UEFA Champions League Fun Facts

7 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Fun Facts. The UEFA champions league is considered the most prestigious football tournament worldwide. Highlights champions league are always incredible, started in the 1955s, the Europa league has got many interesting facts around it. From UEFA fixtures to other Europa league highlights that are unforgettable in the history of the worldwide tournament. This video is about, the 7 UEFA champions league fun facts of the union.

UEFA Champions League is the biggest yearly championship in European club football (soccer). No one even remotely familiar with European club soccer needs that introduction, of course, and most know much more than just that! However, we are about to share 7 fun facts about the Champions League in this post, which might surprise even fans.

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There was a Major Upset in 2021
The Champions League Anthem is Older than Modern Football!
Only 2 Players have Scored more than 100 Goals in the Champions League
No Winning Team Ever “Gets” the Champions League Trophy, Post 2007
Only 1 Team Has Managed to Win the Cup 5 Times in a Row
Only 3 Teams have Won the League Thrice in a Row
Only 1 Team has Managed a Hattrick Win Post 1992

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