Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Prettyboy D-O turns up the energy on ”Everything Pretty” mixtape

Prettyboy D-O has released his debut project and it is befittingly titled ”Everything Pretty.” Prettyboy D-O has the looks of a superstar, a unique style that sets him apart and on ”Everything Pretty”, he showcases that extra bit that sets him apart from his peers.The ‘Alte’ genre bubbled over in 2017 and one of the surprise beneficiaries [more for association] was Prettyboy D-O, one whose music in no way can be exactly termed alternative and who is far from being a rookie in the game.One thing that anyone who is fortunate to have watched D-O perform on stage will take away is his infectious energy, he has more than enough to go round and this much is what he brings to his debut effort, ”Everything Pretty.”At his listening party held in September, he stated that he had begun recording songs on the album far back as two years ago and describes the body of work as the best collection of work he believes he can put out right now. On the one message he is passing with this album, D-O says, ”It is like an announcement, I really want people to take notice that this guy’s music is special.””I feel my sound is unique,” D-O says, ”I started off rapping, now I sing, I blend both of them together, I always try to be different from what people are doing, but one thing I pride myself in is my consistency,” he declared.The EP is multi-dimensional as he intentionally strives for variety and being more musical than a lot of dancehall or ‘alte’.D-O combines his aggression, sheer talent and diversity to good use and its final outcome is a 13 track project that features four collaborators in Sugarbana, July Drama, Esojay Luciano and Falz.The album commences with ‘The Motto’, where an adult feminine voice, recognized as that of his mother renders some prayers in its opening lines, as he immediately declares over a drilling beat that the money is the motto.Synth beats are laid heavy on a number of the songs giving them an extra edge and that dance vibe, these drilling beats and simultaneously vicious delivery make up the essence on the entirety of the tape.’Shawn Michael’ is the party starter with the way he switches his delivery as he puts the names of wrestlers to good wordplay use.’Terminate’ with Sugarbana is a big tune, one that has the potential to grow into a radio hit as they terminate every form of ‘bad vibes’ around them.  Other noteworthy tracks include ‘Pull Up’ with Santi and ‘Rabba Man’, while ‘No Wahala’ is another song that should be given a chance, its melodies make for an extremely catchy listen as he tells a tale of betrayal and focus in the course of his journey. ”Ask my nigga Joey, how we use to hustle even back in 06, better yet make you ask my nigga OG, how I use to write and never slept in four weeks”Previously released single, ‘Footwork’ is still a jam while ‘Chop Elbow’ gets a remake this time with Falz dropping some memorable rap lines.Mid-tempo records like ‘Itty Bitty’ and ‘Mi Mother’ brings the project to a soothing close.Production is decent on the tape, while the autotune sticks out on the songs where he leans more towards singing.”Everything Pretty” is a strong release, one that demonstrates D-O’s versatility and influences, and a precursor to how dynamic he can truly become when his starpower is fully developed.His influences play heavy on the tape, from dancehall to R&B to even hip-hop. The project, however, isn’t entirely without blemish, many question marks abound in lyrics and content, but it has a number of gems to guarantee an amped and often enjoyable project and does its part to announce his name on the scene as one to reckon with.Rating: 3.5/5Ratings1-Dull2-Boring2.5-Average3-Worth Checking Out3.5-Hot4-Smoking Hot4.

Lolo DaBunny debuts stunning video for groovy single “Take Your Shot”

Directed by LoudFilmx for DVMG/SBW Productions, the clip visualizes the track in a whole new dimension. The pop game is shifting again with the arrival of Lola Dabunny. Hailing from Maryland (US), the young singer/songwriter is keeping it 1000 on her debut single, ‘Take Your Shot.’ As she delivers mature and raw lyrics over Afro heavy beats, Omolola Aneni Onajide debuts her song with the stunning music video Directed by LoudFilmx for DVMG/SBW Productions, the clip visualizes the track in a whole new dimension. The video tells a story of a player boy trying to woo group of girls and finally settle with one of them. Produced by award winning producer ID Cabasa and Plugged by MuchMusic LessTalk! Lola Dabunny has firmly set her sights on the spotlight with her blossoming music career. Check out the video for “Take Your Shot” below. @Oluwadabunny   Download Link: https://my.notjustok.

Mr Eazi’s ”Lagos To London” has enough hits to solidify his place on both...

