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Pascal Atuma: Director says only prostitutes and homosexuals make it in Nollywood, Ruth Kadiri reacts

Pascal Atuma has come under attack for saying that no actor makes it in Nollywood without becoming a prostitute or homosexual. Pascal Atuma, a Nigerian filmmaker popular for films and series like “LAPD Africa Cops” and “Bloodlines,” has said that only prostitutes and homosexuals make it in Nollywood. Atuma said this during an interview with The Cable. According to him, actors pretend to be doing well while suffering. “If you are not a full time or semi-prostitute, you will not make it in Nollywood. Our ladies are using what they have to get what they want. Even some of the guys who can use their a*s are the ones making it in Nollywood,” he told Cable.”I am being very real here and they make it look as if they are doing well but they are not, they are suffering. Let’s stop deceiving the younger ones by keeping it real. We have to let the younger ones know how it is and what it is. ‘Pascal Atuma is my name and I am saying it the way it is and that’s the truth. If you want to challenge me on this, please come and do it on any national television in Nigeria or anywhere,” he continues. I am even ready to pay for the challenge. The biggest boys in the industry know that I am saying the truth. I am saying the truth and there’s nothing anyone of them can do to affect my career, they can’t employ me.”Reacting to Atuma’s comment via Instagram, Nigerian actress and producer Ruth Kadiri said she feels insulted as she is not a producer and works hard for her money.  Atuma’s controversial comment comes weeks after popular Nigerian actor Paul Obazele said most Nigerian filmmakers are homosexuals. “I would not lie, we have gay producers and lesbians in the Nigerian entertainment industry and they are the people in control,” Obazele told Punch.

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