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Regina Daniels acquires Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Regina Daniels has gotten for herself a brand new Mercedes Benz G Wagon and social media is about to go crazy!!!
The child star took to her Instagram page on Wednesday 24, 2019 where she shared a number of photos of her newly acquired ride. The proud owner of a Brabus went on to caption the photos with a quote announcing the arrival of her new baby.
“My new baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote. It is safe to call Regina Daniels the ‘Back to Back’ queen of the luxury lifestyle. From acquiring a number of cars in the space of a few months to buying her mum a house and most recently gifting herself a wristwatch worth N3.3M, the lady is here to slay!
My new baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
About a month ago, Regina Daniels sparked off mixed reactions after she got her mum a house. The Internet couldn’t keep calm as the less than 20-year-old actress went on a spending spree and she indeed has been buying some of the most expensive gifts.
Regina Daniels has evolved from a child actress to a popular teen actress in over 10 years of joining Nollywood [Instagram/regina.daniels]
Regina Daniels buys house for her mother [Photo]
Regina Daniels buys house for her mother [Instagram/ReginaDaniels]
The joy of every parent is to see their children succeed and that’s exactly how Regina Daniels’ mother will be feeling at the moment as she gets a new house from her daughter. 
The young actress took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, where she shared a photo of the new beautiful duplex she got for her mother.  “Just a little thank you for mama🙏🙏 ,” she captioned the photo. We say thumbs up to Regina Daniels for putting a smile on the face of her mum. 
Regina Daniels shows off N3.3M wristwatch on Instagram
Regina Daniels shows off wristwatch worth 3.3M on Instagram [Instagram/ReginaDaniels]
The movie star took to her Insta Stories on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, where she shared a photo of the newly acquired wristwatch which according to her cost N3.3M. 
It is not clear if Regina Daniels actually coughed out that huge amount of money to buy an expensive wristwatch of this manner but we know she’s got a very impeccable taste for luxury items.

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Omo Charlie Champagne’ showcases an evolving yet familiar Simi

In the early hours of Friday, April 19, 2019, award-winning Nigerian songbird, Simi whose critically acclaimed sophomore album, Simisola shattered records and won major awards released a third studio album, Omo Charlie Champagne. The day was also her birthday.
The album was promoted by three singles, ‘I Dun Care, ‘ ‘Mind Your Bizness’ featuring Falz and ‘Jericho’ featuring 2019 Gidi Fest headliner, Patoranking. The album had 13 tracks for a cumulative run time of 38 minutes. The genres across the 13 songs are sentimental Ballad, afropop, folk, afro-fusion, afro-soul, afro&B and EDM/Moombahton.
When I was compiling this album, I knew I wanted to dedicate it to my daddy, Engr. Charles Oladele Ogunleye – who passed in 2014. I’m blessed to have come this far. I’m blessed that it was possible for me. I do not take this for granted.
I couldn’t possibly be more thankful for this journey. To have amazing people like you supporting me everyday is absolute Magic! I love you.
#OmoCharlieChampgne is OUT NOW!!!! Yessss! I’m thankful to all the amazing people that made this possible –
@stevebabaeko, my forever mentor. My team @oscarackah, @vinpres, @i.y.a.n.u.o.l.u.w.a, @walesnaija, my amazing family and friends, the incredible #SimiArmy! I love you so much 💙 Thank you for making my world go round.
If it’s 12am in your area, go on all the platforms and listen to #OmoCharlieChampagne Vol. 1
Fresh from her marriage to fellow artist, Adekunle Gold, the album title is celebratory and is dedicated to her father, Engr. Charles Oladele Ogunleye who passed in 2014. ‘Charlie’ is a popular short form for ‘Charles,’ and a lot of people named Charlie in Nigeria get jokingly referred to as ‘Charlie Champagne.’
Thus, ‘Omo Charlie Champagne,’ means ‘Daughter of Charlie Champagne,’ a direct reference to her father which could simply mean, ‘My father’s daughter.’
Here are some thoughts on the album;
As noted earlier, the genres across the 13 songs are sentimental Ballad, afropop, afro-fusion, afro-soul, folk, afro&B and EDM/Moombahton.
While the album boxes in itself is different vibes across different songs, one just struggles to call the production on Omo Charlie Champagne anything other than ‘mellow,’ which play canvass for sharp themes of introspect, positivity and brightness.
Tracklist for ‘Omo Charlie Champagne. Vol. I.’ (Instagram/SimplySimi)
The sound is definitely similar to that on Simisola, but it’s more about it being Simi’s style that any lack of evolution than artistic stagnation. Thus, it’s not time to call the wolves just yet; the appropriate time to have any such conversation is not even her next album.
It’s not like Omo Charlie Champagne is a blatant regurgitation of Simisola, but on classification of music, they will definitely be in the same pool, and be suited to the same atmosphere. Ergo, the mood you enjoyed Simisola in, Omo Charlie Champagne can be enjoyed in.
Simi ft. Adekunle Gold – By You (Official Audio)
There are some unavoidable similarities though; except the very sentimental shade of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Gold-Ogunleye’ singing about eternal love on ‘By You,’ it could very well have been ‘Smile For Me’ or ‘Complete Me’ from Simisola. ‘Mind Your Bizness’ is like a flipped ‘Joromi.’
The afro soul with the folk percussion on ‘Ayo’ could very well have been ‘O Wa N’be.’ In Simi’s defence, if she had transcended our expectation for something different, it might have been too risky.
Simi – Ayo (Official Video) Song
That said, Omo Charlie Champagne features some sonic experimentation within that familiar classification. Songs like ‘Jericho,’ offer Wizboyy and 2010 Duncan Mighty vibes while carrying the sigil of ‘house Simi.’ The Patoranking feature was also definitely inspired.
The masterstroke though was how she worked another divergent sound without straying from what we’ve come to love about her music. Simi on the EDM/Moombahton ‘Immortal,’ is like Kendrick Lamar doing trap music on DAMN. without making it the major primary object of criticism, but instead a major point for endorsement on stylistic diversity.
Simi ft. Maleek Berry – Immortal (Official Audio)
In the end, arguments can be found for endorsement or criticism of Omo Charlie Champagne on what it evokes, but one thing we cannot deny is Simi understood the need to evolve sonically, and she did on certain sides of this project if you are vigilant enough.
Themes, Topics and Songwriting
Simi is renowned for detail, imagination and execution when it comes to songwriting, thus scatterbrained approaches will probably never be her way except an American label feels she needs to become a Rihanna-esque pop star.
Omo Charlie Champagne is quite unsurprisingly excellent on the songwriting front as it tackles topics of loss on ‘Charlie,’ happiness and prayers on owanbe theme song, ‘Ayo,’ Love on ‘By You,’ ‘Love Is Love,’ the vibe of ‘Hide and Seek,’ and the afrobeats of on ‘Love,’ careless love on ‘I Dun Care,’ loyalty on ‘Jericho’ and sex on ‘Immortal.’
Simi ft. Patoranking – Jericho (Official Audio)
She also tackles anti-gossip on ‘Mind Your Bizness,’ fears on the ballad, ‘Please,’ and break up of ‘Move On.’
The consistency was almost admirable. Finicky listeners might question the lack of diversity beyond what could all be traced back to love, but you cannot ask Lionel Richie for more than love.
That said, ‘Mind Your Bizness’ feels like a song conceived to fit a comical video, and serve as a theme song to everyday life, but it also feels like a filler and the only questionable and forgettable part of Omo Charlie Champagne. Without it, the album would have still been brilliant.
Track List
At first glance, it feels like an album of mostly well-conceived songs, carefully arranged based on the genre of music or style of music each song is to permit easy track-by-track transcendence and segues.
Simi – Love on Me (Audio/Mp3)
At second glance, the introduction of break-up song, ‘Move On,’ after ‘Love On Me,’ and followed by ‘Mind Your Busines’ makes it seem like a short story of love gone sour, then only to be ignited on songs like ‘I Dun Care,’ but the details on those songs might betray that notion.
However, the track list aids…
The features and how they all came together make for an impressive album, but inevitably, I expect finicky listeners to question the lack of diverse topics.
This is quite simply an excellent album. Simi should be proud of herself and the way she’s subtly growing. As for similarities between some songs on Omo Charlie Champagne and Simisola, the latter album was too successful to not cause a hangover and some sort of creative pressure, which might have led to a penchant to channel some energy off it.
Nonetheless, the beauty of songs like ‘Jericho,’ ‘Immortal,’ ‘Move On,’ and ‘Hide and Seek’ showcase Simi as an evolving artist that understands the need to evolve without necessarily betraying her brand – that is impressive.
Could Omo Charlie Champagne be as big a hit as Simisola? Time will tell, but it does retain some of the elements that propelled Simisola to otherworldly levels. 
Ratings: /10
•      0-2: Flop
•      2.1-4.0: Near fall
•      4.1-6.0: Average
•      6.1-8: Victory
•      8.1-10: Champion
Pulse Rating:
Production: 1.9
Themes, Topics and Songwriting: 1.8
Delivery: 1.7
Cohesion: 1.8
Tracklist: 1.9

