Pollock prays someday the narrative will change.

Nigerian music star Wizkid’s third baby mama Jada Pollock has for the umpteenth time reacted to being addressed as his ‘baby mama.’

The music star’s manager made this known while reacting to a series of tweets about her being a baby mama.

“Get yourself a supportive baby mama,” a Twitter user had tweeted while reacting to a viral post of Wizkid being used as a case study in a foreign university.


In her response, the mother of one prayed that someday the narrative will change.


“One day the narrative will change. I’m hopeful I often wonder if I was a man if I would still be titled in this way? Anyways no one cares we just keep working,” she tweeted.

This is not the first time Jada will be expressing her displeasure over being addressed as a baby mama.

“I think about this…It’s so degrading & discriminating when I’m referred to as Wizkid’s 3rd baby mother before addressing me professionally by my name. The credit of my Journey/experience is so underrated. The sad thing is, it’s our own blogs that don’t heighten & uplift each other,” she tweeted a while ago.

Wizkid and Pollock’s relationships first became public in 2017 after they welcomed their son.

Wizkid and manager Jada
Wizkid and manager Jada

Pollock is an entertainment veteran also known as Jada Styles. She’s the head of her consulting business firm.

She is responsible for the branding of many affluent and prominent football players for the U.K. The Daily Star and West London Living once referred to her as a highly acclaimed image guru.