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Cardi B: Not again! Another sex tape of rapper’s fiance, Offset leaked!

Yet again another sex tape of Cardi B’s fiancé, Offset has been leaked. A new sex tape involving Cardi B’s fiance and rapper, Offset and an unidentified lady has been leaked.According to blogger, Linda Ikeji, in this new 7sec footage, Offset is clearly seen having sex with an unidentified lady, whose face wasn’t captured in the video. Clearly, this couple has a lot on their plate in terms of handling the constant infidelity claims and leaked sex tapes in their relationship.During a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, the biggest female rapper of the moment explained why she hasn’t called off her relationship with Offset. “It’s like everybody is coming down my neck like, ‘Why are you not leaving him? You have low self-esteem.’ I don’t have low self-esteem … I know I look good. I know I’m rich, I know I’m talented. I know I could get any man I want—any basketball player, football player. “But I want to work out my shit with my man, and I don’t got to explain why,” she said, adding that it’s ultimately up to her to decide how she wants to move forward in the relationship although she knows he’s in the wrong. It’s not right, what he f–king did — but people don’t know what I did, ’cause I ain’t no angel,” she explained.ALSO READ: Cardi B says lack of sex is making her lose her eyesight This is coming barely a month after a video was released where it shows an Offset look-alike with another lady having sex. Offset has come under fire for cheating on Cardi B  with another lady who is said to be a South African lady and sex video of them was also leaked. Cardi B played down that cheating rumours back in Jnaury 2018 when she released a fake sex tape of her and Offset. The video which was first aired on Cardi’s Instagram Live shows the couple having what looks like live sex and joking about it.

Big Brother Naija: Bambam and Teddy A allegedly have sex, viewers react

Here’s how viewers reacted to Bambam and Teddy A allegedly having sex on Big Brother Naija. Miracle has said that Big Brother Naija housemates, Bambam and Teddy A, and Lolu and Anto, have been having sex in the house. He revealed this during a conversation with Tobi on Sunday night, after the Live show. According to Miracle, he is not the only one having sex in the house.  He also mentioned that Alex and Leo, Anto and Lolu have had sex in the house. He attributed the missing condoms in the house to the sexual relationships between the housemates. Hours after their conversation, a video of Bambam and Teddy A in a compromising position surfaced online, starting a debate on whether they actually had sex, or not. A video of Anto and Lolu allegedly having sex  A video of Leo and Alex allegedly having sex  A video of Bambam and Teddy A allegedly having sex Reactions to Teddy A and Bambam allegedly having sex              Teddy A is currently paired with Nina, while Bambam is paired with Rico. Teddy A and Nina (TENA) are currently immune to possible eviction this week.

Big Brother Naija: Teddy A and Bambam have bathroom sex, Tobi’s shocking save and...

Teddy A and Bambam have bathroom sex, Tobi puts Cee C up for eviction, Cee – C says Miracle and Nina are bad company: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 29. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 29.Check out a recap of day 29, including social media reactions.Bambam and Teddy A have sex Hours after Miracle had told Tobi that Bambam and Teddy  A already had sex in the house, the latter were seen having sex in the toilet. Bambam and Teddy A have been obviously attracted to each other since their first day in the house.    Miracle gets into an argument with Leo over Nina After Leo asked Nina certain questions about her relationship with her boyfriend outside the house, the latter, who felt uncomfortable, reported Leo to Miracle. Miracle confronted Leo, asking that he stays out of his relationship with Nina, as he [Miracle] doesn’t go about asking questions about Leo and Alex.        Tobi’s shocking save and replace After the nominations, Leo and Ifu (Lifu), Bambam and Rico (Bamco), and Angel and Ahneeka (Gelah) had the highest nominations. As Head of House, Tobi was asked to save a pair and replace with another. He saved the pair of BamBam and Rico and shockingly replaced with CeeC and Lolu (Tobi was romantically involved with Cee-C, who was once his strategic partner.)  The housemates currently up for possible eviction this week are Leo and Ifu (Lifu), Lolu and Cee – C (Ceelo) , and Angel and Ahneeka (Gelah).                     Cee–C says Miracle and Nina are bad company During a conversation with Tobi, Cee – C told her former strategic partner, love interest and current Head of House that Miracle and Nina are bad company. According to her, there’s nothing Nina or Miracle could possibly say that would make sense.