Baba Suwe arrives U.S. 37 days after leaving LUTH

37 days after leaving the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Baba Suwe has arrived in the United States of America for continued treatment.
 On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the actor, Babatunde Omidina, was discharged by the doctors at the Federal Government owned medical facility. Yomi Fabiyi had informed the public about the improvement on the actor’s health.
ALSO READ: Baba Suwe gets discharged from hospital
“I can confirm to you that efforts to quickly stabilize and/or completely treat him to full wellness by medical experts at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) at the instance of Minister of Health are yielding positive results as Baba Suwe can now walk without the stick, less pain and he is getting better. 
BREAKING NEWS: Alhaji Babatunde in United States of America to get medical treatment, thanks Nigerians, Kola Olootu, TAMPAN and friends.
“If further therapy is administered and medications adhered to, he will come out completely of the major ailments. He will, however, proceed abroad very soon to further his treatment,” Fabiyi said in a statement.
The Health Minister, Isaac Adewole, had instructed that Baba Suwe be taken to the medical facility for adequate treatment following news of his ill health.
THANK YOU TO NIGERIANS. Sola Omidina @twenty2ndstudios thank you too my brother for standing in for all of us(biological and non-biological.
We appreciate even though you might say you are playing your role as his son. I cannot thank you enough for always being there. Your children will always love and care for you too . Your star will shine brighter, omo ni e 🙌👌👍 🌟
TAMPAN president, Bolaji Amusan aka Mr Latin also took to his Instagram account to deny rumours that the actor is dead.
Baba suwe is not DEAD…Thank you all for.your concern
48 hours after the news of Baba Suwe’s ill health gained public attention, Fabiyi noted that over N1 million had been donated by fans and some of Baba Suwe’s colleagues. Some of the early donors in the movie industry are Iyabo Ojo, Liz Anjorin, Sho Mo Age Mi star, Jigan, Kazim Adeoti of Adekaz films and Razak Abdullahi of Corporate pictures.
On Thursday, February 21, 2019, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo donated the sum of N1 million to support Baba Suwe. The donation was made through the Office of the Youth Organising Secretary, APC Lagos, Aregbe Idris.
On February 24, 2019, Yomi Fabiyi announced that the sum of N10 million donation was received from Rev. (Mrs.) Esther Ajayi through actor and producer, Gbenga Adewusi aka Bayowa for the treatment of Baba Suwe in the United States of America.

Pulse Opinion: What is wrong with Naira Marley?