”Lagos To London” is a cultural journey that fuses sound and style from two different worlds creating stellar anthems and a fun-filled ride. With ”Lagos To London”, Mr Eazi is doing what he has to at this stage in his career, squaring up impressively to the demands of his two worlds, as he reinforces his hold on the continent while pursuing success on the global front.Mr Eazi made significant ripples with the release of his debut project, ”Accra To Lagos” early in 2017 and he has enjoyed an interesting career since then. While back home, things have not exactly gone as smoothly as he would have wanted following several comments that generated heavy backlash on social media, outside our shore, Eazi has risen to become one of the continents most essential talents bagging several record deals and performing at some of the biggest stages worldwide. This year, Oluwatosin Ajibade a.k.a Mr Eazi, Nigerian by birth, Ghanaian by calling and Londoner by his base returns with his equally anticipated sophomore effort and these cultural inspirations all form a potent mix in the music that he puts out on his second studio project, ”Lagos to London.”The idea behind the project, which he again refuses to call an album is to detail his journey from the busy streets of Lagos to the cold corners of London a place where he now calls home and the album is littered with a number of interesting guest collaborations across the two divides in fast-rising talent, Lady Donli, Burna Boy, 2baba, Simi, Maleek Berry and Ghana’s King Promise while the international cast includes the likes of Giggs, Sneakbo, Chronixx and Lotto Boyz.The mixtape can best be described as a project of two halves with the first set of songs covering for the Lagos audience while he dedicates the final joints to his London crowd. ”Lagos To London” opens with the intro, ‘Lagos Gyration’, where Lady Donli who has been burning up the ‘Alte’ scene makes her presence felt. Starting with heavy and engrossing African drums, this is a call to the dance floor and the only thing missing is palm wine in the system. Over chants and mumbled words, this is a catchy jam that it’s 00.47seconds lifespan perhaps denied him of a potential truly Nigerian hit tune, one that has been missing in his catalogue for a while now.Explaining the idea behind the intro, Eazi shared on his Instagram page,”I had been exploring this idea of a vintage Lagos vibe & Donli brought this to life alongside Tomi Thomas and her band. We had to cut it short cos it sounded like a full track & we wanted people to get that it was an intro.”On ‘Surrender’ with Simi, Eazi is singing about surrendering to love, while Simi responds positively as she invites him into her heart.’Dabebi’ with King Promise and Maleek Berry is that contemporary hiplife record that Eazi used to good effect on his debut project as he infuses local languages in his verses. He continues his love theme with ‘Suffer Head’ alongside 2baba, which is a light piece of music that will lodge itself in your memory will constant listen. Previously released singles, ‘Property’, ‘Pour Me Water’ and ‘Keys To The City’ line up alternately to provide another of the tapes nicer moments.The first half of the mixtape closes with the Diplo assisted ‘Open and Close’ and a favourite in ‘Miss You Bad’ where Burna Boy again displays his innate abilities as they talk about ‘cheating’ and mistakes in a relationship, the production on this is top notch.Then the mood switches to a meaty piece of grime and European sound with the Lotto Boyz assisted ‘Attention’. Another standout record is ‘She Loves Me’ featuring Chronixx, where the Jamaican’s raspy voice deliver a spellbinding moment, with the project’s final moments seeing the up-tempo records ‘Chicken Curry’ with Sneakbo and ‘London Town’ with Giggs. In less than two years, Mr Eazi has grown into the matured, well-travelled and more experimental artist, showing a strong level of consistency as he attempts to produce something special after the explosive nature of his debut effort.”Lagos To London” isn’t bulging with trending sounds, even though he taps into them momentarily, but what it parades are memorable songs, well structured and produced with polish.Producers like his frequent collaborators in GuiltyBeatz and Julz, Diplo, Speroach, Pheelz and EKelly all put in a significant showing.Overall, his plain lyrical themes do not stray too far what he offered on his debut project, the mixtape is not constructed to blow you off as listeners may struggle in parts to understand the interpolations at play and the strong influence of European production on a number of the records, but it gives a very smooth listen in its 37mins journey.There is something about creating projects to appeal convincingly to two divides. While the idea seems right, executing it to perfection usually creates a stumble with the major problem of blurring one’s musical identity, and with this in mind, it’s easy to appreciate what Mr Eazi set out to achieve and even in its shortcomings, there are enough solid records here to reinforce his position as one of the leading forces of African music globally.Rating: 3.5/5Ratings1-Dull2-Boring2.5-Average3-Worth Checking Out3.5-Hot4-Smoking Hot4.

