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Larry Gaaga and Wizkid set to drop new single on Good Friday

Larry Gaaga, the Nigerian version of DJ Khaled, who has been on a roll for the better part of the three years is set to release a brand new single with none other than Nigerian superstar, Wizkid.
The single titled, ‘Low’ is set to premiere on Friday, April 18, 2019.
While intimate details of the single are relatively unknown at this time, the single is set to be the follow up to, ‘Wonderful,’ his collaboration with Wande Coal and Sarkodie which dropped in the latter parts of 2018.

Homecoming reveals an all-star line up for HOMECOMING Festival 2019 live music show

HOMECOMING is excited to reveal its all-star line up of Nigerian and International artists, who will perform live on-stage at HOMECOMING Festival on April 21st, 2019.
The music show will feature performances from DJ Obi, DRB, Naira Marley, Odunsi, Octavian, Poco Lee, Prettyboy D-O, Rema, Runtown, Santi, Sho Madjozi, Simi, Skepta, Teni The Entertainer, Wizkid and more special guest to be announced!
The HOMECOMING show will take place at Harbour Point, Lagos, on April 21st, 2019. Showtime 7PM-12AM.
The HOMECOMING live music show is famous for its unique performance format: replacing a traditional ‘headline’ hierarchy with a more democratic ‘back-to-back’ set up, where artists of all types and genres take the stage in a continuous ‘playlist’ of contemporary music from the African continent and further afield. Expect Afrobeats, Afropop, Hip Hop, Grime, Alté, Afrofusion and plenty more.
A range of tickets are available for HOMECOMING, including Standard, VIP, and Student options, each of which provide access to the live music show. Registration is also open to a programme of events across 4- days of festivities in Lagos, including workshops at XII GLOVER, panel talks at the BRITISH RESIDENCE, and the HOMECOMING CUP at ASTROSOCCER IKOYI.
Tickets and event registration can be found at OURHOMECOMING.

Davido says Kiddominant is on Beyonce’s next album

The big news is that Beyonce might be dropping a new album but the bigger news from this part of the world is that Kiddominant is part of the new project according to Davido.
The African pop star disclosed this via his Instagram page on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. An obviously thrilled Davido couldn’t hide his joy as he shared a screenshot of the track which the music producer helped create.
“Omg @kiddominant !! Made it on Beyoncé Album! Jesus!!” he wrote.
Omg @kiddominant !! Made it on Beyoncé Album! Jesus!!
It is interesting to note that the Beyonce song which Kiddominant worked on also features Rihanna! If this is 100% true, then it should be something to hear.
Hints of Beyonce’s new album hit the Internet
There have been unconfirmed hints that Beyonce will be dropping a new album very soon. According to the lyrics website, Genius, the album is possibly going to be titled ‘B7‘ and its expected release date is April 18, 2019, the website went on to show. This latest development comes ahead of her “Homecoming” documentary which is out on Netflix.
It is also important to note that she has dropped an unannounced live album from her Coachella performance last year.
It is interesting to note that the Beyonce song which Kiddominant worked on also features Rihanna [Instagram/Kiddominant]
The last time Beyonce released a solo album ‘Lemonade‘ was in 2016. However, in 2018, together with her husband JAY Z, she released a joint album in 2018 titled ‘Everything Is Love.’
Jay Z and Beyonce drop surprise new joint album ‘Everything Is Love’ [Instagram/Beyonce]
The album came out Saturday, June 16 via their streaming platform, Tidal. At the 2019 Grammys, the collabo album won the Best Urban Contemporary album.
Kiddominant, who has worked with Davido on numerous singles such as ‘Like Dat‘, ‘Fall‘, ‘The Money‘ featuring Olamide has not yet commented on the story.
The Nigerian producer is behind AKA‘s latest hit ‘Fela In Versace‘.