If you are one of those Nigerians involved in Internet fraud, be rest assured that one of your secret admirers, who has indirectly professed his love for you, is Naira Marley.
For a long time now, Nigeria has battled with Internet fraudsters, who have not only enriched themselves with so much money, (you’d wonder if the world is about to end) but at the detriment of the country. They have not only ruined what is left of the image of the country but made the country look like the haven for fraud and a laughing stock globally.
Surprisingly, Nigeria celebrities have divergent views about internet fraudsters and it sounds absurd.
According to him, the money in the country continues to circulate among some prominent politicians [Instagram/NairaMarley]
Recall the time Falz called out his colleagues for mentioning the names of known Internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ on their songs, there was an uproar. If not for the fact that Falz stood his ground, he would have been taken to the cleaners by the sympathizers of these fraudsters.
Fast forward to a few days ago, Naira Marley took to his Instagram page where he shared a post about this same topic on Internet fraud. He showed that he wasn’t only sympathetic towards them but gave a very flimsy excuse for these ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ guys. Really Naira Marley? Really? You have a very promising career and shouldn’t be openly showing your romance with these set of guys who have ruined the name of the country in the international community (I’m not saying Nigeria doesn’t have already existing issues).
Recall the time Falz called out his colleagues for mentioning the names of known Internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ on their songs, there was an uproar [Instagram/FalzTheBahdGuy]
Clearly, Naira Marley doesn’t understand the dynamics of how these things work. You don’t want to be seen as the artist from ‘Africa’ who is okay with taking money from vulnerable folks abroad to finance an extravagant lifestyle. Obviously bothered by his comments, he even went on to announce that he was reportedly snubbed by Simi when they bumped into each other at an event. We all know Simi’s stance on internet fraudsters and how she has begged them to stay away from her music.
He even went on to announce that he was reportedly snubbed by Simi when they bumped into each other at an event [Instagram/SymplySimi]
Even his recent explanation of the reason behind his not so smart Instagram comments did him more harm than good. If you listen to his explanation carefully (In Yoruba language) he didn’t denounce his statement rather it felt like he was beating around the bush. Some of his colleagues in the industry have come to his defense as they helped him drag popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, who called him out over his comments.
#TundeEdnut under fire as #Davido, #ZlatanIbile and #Nairamarley stand against him
Naira Marley will definitely be doing a lot of damage control in the coming weeks and we hope he gets it right. Like Ruggedman said in his reply to Naira Marley’s comments, the fact that you have friends and maybe a family member who indulges in Internet fraud shouldn’t make you lose your sense. Don’t take it out of context or try to make it look good because you are trying to plead a case for slavery that happened over 100 years ago.
Ruggedman schools Naira Marley on his controversial Internet fraud statement [Instagram/Ruggedman]
What’s wrong, is wrong! Naira Marley, you are one of the upcoming stars with an apparent bright future and it looks like you will be here for a long time. Don’t let social media madness and zeal to get likes and comments on your post make you post statements that would get you into trouble.
Naira Marley, next time you decide to share your thoughts about sensitive issues on social media, tread with caution [Instagram/NairaMarley]
Naira Marley, next time you decide to share your thoughts about sensitive issues on social media, tread with caution. Have a conversation with your team, maybe your publicist, deliberate…“Should I post this or not.

Bam Bam gets car gift from fans on her birthday [Photo]

Bam Bam is probably the happiest person on earth at the moment as her fans didn’t just get her a gift but got her a car for her birthday.
Surprised? Well, don’t be as this is so true and the birthday girl could not hide her joy as she shared a video of car gift on her Instagram stories on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Just in case you are not good with brands of cars, she was gifted with a Honda Crosstour.
Obviously, it looks like a lot of people haven’t gotten over from last season’s edition of Big Brother Naija as the fans of these reality TV housemates have continued to support them since they left the house.
Bam Bam gets car gift from fans on her birthday [Instagram/BammyBestowed]
From Khloe to Princess and Nina, these former housemates have all gotten car gifts from their fans after their exit from the reality TV show. Bam Bam turned 30 today and her boyfriend, Teddy A had a really cute message for her to mark the special day.
Bam Bam is probably the happiest person on earth at the moment as her fans didn’t just get her a gift but got her a car for her birthday
Read Teddy A’s mushy and romantic love letter to Bam Bam
Lovers of Teddy A and Bam Bam woke up today a very cute message from the former to the latter on her birthday and it’s one of the cutest birthday love notes you’d be reading today [Instagram/BammyBestowed]
The former reality TV star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, where he shared a very cute photo of the birthday girl, Bam Bam with a message that goes to show that the love these guys share is far from over!
“Happy birthday to my queen, best friend, gossip partner, ride or die, business partner, personal adviser, and cheerleader. We’ve been through a lot together, lord knows we have. In this world of fame and wanting to build an empire you’ve always got my back just like I’ve got yours. You’re the definition of beauty, substance, class, subtlety, eloquence, intelligence, intellect and maturity. You saw right through me when no one else did and till this day you still do. 
Read Teddy A’s mushy and romantic love letter to Bam Bam [Instagram/BammyBestowed]
“No matter how tough I act you always have my mumu button lol. You were termed “fake” and I remember telling you the world would eventually adjust, they would realise you were raised differently. I could go on and on but I ‘ma whisper the rest in your cute lil ears! 😁 Today you turn 30, a significant number. May you continue to grow in wisdom, great health, prosperity, and abundant blessings. Happy birthday Queen B! ❤❤❤ #WorldBammyDay,” he wrote.
Happy birthday Bam Bam from all of us at PULSE. When celebrity couples profess their love for each other on social media especially during their birthdays, we get to see those who aren’t only lovers but probably should have been poets.

Naira Marley exlpians his controversial Internet fraud statement [Video]

After coming under fire over his now controversial comments on Internet fraud, Naira Marley has come out to clear the air.
The music star in a video where he spoke in the Yoruba dialect, he revealed that the reason he made those comments about internet fraud was because of the decay in the system and manner at which the government runs the country. According to him, the money in the country continues to circulate among some prominent politicians.
“All the money, you are spending, all the money you guys are spending, it’s the government that is making it go round. you better sit down and pray for yahoo guys, if they (government) stop yahoo, the money will just go from Obasanjo to Tinubu to Mr Japa. You think I need Yahoo, I don’t need Yahoo, I make money from music.

“I’m just telling, he who has ears let them hear, I’m only revealing things to you through this talk. All the money that is being circulated from the woman that sells pepper to the woman that sells palm oil and to the runs girls (prostitutes) and he spends on you for you to get a cab and buy stuff, where do you think that money is coming from?” he said. 
According to him, the money in the country continues to circulate among some prominent politicians [Instagram/NairaMarley]
About a week ago, Naira Marley made a comment on social media where he came to the defense of Internet fraudsters popularly called ‘Yahoo Yahoo.’ His statement didn’t go down well with a number of people including celebs.
If u know about slavery u go know say yahoo no b crime..
Naira Marley went on to point out that after his controversial statement, he got snubbed by Simi after they bumped into each other at an event. It would be recalled that Simi had called out these same fraudsters on her social media page a few weeks ago.
Simi goes hard against Yahoo boys, tells them to stop buying her music
Simi goes tough on yahoo boys (Guardian)
In a live Instagram video, the soft-spoken singer criticized internet fraudsters after a fan told her to leave Yahoo boys alone because most of them are the ones buying her songs and watching her videos on Youtube.
Simi then went on to tell yahoo boys that if that’s what anyone is going to use to hold her down, they should stop buying her CDs. She said “they are laughing at us. They are laughing at us. I am repeating it because I have seen it. Do you know how many Nigerians going to business meetings or just to get the smallest opportunity for themselves to make it and they leave with nothing because they are Nigerian, that’s the only excuse they get? Sorry, we can not work with Nigerians. 
Simi goes tough on Yahoo boys
“Common guys, you don’t have to like me, you don’t have to listen to my music, you don’t have to send me, but you see, I am not the enemy. I can easily sit down and pretend that nothing is wrong and just make money, smile, cheers blah blah, but the thing is, I care too much, if I didn’t give a sh*t, I wouldn’t say anything. I’ve had friends that have done Yahoo. I’ve had friends that have thought about it,” she said.
After Simi’s now famous video went viral, MI Abaga was the first celebrity to stand by her side as he shared the same opinion with the singer.

