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Big Brother Naija: “Cee C is loud and rude” says ex-BBN housemate, Khloe

“She is rude,” Khloe said after she was asked about her feelings towards the controversial housemate. Khloe still has an axe to grind with former co-housemate, Cee C, as she brands her “rude and loud.” The ex-Big Brother Naija housemate who was disqualified after her strategic partner, K-Brule, got three strikes in the house, said this during an interview with TheNETng.ALSO READ: Housemates share sexual experiences, Tobi and Cee C are back together [Day 25 recap] According to, Khloe did little to hide her dislike for the housemate.“She is rude,” Khloe said after she was asked about her feelings towards the controversial housemate.Cee C: BBN’s most hate housemate Khloe is hardly the first person who has expressed some form of animosity towards Cee C.Cynthia Nwadiora popularly known as Cee.C quickly garnered the hatred of Nigerians because of her behaviour on the Big Brother Naija show. Her treatment of Tobi has only served to make things worse.ALSO READ: Tobi finally shares passionate kiss with Cee-C But just when it was beginning to seem like the whole world has turned their back on her, Cee C’s sister shared a post to remind her that she is loved.Her older sister has also been doing an awesome job of handling Cee C’s page that has been pummelled with all sorts of insults and hate messages.

Jim Iyke: Actor says he was a terrible singer

Jim Iyke says he had ventured into the music industry to have an idea of how things work in the sector seeing as he has dominated the movie scenes. Jim Iyke has now admitted that he was a terrible singer and we are definitely relieved.Well, for those of you who did not know, the Nollywood actor released some songs in 2009. And if you had heard any of them, you would agree with us.ALSO READ: Actor thinks he was misled by TB JoshuaHe made the disclosure during a recent interview with Punch’s Saturday Beats before adding that he had ventured into the music industry to have an idea of how things work in the sector seeing as he has dominated the movie scenes. “My music career is non-existent. My mentor in business once told me that the biggest investment you can ever have is yourself; don’t ever go into a venture that you don’t understand. I was interested in music and like everything else that I have foresight for, I saw where the career was going. “I knew I did not know how to sing but I wanted to invest in the business, so I decided to try my luck. I did it so that no one would ever tell me that I did not try or I do not know anything about music. It is just like fashion, I know everything about that sector; there is nothing I do not know about real estate as well.”Ike also revealed that he got some experience and a lot of knowledge on construction from his father.”Since I was about 12 years old, I have known about real estate because my father is a construction engineer. To get money to buy a bicycle, I have carried blocks and supervised construction of a building.“I wanted to invest in music but I needed a guinea pig. I could not use an artiste I hired because there would be a producer that would know that I did not know about the business; so I got involved personally. I sang a few bad songs, got a cheque for it and understood how the business works.  “I just used it to bid for some time. Of course, I knew the songs were bad; I am my greatest critic. I had to put some ‘swag’ into the songs that featured Tuface to sing one or two lines. To be honest, how many true talents are in the industry at the moment? Most of the less talented ones are getting far ahead of the talented ones. It is not about having talent but understanding the business and project what works for you. “It is all about the way you ‘package’ it and sell it to the world; that is all. I can name a few terrible artistes but they are getting way ahead of the gifted ones. It is because they understand show business; I understand show business,” Iyke said.Jim Iyke: The brandJames Ikechukwu Esomugha, is popularly known as Jim Iyke.Born on September 25, 1976 in Libreville, Gabon, he is a native of Enugu Agidi town in Anambra State. Jim Iyke obtained a diploma in Banking and Finance and then a B.Sc. in Philosophy from University of Jos, Plateau State.The actor, who has featured in over 200 movies, kicked off his acting career in 2001.In 2007, he started a movie production company, Untamed Productions.  He also began his own music label, Untamed Records, under which he produced his first album, titled “Who Am I” which features some of Nigeria’s musicians like TuFace Idibia and Sound Sultan. Iyke who recently unveiled his new reality TV series “The Adventurer”, described it as a fresh perspective to TV, which people should angle for.”The Adventure” is about human endurance of different kind, which takes its contestants on a journey for rejuvenation of perspectives.”Basically, we take people from different diverse backgrounds and just pose their ideas and perspectives together,” Jim Iyke said during an interview with Pulse Nigeria. ALSO READ: Jim Iyke says he doesn’t want to be labeled as a Nollywood actorOn September 1, 2015, the actor welcomed a baby boy with his Lithuanian girlfriend, Dana Kinduryte.An actor and business man, Jim Iyke is also a philanthropist. He is the founder of Jim lyke Foundation for Children with Special Disabilities.

Big Brother Naija: Cee C gets into a fight with Ifu for saying Alex...