Big Brother Naija: Miracle shares another passionate kiss with Nina [Video]

Miracle and Nina’s make out sessions are getting quite intense on #BBNaija, and viewers seem to be in support of #Mina. Big Brother Naija housemates Miracle and Nina have shared another passionate kiss and a make out session between the sheets. The two housemates, who gave viewers the first kiss on the show just two days into the third season, seem to be growing stronger. On day seven, Miracle and Nina shared a kiss in the garden.  Later that day, after the truth and dare game, the couple shared another intense make out session between the sheets. On the opening night of the show, Nina had publicly said she wasn’t interested in finding in love in the house, as she was already in a relationship.On the other hand, a single Miracle had promised to bring confusion amongst the ladies during his stay on the show.

Big Brother Naija: Ifu and Bitto share a kiss, Tobi and Bambam bond and...

Biggie reshuffles the pairs, Lolu and Cee bond, Bitto kisses Ifu: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 16. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 16.Check out a recap of day 16, including social media reactions.1. Dee One gets into a fight with Angel Dee One and Angel got into a fight after Angel told the former that he couldn’t spend all day sleeping. This was after the head of House assembled the housemates to brainstorm on how to make the day entertaining and Dee One was hesitant. An angry Dee-One immediately became verbally abusive, saying that no one had the right to tell him that he couldn’t sleep. The housemates exchanged words for a while, insulting their physical looks and ‘talent.’  2. Biggie reshuffles the pairing againThe theme for the week is bonding and to get the housemates to mingle and understand each other, Biggie has so far reshuffled the pairs thrice this week. On Day 16, the housemates were given a strict rule of engagement: They were to avoid conversations with any housemate other than their bonded pair. Here’s the new pairing which will last for 24 hours: Angel and Rico, Bambam and Tobi, Dee-One and Miracle, Princess and Vandora, Bitto and Ifu Ennada, Teddy A and Alex, Leo and Ahneeka, K.Brule and Nina, Khloe and Anto, and Lolu and Cee-C.Biggie used harnesses to bind Housemates to their partner and they were forbidden from removing it without Biggie’s approval. They were also required to eat, drink, shower and sleep with the bonds strictly intact for the next 24-hours. Before the pairing took effect, the Housemates were given just five minutes to say their final words to each other, especially their original pairs. 3. Bitto kisses IfuennadaIfu Ennada and Bitto had a good time together as a pair. They spent most of the day cleaning, slow dancing and kissing.  Their public display of affection had other housemates giggling and even speaking out loud to themselves.  4. Between Lolu, Cee C and TobiThe drama between Cee C, Lolu and Tobi has to be the most interesting part of the day. It’s no secret that Lolu and Cee C are not fond of each other, as Lolu has occasionally described her as rude. Hours into their pairing, the two had nothing to say to each other and simply sat far apart with hilarious looks on their faces.While Cee C and Lolu ignored each other, her  partner Tobi was having a good time with his new partner Bambam. They talked about their private lives, relationships and other housemates. Their chemistry had viewers on Twitter rooting for a real relationship between the two. Hours later, Lolu was able to get Cee C to open up to him. She confessed that she really likes Tobi and is jealous that he took Bambam to their special corner. Lolu and Cee C stayed up until the early hours of the morning conversing mostly about Cee-c’s love interest in the House, Tobi.            5. Biggie punishes the housemates  Big Brother punished all the pairs except Bambam, Tobi, Khloe and Anto for disobeying his strict instructions and conversing with housemates other than their pairs. He made them freeze while the Ninjas pulled out the hose pipes and poured water on the Housemates. While the housemates were being punished, Rico Swavey delivered another meme-worthy moment, Ifu Ennada couldn’t stop screaming, while Teddy A fell down like he couldn’t take it.

Many popular young Nigerian musicians have sold their souls to Satan –...