Dagrin’s 9 best Hip-Hop verses on the 9th anniversary of his death

Nine years ago, at what seemed like the height of his career, Nigeria had a Tupac/Biggie moment. In less that two years preceding that, he had churned out an enviable collection of seminal records that till this day are fresh and resonant.
He was a staple of Nigerian Hip-Hop; he is Dagrin.
While it was not a case of senseless cycle of violence like what took Tupac and Biggie, it was still as big a sadness that impacted pop culture. It was Nipsey Hussle before Nipsey Hussle. The streets of Lagos were filled with equal doses of anger, anguish and crippling sadness.
Kendrick Lamar – Black Boy Fly (Explicit)
If you listened to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Black Boy Fly,’ off his incredible debut album, Good Kid Maad City, you would understand what life and dreams of the future seemed like for offpsrings of inner-city culture where every day is another privilege, not a gift.
They could not dare to dream, every success for them was like a constant reminder that they were headed nowhere. While Lamar’s hope was made ignited by the tall and wife-beater wearing figure of Jayceon ‘The Game’ Taylor, Dagrin, born Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun was that figure for the average inner-city Lagos-born teenager.
They could relate to him and he made music that spoke to their realities. While Ruggedman might have documented how the power of relatable language aids contemporary rap music, Dagrin sealed the fabled power of relatable messaging in his music – he even rapped about things as powerful as eating bread and a bottle of coke while on break off work as a bricklayer; a common hustle for young Lagos men.
He showed that dreams could be achieved. Before Olamide and Reminisce, Dagrin was the king that made earnest and raw quantum of inner-city happenings appealing in the mainstream and his art transcended Lagos.
It was not just for his relatable messaging either, he was an incredible rapper that succeeded where a Lord of Ajasa couldn’t reach, due to the natural course of evolution – he was more polished, his flows were crisper and his gimmicks, a blend of Hip-Hop and Nigerian streets.
By the time he appeared on Jimmy Jatt’s classic freestyle show, Jimmy’s Jump Off, he already had one album on his discography that only vigilant ‘Hip-Hop ITKs’ knew about. He killed that freestyle and the rest was history.
Sadly, at a time that seemed like his height – which he was definitely set-up to eclipse – he was cut down on April 22, 2019 at the age of 22. Cause of death; of all things, a car accident in a Nissan Altima.
While arguments will rage on about how death amplified sentiments in judging Dagrin, one thing is sure, Dagrin was a king while he lived. Random Nigerians and conductors were jamming Hip-Hop and rapping because of Dagrin. That moment was arguably Nigeria’s version of New York and the West Coast in the early 90’s. 
It’s been nine years and today, Pulse writes a commemorative listicle on his 9 best verses, ranked in order. Here are the verses;
9.) Dagrin featuring T-Frizzle – Hola Hola
Verse: Dagrin’s Second Verse
This verse made this list simply because Dagrin could have faltered on it. Its percussion had a complexity for arrangement which carried everything else on its back. At this time, Dagrin was hungry, so he took it on anyways. He was not fazed and he delivered.
It showcased his versatility even though you would find better verses on ‘If I Die,’ or any other song.
8.) Dagrin featuring Isolate – Gboro
Verse: First Verse
DaGrin ft Isolate – Moti gboro
My favourite Dagrin song. The delivery on the two bars before, ‘I’m the prodigy, I’m the best (after) Biggie…’ just blew my mind. If you know how beats and mixing work, anything slower than that, Dagrin is E-40 and anything faster, he sounds like a Blueface-sized fraud.
7.) Dagrin – Pon Pon
Verse: Third Verse
Dagrin-Pon pon Pon (Official Video)
By far the biggest Nigerian rap song and the most remix Nigerian song of the past decade – and it’s not even close. In fact, every rapper you know had a ‘Pon Pon’ remix somewhere.
I would like to write about this, but you know too much about it. This I would, however, say; while the song had no central theme, I’m not sure anybody every really sat down and analyzed the bar-fest that was this song.
While the first verse is the best for the power of bars, the third verse had verse, but it had a topical alignment about it. So, the third verse it is.
6.) Oritse Femi featuring Dagrin and Rhymzo – Mercies Of The Lord Remix
Verse: Dagrins Verse
Mercies of the Lord (Remix Official video) – Oritse Femi ft DaGrin & Rymzo
This verse deserves the top spot. It’s as good as any verse Dagrin ever dropped. It had everything and like Dagrin was skilled at, he never strayed from the central theme and topic of the song.
We shall admit something though, ‘Mercies of the Lord Remix,’ was bigger than the original because of Dagrin.
5.) Dagrin featuring Sossick – Ghetto Dream
Verse: First Verse
Dagrin Ghetto Dream
The impressive beat, the incredible hook from ‘Mr. 70 beats in a week’ himself and Dagrin’s very commendable introspective penmanship that perfectly captures the life of a struggling up-and-comer.
Who finds positives in curses and bars with the viral tendencies of staphylococcus? You got that right, Dagrin. If there was one thing right about the C.E.O album, it was placement of songs like this.
4.) Dagrin – Kondo
Verse: Third Verse
Da Grin – Kondo
A song deep-rooted in sex and buccaneering vulgarity, Dagrin tells a girl to come to his house and get down to ‘the act’ with him because his family isn’t around. Of course, we are glad he spares us the gory details of whether or not the girl came, but we will focus on the powerful deliveries on the song’s third verse.
Though, the verse was not about deft penmanship, it was like what Future did with his verses on the Calvin Harris song, ‘Rollin,’ he delivered the appropriate and the most impressive flows to match a beat that was always going to naturally resonate.
3.) Dagrin featuring Cartier – Swag
Verse: Third Verse
Da Grin .Swag_File
Brothers, the opening four bars of this verse will have you in bits. Then, the way he ended the verse, I have no words for.
While from a creative standpoint, the third verse was better than the first verse, the first verse simply had more topical alignment than the third verse which was basically a show-off of flows.
2.) Dagrin featuring Cartier – Swag
Verse: First Verse
Da Grin .Swag_File
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Dagrin verse that could easily have topped this list, if the polish and metaphorical references on ‘Owo Ati Swagger Remix’ were not stronger.
Dagrin destroyed that verse from back to front and he didn’t even leave first gear. Incredible stuff.
1.) Cartier featuring Terry Tha Rapman, Dagrin, Eva and Gino – ‘Owo Ati Swagga’
Verse: Dagrin’s Verse
CartiAir – Owo Ati Swagga Remix
In 2009, Nigerian rapper, Cartier dropped what is now clear was a trap song. It was the smash hit single, ‘Owo Ati Swagger,’ that glorified all things prim, proper and bougie. In an era of strong obsession with dance songs, there was a small window where rap heavily thrived between 2008 and 2010, after the seeds planted by rappers like Gino in 2006.
Cartier profited off it. The song was huge.
The song’s remix was unsurprisingly not as big as its original. But instead of Cartier using his little success to invest in another smash hit, he chose to prolong a trend and it didn’t work. Nonetheless, in all the madness, two things stood out; Eva Alordiah and Dagrin’s verse.
While the song dropped in December 2009, it did not really take off till after Dagrin passed. In fact, when he was alive this writer was not a fan, till he played this verse in May 2010.
He carried the beat and turned it on its head with a one of a kind delivery that merged the central theme of braggadocio and vanity with impressive bars that somehow found a place amidst the metaphors of the crotch, Gucci, Prada, Barbers and Clippers and how he was not, ‘a rapper, but a lyrical tyrant.’
Special shouts to Dagrin’s verse on Naeto C‘s ‘Ako Mi Ti Poju’ (Remix).
Now, let this song resonate with you;
If I Die – Dagrin [www.naijapals.

