Tobi explains why he put Cee-C up for eviction, Bambam and Teddy A discuss their bathroom sex: Here’s a recap of #BBNaija day 30. Tobi has explained why he put Cee-C and Lolu up for possible eviction on Big Brother Naija. Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 30.Check out a recap of day 30, including social media reactions.Diary session During their diary session, Angel told Biggie that a lot of the Housemates see him and Ahneeka as a threat, hence the nomination. He also mentioned that contrary to popular belief, he’s not romantically involved with Ahneeka, and does not intend to be, at least not in the House. He said that while being nominated has gotten to him, he believes there isn’t anyone like him in the House so he’s confident that the Voters will keep him in the House. Lolu told Biggie that being put up for possible eviction was like a “kick in the teeth,” but he realises that it’s a game and has no vengeful moves in mind.He also said that he was feeling emotional as the day made it eight years since he lost his mom, and Biggie told him that his mom would be proud of his achievements.Miracle talked about Tobi putting Cee-C up for possible eviction. He told Biggie that Cee-C has done quite a few things that he doesn’t understand, like trying to tarnish Tobi’s image with sexual harassment claims. He also feels she’s quite confused.  Tobi told Biggie that his surprising save and replace was more strategic than personal. He said he has known for a while that Lolu is shady, and though he didn’t feel good about seeing Cee-C cry, the game is his priority for now. He asked Biggie to help him gift Cee-C a box of chocolates as a token of his apology. Cee-C told Biggie that she was shocked by Tobi’s decision to put her up as she thought that their friendship was strong enough to surpass their disagreement. She also said that if the reverse had been the case, she never would have put him up for possible eviction. Rico Swavey, whose pair was saved and replaced with the Ceelo pair, told Biggie that he has no idea why he was saved but believes it’s ‘upper intervention’ and is thankful nonetheless. Alex asked Biggie to let her have her hair done, but he told her not to listen to what people say as she looks good with her green hair.Alex, whose partner Tobi is the Head of House, feels terrible for not saving her love interest Leo, but she still thinks he needs a haircut.Teddy A told Biggie that Tobi should have saved Cee-C despite their arguments. He said he would always choose his lover Bambam if he finds himself in the same position as Tobi.He said he nominated Cee-C and Lolu because he thinks the former is becoming emotionally unstable. Teddy A also told Biggie that Ahneeka is somewhat lukewarm and he doesn’t like that she isn’t reciprocating Angel’s feelings towards her. Teddy A and Bambam discuss their bathroom sex The romantically involved pair discussed what happened between them the previous night.During their conversation, Teddy A asked Bambam how long she had stayed without sex, but a shy Bambam refused to answer.Teddy then told her that he had sex a night before he entered the Big Brother house. “Roc Da Mat” TaskThis week Biggie has implemented the “Roc Da Mat” Task which gives the Housemates a chance to win extremely lush prizes at the end of the week.The previous day, the Housemates were all requested to choose a song from a list provided by Biggie. Any time any of the songs selected is played, all the Housemates have to find a mat at rapid speed in their pairs, put on their Pepsi T-shirt and dance their routine for that song. Each time this is done successfully they will get one point and each time they fail they will get zero points.As Biggie played the first song – Tiwa Savage’s “All Over” – for them to start Task, Teddy A was smashed in the face by all the Housemates rushing to get to their respective mats.  Which pair do you think will come out on top?Also, there are rewards and punishmentsThere are 14 boxes provided by Biggie. Some contain amazing prizes while others contain punishments. While Angel has opened a box yesterday that revealed an amazing Prize, Anto has opened a box that landed up being a punishment of separating grains and beans. Cee-C and Lolu bond over Nina’s new found confidenceCeelo (Cee-C and Lolu) had a bit of a bonding session about Nina’s new found confidence. According to Cee-C, she has become overly rude.Lolu supports his partner, blaming Miracle for Nina’s new found confidence.

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