By Ayo Onikoyi
Veteran gospel singer, Skid Ikemefuna, who describes himself as an Ambassador for Christ opened a can of worms a couple of days ago when he posted on his Facebook page that “Many popular young Nigerian musicians have sold their souls to Satan for fame and money”. Immediately the post was shared, people invaded his timeline, demanding to know what his proofs were.
•Skid Ikemefuna
The gospel singer who lost his wife in a motor accident four years ago defended himself by urging people who attacked him on his summation to Google “Illuminati”
“Please Google Illuminati… Nigerian members, actors, musicians, pastors. Visit YouTube,” he said.
In other posts the singer reiterated his claim by stating, “ You will be amazed at how many Nigerian musicians that are members of Illuminati”. He mentioned Kanye West, Jay Z and others as being members of Illuminati, claiming the Beyonce’s beau has even confessed that he is a member of Illuminati.
Recall that Jay Z’s album of 2017 heated up the Illuminati theory with the track song “4:44”, with people interpreting the title of the song as a sign of the singer affirming his membership of the secret society. When the argument was nearly tearing the world apart, Jay Z waded in that “4:44” was so titled because it was the time he got  up in the morning to write the song.
Many Nigerian singers, politicians and even pastors have been accused of being members of the society. D’Banj, P-Square, Wizkid, Tonto Dikeh, 2Face Idibia and a host of others have not been spared.
According to Wikipedia, The Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power.
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Kanu Nwankwo: Ex-footballer’s wife attacks Ogbonna Kanu on Instagram

Ogbonna had earlier posted a picture on Instagram, saying that he will be at the Leeds United game Live. Kanu Nwankwo’s wife, Amarachi has attacked his younger brother, Ogbonna  Kanu on Instagram.According to Instablog9ja, Amarachi accused Ogbonna of not allowing her husband live in peace with his family.She also alleged that he stole her son’s match ticket, referring to him as ‘borrow pose’.ALSO READ: Kanu Nwankwo’s wife, Amarachi meets football royalty, David BeckhamOgbonna had earlier posted a picture on Instagram, saying that he will be at the Leeds United game Live.

Big Brother Naija: Tobi finally shares passionate kiss with Cee C

After weeks of begging and being curved, Tobi finally gets a passionate kiss from Cee C. After weeks of begging and being curved, Tobi finally gets a passionate kiss from Cee C. Cee C finally gave in, sharing a very deep kiss with Tobi in the storeroom while Lolu watched.The pair, popularly known as Ceebi have had a very controversial relationship, with Cee C rejecting Tobi’s advances whilst being jealous of his relationship with other ladies in the house. Over the weekend, Tobi had begged her for a peck. She refused, telling him that would never happen between them.   Tobi’s relationship with Cee CTobi is currently paired with Cee C, which means that they are competing on the show as one.When Tobi was first announced as a housemate on the show, it was assumed that he’s a player and a renowned ‘Yoruba Demon.’However, he has often been criticized by viewers for persistently begging Cee C  for either a kiss or a crime he didn’t commit.Recently, when Ebuka asked Cee C if she was in a relationship or partnership with Tobi, she described the latter a ‘messy child’ on Live TV. So what changed between Cee C and Tobi?The theme for the week is bonding and to get the housemates to mingle and understand each other, Biggie has so far reshuffled the pairs thrice this week.Yesterday, Tobi was paired with Bambam, while Cee C was paired with Lolu. While Tobi bonded and had a good time with his new partner, Cee C antagonized hers.  Eventually, Lolu was able to get Cee C to open up to him. They stayed up until the early hours of the morning conversing mostly about Cee-c’s love interest in the House, Tobi.  This morning, the two got into a fight that left Lolu injured by Cee C.  As their punishment, Lolu and Cee C were disqualified from the day’s task and paired together for the rest of the week. This means that Lolu’s original partner, Anto, is officially paired to Tobi for the week. According to some viewers, the kiss is not genuine and is only a ploy by Cee C  to prevent Tobi from developing feelings or trying anything with Anto during their stay together. Other viewers think that watching Tobi interact with Bambam without acknowledging her presence must have changed Cee C’s mind. Some others think her conversation with Lolu changed her perspective on her relationship with  Tobi. Reactions to Tobi and Cee C’s kiss       Cee C and Tobi are up for possible eviction alongside 14 other housemates.

Big Brother Naija: Alex goes topless [Watch]

The housemate took off her shirt in front of the camera and her fellow male housemates, in what seems to be a calculated move. Alex has sent social media into a tailspin with her latest stunt on the Big Brother Naija 2018 show.The housemate took off her shirt in front of the camera and her fellow male housemates, in what seems to be a calculated move. ALSO READ: Cee-C gets into a fight with Alex, Teddy A says Bambam doesn’t change his love for real girlfriend [Day 38 recap]Of course, Nigerian social media has gone crazy over the short video clip that has since gone viral.See the video clip below:  Alex has made a name for herself as the queen of the dance floor but we are willing to bet that she has made a new name for herself as well as garnering new fans.

