Saturday night party didn’t end with the glamour, here are the three things you need to know about Frodd and Esther.
Frodd tried to get down with Esther but she refused and had himself called into the Diary Room by Biggie.
Here are the three times Frodd tries to make Esther happy about herself but he was unable to.
1. Frodd was recently spotted on camera trying to get into bed with his love interest Esther. The lady who did not want to get down with him warned him to stay off her and go to his bed.
Amidst their tussle, it became evident that Frodd, who already had his pants pulled down below his groin, wanted a piece of the action and was not going to relent until he got some. Esther, however, was not ready to let him touch her so he persistently asked him to go back to his bed.
In between their dialogue, Biggie called Frodd into the diary room to have a quick talk with him. After their conversation, Frodd was said to have gone back to his bed to sleep quietly.

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