The many sides of Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw opens up on acting, fitness and politics | PulseTV
Kate Offiong Henshaw joined the Nigerian movie industry in the early 90s when the name ‘Nollywood’ had not yet come into existence.
And now that the Nollywood brand is beginning to stir international waters, Kate Henshaw, a true veteran, remains relevant. In 2018, she starred in the all star ensemble comedy flick ‘Chief Daddy’. The EbonyLife produced movie recently started streaming on Netflix.
This year she is the lead actress in the political movie ‘4th Republic’ that mirrors the recently gone electoral season in Nigeria. In one movie, Henshaw plays a spoiled brat scheming to get a chunk of her father’s inheritance while in the latter she acts as a strong female governorship candidate.
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Kate Henshaw is more than a one-trick pony. She is a star actress, mother, politician, and fitness expert. Not too bad for a woman who initially wanted to be an air hostess.
“I love people. I love serving people, helping people, smiling and asking coffee or tea? Are you comfortable? You know I just like making people smile, making them happy, serving, you know, I just think it’s fun because I love flying too. So maybe I should try it one day I don’t know, it’s good to have me but I would love to do it,” Henshaw tells Pulse in an exclusive interview.
Kate Henshaw is a star actress, mother, politician, and fitness expert. Not too bad for a woman who initially wanted to be an air hostess. [Pulse]
In 1993, Henshaw had figured out that movie was her calling despite obtaining a certificate in Remedial Studies from the University of Calabar and later majoring in Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, LUTH.
Her decision to audition for a role in the Ifeanyi Anyakora directed movie, ‘When the Sun Sets,’ fetched her a major role and an opportunity to grab stardom. Since her first appearance as the lead character, Henshaw has remained relevant with over 75 Nollywood movies to his credit.
Flashing back to 26 years ago, when she got her first chance to appear in a Nollywood movie, the actress smiles with fond memories of the days of her early beginning. She says she has no regrets whatsoever in her over two decades of being in the spotlight.
Kate Henshaw says she’s proud of the Nigerian movie industry after 26 years in the industry. [Pulse]
“Wow, that’s somebody’s whole lifetime into adulthood. Not in this industry. I’m certainly proud of the industry. I mean, proud of myself that I have come so far. And I’m still here. I’m seeing the industry grow in leaps and bounds,” she says.
Also commenting on the use of social media by upcoming actors, she said no one thought of the evolution being witnessed in the industry when she started 26 years ago.
“We have new people, new production companies pushing the bar, we are on Netflix. I mean, when I started this job at 23, I didn’t think about Netflix and even didn’t think about online because I didn’t really see that far.
“But now I mean, look at it. People are trying to do so much on their social media pages. They’re trying to bring up themselves as a brand and position themselves to be seen as a character in a movie, people are, you know, trying to engage them.
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“Some people have been picked from their Instagram pages just because they played a particular role. People are getting very innovative. “
This award winning actress says that the quality of the script and co-actors determine what movie roles she signs up for.
“Yes (the script) is very important. Absolutely because it’s not about money all the time, because you’re going to receive N10 million and you have a bad job out there.
Kate Henshaw says a movie script determines her decision to take a movie role irrespective of the fee. [Pulse]
“It’s always for me about your work, the kind of work the quality of work that you put out there. So will you be proud of that work? Will you be able to defend it where people ask why you had to take such roles? Why did you take on this role?
“I’ve come to that point where even as much as money is important and I have bills to pay, the storyline is very important to me. If I read the script and the director refuses to take my input or the producer I’m like, ‘okay, I’m sorry, I don’t I’m not sure this role fits me’. It’s very important.
“I also need to know the people I’m working with, the cast and the crew. There must be some kind of chemistry, so that also translates to when people are watching the movie I don’t want issues on sets. I didn’t want to work with anybody that has an attitude, I want an easy life. So, it’s very important,” Henshaw stresses.
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Kate Henshaw, the fitness expert
In 2016, Henshaw became a member of ‘fit fam’ as they say. Her dedication to sweating it out at the gym almost daily has turned her into a true celebrity fitness expert.
“I had a DVD of my routine, and I had a fitness event three years ago. It’s been fantastic. It’s sort of reinvigorated me…To me, I don’t even feel my age, you know, and I get that compliment all the time. I just take it with all that it comes. I tried to not let things get me down, and I believe it’s that place, I am as choosing fitness as a lifestyle.
Kate Henshaw’s dedication to sweating it out at the gym almost daily has turned her into a true celebrity fitness expert. [Instagram/K8henshaw]
“And I just want to encourage everyone. That’s why I put up all those things that it’s not about age, but the later you leave it, the harder it will be, especially for women.
“That’s why I try to encourage a lot of women because women have children women have stress, women have home issues, they have work life, all of that which I believe that fitness will take care of because it puts your mind in that place where you believe that you can do anything. (It) releases happy hormones, your heart is pumping. Your skin is glowing. I mean it’s the cheapest thing out there, it’s free.”
Kate Henshaw has plans to further capitalize on her image as a celebrity fitness expert.
“I mean you have to explore every avenue, every platform so I’m thinking of doing something more with fitness may be, not a DVD, but something to do with online so that people can follow my workout routine and also translate what was in the DVD to something that people can always go back (to)” she tells Pulse.
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“I mean online is the way now so have something that people will ask you questions you answer because I believe that is an ongoing thing fitness is not about the three month body or the six month bodies, it’s the forever body.
With a well-trimmed body that passes for a 35 -year-old, the ‘A Million Tears’ actress says it’s all God’s doing. She also reiterates the essence of fitness in achieving her body shape in the last four years.
“Please, I’m blushing. Well, that has to do with fitness and really really. When you are fit, I mean people, I’ve met a lot of people that ask, are you sure yeah 40-something, I don’t think so, you are lying, I mean which woman lies about her age, they reduce it not increase it. So for me I’m just, I’m just happy. I don’t have to buy new clothes that is it. I wear the same clothes I have been wearing for the past five, six years. It’s cost-effectiveness, very important.”
Kate Henshaw on politics
As an established actress with so much interest in the welfare of people and community, Kate Henshaw took her chance to get into the murky waters of politics five years ago. Henshaw contested for the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to represent Calabar Municipal/Odukpani Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives.
Kate Henshaw is willing to serve the people of her constituency but lacks the financial backing to fund the dream. [Pulse]
“Willingness to serve is not going to be a problem for me but you need to have the war chest which is money. Plenty of money. Nigeria’s politics is money, money very, very much capital oriented.
“I don’t have that kind of money to throw away. I’m saying throw away because sometimes if you spend that money, you’re not guaranteed of a win because it’s a vicious cycle. The people keep expecting money, you give them money, they vote for you, when you vote with people they go to the reps or whoever the senators and they go away for four years.
“They come back and throw money at you, you receive it, even though in this last political dispensation there are a few surprises, which is very good and I think that people are their eyes are getting you to know open and they’re getting wise to the political antics,” she said candidly.
Henshaw has her sights on establishing herself behind the camera. She looks forward to taking up a role as a production manager when (and if) she decides to stop acting.
Despite her role as a good organizer, it is hard to imagine Kate Henshaw not appearing in movies. Seasons might change and stars might fade but one thing has been constant for over the last two decades, Kate Henshaw’s smile on our screens.