Ruth Kadiri gives a glimpse of man rocking her world

The news, that Nollywood actress and producer is engaged has been all over the media since December of last year. Reports claimed the actress got engaged to her man, alleged to be a red cap chief in Sweden on last Christmas Daywithout any hint of what he looks like.
Ruth Kadiri and her mystery lover
All her fans have been speculating and working out all sorts of mathematical equation on the identity of the mystery lover but the actress may have helped with a clue in her birthday photos of last week.
Like many of her colleagues, the Ajegunle-born actress posted many birthday photos, including a couple with a man, rocking her romantically. Is this the man who has put a ring on the Nollywood damsel? The question is hers to answer.
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Big Brother Naija: Miracle tells Tobi that Cee C never loved him and was...

Miracle says Cee C never loved Tobi, Cee C accuses Tobi of touching her inappropriately: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 23. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 23.Check out a recap of day 23, including social media reactions.Miracle tells Tobi that Cee C never loved him Tobi had a conversation with  Miracle regarding her relationship with Cee C and why he walked out on her the previous day. He explained that Cee C wasn’t happy about it and decided to confront him. After he didn’t apologize to her, she accused him of touching her inappropriately while she was asleep. After his explanation, Miracle told Tobi that Cee C never loved him and had used him as part of her game. He added that she was only close to him because he was the head of house. According to Miracle, a woman who loves you will apologize even when she has done nothing wrong. He cited Nina as an example.    Teddy A and Bambam’s conversation Teddy A and Bambam had an interesting conversation during which the latter revealed that her father, who is a professor, and her mum, who is an evangelist, are not aware that she is in the Big Brother Naija house. She revealed that they want her to get an MSc in International Relations, but she doesn’t see herself as someone who can do a 9-5 for long. Teddy A encouraged her, sharing that he doesn’t talk with his father despite living close to each other in the USA. He also promised to support whatever decision she makes about her career after Big Brother Naija.       Nina says she will never cheat on her boyfriend During a conversation, Leo told Nina that what she shares with Miracle is wrong as she is currently cheating on her boyfriend. She explained that she loves her boyfriend and would never cheat on him. She added that she is only friends with benefits with Miracle. Nina also mentioned that she feels bad about suffering with Miracle for three weeks and not enjoying the benefits when he finally won the Head of House (Biggie had asked Miracle to enjoy the luxury room only with his new partner, Anto.

Ebony Reigns: 5 things you should know about late Ghanaian Danchall musician

Ghanaian musician Ebony has passed away.According to reports, the sensational Ghanaian dancehall musician, Ebony Reigns has died. The RuffTown Records musicians passed away in a car accident in Sunyani on Thursday night. This was confirmed by the Ghana Police Service who spoke to Accra-based radio station, Joy FM.Here are 5 things you should know about her.1.
Ebony, real name Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, was born and raised in Dansoman, a suburb
of Accra.
She started her basic education at Seven Great Princess Academy in
Dansoman, Accra followed by a high school education at Methodist
Girls High School at Mamfe in the Akuapim North District of the
Eastern Region, Ghana,[6] though she did not graduate. She quit
high school in pursuit of her music career.
3. Ebony was discovered by renowned musician and entrepreneur Bullet of Ruff n Smooth fame when she sent a recording of her voice and was signed to his Rufftown record label just a day after listening to the recording.4. Ebony came out with her first single, “Dancefloor”, in December 2015 with a video and audio release. The song became a hit on radio landing her nomination for the unsung category at the 2016 Ghana Music Awards. 5. Ebony died on Thursday, February 9, 2017.  The songstress had a fatal accident around 11 pm, on her way from Sunyani. Other media reports state that the artiste passed away while at the Becchem Government Hospital. The police commander stated that three other people – two ladies and a soldier who were with the female musician have also lost their lives.

Big Brother Naija: Mayorkun calls Khloe his ‘b-tch’ in a Snapchat photo

Nigerian music superstar, Mayorkun, shared a Snapchat photo of BBN housemate, Khloe, and tagged it “My b-tch”. Nigerian musician and DMW Superstar, Mayorkun, has shared a photo of one of the housemates, Khloe, on Snapchat calling her his b*tch.Mayorkun who earlier performed at the launch show of the Big Brother Naija reality show season 3, shared a photo of the talented fashion designer off a TV screen, with the tag, “My b-tch”.ALSO READ: Meet the new BBNaija housemates.He passionately added emojis of “love” and “kiss”.ALSO READ: Miracle shares a kiss with Nina, Nigerians react [Watch].Meanwhile, a Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia- wife to Nigerian music legend 2Baba, had earlier declared her unwavering support for Khloe on her Instagram page, saying she’s rooting for her.ALSO READ: 5 important things you probably missed on day 2.Khloe has got a huge number of followers on Instagram; including famed Nigerian celebrities, who are all craving for her success at the ‘double wahala’ contest. This is a featured post.

