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Moghalu: Presidential aspirant vows to send recycled politicians back to their villages



He said Nigeria can change despite the disappointments of the past. Presidential aspirant, Kingsley Moghalu, has invited conscious-minded Nigerians to join him in his campaign to send recycled Nigerian politicians back to their villages for a long-overdue retirement.During a presentation on The Platform in Lagos on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria called on Nigerians to believe that Nigeria can change despite the disappointments of the past.He said Nigerians have gotten too used to being cynical about the state of the country that politicians have manipulated it to misrule the country and limit the imagination of the people.Read his statement below:”We as Nigerians have become very good at managing. We just manage. We have become extremely good at it and no one should blame us because we have believed so many times and have been disappointed so many times. We have invested hopes and dreams in people. We have gone on strike several times. We have marched on the streets on several occasions. We have shut down this country on many occasions and yet we have been disappointed sorely. So we have learnt to lower our expectation. We have learnt to dream in black and white when the rest of the world dreams in colour.”We have learnt that we don’t deserve nice things; that the things we truly want are not really possible. We have tried too many times and failed too many times that we believe that the problem is that we are actually trying too hard.”Let’s just manage what we have: let’s manage the recovery of 165 girls; let’s manage a president who is not personally corrypt, it could have been worse; let’s manage the governor that promises a few flyovers but chases poor people out of our cities as if they are not human beings, that’s the ‘cost’ of development; let’s pretend that 60% of our federal revenue is not going to maintaining just one million people, after all, they haven’t killed anyone; let’s manage the one we have, we tell ourselves because we can’t truly get what we want.”We are always very angry about many of our leaders, they take us for a ride; they jump out of police vehicles to mock our justice system. They insult our youths, calling them lazy but they spend more time in hospital than in their duty post. They insult our intelligence claiming that they are fighting corruption.”We are angry at them because they steal our agency and they steal our hope and our capacity to imagine.”These leaders are laughing because they know that no matter how angry we are, they are almost certain that nothing will happen. We are condemned by our convictions that this is how things will always be. For them, the party will never be over.”When I chose to run for president, I knew that this was my primary challenge: this manage-it syndrome: an attitude that is simply sadness. We are sad but we mask our sadness as worldly wisdom and cynicism. That way, we appear to be sage and wise but we are just truly sad.”How do you convince people to believe the only one thing that has ever been true in the history of humanity is there is no force more powerful than a people who have decided that enough is truly enough. We should have had enough by now, and I say that’s what I thought was my primary task when I decided to contest for the office of the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”We have done it before: In 2011, we watched a president from a minority ethnic group, nobody thought it was possible. In 2015, an incumbent president was defeated and the opposition came to power in a country where we believed that those who are in power can never be removed from it except they die or choose to leave. It has happened before.”Over the past few months, I have been going around Nigeria talking to Nigerians to listen very carefully and this is what I have heard: Nothing is stopping us from getting the exact kind of leadership that we want. We are ready, we are able, we are clear. We just don’t believe that it can happen. We just don’t believe that it is possible to get the kind of leadership we so desperately need in this country.”That’s what I heard when I spoke to the young men who believe that there is no hope for Nigeria and they must follow a man who promises them freedom if only they break away from this giant disappointment. They just don’t believe it’s possible.”The platform speaks to the core of the Nigerian professionals and elite class and the youth and I have a message from the streets of Nigeria to you: People desperately want a leadership that can deliver results for our economy, but they want someone who can convince them that they’re not wasting their time or their emotions and they want to know that there are enough people like the across the country who will stand up to make it happen when the election season comes.”Nigerians are not stupid, they know their problems; that it is not those who claim to be in the APC today and in the PDP tomorrow. “I have tried to understand why those before me have failed and why it appears as if we don’t know what we are doing; and so I have come to you with the same message that I have given these Nigerians: IT IS POSSIBLE, IT CAN HAPPEN.”We need just 10 million people who believe this across this country; just 10 million people who are ready and willing to take the risk to open up their hearts and put in the work. We need just 10 million people to make a difference today. That’s the job I have given myself.”We can disgrace those who think that they own Nigeria and are the sharers of our national cake and believe they are the custodians of the limits of out possibilities. We can disgrace them and send them into retirement that they’ve refused to go although it’s long overdue.”Let us send the recycled politicians politely back to their villages.

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