Aremu Afolayan calls out government over shabby airport treatment [Video]

Aremu Afolayan slams the government over the treatment melted upon him and other Nigerians at the airport. Aremu Afolayan doesn’t really have nice things to say about the shabby treatment he received at the airport and has dragged the government over its inadequacies.The actor took to his Instagram page on Sunday, November 11, 2018, where he shared a video blasting the government and the airport authorities. He went on to caption the video with his experience at the airport and the poor treatment he witnessed being melted on a young Nigerian.“So frustrated today by the situation of this country, the people working at different parastatals actually think they are some kind of god. Ethiopian airline staffs are so inefficient. They refused to carry a passenger for no reason. The girl in question is not a citizen of Nigeria, she went with her France passport and other documents issued by the France consulate , all they needed to do was to verify the passport but no the manager said he is not comfortable with the passport so she can’t fly with them, he actually dropped the passport and took to his heels .  “Imagine the immigration saying she should get a Nigerian visa, for what?I don’t know. How will you ask her to get a Nigerian visa to go to France, I don’t understand this and I need some explanation, after that, they said she should get a Nigerian passport, for what please??? this is wrong and I am so angry at that. The same manager has agreed to carry the girl with additional cost and all. Which way Nigeria, why are treated like uneducated animals and why are these people acting like important fools, all you need to do is do your job and do it right. When will this stop?  “The security at the departure are not helping matters, how can you ask me to pay to let my family see me off to the check-in point, this is wrong very wrong. Even the immigration officers wants to collect money for anything they do ….why why-why         . And I know the mayor @akinwunmiambode of this and every other state can find a lasting solution to this , the president @muhammadubuhari himself can override things to set them right but I bet they don’t even know people are traveling out of the country, check the airport all you see are Nigerians running away from the country. I have never seen an EMIRATI or an AMERICAN that will run away from their country. Until you have no one to governor be a president over before you know. LONG LIVE SCARED NIGERIANS,” he concluded. This is not the first time we will be seeing a celebrity actually drag the government over issues in the country. Recall earlier in the year, rapper, Eedris Abdulkarem took shots at the Inspector General of Police over the arrest of a journalist.ALSO READ: Celebrities who have called out President BuhariEedris Abdulkareem slams Inspector General of Police over detained journalist Eedris Abdulkareem has slammed the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim over the continuous detaining of journalist, Samuel Ogundipe. The veteran rapper took to his Instagram page on Friday, August 17, 2018, where he took slammed the Inspector General of Police for detaining the journalist. According to him, the IGP will have countless sleepless nights over the arrest of  Segun Ogundipe.”A Journalist would rather be tortured, jailed or in the extreme, killed rather than disclose his source. To the Journalist, it is sacrosanct, it is cardinal, it is the peak of his ethical responsibility to never disclose his source. Many have gone to jail and it is considered a badge of honour in the profession.  Mr IGP, the young man, Samuel Ogundipe will give you hundreds of sleepless nights and super high blood pressure if you are waiting for him to expose his source. “He would rather go to jail and when out, will be held in honour, promoted, sponsored by international organisations, remembered and used as reference by students of journalism and journalists world over. Mr IGP sir, what will you be remembered for beyond your transmission gaffe, will you even still be in the police force after this dispensation? What will you be remembered for? Putting a Journalist in jail? Disobeying the president? Oppression and suppression of truth? It sure doesn’t end here, Sir. Conscience is an open wound, Sir,” he wrote.Eedris Abdulkareem is a known vocal rapper who is never shy to call out both celebrities and the people at the corridors of power.