Cee C gets into a fight with Ifu, Tobi tells Cee C she’s always wrong, the housemates choose their favourite pair: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 26. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 26.Check out a recap of day 26, including social media reactions.Miracle wins Friday Games After winning the Wager and the Head of House title, Miracle landed another victory during the Arena Games.During the arena games, Biggies asked the housemates to solve five challenges in a record ten minutes. Biggie had designed the Game for Housemates to make the best use of speed, agility and balance under pressure.Miracle emerged the winner and can’t wait to see what Biggie’s reward for him is today.  Ifu Ennada and Cee C get into a fight After Ifu said Alex’s bum and hips are bigger than Cee C’s, the two got into a fight. Cee C told Ifu she had ‘comparing issues’ and is the least person with the right to criticize her. Perhaps, Cee C was angry because she has a problem with Alex’s closeness to her former partner and love interest, Tobi. Also, the comparison was made in front of Tobi, who neither took side with Cee C nor try to calm her down.    Tobi tells Cee C she was wrong As is often the norm, Cee C expected Tobi to contribute or take sides with her during her fight with Ifu. Surprisingly, Tobi told her that she was wrong about the whole thing. He also asked that they become just friends since he can’t make any impact in her life.       Who is your favourite housemate?Biggie asked the housemates to come up with the names of their two preferred Pairs. Here’s how they voted: Tobi from the Tolex (Tobi and Alex) pair chose Mito (Miracle and Anto) and Tena (Teddy A and Nina)Lolu and Cee C chose Mito (Miracle and Anto) and Bamco (Bambam and Rico) Miracle and Anto chose Bamco and Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka)Nina and Teddy chose Tolex and Gelah. Rico and Bambam chose Gelah and TenaLeo and Ifu chose Bamco and TenaTena picked Tolex and GelahAhneeka and Angel chose Tena and Mito. Biggie informed them that the results would only be made known after the live Eviction show.

David Alaba’s sister, Rose May, takes Nigerian music space by storm

By Rotimi Agbana
After spending most of her lifetime in a German-speaking country, Austrian born Nigerian pop singer, Rose May Alaba, sister of Bayern Munich footballer, David Alaba, has returned to romance African sounds and have a feel of the Nigerian musical environment in furtherance of her music pursuit.
Apart from being a uniquely talented pop singer, the 23-year-old damsel has already captured the Austrian music space by making an impact at the Austria Music Awards. She also wrote and performed the theme song of the 2017 Special Olympic World Winter Games in Europe, a reason she believes she is the next big thing to happen to the Nigerian music industry.
Rose Alaba
In an exclusive chat with Showtime, the pretty singer explained why she has returned to her fatherland.
“I was born and raised in Austria but I’m proud to be home, back to my roots. I want to work with artistes, producers and songwriters I have been listening to while in Austria. I am back to Nigeria because I want my music to have an African and Nigerian influence”, she said enthusiastically.
Discovering her musical talent at an early age, her father, George Alaba, who also was a recording artiste and Disc Jockey at the time and used to work at the Lagos-based Tabansi Records, enrolled Rose in a piano school which helped her music career a great deal.
With four singles, ‘All of This is You’, ‘Love Me Right, Can You Feel it, and the latest ‘Take Your Time’, to her credit, Rose is excited to be in Nigeria and looks forward to working with big names in the music industry.
“There are quite a lot of artistes I look forward to work with; Davido is on top of my list, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, the big ones in the industry generally”, she said.
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Big Brother Naija: Khloe on why she cried after winning wager as HOH, disqualification,...

In this interview with Pulse, Khloe talks about winning wager as HOH, disqualification from #BBNaija, and her relationship with Leo. Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Khloe, has spoken to Pulse Nigeria on why she cried after the housemates won their wager. She also spoke about her disqualification from the reality TV show, and her ‘relationship’ with fellow housemate, Leo.For the first time, after losing their wager for two consecutive weeks, the housemates won their wager under Khloe’s reign as HOH in week three. After Biggie announced their win, Khloe got emotional and shed a few tears. According to the ex housemate, she cried because she didn’t believe she could go a week without getting into an argument.”It’s the fact that I didn’t believe that I could go that week without having an argument with people, even during the task,” she told Pulse. “Like saying “no, I want it this way.” I just tried to put everything in and at the end of the day, it just went well. So I can adjust in that part; listening to people when they are talking.”  During her stay in the house, Khloe shared quite a bond with fellow housemate Leo. She once said that if she is to date anyone this year, it would be Leo, even if he has a girlfriend.“I’ll break that f*cking relationship,” she had said. Speaking to Pulse about what she shared with Leo in the house, she said: “It was never a relationship, obviously. I can’t be with him during the day and still sleep with K.Brule [her paired partner] on the same bed.”It’s obvious that it’s not a relationship and I’m sure that he [Leo] is smart enough to know that it’s not a relationship.”Unfortunately, Khloe and her partner K.Brule were disqualified from the show on Sunday, February 18, after Big Brother issued a total of three strikes to the pair. According to Khloe, she had seen the disqualification coming but had not expected it to happen this soon.”I was dissipated.  I saw it coming but I didn’t know it was gonna come that early,” she said.”Yes, because we had one strike already and someone did the same thing over again, I flipped and he flipped.”When asked if she thinks she would handle the night differently if given another chance, she said: “I won’t lie to myself, I don’t know.”After spending 21 days in the Big Brother Naija house, Khloe intends to continue her fashion line, Koko by Khloe. She also plans to explore other business opportunities.

Would you allow your spouse/partner use a sex doll if you’re unable to satisfy...

