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7 major takeaways from the 2022 Headies nomination list

The Headies have released the much awaited nominees’ list for the 2022 Headies award and by all indications, it promises to be the toughest yet.

These are 7 major takeaways from the list.

The Headies Understands the Need to Evolve

The recent slump in the respect accorded to the Headies by the music community suggested a case of diminishing return. The Headies appeared to have hit a Cul-de-sac and desperately needed to rebrand. This year’s Headies showed that the Headies understands this need and they listened to constructive criticism. The 2022 Headies award have been expanded to over 35 categories for more representation and inclusion.

The Superlative Importance Of The Next Rated Category

Since, its inception, the Next Rated Category has been the most exciting part of the Headies Awards and the Headies understands the importance of retaining the sanctity of the category. The 2022 Headies nominees’ list see a reversal of the previous rule that makes artists with albums ineligible for the category. This decision must have been inspired by the need to ensure that those deserving as well as the acts capable of reigniting the interest synonymous with the category are included.

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International Success Can’t Be Ignored Domestically

Burna Boy’s ‘African Giant’ was reduced to a limited categories at the 2020 Headies award. However, this year, things are different with the internal success of ‘Essence’ and ‘Made In Lagos.’ The single and the album made the nomination list for all the major categories. This shows that such level of international huge international success can’t be overlook domestically.

The Identity Crisis With The Alternative Categories Continues

The absence of categories for indigenous sounds such as high life and fuji means that songs that doesn’t fit into the mainstream categories are shoehorned into the Alternative category. The 2022 Headies nomination list have failed to correct this and it can be expected that the Alternative categories will leave Alte fans visibly dissatisfied. Seeing a is a song that’s practically a club banger and street anthem getting shortlisted for Best Alternative Song will surely generate questions as to the definition of Alternative music. Brace up everyone because it’s going to be a lengthy debate.


The Headies Woos African Audience

The Headies is primarily a Nigerian music award and while there’s an African category, primary interest in the award is restricted to Nigeria. The 2022 Headies award have expanded with categories for different regions. This is clearly an attempt to attract more followers within the continent and increase Headies’ international recognition and acceptance.

Rap Categories Promise To Spark Debate

With the ongoing conversation about the state of Hip Hop in Nigeria, the 2022 Headies nomination list couldn’t have come out at a better time. The 2022 Headies Rap categories have the usual suspects with some new names also making the list. The favorite for the Rap Album of the Year category is ‘Carpe Diem’ which some rap fans might argue isn’t rap enough. The debate between what is Hip Hop or not is about to hit a new high or low but whatever maybe the case, the 2022 Headies Rap categories suggests Hip Hop is doing just fine in Nigeria.

Gender Based Category Still Retained

The Headies’ gender specific nominations have sparked debate as to its relevance in a world where gender equality is at the fore of every conversation. The Headies has however, retained the gender based nominations in the 2022 nominations lists. The conversations surrounding the relevance of gender specific categories is propelled by arguments of equity and equality and it for now, the Headies are tilting towards the former.’

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