Stella Damasus premieres new movie, ‘Between’ at Odeon Cinema

Stella Damasus has premiered her new movie, ‘Between,’ at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich area of London.
The premiere had Hilda Dokubo, Daniel Ademinokan, Wale Gates, Weird MC, Victoria Inyama, and Mike Aremu in attendance.
The London premiere of the movie, ‘Between,’ is coming eight months after it premiered at the GlennFest Film Festival in Downey, California.
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Others in attendance include Dr. Dayo Olomu, Ruke Amata, DJ Abass, Uche Odoputa, Adesope Olajide, Peter Macjob, Ellen Thomas, Kas Beats, Maria Nepembe, Princess Deun Adedoyin – Solarin, and Dr. Kelechi ‘Arsenal’ Anyikude. 
Weird MC (middle), Mike Aremu (right) at the London premiere of ‘Between’ [Michael Tubes Creation]
‘Between’ also features Travis Grenier, Lynne Jenson, Erin E. Feest, and Tatiana Zappardino.
Co-produced and directed by Daniel Ademinokan, ‘Between’ is set in Atlanta, Georgia where Damasus plays the character of Chelsea Hollis, a very successful 36-year-old woman that has been married and divorced four times. She lives a double life as a white-collar worker by day and a party girl at night.
Stella Damasus and her husband, Daniel Ademinokan at the premiere of ‘Between’ [Michael Tubes Creation]
She helps people fix their relationships but she has totally given up on love. A strong feminist who believes women should take control of their destinies and be 100% in control of their emotions and the choice of who to sleep with and when to do it.
She meets Scott Hamilton and one-night stand blossoms into a romantic relationship until she finds out that the man who is about to change her perspective on love, may just be much more than what she expected.

ALBUM REVIEW: Ibibio Sound Machine creates a bed of divergent retro music on ‘Doko...

Formed in 2013, Ibibio Sound Machine is an English electronic afro-funk band from London.
The band currently consists of vocalist Eno Williams, guitarist Alfred Kari Bannerman, percussionist Anselmo Netto, drummer Jose Joyette, bassist John McKenzie, trombonist/keyboardist Tony Hayden, trumpeter/keyboardist Scott Baylis and saxophonist/keyboardist Max Grunhard.
Though comprising only one Nigerian – the lead vocalist, Eno Young – the band got its name from Eno’s family, which hails from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. While the band majorly makes electronic, afro-funk and disco, they claim to get their inspiration from the West African funk and disco which had in its golden era in the 60’s and 70’s.

Doko Mien is their 11-track third album after 2014’s self-titled album and 2017’s Uyai. At first listen, you would think the band made for trying to push foreign language in UK music, but music is spiritual, you don’t have to understand the language to enjoy it and that’s why Ibibio Sound Machine thrives.
This album is definitely made for roadshows, niche fanbases and retro parties because it’s not for everybody. Most people won’t enjoy it, but if you can calm down, there is something for you in Doko Mien, which is brilliant for its incredibly detailed production. Let’s get to the breakdown and try to follow me;
I Need You To Be Sweet Like Sugar (Nnge Nte Suka)
This one was sung in a mixture of English and Ibibio, it’s a love song that tells a lover to be sweet like sugar. The electric guitar riffs are the best thing about this song. It is slower-paced and filled with rock n’ roll era guitar. This song is tailor-made for a stage performance.
Wanna Come Down
Ibibio Sound Machine “Wanna Come Down”
This one was sung totally in Ibibio, it is more fast-paced than the first track and Williams, the band’s lead vocalist sings, “Let’s go, come and see something.” It’s like an invitation, the guitar riffs around the hook are so powerful and immense, you almost forget a song is going on.
Tell Me (Doko Mien)
The title track feels like something off Michael Jackson’s 1979 album, ‘Off The Wall’ which incorporated disco and funk heavily into its sound. Eno Williams is telling a lover to tell her what he wants he to do, before singing the same thing in Ibibio.
This is very experimental and risky music in this age and time, with the requirements of live instrumentation. This is impressive – a lot of work must have gone into this.
The percussion must have been created with a sampler though, but shout-out to the producer, still. But I wager he had a template.
I Know That You Are Thinking About Me
The track sheds light on ‘Doko Mien’ which probably talks about a troubled relationship the vocalist is afraid of losing, so she begs the lover to tell her what he wants. On this track, the couple seem to have broken up.
This song seems like a convergence of soft rock, folk and blue drums. But one thing has been noticeable so far, Eno Williams lags too much on the major conversations in songs, that leads to an overkill.
On this one, she repeats, “I know that you’re thinking about me’ more times than required, but she gets saved by the instrumentation; a collision of electric guitars, trumpets, cellos, and well-timed drums. These snare are giving me life.
Best song so far, the final 90 seconds and the trumpets are simply mad.
Ibibio Sound Machine – Doko Mien Album Review
I Will Run
Instrumentation in this opening few songs, it feels like a Florence and The Machine record minus the sharp effects that accompanies the strings. The percussion seems African. It is short, songwriting is not so impressive. This album has mostly been about great production so far.
It seems a deviation from the narrative so far, but maybe the band didn’t intend for topical progression and cohesion, maybe they simply wanted to create good songs about the theme of love. ‘Running’ could also be a response to a bad breakup.
Just Go Forward (Ka I So)
Okay, I think the final line of the previous paragraph is plausible. It still seems I’m forcing this narrative, but the detail does not support my feelings of intentional topical cohesion of the narrative.
The song was sung in Ibibio and chorus was done in English. Unsurprisingly, production is good.
She Work Very Hard
We need a movie for this one, it feels like one thing played in a suspense scene of a thrilling movie where the protagonist beats his captor or attacker blue and black. I don’t really like this one, but I can appreciate the work behind the production.
Nyak Mien
I like this, this is like merging Yoruba juju with funk instrumentation and Igbo hi-life music. I can see people jamming to this one in a pub, drinks in hand. ‘Nyak Mien’ is Ibibio and it means ‘leave me alone’ or ‘stop touching me’ in English. This could either mean that the lover is back, or it could verily be a song about consent.
African drums, a chant, this feels like a traditional sacrifice. ‘Kuka’ means ‘Leave me alone.’
Guess We Found A Way
Ibibio Sound Machine “Guess We Found a Way”
This one is slower from the folk angle. Production is unsurprisingly good and we are kind of back on point. It also validates the previous songs as a relationship plight, not consent in some way. This probably means a way has been found.
The opening seems a like a Jazz montage, reason behind the ‘Basquiat’ title is not really clear though.
This is a mind-blowing experience in the detailed production. The songwriting doesn’t always match the production and that’s the worry. There was also the issue of excessive repetition of the song titles in the lyrics.
The production papered the cracks, but one thing I’m not certain of is whether the album was meant to have a cohesive narrative or a bunch of disjointed songs on an album.
However, ‘Doko Mien’ is not for everybody. Not even all rock fans will like this album. If not that I have used ‘acquired taste’ too often recently, it’s the perfect description for this album – divergent music, but its execution, especially on songwriting isn’t all good news.
Expert Ibibio speakers have also complained about her pronunciation of certain words, but that’s understandable. On albums like this though, it’s difficult to criticize tracklist, because it’s divergent music. For what it was meant to be though, it’s a very good listen – for its audience, it will be a great listen.
Ratings: /10
•      0-2: Flop
•      2.1-4.0: Near fall
•      4.1-6.0: Average
•      6.1-8: Victory
•      8.1-10: Champion
Pulse Rating:
Production: 1.8/2
Topics, Themes and Songwriting: 1.2
Execution: 1.3
Tracklist: 1.8
Enjoyability: 1.2

