Robert Clarke, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) has said he slightly disagrees with the notion which suggests that the Eight National Assembly frustrated President Muhammadu Buhari’s Government in the fight against corruption.
Chief Clarke who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics made the comment in reaction to a statement by the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption (PACAC), Professor Itse Sagay.
Professor Sagay had said that the capacity of corruption to fight back has been reduced with the expiration of the Eight Assembly.
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Sagay opined that the Eight Assembly did everything they could to frustrate the (Federal) Government in the fight against corruption, a claim which Chief Clarke believes is a very sweeping statement.
According to Chief Clarke, Prof Sagay’s statement is one which would need to be proven with evidence and facts.
“I don’t know what evidence he has, I know he is a very good lawyer and maybe he has facts which I don’t have but I believe and I agree with him that some or the leadership of the 8th Assembly could be described with that tag that he (Sagay) has now given to the 8th Assembly,” Chief Clarke said.
Mr Clarke said it is not fair to place the tag on the whole of the 8th Assembly, adding that he agrees with Professor Sagay that some of those in the legislature at the time could be said to be frustrating the government’s efforts.
“Professor Sagay is correct but it is not to the extent of the whole 8th Assembly, but the core leaders,” Chief Clarke stressed.

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