Homecoming 2019: Showcasing the sheer power of youthful energy and trends

Homecoming 2019 is delivered the tales of familiar power, a growing subculture and the mainstream pulse.

Date: April 21/22, 2019
Event: Homecoming 2019
Host: None (Before the main event, the boys of Modus Vivendi did some hype job for it)
Venue: HARBOUR POINT, 4 Wilmot Point Rd Victoria Island
DJs: DJ Oby
Performers: La Meme Gang (Ghana), Fireboy DML, Moonchild Sanelly (South Africa), Sho Madjozi (South Africa), Naira Marley, Niniola, Rema, Tems, Simi, Prettyboy D-O, Santi, Odunsi The Engine, RunTown, DRB Lasgidi, Ajebutter22, Skepta, Poco Lee and Teni.
Special Appearances: Jordyn Woods

Details/Takeaway: Homecoming 2019 was a four-day event that lasted from April 19, 2019 till April 22, 2019, featuring workshops at XII GLOVER, panel talks at the British Residence, and the Homecoming Cup at Astrosoccer, Ikoyi.
One special appearance at the event was American model and socialite, Jordyn Woods.
Jordyn Woods (middle) with some fans at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
From the moment the Vivendi boys were doing some hype job on stage, while songs like Sheck Wes’ ‘Mo Bamba’ came on the deafening speakers, we started feeling the human representation of nuclear reactor-energy from the crowd of predominant youth, emblazoned with the invisible stamp of pop culture.
Among others, Fireboy DML – one of the very first acts – briefly showed up on-stage to a rousing reception as he performed his sleeper hit, ‘Jealous.’
Ghanaian Hip-Hop Collective performing ‘Godzilla’ at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
Ghanaian Hip-Hop collective, La Meme Gang, showed up with incredible energy and performed songs like, ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Pew’ and others.
The beautiful and energetic performer Sho Madjozi followed with ‘Dumi Hi Phone,’ ‘Huku,’ and ‘Wakanda Forever.’
The power of sex appeal
Nigerians will definitely welcome South African, Gqom act, Moonchild Sanelly back with opens arms in the future, after two incredible performances, one of which was at Homecoming Concert 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
In her trademark coloured hair, and styled with a pouch and a green nylon for skirt before taking it off, much to the delight of a roaring crowd, energetic South African Gqom act, Moonchild Sanelly, performed ‘Midnight Starring,’ and ‘Makhe’ while she oozed intense and alluring sexual energy.
Naira Marley performing ‘Issa Goal’ at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
Naira Marley came on to a rousing reception from a familiar crowd of UK-affiliated Nigerians. They basically performed ‘Issa Goal,’ ‘Japa,’  – the Damibilz-owned – ‘Jowabayi,’ and ‘Marry Juana’ with him.
The effervescent Niniola, dressed in a yellow jacket came backed up by four dancers and performed, ‘Sicker,’ ‘Maradona,’ ‘Bana,’ and ‘Designer.’
New Mavin signee, Rema taking off his ski mask at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
Mavin Records newbie, Rema showed the reason behind the hype while wearing a ski mask. He carried the crowd effortlessly through performances of ‘Boulevard,’ ‘Why,’ ‘Iron Man,’ and ‘Dumebi.’ What he has left to learn in stage craft, only time can teach, and that time, he has got a lot of.
Briefly on stage was Tems who got her reps boosted by responses to songs like ‘Mr. Rebel,’ and other songs.
Fresh off the release of her new album, ‘Omo Charlie Champage,’ and dressed in a beautifully patterned anakara, Simi performed ‘Joromi,’ ‘O Ea N’ Be,’ and ‘I Dun Care.’
The very energetic Prettyboy D-O performing ‘Pull Up’ at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
Another crowd-favourite, Prettyboy D-O performed, ‘Chop Elbow,‘ the Santi assisted ‘Pull Up,’ and other songs. It’s incredible, when you realize that the pulse of a whole new wave is bubbling under the comfort of our collective sonic gazes.
No other time would you feel it better than when Prettyboy DO, a relatively unknown artist to the Nigerian mainstream came on stage to an eruption.
This is more than altè
Santi at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
The genre-bending Santi initially joined DO on stage for ‘Pull Up,‘ before starting his own set with a new song, and then moved to ‘Sparky.’
Santi’s stage craft needs work, but one thing became apparent by the time the segue got to ‘Alte Cruise’ which brought Odunsi The Engine on stage; altè is slowly gliding out of the realm of a niche culture to that of a subculture and the vehicle driving it isn’t just music, but cynicism and mockery.
L-R: Zamir, Odunsi The Engine and Santi performing ‘Alte Cruise’ at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
We might attribute this relatability to the kind of crowd these acts perform before, but it’s no coincidence that the biggest roar of the night came when ‘Rapid Fire’ opened a fresh channel of bleeding energy. Altè itself is growing organically from the realm of obscure sounds it once was.
Like Santi’s, Odunsi’s stage craft needs a lot of work, but the crowd couldn’t care less. They vibed with him to songs like ‘Star Signs,’ for which he was joined on stage by Runtown.
Ajebutter22 and Fresh L of DRB Lasgidi at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
DRB Lasgidi, the altè grundnorm ran on stage to enjoy to fruits they planted 10 years ago. They opened to, ‘Necessary,’ Fresh L’s Davido-assisted, ‘Firewood,‘ and BOJ’s collab with Ajehbutter22, ‘Yawa,’ and ‘Tungba,’ (off the album, Make E Nor Cause Fight album).
English rapper, Skepta performing ‘Gingerbread Man’ at Homecoming 2019. (Pulse Nigeria)
Skepta found home in familiar mind as he performed his collab with Asap, ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine), ‘Gingerbread Man,’ ‘Shut Down,’ and the Wizkid-assist, ‘Bad Energy.’
Poco Lee came on for a five-minute zanku masterclass.
‘The Sugar Mummy of Lagos’ herself closed the performance as she ran on stage to perform hits like, ‘Askamaya,‘ and ‘For Your Case.’
Homecoming 2019 then moved to an after-party. 
Rating: /3

