‘Enjoy Your Life’ is Lady Donli’s debut album.
Artist: Lady Donli
Album Title: Enjoy Your Life
Genre: Afro-fusion, Afrobeats, R&B, New Jack Swing, Pop, Synth Pop, Neo-soul, vibes
Date of release: August 9, 2019
Producers: GMK
Mixing and Mastering: All songs but, ‘Around’ (mixed by Tay Iwar) mixed and mastered by GMK
Length: 15 Tracks, 37 Minutes
Features: Tems, BenjiFlow, SomaDina, Amaraee, VanJess, The Cavemen, Tomi Thomas, Solis
Track List:

Label: Makiyayi
Details/Takeaway: When she started out, Lady Donli was more a soul/R&B singer – a talented one. She still retains that core, but her artistry is evolving to include more rounded sounds without losing that core. She is experimenting and it paid off.
‘Cash’ and ‘Suffer Suffer’ offered insights into this new direction. The attempt at versatility and mainstream appeal is sprinkled throughout this 15-track LP. It is an experience of personal tales that borrow from amorous relationships, desire and growth.
Sometimes a little to defiant, but it’s an impressive listen over all.
You can listen to the album on Apple Music HERE.
You can listen to the album on Deezer HERE.

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