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Tech: Amazon has so many summer interns, it costs $4.4 million to feed and house them and Seattle has to add extra city buses (AMZN)

Amazon’s summer interns have arrived in Seattle, and it’s affecting the city’s public-transit system. The county’s Metro service has now added buses to ferry interns between the University of Washington and Seattle’s headquarters.
Amazon’s summer interns have arrived in Seattle.
About 900 interns are staying at the University of Washington, and the county has had to add extra buses to accommodate them.
It’s costing about $4.4 million to feed and house Amazon’s interns at the university.
Amazon interns are invading Seattle once again — and it’s affecting the city’s public transit.
For the second year running, Kings County Metro — the public-transit authority in the county where Seattle is located — is having to add extra buses to keep up with the influx of interns staying in dorms at the University of Washington.
According to The Seattle Times, about 900 Amazon interns will be living in the dorms this summer and commuting to Amazon’s campus using the Metro. A Times report last year interviewed interns who estimated the company had about 2,000 interns in Seattle that summer, about half of whom stayed in the dorms.
This year, Amazon’s corporate housing partner is paying the university approximately $4.4 million to feed the interns and house them in the dorms, The Times reports.
For a closer look at the effect Amazon’s interns have on the city, head over to The Seattle Times.

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