7 emerging Yoruba movie stars you need to know

The Nigerian movie industry is growing in leaps and bounds and new movie stars are emerging from different parts of the country.
Though the English Language is the universal language of communication, a large number of Nollywood movies are also produced in the three major languages, Igbo, Yoruba. and Hausa. And movie stars are springing from different corners of the indigenous movie sectors.
Pulse takes a look at the careers of seven already bright stars and talent under the age of 30 rocking the Yoruba movie industry in this new piece. These movie stars are expected to become the next generation of the Yoruba movie stars.
Rotimi Salami and Adedimeji Lateef on the set of a movie. [Instagram/Rotimi Salami]
Here are 7 emerging actors who we believe will be the next generation of Yoruba movie stars.
1. Adedimeji Lateef
Abdulateef Adedimeji is an ambassador to one of the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria. [Instagram/Adedimeji Lateef]
A first look at Adedimeji Abdullateef reminds you of reigning Yoruba movie star, Odunlade Adekola. However, the bright movie star believes there isn’t any basis for comparison between himself and Adekola. Adedimeji has evolved from the one-scene-actor to a lead character in several films. The Mass Communication graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University is arguably one of the young and emerging movie stars set to dominate Yoruba movies. Interestingly, Adedimeji has also been gaining attention from directors who shoot movies with English as the language of communication. 
2. Jumoke Odetola
Jumoke Odetola is a two-time-nominee and one-time winner of the AMVCAs. [Instagram/Jumoke Odetola]
Jumoke Odetola broke barriers when she featured as the lead character in the movie, ‘Binta Ofege.’ The Master’s degree holder in Computer Science is one of the Nollywood movie stars that has positioned herself to lead the next generation of stars. The two-time-nominee of the AMVCAs and a one-time winner has continued to make wave writing and producing scripts and stories that have continued to win her laurels. Unknown to many, the actress’ parents kicked against her decision to join the movie industry but she has found a voice acting in indigenous movies.
3. Rotimi Salami
Rotimi Salami’s childhood dream to be become a world renowned actor and he’s not leaving any stone unturn in achieving the dream. [Instagram/Rotimi Salami]
From a young child, who never believed that actors were real human beings, Rotimi Salami has become one of the young and emerging talents to dominate the Yoruba movies. The Sociology graduate of the Lagos State University believed he had all it takes to become a movie star and despite the frustration and daunting challenges, he kept pushing hard till he got his voice heard. In 2017, Salami was rewarded for his acting abilities by the organisers of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award. He’s also one of the young chaps clinching both Yoruba and English language movie roles.
4. Tayo Sobola
From a model to being a TV presenter, music and video vixen, Tayo Sobola has paid her dues to earn a spot at the big table. [Instagram/sotayogaga]
Tayo Sobola has worked her way to become one of the emerging movie stars in Nollywood. From being a model to music video vixen, TV presenter and an actress, Sobola has proved herself to be worth the accolades. Combining the roles of a producer and actress, Sobola has over 35 movies to her credit. ‘Corper Jide’ and ‘Ojuloge Obinrin’ are some of the movies that have brought Sobola recognition in the industry. Like others on this list, Sobola features in English and indigenous movies with ease.
5. Eniola Ajao
Eniola Ajao was an accountant before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. [Instagram/Eniola Ajao]
Until her role in the movie, ‘Igba Aimo’ under the tutelage of Adesanya Adeshina, Eniola Ajao worked briefly as an account manager in a regular firm. Her fortune in the movie industry changed for the better after she met Odunlade Adekola. The graduate of the University of Lagos has featured in over 30 movies and taken both leading and supporting roles. Some of her works include ‘Alani Pamolekun’, ‘Eri Oni’, ‘Ojo Keta’, ‘Kara’, ‘Pepeye Meje’, and ‘Daramola’.
6. Mustapha Sholagbade Ololade
Mustapha Sholagbade Ololade joined the Odunfa caucus in 2005 and in 2019, he’s calling the shots as a producer/actor. [Instagram/Mustapha Sholagbade]
Mustapha Sholagbade Ololade became a regular face in Yoruba movies after joining the movie caucus in 2005. The popular movie caucus is known to have kicked off the career of many leading Yoruba movie stars. The trained Political Scientist stands out as a budding filmmaker and roles interpreter. He has made his mark appearing in TV sitcoms and series on popular Yoruba movie cable channel.
7. Ayo Olaiya
Ayo Olaiya has become a household name as a producer and actor after joining the industry years after his parents co-founded a local theatre group.[Instagram/Ayo Olaiya]
Oluwabusayomi Olaiya is widely referred to as Ayo Olaiya. He’s one of the youngest actors and filmmakers to watch out for in the near future. Olaiya’s foray into the world of movies isn’t new for many who knew his background. Olaiya’s parents had co-founded a local theatre group called ‘Oluwalomona Eda Theatre Group’ and he was exposed to the world of movies at a very young age. Olaiya professionally joined the industry in 2004 and has featured in several movies and produced over five of the movies.

