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EP Review: Paradox is a sheer display Of Tchap0’s spontaneous versatility

If you have ever slept on Tochukwu Ezeji otherwise known as Tchap0, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. In this case, the coffee metaphorically represents his latest body of work called Paradox: a 9- track, chart-topping project which serves both as a strong entry in his music CV, and a confirmation of his claim to be the trafficker of good music.
The EP title and art do not instantly disclose the content of the package but a deeper look interprets Paradox as an up-to-par project that disproves the negative perceptions of Tchap0’s artistic abilities.
11 featured acts might be considered a crowd for an EP but on Paradox, it can be regarded as an interesting strategy to open the project up to a wider audience. Tchap0 still retains his solo strength on songs like Ball and 247 but he keeps things rejuvenated with the diverse energies of other musicians. 
TCH (as Tchap0 is alternatively called) is accompanied by LityVibes on the introductory tune which they call Bounce. Bearing some dancehall influences, the song sees both artistes appreciating the lower part of the female anatomy. Bounce is quickly followed by Ball; an emotional yet groovy vibe that heavily borrows from Party Next Door’s 2016 smash hit – Not Nice. Tchap0 can be heard wooing a girl while stating his ability to “ball” like popular soccer stars. This track, he says, was inspired by one of Nigeria’s games at the 2018 world cup in Russia.
Tchap0 feat. Litvybes & Medikal – Bounce Remix (Official Video)
If you’re into feel-good songs that promote the art of partying, chilling and money making, then 247 is just the song for you. Tchap0 flexes his multilingual biceps here, turning deep Ibo parables into easy sing-along lyrics.
The mood switches up quickly into a piercing tune called Would, featuring Tchap0’s label mate and producer – Moffizay. In a world of fleeting and wealth-driven romance, Tchap0 and Moffizay curiously ask if the love of their partners would stand the test of time when the chips are down. 
 The lovey-dovey atmosphere is retained on the 5th cut named Hit and Run but it is without the uncertainty of the preceding song. Tchap0 is assisted by Nigeria’s favourite dancehall twins, Boybreed and they come together to deliver a smooth number over the plucking beats laid by the prolific Synx. 
EP Review: Paradox is a sheer display Of Tchap0’s spontaneous versatility
Ezeugo and Troms are Tchap0’s guests on Wasted, where they liken the influence of a girl to the high of alcohol and psychedelic drugs but on Talk to Self, Rex Papi, Big Timi and Brizzay join TCH to drive home the message of motivation, self-belief and confidence. In the winding phase of the project, Tchap0 employs the help of incredible duo- Mars and Barzini for Ko Below while Mofizzay resurfaces with Amazing Terry for the final cut tagged Lowkey. 
Tchap0’s self-created Afrolife genre takes an urban twist on this collection and it is proof of the depth of his talent but the replacement of a few features with a feminine touch may have added a little bit more colour to the entire unit. In the absence of this concern, everything else bangs. Tchap0’s versatility on the E.P. is delightful, the production efforts of Science, Moffizay, Magic and Jesse are top-notch, and the overall engineering as spearheaded by Synx makes for a super seamless listen.  
EP Review: Paradox is a sheer display Of Tchap0’s spontaneous versatility
Tchap0 appears to be blooming under the Billionaire Minds Enterprise label, considering that this EP is his second offering in less than 10 months. He doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon as he has unleashed the remix of Bounce featuring critically acclaimed Ghanaian rapper, Medikal. Paradox is definitely an exceptional addition to Tchap0’s burgeoning discography and it also proves that he has what it takes to be involved in mainstream conversations.
Check the project below, identify with the vibe, share your thoughts and follow Tchap0 up on all his social media spaces.
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