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HomesportsGeorgia Oboh Has The Power To Inspire A Golfing Revolution In Africa

Georgia Oboh Has The Power To Inspire A Golfing Revolution In Africa

Georgia Oboh

Outside of South Africa, golf on the African continent has never really taken off with budding athletes more interested in imitating the likes of Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, and even Jay-Jay Okocha if we were to go back a few more years. Indeed, there has never been a golfing superstar who has commanded the same level of influence as the continent’s greatest footballers and that is largely down to the fact that, essentially, no one hasn’t stepped forward to take the job on.

As briefly touched on, South Africa does of course have a rich golfing history but despite the country’s success over the years, there hasn’t been a golfer that the large majority of Africans can identify with. So while it may be true that if you bet on Masters 2022 you will see a host of South African names like Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Louis Oosthuizen tipped to do well in the latest odds, you can also be certain that the continent won’t be taking too much notice of how they get on at Augusta National in early spring.

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It should be stressed that there isn’t any ill-feeling towards these players and that the indifference felt by many Africans is purely down to not having a horse in the race. The exciting news, however, is that this could change thanks to Nigerian golfer Georgia Oboh, who is currently making waves on the Ladies European Tour. Indeed, at just 21 years old, Oboh is well set up to challenge for major honours in the future after enjoying a breakthrough season in Europe. Needless to say, this would naturally help capture the attention of Africans as far as golf goes and also help put the continent on the map. Encouragingly, this is a cause that is close to Oboh’s heart after she decided to wear the Nigerian flag instead of the English one when competing.

Having been born in Manchester, the 21-year-old could have opted to play under an English nationality but instead chose to play for Nigeria in a bid to introduce golf to Africa. In addition to that and to show how serious she was about being the flagbearer for golf on the continent, Oboh also decided to make Ikoyi Golf Club 1938 in Lagos her home course which was seen as a hugely symbolic gesture.

Although it is not just lip service that Oboh pays to the cause as the 21-year-old returns to Africa to regularly compete in events and even won the Ivory Coast Open during her maiden professional appearance. In other words, Oboh is not only talking the talk but now also walking the walk as she boldly goes where no other female golfer from the continent of Africa has gone.

To realize her dream of turning Africa into a continent that plays golf, Oboh will naturally need to challenge for the games’ biggest honours on the women’s circuit in both Europe and America. The challenge starts now but something just tells you that this determined golfer will end up being one of the most influential golfers of all time.

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