Dabota Lawson says she regrets getting married in 2014

Dabota Lawson’s decision to get married in 2014 appears to be her one of her biggest regrets ever. Dabota Lawson, after some deep thinking says one of her biggest regrets is getting married in 2014.The former beauty queen and mother of one took to her Instagram page on Monday, November 12, 2018, where she poured out her feelings. According to her, she’s not so thankful for everything that has happened to her and wished she had made some right decisions in life which includes getting married in 2014.”This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about past events in my life. My friends kept saying Dabota everything happens for a reason and you are who you are today because of all that has happened. But I said to them and myself NO!! I’m not soooo thankful, I wish I made better decisions and was careful before getting involved with certain things and certain people. I wish I could see the future of how some of my poor decisions will stay hunting me because they actually do    Every time I win or do better it’s because I chose to and I took a right turn, not always because I’ve learned a lesson.  “The only thing I know is my mind and heart is just stronger, too strong for my own good, I’m almost not in touch with reality and strictly focused on pursuing goals and making sure everyone and everything around me is fine.  I miss being carefree and the softness and innocence I used to have. I hate the fact that I have major trust issue and assume everyone has an ulterior motive around me. I mostly regret ever getting married in 2014 ( please keep all that lessons and whatever you think I got from it talk ) I hate the fact that I did !PERIOD!” she wrote.She went to write that one of the best decisions she actually made was giving birth to her daughter. Finally, she adviced her followers to be careful with the kind of decisions they make in life. “The only I did right that keeps me going was making the decisions to go through with my pregnancy and have my child. My daughter is only thing I’ve done right in the world over 25 years of my life. That’s how I feel.  Be careful the decisions you make in life. This is a very stern warning, everything you do has a consequence that only you will experience in way only you can understand. BE VERY CAREFUL! HAVE A GREAT WEEK !” she concluded. Dabota Lawson was once married to billionaire businessman, Sunny Aku and they have a daughter together. After the collapse of their marriage, Dabota on numerous occasions had talked about the failed relationship. Back in 2017, she said her ex-husband was expecting her to beg him.ALSO READ: Dabota Lawson files for divorce from billionaire husband, Sunny AkuDabota Lawson says husband expected her to come begging Former beauty queen Dabota Lawson says her ex-husband, Sunny Aku, expected her to come begging. The beauty entrepreneur took to Snapchat today, March 22, 2017, saying she was short on cash when she left the marriage. According to her, she was also betrayed publicly by her closest friends.She wrote, “I remember when he told my friends “Don’t worry she has X amount in her account. She will soon go broke and come back begging. Some believed and start telling me to go and beg now before it’s too late. When Jesus is Lord? Nah.”Also speaking on betrayal and gaining new friends, she wrote, “I remember how even my closest friends betrayed me publicly and a beautiful soul who I was not friends with and never spoken to was fighting for me like we share the same blood. Today she’s more than a sister to me.”Recall that the beauty queen’s marriage has been dragged on social media since she filed for divorce from her husband of two years. In the divorce papers, Dabota Lawson revealed that Sunny Aku was still technically married when they had their wedding in December 2014. As a result of this revelation, she cannot continue the marriage.

Davido wants N30m wristwatch for birthday

Award-winning Nigerian music superstar David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, wants a N30 million worth Patek Philipe wristwatch for his forthcoming birthday.
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Peter Obi, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, attend AFRIFF 2018 opening night

Peter Obi and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde were two of the dignitaries that attended the opening night of the 2018 AFRIFF. Peter Obi, the vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde led movie buffs and festivalias to the opening night of the 2018 Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF. The film festival kicked off in Lagos state, Nigeria on Sunday, November 10, 2018.The opening night which held at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, was attended by the founder of AFRIFF, Chioma Ude, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Gideon Okeke, Hilda Dokubo, Ego Boyo and Clarence Chukwurah.ALSO READ: 140 films will be screened at 2018 AFRIFFOther dignitaries include filmmakers and film entrepreneurs such as Ini Edo, Ken Erics, Femi Jacobs, Francis Nwochei, Fred Amata, Uru Eke, Sylvia Oluchi, Mahmood Ali-Balogun, Emeka Ossai, Shaibu Husseini and Charles Novia. This year, the opening night was made memorable with the 2-hour feature film by Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, ‘ew the Winter to my skin.’ This year’s film line-up includes a host of entries from Francophone filmmakers as a fulfilment of organisers’ wish to honour France and La Francophonie in a long-term vision of artistic collaborations and partnerships. As is tradition, an array of movies will be screened during the festival’s seven-day run as it hosts competitions in several categories including short films, feature films, documentaries, animated films, and short films made by film students.The first edition of the film festival took place in Port Harcourt 2010, while the 2013 and 2014 editions were held in Calabar.Lagos has hosted it three times, first in 2011 and then the last three editions in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Banky W replies lady who called him out over PVC incident

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DJ Neptune – ‘Tear Rubber’ (remix) ft Mayorkun, Duncan Mighty, Mr Eazi & Afro...