By Juliet Ebirim
“I want to get a sex doll,” he said and I gaped in awe.
“Babe, wait, let me explain. I don’t want to have an affair with another woman and it will save us from any diseases and all the drama associated with it.”
I cringed.
“Sex doll,” I heard myself say in disgust and sheer disbelief that the thought actually crossed my husband’s mind. I know the situation was dire and perhaps my husband was being made to pay the price for something that is and will never be his fault. But the thought of having him share the same bed – one in which I’m in – with a sex doll was a no, no for me…”
The above is a scenerio between a man and his wife who was recently diagnosed to be suffering from hypo-active sexual desire disorder (a condition of numbness and lack of interest in sex). Lately, social media has been awash with one sex doll story or another. The idea that a human being would be intimate with a doll…a doll, something made from plastic beats my imagination. All said, what would you do if you were in this woman’s shoes? Here are the responses of some female celebrities’
I will not be substituted  — Annette Cookey, Singer
Unable to satisfy my man? First of all,  I will never be with a man that I can’t satisfy. And believe me, satisfying my partner/spouse is my priority. I am more than able and  I will do it joyfully but if he suggests in anyway that I am not enough then I’m off. I will not be substituted, Never! Let him kuku marry the doll na.
No, he will become addicted to it — Mutiat Alani, Actress
The fact is I wouldn’t because he will be addicted to it and I might not get his attention again as my husband. I would rather improve myself in that aspect. And moreover, I can learn more through Kamasutra and the likes. So there’s no point allowing a sex doll in my home.
A sex doll is as good as sleeping with a corpse — Mimisola Daniels, Actress
Mimisola Daniels
A sex doll won’t satisfy him either. So I will have to learn how to satisfy him. For me, a sex doll is a No No! How will the sex doll satisfy him? Sleeping with a sex doll is just as good as sleeping with a corpse. I will try to be good for him in bed.
Women use sex toys too, so… — Scarlet Shotade Gomez
I honestly cannot put myself in that scenario. But if for any reason I can’t satisfy my husband and he wants to use a toy, then he can go ahead. After all, women use sex toys too.. it’s only fair. A doll cannot  take my place though, because he can’t share feelings or have children with it. It can’t even prepare his meals and pray for him.
He has my full support — Seyi Hunter, Actress/Sex Vlogger
Seyi Hunter
We all know men are insatiable and one woman can’t satisfy a man. If you like, give him “snake in the monkey shadow” style, he’ll still cheat. So if he wants to get a sex doll, he has my 1000% support, after all it is better than sleeping around. Sex doll can’t take my place.
Yes I prefer him using a sex doll than being with another woman — Bella Ebinum, Actress
Yes I will. It is far better than cheating on me with another woman and probably getting her pregnant or getting sexually transmitted diseases outside. I don’t think a sex doll can completely take my place because they can’t do the cooking and laundry. Even if the sex doll completely takes my place, it’s better and comforting than for another woman to take my place.
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Ikogosi House emerge overall winners at Neander Intl’ School’s inter-house sports

By Chris Onuoha
It was a total display of dexterity, team work and good spirit of sportsmanship exhibited by the student athletes of Neander International School Epe last weekend as the school had their second Inter-House Sports festival held in the school playground.
Gathered in their numbers were parents, guardians, teachers and invited students from other schools as the school’s participating houses – Ikogosi House, Obudu House, Oguta House and Yankari House, all slot it out for sporting supremacy in a highly contested event.
The only field track sporting event that dominated the festival kicked off by with an opening speech from the chairman of the occasion Mr. Omowumi Hassan followed by a march past by the participating houses while the games came later on. Others in attendance include the chairman of the Parents Teachers Association, Mrs. Ruth Igwe, PTA Treasurer, Mrs. Ngozi Onyeador and other PTA members while the school Principal, Idris Agbaje anchored the programme.
The game, segmented into junior and senior category, boys and girls, featured field tracks in 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m races including relay race. At the end of the competition, Ikogosi House proved their supremacy clinching the first position with 9 gold, 3 silver, 7 bronze followed by Obudu House in second position while Oguta House took the third position.
Commending the good sporting spirits and team work exhibited by the participating students, chairman of the occasion Mr. Omowunmi Hassan  was highly elated and disclosed that sports is the only unifying factor that can bringing all people together for meaning purposes. He however charged the government to look inwards and revive school sports as one means of encouraging the youths from restiveness. “It is like we have lost those good old days of sporting events.
Even at that time, children who are engaged in this type of inter-house sports events are already being picked to represent in nationally conducted events. These days, the whole thing is going down. You can see that states are now picking or selecting sports men and women from those that probably left the country, studying abroad or those that are practicing professionally abroad who come back as foreign base. We need to encourage the children from the base.”
In the same vein, Ngozi Onyeador, the School’s PTA treasure said that catching them young through sports is one vital means of solving some career challenges in children. According to her, not all kids are good academically, but with sporting events like this, many of them have been discovered and excelled in sporting careers. She said that some Olympic champions were discovered through school sports and grassroot sporting activities.
“I believe that you can see what is going on here today in Neander. It is a place where children have the best sports facilities – standard swimming pool, football pitch, Lawn tennis and table tennis court, hand and basketball courts with good sitting arena. Any school that has these type of facilities will always boast of excellent sports men and women in their midst.”
Idris Agbaje, the principal of Neander International Schools, Epe, Lagos while chatting with Vanguard said, “Today we are celebrating our second inter-house sports. Basically, the essence is to bring out the best and showcase sporting skills in the children and also to develop the spirit of collaboration, working together as a team and also to improve their spirit of sportsmanship.”
Mr. Agbaje also disclosed that the school that was established about six years ago by a retired Chief Justice, George Oguntade is highly technologically incline with each student equipped with personal laptop for interactive learning. “We have a learning portal that the children use and with this, the parents get to see what the children are doing on the portal. It is a small school and we coordinate all the student’s activities at ease. It is a full boarding school with high-tech equipment to making learning easy,” Agbaje concludes.
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Music-making is a difficult task, Djinee confesses

