This week’s ‘Head Of House’ is Cindy.
At the end of an interesting twenty-five minutes, Cindy emerged as the ‘Head Of House’ of the week.
This week’s challenge required the housemates to throw balls into a pot hole created by Biggie. However, the twist to the game was that the housemate with the highest amount of balls hanging to on would either win or move to the next round.
At the end of the first round, Frodd, Diane, Cindy, and Mercy moved to the next round.
The next round involved the housemates to fill a test tube to the brim using a teaspoon using just one hand. Biggie instructed that each housemate should indicate when they are done filling the test tubes.
After two intense minutes, Cindy emerged winner which automatically makes her the head of house. 
The privileges that come with being the ‘Head Of House’ includes, 250 bet9ja coins, immunity for the week, and exclusive access to the ‘Head Of House’ room.
When asked to pick one of the housemates to enjoy the ‘Head Of House’ room, Cindy surprisingly picked Mike.

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