3 talking points from Episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones caused a stir with the first episode of Season 8 after almost 595 days of waiting.
Episode two titled ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ gives an insight to an impending war expected to be fully blown by episode three.
The second episode has a number of talking points including the musical cue that added emotional depth to scenes with Davos. The episode also continued to focus on the characters in Winterfell affect each other. Winterfell is poised to come under impending doom of the Night King and the army of the dead.
Here are 3 talking points from episode 1.
1. Sansa, Daenerys continue their rivalry
The rivalry between Sansa and Daenerys Targaryen continued in episode two while Lady Stark sought to make her cause for the North. Though, Daenerys had the final say, Sansa forgave Jaime. Theon Greyjoy returned into the warm hands of Sansa as Daenerys watched on. The Mother of Dragons desperately tried to build bridges but it was all to no avail with Sansa demanding the North be free after the war.
A scene from Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2 [HBO]
2. Bran conveys Night Kings desires
After much speculation about the Night King’s true motives, Bran Stark has revealed his true desires. He made the Night King’s desire for an endless night and an eternal winter known to everyone. Bran also revealed that the Night King would seek the Three-Eyed Raven so that he could remove the human world as a result of his powers to see the past, present and future. Bran decides to bait the Night King by waiting in the Godswood with hopes the others could kill him.
3. Jaime Lannister knights Brienne of Tarth
Jaime Lannister finally knighted Brienne of Tarth in episode two, hence making his actions and dream a reality. Lannister also had had the conversation with Bran about the Broken Tower. Bran and Lannister made peace. In the same vein, Sansa Stark forgave Lannister following his return to Winterfell in a trial mirroring his brother Tyrion Lannister’s own court reckoning.

9 years ago Dagrin passed away, here is a recollection of that fateful day

This is an account of the day Dagrin died from a young journalist in 2009.
I was tired. I had just clocked another day at Hip Hop World Magazine.
From the mid-90s to circa 2006, Hip Hop World Magazine set the tone for music journalism in the country. In 2008, I was lucky to start working for the legendary publication. A year after, I became a full-time start.
Working at Hip Hop World Magazine was very demanding. And having Ayo Animashaun (CEO of Smooth Promotions, the mother company of Hip TV and Headies) you had to be on your toes 24/7. His no-nonsense approach is why his company has produced so many great writers in the business.
#alhadulillah #onelife
On April 22, 2010, it was a normal day at the office. I can’t remember what I did at the office that day but I know I worked my socks off. On my way home at night, I bought plantain chips to quell the rising hunger in my stomach.
I got home a few minutes past 8. I had just removed my shoes and I was about to rest my head on my bed when my deadbeat Nokia phone rang.
“Mr Ayo wants you back in the office now.” It was Augusta “Baby’ Bernard, then a Hip TV presenter that was on the line. I was dead tired.
Is All Good From Where Am Standing 😉.#goodvibes #blessedweek #fluidentertainment #fluidworks #Godgotme #Godblessthehustle 📸@its_anneivy And @flyestent 😁Thanks alot!!
“What for?” I asked.
“It’s about Dagrin.“
My heart skipped a beat. “What about him is he dead?”
Baby hesitated for a while and said “I don’t know. Mr Ayo just wants you back in the office.“
“OK, ok. I am on my way.” I wasn’t tired anymore. I wore my shoes and took a bike to Ogundana street, off Allen Avenue in Ikeja.
Dagrin was a rap star. His sophomore album ‘was the hottest thing on the streets late 2009 and 2010. He was widely regarded as the new rap messiah. His brand of reality rap- a hustler’s dream, ambition and nightmares resonated with millions of young Nigerians who were going through the same struggle. Dagrin was their mouthpiece.
The album cover of Dagrin’s ‘C.E.O’ album (Culture Custodian)
Dagrin’s trajectory was however cut short. On April 14, 2010, he had a ghastly motor accident. His vehicle rammed into a stationary truck at night. There were reports that Dagrin was drunk. He never saw the truck that was parked opposite a police station. Dagrin went into a coma as a result of the collision.
There were conflicting reports about his injuries. Some said he was okay and recovering. Others said he was in a pretty bad shape and his life was in the balance.
Dagrin was a special rapper to me. In October 2009, I opened my now defunct blog Pop Off Central and my first post was a review of C.E.O. I loved Dagrin’s music. While the new breed of rappers gave us well-orchestrated lifestyle bars, his music’s emotional pastry was so vivid that I could touch it.
On my way back to the office, I couldn’t imagine Dagrin was dead. It wasn’t possible I told myself. A few days before his accident, he was at the Hip Hop World Magazine office for the Hip Hop World Awards (now Headies) nominees list press conference. Dagrin was the star of the event. He picked up several nominations. I watched Dagrin closely that day and noticed he was shy and wasn’t excited about his nominations.
When I got to the office reality hit me. “Dagrin is dead,” said Ayo Animashaun. He instructed me to go to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital to cover what was happening there. I quickly grabbed the camera under my desk and went inside the staff bus.
I didn’t go LUTH alone. I went with Dorisha (another Hip TV presenter at that time) and Dayo Ephraim. The man who drove the bus was Bayo, the company driver, a Hip Hop World legend in his own right.
We got to LUTH and it was pretty much obvious something was going down. People were gradually trooping in from all corners. The word was spreading, Dagrin, the ghetto champ and the people’s representative was dead.
For some reason, we all gathered at a spot, fans, press people and the curious. A few minutes later stars started rolling in. Sasha was one of the first to show up. She looked sad. Olu Maintain in his immaculate blue jalabia and dark as hell sunshades managed to look ruffled.
If you had any doubts that Dagrin was dead, YQ erased those doubts. He ran into LUTH like a man looking for hope. People who were with Dagrin at the time of his death confirmed to him that he was dead. YQ lost it. He rolled on the floor and wailed. Olu Maintain shrunk in size as he sadly shook his head. Dagrin was gone forever.
The fans who gathered around started crying too. Their man was dead. Dagrin not only told history but theirs as well. Many of the fans started cursing the doctors at LUTH. The government-owned hospital was on strike when Dagrin was admitted. Many said the doctors didn’t give the rapper the best care and attention and blamed his death on them.
Dagrin’s father came out shortly after and confirmed his son was dead and advised members of the press to respect the privacy of the people at LUTH who were mourning Dagrin.
We at the Hip Hop World crew didn’t bring out our cameras because it was an emotionally charged atmosphere. A NET reporter by the name of Dayo tried to bring out his camera and he was immediately ‘rushed’ by those around.
We called Mr Ayo and told him the situation on the ground. He agreed that we leave LUTH and come back to the office. This was around past 11 pm. It was sure I was sleeping at the office. On our way out from LUTH, I witnessed one of the most cinematic moments in my life.
Hundreds of people were rushing to LUTH. It seemed the whole of Lagos had heard. People drove their cars blasting ‘Pon Pon Pon‘- Dagrin’s ode for his Naija heritage, or ‘Ghetto Dreams‘ his chilling portrayal of life at the bottom and his struggles. It was a chilling moment, one that would replicate itself in a more grandiose way at Dagrin’s candle light service.
Dagrin, Ayomide Tayo and YQ at th Headies theme song video shoot in 2009 (Ayomide Tayo)
We headed back to the Hip Hop World office and the events that would happen there would birth a new chapter in entertainment journalism in Nigeria.