Pulse Opinion: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and the presidency’s ‘clean money’

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde triggered the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all hell has been let loose.
You know how we all clamour for public figures and celebrities (Not the ones under the payroll of the elites) to always come out to speak out for the voiceless and ordinary Nigerian, well Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde took the bull by the horn and decided to show up.
Guess what? A lot of people have become jittery since she decided to go to social media to call out the presidency. She didn’t just call out the presidency but was specific as she mentioned the name of the president, Muhammadu Buhari and the vice president, Yemi Osibanjo. She slammed them for the various problems being faced by the populace.
Omotola Jalade-Ekiende calls out Yemi Osinbanjo over SARS brutality [Instagram/OmotolaJaladeEkeinde]
So let’s break it down for you guys, Omotola’s grievance with the president was the lack of money in circulation, while that of the vice president was because of his perceived continuous silence since the men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad also known as SARS have become the biggest nightmare for every Nigerian, especially the youths.
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde called out the Vice President for his silence over the killings of innocent Nigerians by SARS [Credit: BuzzNigeria]
While we were all screaming and shouting “Omotola our saviour has finally come out to save us” the president’s aides were coming up with a bad response. We all know the job of every government spokesperson is to defend his or her paymaster even if it requires selling their birthright. 
Omotola Jalade-Ekiende calls out Yemi Osinbanjo over SARS brutality [Instagram/OmotolaJaladeEkeinde]
It didn’t take 24 hours before the spokesman to the presidency, Bashir Ahmad fired back at Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde over her damaging comments to a government which has been heavily criticised by its citizens. Ordinarily, the response to Omotola’s social media posts wouldn’t have been taken seriously until the spokesman said those making ‘CLEAN MONEY‘ weren’t complaining and in my mind, I’m like “Hold up…hold up” is there more to this than meets the eye? 

Was the presidency insinuating that the award-winning actress, who has been in the game for over two decades, is among those who have had a romantic affair with corruption in the past? Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde comes from what we can call a typical Nigerian above middle-class family with a husband who has been a successful pilot for a long time. So it’s safe to say she is from the ‘Clean Money’ background…even though the presidency might be thinking otherwise.
A presidential aide should not be throwing baseless allegations against one of Africa’s biggest movie stars. It is uncalled for and a dishonor to her reputation. The government should actually apologize to Omotola who holds the Member of the Federal Republic title.
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde comes from what we can call a typical Nigerian above middle-class family with a husband who has been a successful pilot for a long time [Instagram/realomosexy]
Since Bashir Ahmad replied Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde on Twitter, she has not only become the number one trending topic on Twitter but also has received support from fans and the backlash has been massive too. Omotola has also come to her own defense saying she has never been linked to any corrupt official in the past and neither has she collected free money from anyone.

At the end of the day, let’s all not get distracted by these social media mirages and face the reality in the country.

Find out why Davido is going ‘phoneless’ for the next one month

2019 was billed to be a year of blockbuster music moments and it does not look set to disappoint.
Amongst the artists excepted to drop albums this year are Davido, Wizkid and a few others. We’ve already been thrilled with singles from both acts.
While Wizkid teased fans with new music a few weeks ago, over the weekend, Davido made a video of himself, telling his fans that he intends to go ‘phoneless’ for the next one month to complete his new album, which looks like is already in the works.
Davido, whose 2017 smash hit single, ‘Fall’ continues to wax strong on the Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B Charts (currently at No. 16) took to his Instagram account and recorded the video, saying, “For everybody that has been trying to reach me on my phone, or WhatsApp or whatsoever, I have decided to go phoneless for the next one month, just so I can finish my album and focus on things I need to focus on.
“So if you are trying to reach me, call Lati (his Personal Assistant).”
While this might seem strange, music is an emotional endeavor that requires strong great concentration and dedication. This move is also not quite dissimilar to the tactics employed by Kanye West during the recording of some his great albums like, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”
Let’s hope what O.B.O has planned is pure flames.

Bolanle Austen-Peters releases first teaser for ‘The Bling Lagosians’

Bolanle Austen-Peters has released the first teaser for her directorial debut, ‘The Bling Lagosians’.
The movie director released the first official teaser on Monday, April 14, 2019, ahead of the movie’s official release on June 28, 2019. 
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The official teaser shows Elvina Ibru bragging about wealth and how she intends to host one of the most lavish Lagos parties.
Toyin Abraham, Monalisa Chinda and Bisola Aiyeola were portrayed as Elvina Ibru’s clique of friends in the 1-minute long teaser.
Fuji star, Pasuma also made a cameo appearance in the movie with a musical performance that saw Toyin Abraham throwing all caution to the wind as she danced to his tunes.
Bolanle Austen-Peters’ directorial debut, ‘The Blings Lagosians’ features top Nollywood actors. [Instagram/TheBlingsLagosians]
Broda Shaggi and Helen Paul appeared in the 49-minutes of the teaser with comical relief while Gbenga Titiloye and Jide Kosoko were seen lusting after Big Brother Naija star, Bam Bam.
Also featured in the movie are Alex Ekubo, Sharon Ooja, Osas Ighodaro, Ayoola Ayoola, Jimmy Odukoya, Tana Adelana and a host of others.
The Bling Lagosians,’ tells the story of a powerful Lagos socialite who prepares for her flamboyant birthday party while her husband fights to prevent foreclosure of their family company for billions of unpaid loans.

