Gov Ortom of Benue State and IGP Idris are locked in a bitter debate over Fulani herdsmen. Your job is to tell us who won. Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State and Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris delved into a verbal war that probably went unnoticed this past week. The bitter exchanges were over solutions concerning the incessant herdsmen/farmers clashes that have claimed hundreds of lives. Actually, the debate was over anti-open grazing laws which the Benue State government is implementing dutifully. In the spirit of always being a fair arbiter in matters of this nature, Pulse has decided to put forward the arguments of both parties.Your job is simple: just tell us who won in the comment section. Good luck.IGP Idris says anti-grazing law should be suspendedWhen IGP Idris appeared before lawmakers on Friday, February 2, 2018, he proposed the suspension of the implementation of the anti-grazing law as a solution to tackle the herdsmen-farmers clashes. According to The Cable, a source at the meeting which Idris held with the lawmakers said the police IG maintained that the clashes between farmers and herdsmen escalated because of the implementation of the anti-grazing law.”He (IGP) said the anti-grazing law is the issue and that it should be stopped temporarily but brought back after the ranches have been put in place by the federal government,” the source said.”He blamed the escalation of the clashes on the implementation of the anti-grazing law.”Anti-grazing law basically means that herdsmen won’t be allowed to shepherd their cattle in the open like they currently do and will be restricted to ranches. Gov Ortom says IGP Idris should resignTerver Akase who is media aide to Gov Ortom immediately went for Idris’ jugular in a terse press statement which we have taken the liberty to reproduce below:“If truly the IGP said what was widely reported by the media, our conclusion is that he is a clear case of a man who is either on a mission to mislead the nation or is complicit in the attacks on Benue communities and the killing of many people by terror herdsmen. “With his latest demand that the ranching law of Benue be suspended, it is now clear where the loyalty and interest of the inspector-general of police lies — certainly not with innocent Nigerians.“Little wonder herdsmen still proudly carry out sophisticated weapons and willfully terrorize innocent people in the state without being arrested.“We wish to place it on record that contrary to the directive by President Muhammadu Buhari that the IGP should relocate to Benue to ensure that the killings stop, the IGP spent only one day in Benue and left for a destination where only he can tell. No one has seen him in Benue since that day.“Benue now has nearly 100,000 internally displaced persons in seven camps established by the state government. We therefore find IG Idris statement as a mockery and a shameful dance on the graves of those killed in the state by herdsmen.“If the inspector-general of police, Mr. Idris, is not competent to help bring an end to the invasion and killing of innocent people in Benue and other states by herdsmen, the noble thing to do is to resign instead of twisting facts to suit his objective.

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