Listen to DJ Neptune’s ‘Tear Rubber’ remix feat. Mayorkun, Duncan Mighty, Mr Eazi and Afro B. DJ Neptune enlists Mayorkun, Duncan Mighty, Mr Eazi and Afro B for the remix of ‘ Tear Rubber.’Collaborations don’t get any bigger than this as DJ Neptune teams up with pop stars Mayorkun, Duncan Mighty, Mr Eazi and Afro B on the remix to his hit single ‘Tear Rubber.’The song which featured originally on his debut album, ”Greatness” released in June, featured only Mayorkun and this power packed remix gives a more vibey spin to the dance anthem.’Tear Rubber’ was produced by Young John.

Simi dazzles at headline UK concert alongside Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Falz

The singer’s debut headline UK concert delivered a night of enchanting performances. Simi supported by the likes of Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Falz held the UK audience spellbound at her headline concert on Sunday, November 11th.The event which took place at the O2 Academy, Islington arena witnessed a sold out audience as Simi continues to spread her music to the global audience.Playing with an array of back up singers and live band, Simi who appeared in different glitzy costumes was a delight on stage as she serenaded the audience performing a number of her hit anthems like ‘Aimasiko’, ‘Gone For Good’, ‘Jamb Question’ and more.    The audience were further thrown into a wild euphoria when the likes of her rumoured boyfriend and singer, Adekunle Gold joined her on stage to perform, ‘No Forget’ and then rendered a number of his own songs.Her set with Falz also generated a loud applause as they delivered collaborative songs from their catalog including ‘Soldier’ and from their joint project, ”Chemistry” like ‘Foreign.’    Another highlight of the event was the surprise appearance of pop star, Wizkid on stage, with the Starboy spending a brief moment, where he told the crowd that he was there to have fun and support Simi.  It was a fitting end of the year concert by a singer who has seen her status hit a steady rise since the release of her ”Simisola” album in 2017.

Wizkid celebrates son’s birthday in grand style [Photos]

Wizkid hosted friends and family to a beautiful birthday party for his son, Zion who turned one. Wizkid’s third son, Zion turned one a few days ago and he decided to celebrate the adorable boy in grand style with a beautiful birthday party.The music star and his baby mama, Jada Pollock hosted friends and family to a colourful Micky Mouse themed party. There was a lot of fun as the kids in attendance had a number of games to enjoy.Photos from the birthday party were posted on Zion’s Instagram page (Yes he has a 14 thousand followers Instagram page) and it looked like they all had fun.  We all know how special Zion is to Wizkid and he has never hidden his love for the son. Recall a few weeks ago, the music professed his undying love for him, calling him his ‘everything.’   ALSO READ: 3 reasons Wizkid loves Jada Pollock and their son, ZionWizkid calls third son, Zion, his ‘life and everything’ as he turns 1 Wizkid has referred to his third son, Zion, as his ‘life and everything’ on the young Balogun’s first birthday. Wizkid and his manager, Jada Pollock, had Zion in 2017 after their affair was made public. The singer took to his social media handles on October 29, 2018, to shower accolades on his youngest son while he was away in India for a performance.He wrote, “My love my life my light my everything !! Thank God! ❤️❤️ baby boy 1❤️❤️❤️ love u Zi.” Zion is Wizkid’s third son with Jada Pollock. Prior to Zion’s birth, he already had two other sons (Boluwatife and Ayo) with two baby mamas (Shola Ogudu and Diamond Binta Diallo).

