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Photo Of The Day: Its a kiss from TBoss to you all!

Who else wants a blown kiss from the gorgeous Tboss. Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of beautiful people, on this special day someone special and beautiful is blowing kisses to you all.Lol! Ok guys, on our photo of the day, TBoss is blowing kisses to all her fans and it sure has a lot of sensuality written all over it. Well, maybe not the ladies but we are so sure the guys will be drooling over this photo.Sincerely, Tboss has got to be one of the very rare female celebrities who would wear anything and still come out smashing. She doesn’t even have to put in any efforts in these photos which always ends up smashing the likes and shares records on social media.Today’s photo of the day, samples a woman whose beauty continues to shine brightly every other day. Tboss is seen as a role model and even made this known during a recent interview PULSE. “Apart from the fact that I’m a boss? It could be the fact that there are a lot of people who look up to me, they want to do something, but they are not bold enough because of our society or religion. So, I’m that reason for them to think outside the box – “maybe I can do this,” “maybe I can be me,” “maybe I can have a nose ring.A lot of people look up to as a role model for being brave,” she said.

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