Tiwa Savage is one beautiful and talented woman who has been able to remain not just relevant but a force in the entertainment industry.Despite her fame and power, the music star has been linked to a number of men. Who wouldn’t want to be linked to a woman has got so much to offer? She prides herself as one of the most accomplished women in Nigeria and isn’t even slowing down.Guys, let’s just introduce you to a number of these guys who have been involved in the singer’s life.1. Tee Billz This was supposed to be one love story that would be used as a yardstick to measure other celebrity relationships turned into marriage but Alas! this wasn’t going to be. Before everything went south, Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz where inseparable, they shared a bond we hadn’t seen in a long time. So when they decided to get married, it didn’t surprise many as their wedding went to be one of the biggest celebrity weddings ever held in Nigeria. It was even televised live on one of the popular T.V. networks. It didn’t take long before this once admired marriage crashed. First, it was Tee Billz who went online to call out his wife, Tiwa Savage for neglecting her duties as a wife and also accused her of infidelity. Then Tiwa Savage went on to grant an exclusive interview where she took her manager turned husband, Tee Billz to the cleaners. Since then there have been moves to reconcile the couple but it looks like they have both gone their separate ways.2. Jamil Yes! He makes this list because he is the number one man in Tiwa Savage’s life. Jamil is Tiwa Savage’s son she had with her estranged husband, Tee Billz. If you take a close look at Tiwa’s Instagram page, you won’t scroll through without seeing photos of the cute boy on her timeline. Tiwa Savage loves her son, Jamil so much we think it would be difficult for anyone to come between the bond the mother and son share. Despite Tiwa’s busy schedule, Tiwa Savage is always around her son and ready to show him off to the world.ALSO READ: Rumours has it that Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz are set for a divorce3. Wizkid If this article was written a few months ago, we are so sure Wizkid’s name won’t be in this list as no one ever imagined that he would be seen as one of the men in Tiwa Savage’s life. Well, life has a way of twisting paths as can be seen in the new found relationship between these two. First, it was the two music videos, followed by Wizkid’s unusual birthday shout out which kind of gave people the idea this two might actually have a thing going. Even though it is not official, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid have both made it easier for speculators to conclude that they might be dating or having an affair. It is not clear but someday, we might just find the final piece to complete the puzzle.

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