By Rotimi Agbana
…Says “I never quit music”
Seasoned Nigerian musician, Djinee, born Osayamwen Nosa Donald, has revealed that the major reason it seemed he quit making music is because the process involved in making his kind of music is very tedious  and time consuming.
In a chat with Showtime, the prolific singer who recently released the audio and video to his latest single titled ‘Find You’ explained how difficult it is to make his kind of music.
“I never left; my music isn’t pop, making the kind of music I make takes a bit of time. The creative process generally isn’t easy.
Try making music and you’ll realize it can be difficult, very difficult in fact. But sometimes, it’s not just recording; it’s about understanding that there are different strategies for releasing different music.
We all have our individual processes, maybe mine takes a bit more time but it is unique to me and it works for me. Just like different alcoholic beverage brands have different manufacturers and promotional strategies unique to each one so also do artistes. Same goes for automobile, hospitality brands and so on”, he said.
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Nigerians speak: On Big Brother Naija show

By Juliet Ebirim & Adetutu Adesoji
I don’t see the joy in watching it – Ejike Kanife, Writer
I don’t watch the show because I find it neither amusing nor intriguing or even suspense-filled. It’s just a couple of guys living in isolation, doing some of the things regular guys do everyday. I don’t see the joy in watching that. I respect the choice of millions of people who find it enjoyable though. So I don’t have a problem with it.
BBN promotes sexual immorality and waywardness – Paul Elendu, IT Consultant/Gospel artiste
The previous Big brother show was all about showcasing and enhancing the gifts and talents of our youth. But this edition is just promoting sexual immorality and trash. We need shows to project the good of our land. I don’t know the criteria with which the organisers use to judge or pick people.
Most of the housemates in this edition have nothing to offer other than sex and waywardness. Big brother should look out for people with gifts and talents to make Nigeria proud and also to impact the youth positively.
I don’t see the relevance – Esther Bamiloshin, Media Personality
I don’t see the relevance of the show. First and foremost, I don’t watch it. I just catch glimpse of it…I know they are selling their market, but they should try and make it more educative and impactful.
BBN should be banned – Oliver Uzoma-Okafor, Interior Designer
It should be banned, after all the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) ban some music videos. So BBN ought to be banned. Why can’t they use the prize money to promote practical creativity of individuals who excel academically or otherwise. I see no benefit watching the show.
It is sheer waste of time – Abimbola Emmanuel
It’s a waste of time and money. Those sponsoring the show should look for students without standing performances and give them that N45million. A programme that is not educative or informative in any way… What morals does it teach us?
We just watch a display of stupidity that’s all. It impacts negatively on the youths because it makes them think they can make cheap money without education or a vocation. All they need do is go for the show and earn a lot of money. And if that is not possible, they resort to crime in order to make money.
The show is very entertaining – Oluwamayowa Agunloye, Student
The Big Brother Naija show has no negative effect per se. The show is x-rated and I guess that means only mentally matured people should watch it. It is very entertaining, because if it wasn’t people would not have joined WhatsApp groups for updates or follow tweets and hash tags about the show. There are morals to take from the show, let’s look beyond the sexual part and all of that.
There are intellectual and behavioral morals, these people are not just in the house for three months to have sex. We all need to loosen up a bit, the country is way too serious already and some of us help ourselves with Big Brother.
The prize money is too much – Ngozi Jude, Aspiring Presenter
I believe the Big Brother Naija show is not in any way positively impacting the youths. Rather it gears their attention towards less relevant issues which in no way can contribute to their lives. I would say the show is entertaining to some people, although I’m not a fan, I only watch when I can.
I don’t think there are any morals to learn from the show. The prize money is too much for just one person. That money can be invested into something else, that will generate more income and reduce the rate of unemployment in the society.
Nigerians use the show to forget economic problems – Temilorun Ajayi, Entrepreneur
Personally, I don’t think there is any moral to take away from the Big Brother Naija show. But I feel Nigerians like anything that will keep them glued to their TV sets just to relax and forget about what Buhari has done, is doing or is yet to do.
The show is meant to be entertaining, but lacks morals, although they try as much as possible to enact rules and regulations. It is not a food show neither is it a documentary, we are just watching people’s lifestyle like the Kardashians.
It doesn’t impact the viewers in any way – Vivian Jude, Entrepreneur
The show is not impacting the viewers in anyway. It is only good for the housemates because it gives them a platform to showcase their talents and also makes them famous. The show is quite entertaining; we get to see the good, the bad, the funny and the stupid housemates.
The only moral lesson that can be taken from the show is the importance of being one’s self, it teaches that living a fake life is wrong because the viewers can see the housemates that are fake and as a result of this, such housemate would lose votes and might end up not winning the game.
Viewing the show can can be addictive – Kingsley Osazuwa, Computer Engineer
Big Brother Naija show is a major way of entertaining Nigerians. It is also a way of encouraging the youths to explore their opportunities, I mean the housemates in the big brother house are not extraordinary people, so youths can take advantage of the opportunity by probably auditioning for the next edition in order to show their talents to the world.
Although there are some disadvantages to the show, for example, viewing the show could be addictive. People get so engrossed in watching the show that they do not have time to engage in other productive things and that is not encouraging. Talking about morals, I don’t think there are morals to learn from the show, all the housemates act crazy and they are not of good conduct.
I don’t have a problem with the housemates having sex – Wealth Akintunde, Entrepreneur
The show is entertaining to an extent, as well as educating with some moral lessons. The show teaches tolerance and endurance. Housemates learn to tolerate one another in the house. It also brings out the best in people and helps them discover their creative sides. The show is not entirely negative because I feel that what you see is what you get. The only negative thing so far is the use of foul words by the housemates.
I don’t have a problem with the housemates having sex as they are all adults. If as a viewer you can’t condone watching the sex scenes why not stop watching for that moment? Sex is a normal thing so why is everybody ranting. This is a game and those involved are adults. I feel the show has more positive than negative impacts on the Nigerian youths.
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BBNAIJA: Promoting sex, talent hunt or entertainment?