‘Hustle’ actress, Sekinat says ex-BBN star, Tobi is amazing

Deborah Anugwa, the actress known as Sekinat on ‘Hustle’ has poured encomiums on ex-Big Brother Naija star, Tobi Bakre.
In an edition of ‘Jara,’ hosted by Uti Nwachukwu, Sekinat said Tobi is an amazing personality.
The actress said though she formed an opinion about the reality TV star being a snub and cocky, but getting to know him proved otherwise.
Deborah Anugwa and Tobi Bakre on the set of ‘Jara’ [Instagram/Africa Magic]
“I used to think (Tobi) you were a snub and a little bit cocky but along the line, I found out that you are a friendly person and a very amazing person,” Sekinat said.
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Tobi beamed with smiles as Sekinat flattered him with sweet words.
Tobi and Sekinat met each other in person after the ex-BBN star joined the TV sitcom, ‘Hustle’ in 2018.
He has since shot over 10 episodes with members of the ‘Hustle’ cast that include Seun Ajayi, Sola Sobowale, Maurice Sam, Elvis Poko, and John Joshua.

Actor, Jim Iyke welcomes baby boy

Veteran Nigerian actor, James Ikechukwu popularly known as Jim Iyke has welcomed a baby boy.
Popularly known for playing “lover boy” roles, the actor took to Instagram to announce the arrival of his son.
Im ultra private with my family. But this is the rarest of moments. Back to 2 hrs sleep nightly. Back to cat naps with my sub conscious peaked for the slightest movement. Back to groggy mornings and big unknowing smiles.
Welcome home King.
I cant find the right words now. Every being in me is pulsating with raw primordial energy.
A Lion beget a Lion.
Welcome to my Pride, dear son.
Thank you for choosing me to be your Papa.
Thank you lord for yet another blessing this year. I dont know what I’m doing right to deserve it all.
It takes a man to bring a child home. It takes a community to raise him.
My people please welcome my king.
Welcome home JJ.
Let’s have the fun of our lives! 💪🙌
He wrote: “I’m ultra-private with my family but this is the rarest of moments.
“Back to 2hours sleep nightly. Back to cat naps with my subconscious peaked for the slightest movement. Back to groggy mornings and big unknowing smiles.
“Welcome home king. I can’t find the right words now. Every being in me is pulsating with raw primordial energy.
“A lion beget a lion, welcome to my pride dear son.
He went on to thank God for yet another blessing added to his life.
“I don’t know what I’m doing right to deserve it all. It takes a man to bring a child home, it takes a community to raise him,” he wrote.
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The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Iyke has appeared in over 150 films including ‘Last Flight to Abuja’ which he featured in alongside Omotola Jalade.
The award-winning actor runs a charity foundation, Jim Iyke foundation, for children living with special disabilities. 
The 42-year-old who started his acting career in 2001 is one of the highest paid actors in Nollywood.

