The Chairman of the association, Alhaja Lateefat Gbajabiamila, said that the aim of the exercise was to create awareness about the need for people to go for regular medical check-up. Residents in Surulere Local Government Area of Lagos State on Saturday enjoyed free medical check-up, treatment, and counselling organised by Ajowa, a Community Development Association in the area.The Chairman of the association, Alhaja Lateefat Gbajabiamila, said that the aim of the exercise was to create awareness about the need for people to go for regular medical check-up.The exercise was organised in collaboration with Motus Health Initiative, a non-governmental organisation.Gbajabiamila said: “I have realised over time that many people do not care about their health status; they just want to work.“Even when they are ill, they diagnose the ailment and treat themselves without even going to the hospital.“We do not want them to carry on with such attitude and that is why we try to educate them on the importance of going to visit the doctor when they are ill.“I am so happy about the turn out of people; it is all for their good. Some people have high blood pressure which is hidden and they are not aware.“It is important that people check themselves regularly so that they can know their status and stay healthy. “She said that the association plans to carry out more free medical exercise in future in order to provide healthcare delivery for residents.Gbajabiamila said: “We just started this exercise; we intend to carry our more medical check ups, maybe twice in a year and also depending on the turn out of people and funds available.“This way, we will be able to reach out to many residents in the area and also create awareness about the CDA so that people attend meetings.“We want people to be aware of the CDA, because we are next to the government.“The government asks from the association what the community wants and when people do not come for meetings, they do not get to participate in the community. “Also, the Executive Director, Motus Health Initiative, Dr Babajide Onanuga, said that the major challenge facing communities include inaccessibility to healthcare delivery.According to him, the organisation is partnering with the CDA to revolutionalise healthcare delivery in the community and country at large.“One reason we engage in what we are doing is we have found out in communities that there is a great divide in accessing healthcare.“Also, even if the facilities are available, people cannot pay for healthcare.“We are trying to limit these barriers by reaching out to communities to give free healthcare services, and in that way, the healthcare is delivered, “ he said.Two participants, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), expressed gratitude to the association for the exercise.A business woman, Mrs Juliet Mbekwe, said she was happy to be part of the exercise as she was never opportuned to visit the clinics for check-ups.“This is a good initiative that is being brought to our community; I have not visited the hospital since my last delivery.“This is so, because I go to work everyday and never have time for myself.“Exercise like this one will give many people the opportunity to know their health status and also help peole who cannot afford healthcare, “ Mbekwe said.Another participant, Mr Kehinde Olaniyi, said he was passing by and saw that free medical treatment was given to people in the area.Olaniyi said: “I had to come and participate, because it is the only opportunity I have to get checked by the doctors.“A free exercise like this is good for me, because I cannot afford to pay for healthcare each time I try to visit a hospital.“I appreciate this gesture by the association and hope they continue in the future so that we can enjoy the services and stay healthy. “NAN reports that the free medical services enjoyed include eye, malaria, breast cancer, diabetes screening.Children were also dewormed and measles vaccines were administered.

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