Frances is back in school, Bada rapes Faa, Tobi and Leila’s relationship is rocky in episode 7 [Watch] The seventh episode of the sixth season of MTV Shuga is out.In the new episode, Frances is back in school, and while her friend Cynthia is by her side to support her, she gets suspicious look from her school mates. Corper Yasmin hears the rumours about what happened to Frances at the party, and encourages Cynthia to talk to her or her parents if need be.  Faa is excited about her first concert, which she hopes will mark new beginnings. Ebisinde isn’t happy about her ‘hustle,’ and suggests that she doesn’t have to sleep around for their sake. Tobi runs into Princess at a restaurant where she was trying to sell her cupcakes. He offers to buy all 20 of them, and also gave her extra cash for the baby.  Tobi and Leila’s relationship is rocky after she stumbles across rumours on blogs about his relationship with Faa. According to the reports, Tobi was helping out Faa in exchange for sex. Tobi scolds Leila, reminding her that he is yet to see her since the incident at the party. He advises her to focus on her life as Faa doesn’t even care about her existence.  Set in Nigeria, the new season which focuses primarily on family planning, contraception, HIV prevention and sexual health education, friendships are tested, relationships reach risky heights, and secrets threaten to break family ties.The show returns for a new season with recurring cast members Timini Egbuson as Tobi, Jemima Osunde as Leila, Sharon Ezeamaka as Princess and Olumide Oworu as Weki.New additions include Adebukola Oladipupo, Yakubu Mohammed, Ozzy Agu, Rahama Sadau, Funlola Aofiyebi, Nobert Young, Amal Umar, Helena Johnson, Ladani Sulaiman, and Shawn Faqua.The new season of MTV “Shuga” is produced by Chris Ihidero and Emma Uduma and directed by Tolulope Ajayi, Ishaya Bako and Tope Oshin.The seventh episode is directed by Tope Oshin.

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