Tay Iwar’s ‘GEMINI’ talks bad love affairs with great songwriting

On March 29, 2019 after a long wait of yearning from his fans, talented Nigerian artist, instrumentalist and sound engineer, Tay Iwar dropped his 16-track third project, ‘GEMINI.’
‘Renascentia’ was an 8-track sonic experience to rival any and it was a perfect follow-up to Iwar’s first album, ‘Passport.’ While he dropped a 3-track EP, ‘1997’ to whet the appetite, and made cameos on songs and albums for acts like Odunsi and M.I. Abaga, they were simply not enough to satisfy his fans.
3 days to the album 💫. Click the link in my bio for a new song.
While ‘Passport’ was more a pop&b fusion kind of album, ‘Renascentia’ was primarily alternative R&B that showcased an uncanny understanding of sound mixing and sound engineering.
‘GEMINI,’ seems a perfect blend of ‘Passport,’ alternative R&B, experimentation and Iwar’s attempts and getting something for radio. It also has some soul, and 90’s music influences with Iwar’s apparent maturation of artistry and constantly evolving penmanship.
Theme: Love
Topic: Insecurity, vulnerability
Tay Iwar – SATISFIED (audio)
Guitar chords with undertones of a flute or a recorder. Layered vocal exercises, different notes and pitches. The drums seem peculiar to neo-soul acts. A short intro talking about the perfection of a supposed partner, despite his attempts at trying to find a weakness in this partner.
On one part, it points to insecurity, and on the other, it points to a man so in love and vulnerable that he’s not scared to talk about his insecurity. This track might not be for the transient listeners, but there’s something in it for music lovers. The vocal exercises and the casual, yet perfect guitar chords really are something to behold.
Verdict: Good
Theme: Death, Love. Drug use?
Topic: Intense emotion, torrid affair
Tay Iwar – MONICA (audio)
An alternative R&B song that runs on an emo string and good drums. Apparently, this lover is older and demanding. We’ve all been there, not necessarily with one-sided love affairs, but with draining love affairs, even when love is present.
With how Iwar portrays the relationship to be toxic, and talks of sobriety and almost dying after falling in love, there seems some parallels with the ill-fortune of drug abuse. One considers if the song is a whole symbolism. The sticks in the production are impressive.
Verdict: Impressive
Theme: Love
Topic: Insecurity, acceptance
New jack swing. 90’s Hiphop. While it sometimes seems Iwar was talking about the acceptance of a troubled love affair, it also seems like abstraction killed by clutter and symbolism overkill – if that’s what it is – and on the other hand, it could be attributed to Iwar’s good songwriting that interpretation is this open.
Verdict: Confusing
Theme: Love, Change
Topic: Dysfunctional love affair
Tay Iwar – ITS OKAY (audio)
Electronic and ambient vocal intro. Ashanti’s ‘Foolish’ sample. DJ turntable effect; very 90’s again. Tay talks about a lover who suddenly changes, but also one he’s not interested in swaying to his side. It feels like Tay is simply preaching an understanding of humanity, of which ‘change’ is a key part of.
The homerun is, however, his disinterest in eroding that change.
Verdict: Impressive perspective
Theme: Sex
Topic: Admiration
Tay Iwar – STRANGER (audio)
One of my favourite songs on the album at every listen. The piercingly gentle piano chords and chirping beds infect my mind with the talk of sex (no homo). Another very 90’s song.
Verdict: A fave
Theme: Love
Topic: Decision-making
Tay Iwar – FOOLS (audio)
Tay sure knows how to pick them – It’s fair to assume these ‘girls’ are different people. The sound is very danceable. One of the songs the album could have done without, but the story is compelling.
Verdict: Filler?
Theme: Loyalty, Humanity
Topic: Understanding of self
Tay Iwar – KEEPS (audio)
Another favorite. The strings are sharp and friendly. The drums and snare are doing it, the tambourine is working well. There is an idea of self-understanding and growth.
Verdict: Impressive
Theme: Identity
Topic: Growth, evolution
Tay Iwar – UTERO (audio)
The piano chords, wrestle power off the domineering trumpets before the drums hit where the bass riffs hit and the hihats do their thing. The title is by far symbolism in itself. ‘Utero’ is Latin for, ‘in the womb.’ The brilliance is how the first verse discusses identity while the second discusses that in relation to love.
In relation to the title, ‘Utero,’ and the topic of identity, one might be tempted to think it means formation as a topic of natural human evolution.
On the second verse, Tay sings about the effect of tragedy as a way to keep people on their toes, calling it reality. On the first verse he sings, “We’ve been searching for the answers, they said I must follow what master say, It’s the only way, tell me is anybody there…”
It seems a story of the different questions associated with and the ‘bad parts’ of human development. It’s then a story of acceptance, despite being unsure of certain things; an appetite to experience those things anyway.
Verdict: Super-impressive
Theme: Regret
Topic: Blame
Tay Iwar – DIAMONDS (audio)
There is a confusion on this song that merges dark wave-sound with distortionist strings. On the one part, there is an acceptance of mistake, but then, on the other hand, there is a blame to the supposed victim. On the last song, Iwar sings about his development, which he accepts, so his predilection might be forgivable.
Pity for the woman, though. There is also the possibility that Iwar was singing about being at fault for letting a faulty love affair take all of him. The album could have done without this song though, it is a repetition of what we’ve heard and heard over and again on ‘GEMINI.’
Verdict: Weird
Theme: Betrayal
Topic: Damnation
Tay Iwar – HOW (audio)
There’s a powerful riff under it all. The percussion is doing some amazing work here. Production is faultless on ‘GEMINI,’ but this is the most spiteful Tay yet. He sings the very funny line, “You gon wash them dishes on them dates. No more loving you I’m good I’m straight…” That’s pop culture, right there.
Tay really doesn’t like this girl.
Verdict: Wawu, chill Tay!
Theme: Division
Topic: Breakup
Tay Iwar – SPACE (feat. Santi & Preyé)
A bit of reggae. Good percussion. Amidst it all, there is a subtle cohesion about this album and the story kind of aligns with the underlying topic of a terrible love affair, even if it’s from different lovers – maybe. I’m not, however, sure it’s an intended cohesion, but I might be wrong.
Tay is finally seeking space. While Santi is an impressive act, I’m not sure this is a good match. Preye is definitely a better fit and should probably have been the only one on the song.
Verdict: Should have been a bonus track.
Theme: Reality
Topic: Money
Tay Iwar – SUGARDADDY (feat. Odunsi (The Engine))
Incredible story, this. It starts with The Dream and Trick Stewart-esque R&B of the mid 2000s. A welcome deviation from the narrative we’ve gotten so far. The beat is 2000’s R&B too. The song discusses the reality of opportunity meets need and frustration with love that happens to a lot of ladies.
It would have been out of place, but it blends the lack of love with grabbing an opportunity to make money. When the beats switches up-tempo to danceable rhythms, I was sold.
Verdict: Issa single
Theme: Bad love
Topic: Bad love
Tay Iwar – DON’T KNOW (Ft. Suté Iwar)
I like the collaboration, I salivated at its prospect, but the production is not for me. There seems an appetite to merge dance music with alternative strings/instrumentation. Topically, it seems a repetition of the things we have heard.
Verdict: Filler
Themes: Distance
Topic: Spite
Tay Iwar – SIDELINES (audio)
African folk percussion. Spiteful Tay is back. Nothing unique about the topic, but songwriting is commendable. The progression of this production is also very impressive. The way pop strings fused with African folk percussion deserves applause.
This song’s potential to be a single is the only saving grace it has.
Verdict: Single
Theme: Appreciation
Topic: Womanhood
Powerful instrumentation, hook it into my veins. This is a wonderful song that I have liked since ‘1997’ dropped. The way the guitars worked on this album and the sound engineering showcase Tay’s immense growing ability as a musician. This song is gives me the chills.
However, with the way the album has been flowing, aided by its tracklist, the placement of this song is a major no, and it’s the only fault with the tracklist, yet a major one.
You can’t sing about bad love through the album and then get to the 15th track of 16, only to appraise a female – there is a disconnect. This song would have made a wonderful album opener, especially when you consider the tracklist.
Verdict: Mixed
Theme: Appreciation
Topic: Womanhood
Tay Iwar – CALL U (audio)
A good song that is a filler. It continues the disconnect. On a tracklist level, it’s another major wrong move. Asides that, it wasn’t really needed.
Verdict: Filler
General Verdict:
Listening to ‘GEMINI’ is like a long-distance journey on a tour bus, savouring all the plains and forests have to offer. Taking in the journey as it progresses, admiring the stops and new food, enjoying the podcasts you’re listening to and a few more.
Then, after you get tired, a piece of gala you normally enjoy feels like a tediously put together meal. That’s Tay’s Album, ‘GEMINI,’ the quintessential mood music that might need time and perfect conditioning to age like fine wine.
‘GEMINI’ is a zodiac sign. A gemini is affectionate and prone to repetition amongst others things, so the repetition on this album is understandable. ‘GEMINI’ showcases honesty, maturity, evolving songwriting and great, relatable storytelling filled with 90’s vibes.
Tay is a visual storyteller who should try writing for movies. Some will call the album boring, but it is an acquired taste. The length is an issue – the album could have done without 6 songs.
It’s easy to criticize the album, but one thing we can’t fault is the songwriting. Tay exemplifies what is good about ease of songwriting – he makes ordinary things seem exceptional.
While one wants to fault the overt fixation on troubled love affairs, we can’t. We’re all experiencing them, but I do admit, those criticisms of over-fixation on troubled love affairs are understandable. This album looks like one that will age well though.
The music is organic and you feel that the pulse of the music punctuating this phase of Tay’s life through the different scenarios the tracks on ‘GEMINI’ paint, from the real, to the existential, to the hypothetical.
For what this album was meant to be, this album is so near-excellent, it should be a staple of sampling in 10-15 years.
Ratings: /10
•      0-2: Flop
•      2.1-4.0: Near fall
•      4.1-6.0: Average
•      6.1-8: Victory
•      8.1-10: Champion
Pulse Rating:
Production: 1.9
Themes, Topics and Songwriting: 1.5
Delivery: 1.5
Cohesion: 1.5
Tracklist: 1.5