By Ishola Balogun, Ebun Babalola, Rotimi Agbana & Olayinka Latona
When MultiChoice Nigeria, announced the return of Africa’s biggest reality television show, Big Brother Nigeria, last year after 10 years of being off the air, many Nigerians expressed reservations. This is not because they didn’t like the show which yearly turns the star winners into instant millionaires, but principally, because they didn’t want to be associated with the worrisome level of perceived ‘immorality’ and ‘unthinkable things’ that have become the stock in trade of Africa’s biggest reality show.
Big Brother Naija housemates
Being a popular franchise solely dedicated to the Nigerian market, BBNaija was conceived in 2006, as a platform to promote the Nigerian brand as well as the rising dominance of the country’s entertainers on the entertainment scene in Africa.
Obi Asika, then CEO of Storm 360, who was the producer of the ground-breaking reality show, once argued that the show was more than putting adults in a house and have cameras follow their every move. For him, it was bigger than that, as he planned to use his then production crew and music to sell the Nigerian image to millions of Africans. But today, that idea had been defeated, and what has become of the show is better imagined than said. While many Nigerians described it as ‘borrowed culture which has affected our morals negatively,” others commended the producers, saying “the show is pretty unique and entertaining.”
However, what you cannot take away from the yearly show is that, while it lasts, its actions stir divergent reactions on social media, with some viewers questioning the morality behind the show just as others called out Nigerians to enjoy the show and stop condemning housemates’ acts. This year’s edition is not different.
Big Brother Naija housemates
As the theme suggests, ‘Double Wahala’, the ongoing BBNaija is punctuated with immorality and youthful exuberance. Entering its 4th week last Sunday, like other previous editions, discordant tunes have since continued to trail the show. Indeed, unwholesome activities in the house have taken exhilarating twists and turns which many have described as unfit for public consumption.
The show which began with twenty housemates about four weeks ago had its third eviction show on Sunday 17, 2018. Two housemates, Kbrule and Khloe were disqualified for breaking certain house rules while four other housemates, Princess, Bitto, Dee One and Vandora, were evicted through audience’s vote.
In their desperate quest to smile home with the ultimate price of N45million and a brand new SUV, the housemates seem to forget that virtues such as morality, dignity, self-respect, posterity and maturity exist; they all have their eyes fixed on the price, throwing caution to the wind as they display all manner of immaturity, immorality, envy, jealousy, violence, etc, with reckless abandon.
The many controversies so far
Barely four weeks into the show, a lot of controversies have trailed the show. But the housemates and organizers were obviously having fun. With the introduction of certain twists to activities in the house, the housemates were encouraged to engage in sexual perversion just for the fun of it.
Provision of condoms
What could be the motive behind providing a carton of condoms as part of supplies for the housemates if not to encourage them to have sex at will but with protection to forestall unwanted pregnancy or protection against sexually transmitted diseases? Shockingly, in less than three weeks of entering the Big Brother house, the packets of condom had been depleted. Does this mean the housemates have been having sex or they have been using the condoms as balloons?
Kissing competition
Kissing was like a regular thing among the housemates, even among those who were not dating officially. In fact, they occasionally engaged in kissing competitions just to determine who was a better kisser among them.
Housemates dating and  having sex at will on live TV
It wasn’t surprising to see that few days after entering the big brother house, housemates began exchanging romantic overtures. Miracle and Nina were always together, Bam-bam and Teddy A rarely left each other’s arms, Cee-C dominated Tobi’s space in what seemed to be a jealous and domineering hypnosis. Alex and Leo recently ignited a tryst nobody can predict its destination yet.
But for Miracle and Nina, they seemed to be the trailblazers charting the love path for others. Just after the usual house party penultimate Saturday, which was also Miracle’s birthday, seeing that she apparently had nothing of more value to offer him as birthday gift, fellow female housemate, Nina, who had before that day been masquerading herself as Miracle’s lover, decided to quietly make love to him while others were asleep as his birthday gift.
Bam Bam and Teddy A had been discreet about their sexual moments; they usually sneaked to the bathroom, away from the prying eyes of other housemates to have sex. Cee-C and Tobi had been shameless about their romance engaging in hot romance anywhere the urge met them.
To make the matter worse, the organizers made the video clips of every romantic activity available for download on their official website. The question therefore is what image do they intend to paint about Nigeria to the world? Recall that in 2013, Nigeria’s female representative in Big Brother The Chase, Beverly Osu, also indulged in public sexual activity with the South African, Angelo and the video went viral on social media.
Biblically, masturbation of any form is regarded as sexual perversion which is a sin against the human body. Most societies around the world frown at it, but it doesn’t seem to be an anomaly for Big Brother Naija.
Some may want to argue that it was preferable for Ahneeka to have masturbated rather than have sex with one of the male housemates just like Cee-C, Bam-Bam and Nina have been doing. She laid on her bed at night while others were asleep and pleasured herself sexually with her fingers till she convulsed in ecstatic orgasm.
The endless quarrels
In less than four weeks, controversial housemate, Cee-C, had locked horns with nearly every other housemate for one silly reason or the other. One quarrel was for cooking for only herself and Tobi, (her boyfriend and fellow housemate), a move other female housemates weren’t comfortable with.
Shortly after the show began, she warned other female housemates to steer clear of Tobi because she was in love with him, which was another move which generated several altercations between her and other female housemates.
When Big Brother introduced the ‘pairing twist’ to the game, paring Cee-C with Lolu annoyed her because she wanted to be with Tobi. Their incompatibility led to a fight which hurt Tobi’s ‘manhood’ after Cee-C injured him with the chain used in tying them together as partners.
Kloe and Dee One hurled abusive words at themselves over Khloe’s bossy attitude while she was head of house; it got so bad that Dee One labeled her “HIV patient” because of her looks and attitude.
Secret tasks
Many have argued that Big Brother may think he was being creative and innovative by giving some of the housemates secret tasks to undertake, but he was only planting enmity, strife, envy and jealousy in their minds against each other.
