fashion and lifestyle of the early custodians of the culture. Afrika Bambaataa, the DJ who is referred to as the “Godfather” for his contribution to the birth of hip-hop, named himself as a reference to the Zulu chief Bhambatha, who led an armed rebellion against unfair economic practices in early 20th century South Africa.It’s easy to see how Africa became such an important influence on hip-hop.Africa is the sourceThe emergence of Afrocentric movements in black America coincided with the birth of hip-hop and much of those teachings filtered into the genre’s origins. As such, the genre drew much from its source, the culture of African-Americans who seemed neglected far away from a home they could not lay claim to.ALSO READ: Omítọ̀nàdé Ifáwẹ̀mímọ́ is an Ifa priestess in her 20sThis culture was built around diasporan traditions that had stood the test of time over centuries.With time, many of these traditions were adjusted to fit the new environments in which the people lived.A few of these influences are still there to see in the culture of black people outside of the continent of their origin. African-Americans are finding their spirituality in traditional African practices. 21 Savage, one of Atlanta’s most infamous rappers, practices Ifa, a religion and system of divination with roots among the Yoruba people of Nigeria’s South-West.Tattoos are now seen as a definitive part of the rapper’s lifestyle and a part of hip-hop, to a degre. The first evidence of tattoos leads back to the mummies in Egypt.  The oldest tattoo was found on the mummy of Amunet, a priestess of the Goddess Hathor, during 2160-1994 BC.Santeria, an Afro-American religion that was developed among West African descendants in the Spanish Empire, is now practised by millions across Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the United States.Throwaways of African culture have been subsumed into the mainstream popular culture. Nowadays, the absence of documentation around the migration of African slaves and their culture makes it nearly impossible to chart the course of their evolution, which is why this video is all the more interesting.It wouldn’t be absurd if like everything else, hip-hop was really born in Africa.

Baby Boys: EFCC ends luxurious life of Lekki Yahoo Boys nabbed with expensive Benz...

The EFCC has drawn the curtain of excess spendings on a group of Yahoo Boys nabbed with ‘juju’ and expensive Benz. Four Yahoo Boys have been nabbed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for possessing an untraceable wealth.Items recovered from the suspects, Ale Daniel, Tunde Badmus, Adams Tunde Adedeji and Ajiboye Gbenga, include an array of luxurious cars such as a Benz, Range Rover and magical charm.  They were apprehended on Saturday, April 7, 2018, in Lekki, Lagos. “Suspected yahoo-yahoo boys arrested by the EFCC Lagos office in the Lekki area of the state for their alleged involvement in cybercrime and money laundering activities. “Charms were part of the items recovered from them,” a tweet shared on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, via EFCC’s Twitter reads.Pictures circulating online media showed the quartet take position in front of their respective vehicles.Suspects are expected to be arraigned as soon as the EFCC concludes investigation. ALSO READ: Lady regrets dating Yahoo boy who eats bread and excreta for money ritualsEvil charm seized from Yahoo boys who use ‘juju’ to rob clientIn Calabar, Cross River State, the police have arrested three Yahoo boys who reportedly use ‘Juju’ charm to rob their victims.State police commissioner, Mr. Hafiz Inuwa, confirmed the report while parading the suspects identified as Chukwuemeka Ahunanya, 22; Francis Ugochukwu, 25; and Emmanuel Chukwuma, 25. Some fetish items were recovered from the fraudsters following earlier investigations.“On February 23, 2018, at about 0940hours, the following suspects were arrested in the Akpabuyo Local Government Area on a tip-off. They are Chukwuemeka Ahunanya, Francis Ugochukwu, and Emmanuel Chukwuma.“During interrogation, the suspects confessed to belonging to an Internet fraud group also known as yahoo boys.”They used charms to defraud and dispossess unsuspecting members of the public of their hard-earned money and other valuables. Some charms were recovered from them during the search,”  the police chief Inuwa told Punch News.One of the suspects, Ahunanya who spoke on behalf of his team insisted that the group recently introduced the use of charms into the online fraud business.According to him, his colleagues were in the process of perfecting the ‘juju’ when they were nabbed.Their activities is one of a list of viral cases that have gained the attention of the public.

Mystery: Woman didn’t know she was pregnant until about two hours to delivery

Charlotte Thomson reportedly kept wearing her size 8 dresses and attending parties as usual. Even a day before her labour she had been to work and no sign of pregnancy was noticed by her parents let alone her coworkers. A 21-year-old woman from Newcastle has revealed how she had been pregnant for nine whole months, but had had no knowledge about it until just about some hours to delivery when she had some stomach cramps coupled with bleeding and decided to seek medical care.Charlotte Thomson reportedly kept wearing her size 8 dresses and attending parties as usual. Even a day before her labour she had been to work and no sign of pregnancy was noticed by her parents let alone her coworkers.When she got to the hospital and a midwife disclosed to her that she was due to give birth shortly, Charlotte was shocked to the marrow because she had not experienced any symptom of pregnancy. Charlotte said: “My stomach was completely flat, and I’d been having regular periods so it was such a shock when I found out.READ MORE: Kwadwo Antwi in police grips after stealing from a Zoo“I didn’t believe that I was actually pregnant until I gave birth. It was scary becoming a first-time mum with no warning.“But I wouldn’t change Molly for the world, and I feel so lucky.”The young mother said though she experienced fatigue during the period prior to the day she went to the hospital, she was under the notion that it might be as a result of her party outings.“I thought it was from going out all the time. I still managed to get into my clothes so I just ignored it.”On that amazing day in December 2015, when Charlotte was having the stomach pain, she took it lightly because she said “I took some paracetamol and hoped that it would blow over.“Instead, the pain just got worse and I was in agony. An hour later I felt like I was going to be sick so I ran to the toilet and saw that my underwear was full of blood.“I had just finished my period so I was really scared. I knew something was seriously wrong and booked a taxi to the hospital.” When the news of expecting a baby in no time was revealed to her, Charlotte said “I panicked that I wasn’t prepared and hadn’t bought any baby clothes. I was so worried about what my parents would say when they found out that I was having a baby.”However, ironically, when her parents arrived at the hospital, she said “They were really supportive and excited about their first grandchild.”The pregnancy was for Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend, and she added that: “It’s crazy to think that I’d been carrying a baby all that time.“When Mum called my work to explain that I’d had a baby, they were gobsmacked as they’d seen me the day before with no baby bump at all. “My friends didn’t believe me until they saw a picture of Molly. Luckily I’m still a size 8 and didn’t need to lose any baby weight.“Molly has joined the nursery that I work at so I can take her with me, which is perfect.“Molly’s dad is an ex who is no longer in the picture, but I have plenty of help from my parents with the baby. I’m no longer a party animal but it’s worth it to have Molly.“I can’t wait to tell her the story of how I discovered I was pregnant with her. Nothing Molly could ever do in the future would surprise me as much as the day she was born.