Wizkid: Here’s every musician that have ever been ‘signed’ by Starboy

Here’s a working list of every talent who have ever been associated with Wizkid’s Starboy label. History has shown that no one ever truly gets ‘signed’ by Wizkid, in the truest sense of it. But he has had a long list of musicians who have received affiliations or ‘co-signs’ by him.Since he launched his record label, ‘Starboy Music’, Wizkid has had multiple names walk through his doors in some capacity, and exit. From producers to singers and rappers, the list of Starboy alumni continues to grow, with more additions and exits.Here’s a working list of every talent who have ever been associated with Wizkid’s Starboy label.Maleek Berry The Nigerian producer who is based in the UK worked extensively with Wizkid in 2013, scoring the hit track ‘The Matter’, and proceeded to do more work. He was signed to Starboy Entertainment the following year, but nothing was said about his exit.Legendury Beatz The production duo of Mutay and Zei were part of the earliest members of the Starboy movement. Although they still work with Wizkid, they are currently under no contractual agreement with the singer. While working with Wizkid, they have provided multiple hit records.L.A.X  LAX was first signed to Wizkid in 2013, and by the end of the year, he had scored ‘Caro’, a hit record. The next year, Wizkid and the singer also released ‘Ginger’, which became another hit. In 2016, the singer announced his exit, and has gone on to an independent career.R2bees (Mugeez, Omar Sterling)  In May 2016, Wizkid announced the signing of some Ghanaian musicians, as he launched his Starboy Worldwide label. R2bees were a core part of that signing as one of the artists snatched up by the label. Subsequent information proved that it was an ad hoc partnership to cover when they all collectively record together.Mr Eazi  Mr Eazi was a part of the Starboy Worldwide announcement. But it was an arrangement that hasn’t provided any new record. The affiliation though has benefited Mr Eazi, with many Nigerian music enthusiasts confused as to the nature of the deal.Efya  The Ghanaian songstress was a part of the Starboy Worldwide push, and her skills were deployed effectively on ‘Daddy yo’ and ‘Sexy’, two records off Wizzy’s “Sounds From The Other Side.”Willybang (Silly)  Wizkid and Silly, who later switched his name to Willybang, were upcoming hustlers and friends during their early days. Willybang would later become affiliated to Starboy, but ended his pursuit of music, to become the Head of Branding.Ahmed  Ahmed, a 12-year-old rapper was signed rather publicly by Wizkid, after thrilling the crowd with a freestyle at the Starboy concert in December 2017. Although there are photos of him hanging with Wizkid, he is yet to drop a record, neither has much been revealed about Starboy’s plans for him.Terri  Terri, a singer, tagged Wizkid to a video in December 2017. Wizkid reached out and further conversations held, which concluded with a signing to Starboy Music. Terri made his first appearance as a Starboy act on ‘Soco’, a new record by Wizkid.

Big Brother Naija: Viewers react to Tobi and Cee-C’s fight, Saturday house party [Day...

Cee-C says Tobi doesn’t have common sense. Tobi agrees, says he wouldn’t like her if he had sense: Here’s a recap of Big Brother Naija day 34. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 34.Check out a recap of day 34, including social media reactions.The house party After an eventful week that saw the housemates explore the theme of Nigerian art and music, Biggie treated the housemates to another epic Saturday party. The  dress code for the night was old school.    Tobi and Cee-C’s fight After the party, Tobi called Cee-C “silly” after she rejected his drink. Alex asked him to apologise to her as she thought his comment was rude. Tobi tried apologising, kicking off the drama which saw the two insult each other, fight, throw shots at each other, and makeup.                               Ahneeka and Angel get a relaxing massageAs the winners of the Friday Night Games, Ahneeka and Angel were rewarded with a long, relaxing massage.When the time came for their recompense, Ahneeka and Angel walked up to the bedroom where two massage tables had been laid out for them. They enjoyed their reward while other Housemates stood and watched.