One of such was when he asked Khloe to seduce Leo to fall in love with her to make Kbrule, her partner, jealous and Khloe succeeded. She became so desperate to win the secret task that she saw nothing wrong in striping stark naked just to seduce Leo.
However, commotion broke out when they exchanged abusive words on Saturday after the house party, where Khloe described Kbule’s mother a prostitute, which made him threaten to deal with her even after they return to Nigeria after the show.
Celebrities react
It’s a bad influence on our children——Alex Eyengho
Commenting on the programme, popular film maker, Alex Eyengho said he never supported the show from the inception, adding that it was a very bad influence on our children. “I have never supported the entire concept be it Big Brother Africa or Big Brother Naija. There is absolutely nothing African about the whole concept and program. If anything, the program is anti-Africa and Africaness. It is a very bad influence on our children. The program is an insult to who we are as Africans. The program should be scrapped or the name changed to Big Brother Western. This is because everything they do there portrays nothing but Western way of life. What happens in that so called Big Brother Africa/Naija House is not our way of life as Africans,” he opined.
It is unsuitable for broadcast—Nobert Ajaegbu
For Nobert Ajaegbu, a film maker and marketer, the African tradition of decency and morality should not be thrown to the winds. He disagrees with the moral standards set by the show. “I am of the opinion that in as much as people reserve an inalienable right to express themselves, the African tradition of decency and morality should not be thrown to the winds. With all sense of responsibility and without prejudice, I personally disagree with the moral standards set by the show. It is incompatible with my being and my religion. I consider the programme unsuitable for broadcast. I do not subscribe to it. I will not let my children watch it. I would have sued for an educative or enlightenment programme,” he said. He suggested that we should go back to our old paths and indulge in programmes that will heal and make our society a better place. “We should not encourage moral decadence,” he added.
It paints negative picture of Nigeria and its values——Singer, Felix Duke
Veteran singer, Felix Duke, equally condemned the entire show, describing it as “Arrant nonsense”. According to him, the show in itself promotes sexual perversion, painting a negative picture of Nigeria and its values. That big brother as a show is arrant nonsense; how can they lock grown up people in a house for such a long period of time and expect that they won’t have sex at will? I understand they even provided them with condoms, what does that mean? It means they can have sex and it is rubbish. Why won’t they have sex, in fact they are lucky that they haven’t had sex beyond expectation, where someone would be rushed to the hospital because of excess sex” he said in annoyance.
The show is more focused on selling sex—Singer Jaywon
Prolific singer, Jaywon, spared nothing in condemning the provision of condoms at all in the first place.
“Why provide it in the first place if not that you’re encouraging them to have sex, which shouldn’t be the focus of the reality show”, he said with disgust. He added, “It seems people are more focused on the sex part of the big brother show more than any other thing and it is not supposed to be so.
I’m shocked housemates engaged in random sex—Singer, Djinee
Soulful RnB singer, Djinee wasn’t left out saying he was shocked to discover that the condoms had been depleted, which obviously meant that the house mates were engaging in random sex. “I didn’t know they were all having sex like that, I thought it was only Miracle and Nina because it was only the two of them that I knew about. Or were they the only two who finished all the condoms? Maybe they used the rest as balloons”, he said with sarcasm.
Clerics lament
It’s an assault on morality of our youths—Bishop Ransom
Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Kano chapter Bishop Ransom Bello described Big Brother Naija as an assault on the morality of the young people in the nation. He said the programme did not build the moral standard of the young people, but rather damaged their moral values and also encouraged the youths to be involved in immoral acts. His words: “I don’t understand the motive behind such apparent immoral and senseless behaviour publicly on television. I am opposed to it, I don’t support it in anyway. The programme should be stopped, if there is a legitimate way of stopping it. The reality show is damaging a lot of things, it is not adding any value to our system.
BBNaija has no positive impact on Nigerians—Pastor Odesola
Assistant General Overseer, to Pastor E A Adeboye on Administration and Personnel, Pastor Funso Odesola said “Big Brother Naija is morally bankrupt. The programne has nothing to offer our teaming youths including the adults, apart from the monetary gain the organisers would realise from it. I don’t know the development that this kind of programme will bring to Nigeria.
BB Naija exposes our youths to immorality—Samuel Kwamkur
Director of Legal and Public Affairs of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Samuel Kwamkur said “it is unfortunate that various regulatory bodies allow such reality TV Show in Nigeria. BBNaija. encourages the viewers particularly the youths and the younger ones to engage in immoral behaviour.
As a church, we are concerned about the moral implication on those participating, the viewers and the nation. We are concerned that young people will be so exposed to certain things that are immoral.
If only there could be an educating version of BBNaija where some intelligent people in like manner will be housed and they make them compete for similar prizes. The funny thing about it is that you hardly see anybody rewarded because he distinguishes himself in a field of study, science, making discovery or any particular achievement that has to do with the development of the nation. But yet we see prizes being given to things that suggest mediocrity and rewarding immorality. It is quite unfortunate.
We have missed it with this kind of programme— Ustaz Ahmad
When Saturday Vanguard asked an Islamic religious leader, Ustaz Sulaiman Ahmad who is the Proprietor of Marcaz, Dharus-Salam Arabic center, and Chief Imam of the Mosque, Ipoyewa, Adamo in Ikorodu, Lagos state to comment on the reality TV show, he requested for a few days to watch the show to enable him make a credible comment.
After 24 hours, he called back and yelled: “Is this the show that rewards winner with N43million? What kind of society is this? Is this how we bring up the youths to take up leadership positions in the future? Then we have missed it completely. We neglect those who excel in academics and honour those who engage in immorality, or what is the basis for this show? In Islam, one of the commandments of Allah which every Muslim must take into cognizance in anything we do is to guide our private parts as contained in Quran 24 verse 30 which says “tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts).
“In another chapter of the Quran it states: “And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is even an immorality and is evil as a way.