Gidi Fest 2019, a perfect blend of nostalgia, impressive gimmicks and detail

Gidi Fest 2019 was a night that young Nigerians were delighted to remain on their feet for hours and not have a care in the world.
Date: April 20/21, 2019
Event: Gidi Fest 2019 (6th Edition)
Organizers: Echo Music and Arts Foundation
Host: Shody ‘The Turn Up King’
Venue: Landmark Event Centre
DJs: DJ Exquisitie, DJ Neptune, DJ Consequence, DJ Biggy G (Kenya),
Performers: Joey B (Ghana), Moonchild Sanelly (South Africa), Ckay, Teni, Zlatan, Niniola, DJ Xclusive, Sarz, Wande Coal, Patoranking, Sir Shina Peters
Details/Takeaway: Gidi Fest 2019 is the culmination to the Lagos Music Week which featured events like ECHO Music Conference, Arise Fashion Week and Sneaker Exchange at XII Glover.
The night started off on the nextgen stage where artists like Barelyanyhook, Nonso Amadi, Boogey, Mich Straaw, Organya, Famous Bobson, Andre Music, Oladapo, Mo Believe, Flash, Blaqbonez, Tems, Dunnie, Dami Oniru, Psycho YP and so forth performed.
The main event opened up with two improperly announced up-and-coming acts, before Ghanaian act, Joey B came to perform hits like ‘U & Me’ and ‘Tonga.’
Impressive gimmicks
After him, Sarz came on stage to warm reception just before talented South African beauty, Moonchild Sanelly took the stage to perform songs like ‘Weh Mameh,’ and ‘Midnight Starring,’ and the remix to ‘Container’ with Ckay. She also brought two other female acts out with her to perform.
By the time she stripped off to her swim-trunk-styled outfit, men went bonkers at Landmark Event Centre. Of course, it did not help that she had a tattooed curvaceous behind.
Impressive gimmicks
With her burgeoning reputation and ever-increasing reps, the ‘Sugar Mummy of Lagos,’ Teni came with a live band to switch directions, performing ‘Fargin,’ ‘Wait,’ fan favourites ‘Askamaya’ and ‘For Your Case’ – which captured the sheer power of her emerging stardom; a love anthem for a cheating generation on Teni’s Instagram stories.
She closed her set with a Church anthem before performing another smash, ‘Uyo Meyo.’ The song made her tell us she was just a young girl from Isolo, Okota who is now living her dream. In between her songs, Teni also performed some Kwam 1 hits and other Nigerian classics.
Street-stamped Zlatan, on an expressway to stardom came out to a crowd that had just been treated to something special from Teni. He started with Yuletide and eternal hustlers’ anthem, ‘Able God,‘ before moving to songs like ‘Ijo Ope,‘ the Davido-owned, ‘Bum Bum,’ and ‘Zanku (Legwork) and then the madness that is Burna’s ‘Killin Dem.’
A highlight of his performance was his 10-second silence call for Instablog9ja, who claimed Zlatan was beaten a day earlier.
Before Niniola, DJ Consequence delivered a thoroughly impressive set that took us through different eras and continents.
Niniola‘s entrance deserves a paragraph. It was a collision of African percussion, masterful orchestral madness, a reworked version of ‘Coming To America’ score, ‘The King’s Motorcade’ and ended it all with a talking drum session.
Then her transcendent performance started like an aircraft. Her live band was championed by impressive guitar section that amplified the live instrumentation to ‘Oyin.‘
Like that was not enough, Niniola served us a pot full of vocal show-off. She then proceeded to ‘Ibadi,’ ‘Soke,’ ‘Laba Laba,’ ‘Sicker,’ ‘Bana,’ ‘Designer,‘ and ‘Maradona.’
Wande Coal in to ‘The Kick’ before performing ‘You Bad’ and then, ‘Bumper To Bumper’ ‘Booty Call,’ ‘My Way,’ ‘Amora Wa,’ ‘Kiss Your Hand,’ ‘Buga,’ ‘So Mi So,’ ‘Turkey Nla,’ and ‘Iskaba.’
Patoranking had the best introduction – and possibly the best performance – of the night, with a perfect mix of raggae-rock instrumentation, vocal strumming and patois deliveries.
He performed ‘Wine So Different,’ ‘Love You My Baby,’ ‘Girlie O,’ ‘ Make Am,’ the DJ Mic Smith-owned ‘See Brother,’ ‘Available,’ ‘My Woman,’ and other songs. He also brought Kojo Cue from Ghana to the main stage with him.
With the performance of every song came a stellar chorus of instrumentation, feeding and satisfying with heavy multilayered music and Pato’s backup singers offering some rhythm to back it all up.
Patoranking is an amazing performer who puts detail into everything, he also proved a worthy headliner. What he lacked in recent hits, he backed up with quality music.
Bigger Nostalgia
The night ended with a legends set. Sir Shina Peters came on and did the business we grew up on him doing. He showed an uncanny relatability to a younger generation and impressive energy for a man his age. He performed songs off his incredible albums, Ace and Shinamania.
Rating: /3

DJ Cuppy is back with a new single ‘Abena’

International DJ and Producer Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola popularly known as Cuppy, is back with a new single release titled ‘Abena’, her first release this year.
Following on from her classic Afrobeats hit ‘Green Light’, Cuppy continues her musical exploration this time teaming up with three talented West African artists; Kwesi Arthur, Shaydee & Ceeza Milli. This silky afro-love jam will no doubt be a hit in the clubs, DJ sets, and a favourite from Cuppy fans!
A singing Cuppy took the industry by surprise. No one expected this DJ to make the switch so fast. (Pulse)
Unquestionably a leading female DJ in Africa, Cuppy is becoming a major player across the music field, having successfully gained a lot of recognition both in Nigeria and Internationally.
This new release proves Cuppy’s further solidified position in the music industry as she continues to show us that there are many layers to her craft while stepping even further into the world of vocalist, songwriter, and producer.

Naira Marley’s statement on Internet fraud will raise your eyebrows

Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has shared his view about internet scam popularly known as yahoo-yahoo.
On Friday, April 19, 2019, the singer in an Instagram post, implied that anyone who knows about slavery would not consider internet scam as a crime.
If u know about slavery u go know say yahoo no b crime..
 He wrote: ‘If u know about slavery u go know say yahoo no b crime’
Naira Marley’s comment about yahoo-yahoo is coming a week after another Nigerian singer, Simi criticized internet fraudsters asking them not to buy her CDs or watch her Youtube videos again.
Addressing fraudsters in a live Instagram video, the soft-spoken singer who just released her second album,“Omo Chalie Champagne’‘ went hard against internet fraudsters. 
She said: “Common guys, you don’t have to like me, you don’t have to listen to my music, you don’t have to send me, but you see, I am not the enemy. I can easily sit down and pretend that nothing is wrong and just make money, smile, cheers blah blah, but the thing is, I care too much, if I didn’t give a sh*t, I wouldn’t say anything. I’ve had friends that have done Yahoo. I’ve had friends that have thought about it“.
Obviously, Naira Marley and Simi do not share the same view about yahoo-yahoo.
In 2018, Naira Marly featured Simi in his hit single, Issa goal.