Take a look at Peter Okoye’s exotic cars

Just in case you need something to motivate you on this lovely Monday, then you’ve got to check the photos of Peter Okoye’s amazing and exotic cars.
The former member of the now defunct group, Psquare, is known for showing off his luxurious lifestyle and it only gets better by the day. So for every time Peter Okoye shares a photo or more of his house or cars, it is always bound to get people talking.
Peter Okoye has some of the most exotic cars in his garage. From the Mercedes Benz G Wagon to the Rubicon Jeep and even the Ford Mustang, his garage is all shades of dope! 
Take a look at Peter Okoye’s amazing, exotic cars [Instagram/PeterPsquare]
The guy is unarguably one of the most stylish celebrities in Nigeria and has for years, remained one to watch when it comes to living da Vida loca. This is not the first time we are getting to see Peter Okoye’s garage and we love it.
This is not the first time we are getting to see Peter Okoye’s garage and we loveeeee it [Instagram/PeterPsquare]
Apparently, Peter Okoye’s love for expensive cars knows no bounds as he even recently got for his wife a Range Rover, adding to the number of intimidating cars in their garage.
Peter Okoye shares photos of his mind-blowing exotic cars
Well, Peter in his caption said he hopes these photos motivate all of us on a Monday like this
The singer was probably having a good day when he decided to show off his expensive cars in his garage. He did this on his Instagram page on Monday, August 6, 2018. Well, Peter in his caption said he hopes these photos motivate all of us on a Monday like this.
“#MondayMotivation I pray that this pictures Motivates and inspires you, rather than making you mad or sad. Same God that did for me will surely do it for you    Say a big AMEN!!!   #MondayMotivation #Blessed #LivingMyDreams #MyWayMyWorld #BossOfHisOwn #MrP’sWorld #TheHustleIsReal #LevelUp #ZOOM.”
A look at Peter Okoye’s exotic cars [Instagram/PeterPsquare]
Peter trust us, these photos will definitely get all of us motivated to step up the gear of our hustle. Among the cars in Peter’s garage are two Range Rover SUVs, a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, a Wrangler Jeep and a Ford Mustang.

