Seyi’s decision in making replacing himself with Tacha’s bestie, Khafi, with his Veto Power has ruined his budding relationship with the Port Harcourt first daughter.
Tacha and Seyi’s relationship in the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house might have come to a total ruin following events at the 10th live eviction show.
Seyi and Tacha’s relationship dates back to the fourth eviction in the house when the two were sent to the ‘Secret Room’ for some days. The two became close as they used the opportunity to get to know each other better.
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When the pair returned to the house, they became quite close and despite little misunderstandings, they remained close ally and hoped something romantic can come out of their relationship.
Seyi became the first housemate to emerge the Veto Power Holder and Head of House twice in 10 weeks. [Twitter/BBNaija]Seyi became the first housemate to emerge the Veto Power Holder and Head of House twice in 10 weeks. [Twitter/BBNaija]
Here are three reasons Seyi and Tacha’s affair have been broken irretrievably.
The Veto Power curse
Seyi had become a man of many firsts in the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house. In the third week of the show, Seyi became a Veto Power Holder after winning a keenly contested challenge. When Biggie asked him to use his Veto Power, he declined and was banned from contesting in the challenge for three weeks. 
Learning his lesson the hard way, the ninth week provided Seyi with the opportunity of winning the Veto Power Holder game and he did. And on Monday night, September 2, 2019, he used the Veto power to save and replace himself with Khafi. 
Since the creation of the Veto Power Holder, it has consistently caused a rift between housemates – while some move on, others hold it as a means for a grudge.
Seyi’s decision didn’t go down well with Tacha, who many thought, was beginning to warm up to Seyi and with a possibility of contracting a relationship in the house. 
After the eviction nominees for the 10th week were announced, Tacha signaled the crack in her relationship with Seyi – in support of her friend, Khafi. 
Tacha and Khafi in a friendly twerking challenge [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]Tacha and Khafi in a friendly twerking challenge [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]
Seyi’s decision further caused a strain in his relationship with Khafi but Seyi cared less telling Biggie that the decision had no explanation for it because it was spontaneous and could have been Tacha. 
Meanwhile, Tacha felt Seyi shouldn’t have replaced himself with Khafi knowing fully well that she is her BFF. 
On Thursday, September 5, the battle line was finally drawn between Seyi and Tacha over Khafi. 
Tacha and Seyi got into a heated argument that saw Seyi saying he would provoke Tacha enough to get a third strike that would get her disqualified from the game. 
So bad is the rift between the two that when Khafi, Venita, and Tacha shared drinks on Friday, September 6 night, Seyi signaled Elozonam to help him get his drinks.
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The Saturday Night Party makeup
At the 10th Saturday Night Party, after a long week of altercations, heated arguments, and exchange of invectives, the ‘TataSe’ pair pulled a fast one on viewers dancing together and seeming cool with each other. 
Tacha and Seyi digging it out on the dance floor at the 10th Saturday Night Party. [Twitter/BBNaija]Tacha and Seyi digging it out on the dance floor at the 10th Saturday Night Party. [Twitter/BBNaija]
For three hours during the party, it seemed the tension between the two had vanished as they danced away only for hostilities to resume when they both failed to trash their differences out after the Saturday Night Party.
The seeming makeup was cut short as these two couldn’t find a common ground while talking about their misunderstanding. Seyi told Tacha that her friend, Khafi, knew everything that led to their quarrel but chose to keep quiet. 
Tacha, however, said Seyi shouldn’t tag people like her friend. In her words, “I talk to everybody in this House.” 
Seyi and Tacha had a long conversation until about 12:30 AM when Tacha walked out on him. 
A tipsy Seyi couldn’t believe he tried sorting his differences with Tacha only to be insulted and expressed his exact thoughts to Venita.
The last straw broken at live eviction show
The last straw of the ‘TataSe’ relationship was broken during the 10 Sunday night live eviction show.
Tacha denies being a friend to anyone in the house but is determined to end her relationship with Seyi over Khafi. [Mulitchoice NG]Tacha denies being a friend to anyone in the house but is determined to end her relationship with Seyi over Khafi. [Mulitchoice NG]
As usual, the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu decided to put housemates on the spot by asking questions regarding the previous week.
Seyi was the first to be called by Ebuka to explain the drama that ensued between himself and Tacha earlier on in the week.
Explaining his decision for saving and replacing himself with Khafi using the Veto Power, Seyi said that the decision was spontaneous and could have been anybody. He went on to say he tried reconsidering in the short time frame he had but again wondered why not Khafi. 
On his drama with Tacha, Seyi again repeated that he wondered why Tacha would act the way she acted believing her friend at one time against him and telling him another time that she has no friends. He went on to say he feels Tacha engages in such drama with him to get TV viewing time.
Seyi told Ebuka that Tacha pulls up a gangsta act which doesn’t suit her. According to him, she is a sweet little girl who should drop the tough act demeanour.
Tacha didn’t let this slide as she commented that achieving a certain age doesn’t mean the person is wise. She broke the table completely by saying, “What I achieved at 23 years, Seyi wouldn’t have attained such at that age.”
And Tacha responds saying she feels Seyi is just old with no senses and that she’s sure he hasn’t achieved what she had achieved when he was her age.

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