Khafi and Tacha’s friendship has gone through several tests in the last three weeks and it’s beginning to cause a stir in the house.
Three weeks after Khafi and Tacha’s friendship became noticeable to viewers, the BFFs are beginning to cause a stir in the house.
After the BFFs bonded more in the Head of House room during Khafi’s democratic reign, the two have become targets for at least five housemates that are scheming to take their pound of flesh on them. From Mercy to Diane, Venita and Seyi, the name of the BFFs have remained constant in several conversations all through week 10.
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Though Tacha is known to keeping to herself in the house till the fourth week after her fake eviction and trip to the ‘Secret Room’, she couldn’t resist the bubbly energy that Khafi exudes and as such, the two have become buddies. 
Khafi and Tacha have grown to become two good friends after the strated off on a bad foot. [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]Khafi and Tacha have grown to become two good friends after the strated off on a bad foot. [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]
Interestingly, the journey to their friendship didn’t kick off smooth as Khafi once had a misconception about the ankle bracelet Tacha wears but she later apologised to Tacha and they wiped the slate clean.
Here’s why Tacha and Khafi’s friendship is causing a stir in the BBNaija Pepper Dem House.
Seyi’s Veto Power Holder trouble
Day 68: “She Wanted to Increase Her TV Ratings,” Seyi | Pepper Dem: Big Brother | Africa Magic
For the ninth week, Seyi won the Veto Power Holder game and on Monday night, September 2, 2019, he used the Veto power to save and replace himself with Khafi. Since the creation of the Veto Power Holder, it has consistently caused a rift between housemates – while some move on, others hold it as a means for a grudge. Seyi’s decision didn’t go down well with Tacha, who many thoughts were beginning to warm up to Seyi and might contract a relationship in the house. After the eviction nominees were announced, Tacha signaled the crack in her relationship with Seyi in support of her friend, Khafi. Seyi’s decision further caused a strain in his relationship with Khafi but Seyi cared less telling Biggie that the decision had no explanation for it because it was spontaneous and could have been Tacha. Meanwhile, Tacha felt Seyi shouldn’t have replaced himself with Khafi knowing fully well that she is her BFF. On Thursday, September 5, the battle line was finally drawn between Seyi and Tacha over Khafi. Tacha and Seyi got into a heated argument that saw Seyi saying he would provoke Tacha enough to get a third strike that would get her disqualified from the game. So bad is the rift between the two that when Khafi, Venita, and Tacha shared drinks on Friday, September 6 night, Seyi signaled Elozonam to help him get his drinks.
Mercy and Diane’s grouse with Tacha
Day 68: “She is acting like a child,” Mike | Pepper Dem: Big Brother | Africa Magic
As the show draws close to an end, Mercy and Diane seem to have found another common ground – to scheme against Tacha – aside from being founding members of Power Puff Girls. Mercy and Diane started planning to see Tacha’s downfall after she gloated team Enigma over their loss two weeks back. Team Legend had won the Wager Task challenge in the eighth week and Tacha and Khafi’s celebration was perceived as gloating members of the team Enigma. Mercy and Diane had taken it upon themselves to gloat and mock members of team Legend when they lose. Interestingly, team Enigma decided to go on a winning streak by winning the Wager task challenge for week nine and week ten consecutively. Mer
cy decided to pay Tacha and Khafi back in their coins with her mock cum victory dance in the arena. The gloating has continued in the house. Mercy also told Diane and Cindy that Tacha is angry with Ike because he failed to save her when he had the Veto Power and she’s equally pissed with her for keeping such grudges.
Tacha and Khafi ina friendly twerking challenge [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]Tacha and Khafi ina friendly twerking challenge [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]
Venita’s distaste for Khafi
Venita had not been on a good accord with Khafi since she stepped into the BBNaija Pepper Dem house five weeks back. She had consistently had issues and shouting match with Khafi. So bad was their rivalry that she didn’t hesitate to tell Gedoni about her distaste for Khafi. She even threatened to ‘snatch’ Gedoni from Khafi if she provokes her. Khafi, on the other hand, has not hidden her seeming distaste for Venita. The UK metropolitan police feel Venita is picking on her for no particular reason. This has seen Venita drawing closer to Seyi to discuss her distaste for Khafi as Seyi shares his anger with Tacha.

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