Wande Coal delivers grand performance at sold-out Indigo at the O2 concert

Sunday, November 11, 2018 is a night that will not be fogetten in a hurry for all those who were at Wande Coal’s Indigo at the O2 concert. Wande Coal delivered an electrifying performance at his first ever headline UK concert, ”Wande Coal, Live in concert.”Held at the Indigo at the O2 Arena on Sunday, November 11th, Wande Coal alongside a number of guest appearances, thrilled the sold-out crowd with captivating musical performances.The concert opened with surprise showing from the likes of Burna Boy, who rocked the crowd with his hit songs, ‘Ye’ and ‘Gbona’ while Wizkid also made an appearance in support of his long-time friend.  Wande Coal performing with a live band, took the audience through a musical journey as his set included songs right from his very first offerings like ‘You Bad’, ‘Bumper to Bumper’, ‘Kiss Your Hand’ , ‘Who Born The Maga’ and more to more recent anthems like ‘My Woman, My Everything’,’Superwoman’, ‘Iskaba’ and ‘Somi So.’     The event which was hosted by ace comedian, Basketmouth also witnessed the likes of Maleek Berry, Lotto Boyz, NSG UK and more taking to the stage, making it a great outing for all those who were present on the night.

Check out N30M watch Davido wants for his birthday

Davido wants his friends and family to get him a very expensive wristwatch for his forthcoming birthday. Guys Davido turns 26 in a few days and the music star wants just one thing for his birthday which is a N30M Patek Philipe wristwatch.The singer took to his Instagram stories on Sunday, November 12, 2019, where he posted a photo of the $85,000 wristwatch. He went to appeal to friends and family to come together and raise funds to get him the expensive bling.”All I want for my birthday…pls friends and family gather money buy am for me thanks in advance,” he captioned the photo of the wristwatch. Just so you know, Davido has a lot of really expensive wristwatches and this would be just another addition to his already large collections. Recall a few weeks ago, the music star showed off one of his newly acquired wristwatches which coat a whooping N90M! ALSO READ: Davido expands empire, ventures into motorsportsDavido’s newly acquired wristwatch is worth N90.2M! When you work so hard and make so much money, then it ok to spoil yourself with all the goodies and that’s exactly what Davido has done by acquiring a wristwatch worth N90.2M. Believe it guys, Davido has a thing for luxury items and when he decides to buy an item, be sure that it is going to be pretty expensive.Davido shared a photo of his pretty expensive diamond encrusted Franc Vila wristwatch on his Instagram page on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. In his usual manner, he captioned the photo of the watch with the quote “Nu nu.” Davido’s flamboyant lifestyle is one that cant be compared to any other celebrity from this part of the world. From his expensive fleet of cars to actually buying a private jet, the list is endless of the luxury properties in his will are not your everyday kind of properties.

Vivian Anani clinches Bollywood contract

Nollywood actress Vivan Anani is currently working with some international actors. The actress who is more popular in soaps shared the news on her Facebook account stating: “Bollywood/Nollywood/Zeeworld Tinz. God i give you all the glory. shooting here with host of actors from other African contries. Abasi So’song o!”
Speaking with The Nation, she said: “It is a beautiful experience for me as an actress and I am loving every bit of it. It is my first experience with people from different African countries on one set.”
She also recently got a certificate from United Nations Empretec for her participation, courtesy of her excellency Mrs Onari Duke.
The actress, who in recent time has been very busy with different projects, has been getting congratulatory messages from fans and colleagues.
Having featured in many soaps, Anani who left her home town for Lagos has earned herself the appellate “Queen of Soap Operas.
In an interview, she said: “It was not so easy when I started acting. People in Lagos were the hot cakes then and we were from Calabar (Cross Rivers State). So, the first few movies I did then, I had to come to Lagos from Calabar. If producers wanted to invite people for jobs, they would think of the people in Lagos first. But by God’s grace, I was able to overcome that challenge.

Niniola is a soulful crowd charmer at Human Radio Concert

At the Human Radio Concert, Niniola’s fans got a chance to share the stage with her as she gives them all her best. Niniola displays a mixed side at the Human Radio Concert where she presents as a soulful pop queen who understands her audience.At the event held at the Landmark Event Center, Lagos, on Friday, November 9, 2018, the singer goes on a journey in popular songs of romance ’Oyin’, ’Moyo’, and ’Akara Oyibo’ before taking a duet ‘Start all over’ with Johnny Drille.The concert began on a solid ground with the likes of Reminisce, L.A.X and Ric Hassani as opening acts. ALSO READ: Niniola loses Viewer’s Choice Best New International Act at BET AwardsThere was more support from Terry Apala who joins her on the song ‘Bale’. Some of fans also got some of the action when they joined her on stage. It was a great outing for Niniola who also performs ‘Gbowode’ over talking drums and a conservative Yoruba traditional dance.