My man must be crazy inside – Diana Neife

•Says, sex lights up affection between couples
By Iyabo Aina
Ijeoma Diana Neife, is one of Nigeria’s fast-rising actresses who is gradually winning the hearts of movie lovers on account of her talent and alluring physique as a woman. 
The Chemical Engineering graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology Enugu(ESUT) in a chat with Star Tracker discloses secrets of her success and things that make her tick as an actress and a woman. She has featured in more than 20 movies, namely;.  ‘Crazy Temper, ‘Holy Assassin’, ‘Zonal Leader’, Obi Nwanne’ among others.
Who would you say inspired you to go into acting?
I  have just one person that inspired me to go into acting and that person is Tonto Dikeh. Though when I got into Nollywood many things happened that shaped my outlook and direction but Tonto Dikeh is the person that triggered the interest in the first place.
Which movie role would you say brought you to limelight?
Saint Ossia. It’s an Igbo movie produced by P. Collins
What role did you play and how much were you paid for the role?
The role of Ojiugo. I was paid 35 thousand naria (laughs). And that was in 2015
Who is Ojiugo in the movie?
Ojiugo is a young lady in her late 20’s who is sexy with all  curves and hips and all the men in the village wanted to have a taste of her.  But she fell in love with a poor farmer and out of sheer jealousy they conspired to kill the farmer. In seeking revenge for lover Ojuigo used what she has to get what she wants.
Has acting been financially rewarding to you?
No. Desperadoes in the industry have complicated things. The desperation is so much that, many actors, male and female are even willing to pay for movie roles. Imagine the sort of situation we have when actors go out of their ways to pay to be featured in films.
If it is not so rewarding, why are you still in it?
I love my job and I love what I do. We can only make it better if you believe in what you do, and it will surely pay off some day
Have you ever been asked for sex for movie role?
Yes I have, so many times. It can be so irritating. Some producers make out they are actually interested in you and that they really want to help after knowing you are new in the industry but it’s all a lie, all they want is to have a taste of you.
Does it still happen to you now as a known face?
Yes, it still does from time to time. But I don’t allow anyone to make such approaches at me.
Would you say you are sexy, and which part of your body do you consider sexiest?
Sexy is inbuilt. It’s just how you feel about yourself. Sexy is confidence in yourself, it’s not about the hips or the big bum, it’s about loving yourself just the way you are
Which part of your body do you get complements for from people ?
My hips. People usually say they love my hips. They tell me I’m adorable and all that and I love it.
Has your hips favoured you in the course of your career ?
Yes, it has. It got me Saint Ossia’s movie role.
What’s your view about celebrity marriages not lasting ?
I guess it’s becoming a trend in the industry. But I think most ladies focus more on their job than there families which lead to their failed marriages. My advice is, marry someone who loves and understands your job as an actor and not because you feel he’s well to do and befitting to your status as an actor. If there is really an understanding between the two,  then most problems will be avoided
Is there any man in your life at the moment ?
Yes,  there is
What qualities do you look out for in a man, and does your man have them ?
I look out for fear-of-God, crazy in the inside, good sense of humour and he must have a dress sense and yes, my man has them.
What do you mean by crazy inside?
Best known to me
How would you describe sex ?
I see sex as something deep, a bond. You don’t just have sex. It’s a sweet thing that lights up the affection between two people
Why acting as a career ?
I have always wanted  a platform where I can be able to be an inspiration to young ones. I love acting since I was a child, and I want to follow my dreams. Acting comes with fame, so it’s a ladder
to lead me to accomplish everything I want in life
Tell us about your background?
I am the second child from a family of seven children. I am from a humble background, a Christian family. My father is a professor and my mother is a teacher and a politician.
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Vimbai Mutinhiri replaces Toke Makinwa on Moments Nigeria

