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Wizkid: 3 reasons why singer loves Jada Pollock and their son, Zion

Here are some of the reasons we feel Wizkid loves Jada Pollock and their son Zion, so much. A lot of Nigerian parents have the desire to travel outside the country to give birth to their kids. It has almost become a norm, so imagine when that parent is actually a citizen of a country like the US, priceless right?Well, up until the news of the birth of Wizkid’s third son by Jada Pollock, not so much was known about her from the part of the world. The fact that she is a foreigner is an obviously a big deal for Wizkid.Jada Pollock has a lot to offer for the career of Wizkid which we’ve noticed since she took over as his manager. So guys, here are some of the reasons we think Wizkid loves Jada and their son, Zion a lot.1. The America connection To be sincere, a lot of Nigerians would jump at the opportunity of dating and marrying a spouse who resides in the United States of America. Wizkid’s relationship with Jada Pollock has a lot of financial and career gains. In case you don’t know, Jada isn’t just your everyday girl. She is very influential and with Wizkid on her good side, he will continue to get mouth-watering deals in the United States.2. The self-esteem issues Ever listened or watched any of Wizkid’s interviews? Wizkid in his interviews always tries to sound like he has lived all his life in the United States with the accent. With a baby mama who obviously sounds different and a son who will definitely grow with an accent, Wizkid’s self-esteem has been boosted. If you think this is just exaggerated, then read one of the statements made by his first baby mama, Shola Ogudu where she blasted him for getting upset over the way their son, Boluwatife sounds. According to her, Wizkid went as far insisting that their son should move to the United States to stay with his sister so as to improve his accent. With Jada and Zion, he doesn’t need to be worried about the way they sound.3. Business affiliation Jada Pollock’s relationship apparently started on a business note with Wizkid before it blossomed into a relationship that led to them having a child together. However, that relationship will continue to exist as long as Wizkid remains loyal and stays committed to the care of their son.  According to The Daily Star and West London Living they referred to Jada Pollock as a highly acclaimed image guru. We all know what that means, Jada Pollock knows how to clean the dirt of celebrities and make them look good in the public eye. His relationship with Jada Pollock will not just bring in more business deals but make him remain an “icon” in the eyes of many.

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