Akon and Rick Ross advised me to start my music career in Nigeria –...

After satisfying the wishes of his parents by graduating from FUTO with a degree in Petroleum Engineering, Nigerian born singer Odozi relocated to the United States to pursue a masters degree in music production at the University of Florida.
Florida’s weather and beautiful beaches make it one of the most visited states in the US and home to many celebrities some of whom Odozi has been opportune to meet and work with.
According to the singer who hails from Imo state Nigeria, he has met rapper Boosie Badass who he produced a record for. He also met Cardi B, Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, John Travolta and Keanu Reeves.
Detailing his meeting with Rick Ross and Akon, the singer, songwriter and producer said they actually advised him to consider coming to Nigeria to start his music career. They encouraged him to work with Nigerian producers and video directors because of how big Afrobeats has become in the world.
Following the advice, he has linked up with music producer Spellz for his first single titled ‘I’m Sorry‘, a dancehall pop single.
The song and its brilliantly shot music video which was directed by Adasa Cookey is on heavy rotation on radio and TV.

Mr Eazi electrifies Coachella 2019 with amazing performance

This weekend, two of Nigeria’s biggest stars were set to perform at first leg of Coachella Valley and Arts Music Festival that began on the night of April 12, 2019, and ends tonight, April 14, 2019.
They are Burna Boy and Mr. Eazi, billed to perform alongside some of the biggest music stars.
As Pulse reported on ‘how to live stream Coachella 2019’ yesterday, Mr Eazi performed at 10 pm on Saturday, April 13, 2019 and it was streamed live on Coachella’s YouTube page.

Backed up by a live band and a selection of male and female dancers at the event, Eazi was filled with boundless energy as he performed songs like 2016 smash hit, ‘Skin Tight, ‘Akwaaba’ (which he made alongside Guiltybeatz, Patapaa and Pappy Kojoo), ‘London Town,’ ‘Leg Over,’ the Afro-house ‘ShaSha Ku Shasha’ (which he made with Destruction Boyz) and so forth.
The ‘Life Is Eazi’ series creator was dressed in patterned white trousers, a blue top and sunglasses as he thrilled the multicultural crowd. Even the Caucasians had no choice but move their bodies. You can watch the performance below;
Mr Eazi Electrifying Performance at COACHELLA 2019
Mr. Eazi Performance At Coachella 2019 | Watch His Amazing Full Performance
Burna will perform on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 7:15pm. If you are not in California, you have no reason to worry. All you have to do is visit Coachella’s YouTube Channel and click, ‘COACHELLA 2019,’ or watch through the link below;
Coachella Live 2019 on YouTube – April 12-14 – Presented by T-Mobile
Some of the other acts billed to perform there are; Solange, Kid Cudi, Aphex Twin, the 1975, Diplo, Weezer, Rosalía, Yves Tumor, SOPHIE, Mac DeMarco, Idris Elba, Jon Hopkins, Kaytranada, Anderson Paak, Juice WRLD, Playboi Carti and 66 others.
The second leg of Coachella holds between April 19, 2019 and April 21, 2019 at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

Live Stream: Watch Burna Boy and Mr Eazi perform at Coachella 2019

This weekend, two of Nigeria’s music biggest stars will perform at first leg of Coachella Valley and Arts Music Festival set begin on the night of April 12, 2019 and end on April 14, 2019.
They are Burna Boy and Mr. Eazi who will be performing alongside some of the biggest music stars.

Over the past year, both acts have built an incredible reputation across the continent and have been featured on YouTube artist spotlight; Burna Boy being the most recent after a stellar 2018 which lead his smash hit, ‘Ye’ to top multiple year-end song lists across the world.

On his part, Eazi got his own spotlight last year, shortly after the success his project, Life Is Eazi, Vol. 2: Lagos To London.
‘COACHELLA 2019’ is at the top of Coachella’s YouTube page. (YouTube/Coachella)
Eazi will perform on Saturday, April 14, 2019 at 10 pm while Burna will perform on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 7:15pm. If you are not in California, you have no reason to worry. All you have to do is visit Coachella’s YouTube Channel and click, ‘COACHELLA 2019.’

In the alternative, you can also watch via any of the links below;
Coachella Live 2019 on YouTube – April 12-14 – Presented by T-Mobile
Some of the acts billed to perform there are; Solange, Kid Cudi, Aphex Twin, the 1975, Diplo, Weezer, Rosalía, Yves Tumor, SOPHIE, Mac DeMarco, Idris Elba, Jon Hopkins, Kaytranada, Anderson Paak, Juice WRLD, Playboi Carti and 66 others.
The second leg of Coachella holds between April 19, 2019 and April 21, 2019 at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.
You can watch the Coachella Curated promo content for Mr. Eazi here;
Mr Eazi – Coachella Curated
Burna Boy recently appeared on Shade 45 ‘Sway In The Morning’with Sway Calloway and hopped on the ‘Five Fingers of Death’ freestyle.