Ex-Big Brother Africa contestant, model and TV personality Vimbai Mutinhiri is taking on new and bigger projects this year as she joins co-hosts Bolanle Olukanmi and Laulah Doherty on Moments Nigeria.
Moments Nigeria is an African talk show (a spin-off of Moments with Mo) with a selection of hosts from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa discussing on key matters that touches Africa, her diverse cultures and peoples.
Having carved a niche for herself on the continent as one of the most sought-after TV and show hosts, Vimbai now forges a new alliance with Ebony Life TV as co-host on Moments Nigeria.
The 31 year old TV personality with prior hosting experience has been chosen to replace Toke Makinwa in the talk show’s fourth season. Vimbai has taken on other hosting gigs such as Africa Magic Star Gist, first co-host for Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards as well as modeled on the runway for South African Fashion Week and Zimbabwe Fashion Week.
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AMVCA 2018: Awards take place Sept.1 – M-Net

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that M-NET, owners of Africa Magic and MultiChoice, made the announcement on their website on Friday. Africa Magic and Multichoice said the 2018 edition of the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) would hold on Sept.1.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that M-NET, owners of Africa Magic and MultiChoice, made the announcement on their website on Friday.Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, Director of M-Net West Arica, said:“Nearly one year after the last AMVCAs, we are pleased to announce the call to entry for the 2018 edition of the Awards.“The African movie and television industry is brimming with exciting talents, and at Africa Magic we contribute to the industry.“We give these talents the platform to showcase their skills and passion, celebrate their achievements whilst also encouraging them to continue honing their craft.”According to the organisers, entries for the 2018 edition will open on March 1 and close on April 30.The website also said that there were 27 categories in all, adding that 7 would be opened to viewers and 20 decided by the respected AMVCA panel of judges.M-net said that all films made-for-television movies or television series were eligible for entry,if they are broadcast or publicly screened during the period of October 1, 2016 to March 31.NAN reports that the AMVCA is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates contributions made by African filmmakers, actors and technicians to the success of the continent’s film and television industry.It awards filmmakers in different categories, ranging from acting,directing to scriptwriting and cinematography.Other categories include: short film or online video, soundtrack, costume designing, sound and lighting, amongst others.

Wizkid: Here’s every musician that have ever been ‘signed’ by Starboy

Here’s a working list of every talent who have ever been associated with Wizkid’s Starboy label. History has shown that no one ever truly gets ‘signed’ by Wizkid, in the truest sense of it. But he has had a long list of musicians who have received affiliations or ‘co-signs’ by him.Since he launched his record label, ‘Starboy Music’, Wizkid has had multiple names walk through his doors in some capacity, and exit. From producers to singers and rappers, the list of Starboy alumni continues to grow, with more additions and exits.Here’s a working list of every talent who have ever been associated with Wizkid’s Starboy label.Maleek Berry The Nigerian producer who is based in the UK worked extensively with Wizkid in 2013, scoring the hit track ‘The Matter’, and proceeded to do more work. He was signed to Starboy Entertainment the following year, but nothing was said about his exit.Legendury Beatz The production duo of Mutay and Zei were part of the earliest members of the Starboy movement. Although they still work with Wizkid, they are currently under no contractual agreement with the singer. While working with Wizkid, they have provided multiple hit records.L.A.X  LAX was first signed to Wizkid in 2013, and by the end of the year, he had scored ‘Caro’, a hit record. The next year, Wizkid and the singer also released ‘Ginger’, which became another hit. In 2016, the singer announced his exit, and has gone on to an independent career.R2bees (Mugeez, Omar Sterling)  In May 2016, Wizkid announced the signing of some Ghanaian musicians, as he launched his Starboy Worldwide label. R2bees were a core part of that signing as one of the artists snatched up by the label. Subsequent information proved that it was an ad hoc partnership to cover when they all collectively record together.Mr Eazi  Mr Eazi was a part of the Starboy Worldwide announcement. But it was an arrangement that hasn’t provided any new record. The affiliation though has benefited Mr Eazi, with many Nigerian music enthusiasts confused as to the nature of the deal.Efya  The Ghanaian songstress was a part of the Starboy Worldwide push, and her skills were deployed effectively on ‘Daddy yo’ and ‘Sexy’, two records off Wizzy’s “Sounds From The Other Side.”Willybang (Silly)  Wizkid and Silly, who later switched his name to Willybang, were upcoming hustlers and friends during their early days. Willybang would later become affiliated to Starboy, but ended his pursuit of music, to become the Head of Branding.Ahmed  Ahmed, a 12-year-old rapper was signed rather publicly by Wizkid, after thrilling the crowd with a freestyle at the Starboy concert in December 2017. Although there are photos of him hanging with Wizkid, he is yet to drop a record, neither has much been revealed about Starboy’s plans for him.Terri  Terri, a singer, tagged Wizkid to a video in December 2017. Wizkid reached out and further conversations held, which concluded with a signing to Starboy Music. Terri made his first appearance as a Starboy act on ‘Soco’, a new record by Wizkid.

J.Cole: US rapper is coming to Lagos, to perform with Wizkid, Davido

The Grammy-nominated rapper is set to headline a concert in Lagos alongside two of Africa’s biggest stars, Davido and Wizkid, this April. Acclaimed US rapper, J.Cole is coming to Nigeria.The Grammy-nominated rapper is set to headline a concert in Lagos alongside two of Africa’s biggest stars, Davido and Wizkid, this April.With four successful studio albums under his belt, J. Cole is one of the most prominent rappers of this generation. His previous two projects – “2014 Forest Hill Drive” and “4 Your Eyez Only” –pulled off the impressive feat of going platinum without any collaborations.  The concert tagged “Castle Lite Unlocks” is put together by Castle Lite Nigeria, and will be the first time J.Cole is visiting the country. It will hold on April 27, 2018, at the Eko Hotels & Suites, Lagos.